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American Politicians Praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

227 thoughts on “Who Controls America?

  • stephen says:

    the real question is, even if your numbers are correct (and I note you don’t list sources or names, so you can write anything), so what? Are you saying that jews meet in some “jew HQ” and plot against you? Or only do business with other jews? But hey, that’s ok..just do me one favour, be consistent. Next time you go to the doctor or hospital, make sure you say you don’t want any jews, or people with jewish spouses taking care of you, running your pathology reports. And you don’t want any procedure created or improved by jews. You don’t want any medicine discovered by jews….keen to hear that you will.

    • Roger says:

      “Are you saying that jews meet in some “jew HQ” and plot against you?”

      We surely have a lot of jewish organisations promoting jewish interests.

      “Kevin MacDonald, a psychology professor at the University of California, Longbeach, noted: “there are approximately 300 national Jewish organizations in the United States with a combined budget estimated in the range of $6 billion—a sum greater than the gross national product of half the members of the United Nations.””

    • eastghostcom says:

      There’s nothing inherently wrong with Jews, any more than there’s inherently anything wrong with anyone. Presumably, however, zealotous Jews would disagree, insisting that there is much wrong with everyone else except Jews, as God’s compact is only with His “chosen” Jews…unless hapless Goyim misunderstand this complex religion apparently deeply founded in exterminous racism.

      What is inherently wrong is the routine nepotism, to the several orders of magnitude (10,000% to 60,000% I believe is quoted) extreme imbalances favoring a single tribe at the helm. Who could reasonably argue that any good-for-all could come thereby?

      Don’t you ever wonder why the tribal media so insistently parrots “free information” and “enlightenment”, as if mind control and propaganda only exist elsewhere? How preposterously absurd, the thin cloak of deception, once pierced or parted, never to fully recover!

      Read the shocking PDF “Judaism Discovered” by Michael Hoffmann (and listen to his excellent youtube Rense and other interviews) – this work was briefly banned from amazon but that ban was apparently revoked to prevent notoriety from uproar; it has remained unchanged even after (you can be sure) the most vigorous ‘going-over’ and acid-test review by critics worldwide. This work makes everything even more crystal-clear than this website.

      Christopher Bjerknes also does excellent youtube interviews, and his SAINT EINSTEIN PDF (with over 2,000 footnotes) basically blows the lid off of what appears to be an Einsteinian mass deception of all western science. Really. Open mind. Look into it. You suffer, too, under the deception, whether Goyim or Anti-Goyim.

      • eastghostcom says:

        Regarding Einstein deception of all science — isn’t it supremely delicious how “relativity” arrogantly insists there is an “absolute” anything? Michaelson was career Navy, and Morley was familial Jesuit, and so even there, at the installment of Einstein, we see the deep, dark collusions of military and religion, to the benefit of a few, at the very great expense to most.

  • Jewmerican Slave says:

    I think you should add the IMF and World bank to your list.

    • TheZOG says:

      The IMF and World Bank are headquartered in the United States, but their lending activities are directed at third world/developing nations. The IMF and World Bank don’t lend to the United States.

  • If anyone here was of any import, ever, like We the Jews in Big Jewish Media (http://www.BigJewishMedia.com), then perhaps you wouldn’t be such slaves, sheeple, morons, trolls, etc. Flitting your life away on websites such as this (it’s SO not Jewish!) Get a life, GOYIM, and keep those Jewish Banksters rolling in it. That’s what you’re good for — keeping US in the style we want, while you work. For us. Funny how you no matter what you talk about, it was us Jews who came up with it — all you conflict? We did that. All the thoughts that “occur” to you? We did that. Yeah, we do ABSOLUTELY everything and you can’t help yourselves. LOL!!! Know your place (paying with your time, your money, and your life to TheBigJewishMedia.com — Mazel Tov.

  • Mars says:

    Hi ZOG are you able to put an article up of who controls the Vaccine industry

    • TheZOG says:

      No, I’m not adding any more lists; it’s enough trouble maintaining the ones I already have. But you can take a look at the executives and directors of the major pharmaceutical corporations and get an idea.

  • NukeofTruth says:

    Please fix the site… many of the pictures are disappearing… what is going on?….

    • TheZOG says:

      Yes, I recently noticed that. It’s a problem with Minus.com, the image hosting website I used to insert the pictures into the lists. When I eventually update the lists, I’m going to insert the pictures into the WordPress software itself and stop using Minus.com. That website has gotten worse and worse ever since I’ve been using it. It’s worthless now.

      • Stein says:

        If you want to use other photo sharing sites, these seem to be best run and keen to continue going.

        flickr.com (owned by yahoo who does a bad job compared to the original)

        I just love to see these faces, not for their beauty, but for their exposure. How Semitic don’t the Rothschilds look? Nope, they are now of the old English “wig race”.

        They do strategically marry into their hosts to get even closer and intimate with their prey, but I pray some will start to play Othello.

        Much of the nastiest Jews came to US from Ukraine and Caucasus. When i saw NY crowds like “Occupy Wall Street” pictured, I was shocked to see this was no European crowd, it was all Silk road people – From Greece to Iran, and to Mongolia. It is a great problem that the so called enlightened history of the Western world omits Central Asia. They have been busy there for ages.

  • Susan Morris says:

    Hello ZOG,

    First timer here, but very interesting, and thanks for all the hard work and sleuthing.

    I’ve been following ‘philosophyofmetrics’ site and had a run-in with the owner, as I asserted that he was Jewish, and he got quite annoyed and said he wasn’t.

    Where could I find out if he is? His first name is ‘Jared’, second name ‘Collins’.

    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work. But our Jewish commenter above is right in one sense – we only have ourselves to blame, by ‘following orders’….

  • Jim W says:

    If even 10% of your claims are true – it shows a racial supremacy of biblical proportions, and should be the so called ‘left’ groups’ primary focus of complaints – discrimination of the highest order.

  • Using the term lefties sure displays this sites impartial view of the political arena. not.

  • Victoria says:

    This is quite possibly the greatest website on the internet today. I congratulate the owner of this website for all his effort and hard work.

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