QAnon Terrorist PsyOps

The Occult Symbolism of the Letter ‘Q’

  • Freemasonry was founded in the year 1717.
    • ‘Q’ is the 17th letter of the English alphabet.
  • 2017 was the 300 year anniversary of Freemasonry’s founding.
    • 2017 was the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency.
    • QAnonymous is a pro-Trump political conspiracy cult.
  • The word “Freemasonry” contains 4/5 letters in the word “storm.”
  • The words “Master Mason,” the name of Freemasonry’s third degree, contain 5/5 letters in the word “storm.”
    • “Storm” is the motto / slogan of the QAnonymous political conspiracy cult.

A Grand Lodge

The first Grand Lodge was founded only a few years after George I, the first Hanoverian king of the Kingdom of Great Britain, ascended to the throne in August 1714 and the end of the first Jacobite rising of 1715. Officially, the Grand Lodge was founded on 24 June 1717, St. John the Baptist’s day, when four existing Lodges gathered at the Goose and Gridiron alehouse in St Paul’s churchyard, London and constituted themselves as a Grand Lodge. It is this date which is often cited as the ‘founding’ day of Freemasonry in its modern sense.

QAnon C.I.A. / D.O.D. Connections

U.S. Army Intelligence Support Activity insignia:
letter “Q” shape

U.S. Army Intelligence Support Activity motto:
QAnonymous motto:

U.S. Army Intelligence Support Activity motto:
“VeRiTaS OMnia Vincula Vincit”
QAnonymous motto:
“the STORM

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency motto:
“And you will know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH will make you free.” – John 8:32
QAnonymous motto:
TRUst THe plan.”

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency mission statement:
WE ARE THE NatiON‘s fiRST line of defense.”
QAnonymous motto:

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency mission statement:
WE GO WHERE others cannot go.”
U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Directorate of Support motto:
QAnonymous motto:

Occult QAnon C.I.A. / S.O.C.O.M. Black Ops Terrorist Attacks and Assassinations

(6 Examples of 150+)

  • Donald Trump, Pushing Someone Rich, Offers Himself
  • Nine Killed in Shooting at Black Church in Charleston
  • A mass shooting occurred at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17, 2015, one day after Donald Trump announced his 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. “Q” is the 17th letter of the English alphabet and the first letter in the name of the fictitious pro-Trump political conspiracy character “QAnonymous.” The word “Charleston” contains 4/5 letters in the word “storm.” The words “African Methodist” contain 5/5 letters in the word “storm.” The man who committed the Charleston church mass shooting is named “Dylann Storm Roof.” “Storm” is the motto / slogan of the pro-Trump political conspiracy cult “QAnonymous.”
  • U.S. Strike in Iraq Kills Qassim Suleimani, Commander of Iranian Forces
  • Qassim Suleimani, the commander of Iran’s IRGC Quds Force, was killed in Baghdad, Iraq on January 3, 2020 by a missile from a U.S. military MQ-9 Reaper drone. The word “Qassim” contains the letter “Q.” The word “Quds” contains the letter “Q.” The word “Iraq” contains the letter “Q.” The word “MQ-9” contains the letter “Q.” When added together, the digits of Suleimani’s death date yield the number 17 (13 + 2 + 2 = 17). “Q” is the 17th letter of the English alphabet and the first letter in the name of the fictitious pro-Trump political conspiracy character “QAnonymous.”
  • Sheldon Adelson, Billionaire Donor to G.O.P. and Israel, Is Dead at 87
  • Republican Party donor Sheldon Adelson died on January 11, 2021. When added together, the digits of Adelson’s death date yield the number 17 (1 + 11 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 17). “Q” is the 17th letter of the English alphabet and the first letter in the name of the fictitious pro-Trump political conspiracy character “QAnonymous.” Adelson was the founder, chairman, and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation. The words “Sands Corporation” contain 4/5 letters in the word “storm.” “Storm” is the motto / slogan of the pro-Trump political conspiracy cult “QAnonymous.”
  • Rush Limbaugh Dies at 70; Turned Talk Radio Into a Right-Wing Attack Machine
  • Republican Party radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh died on February 17, 2021. “Q” is the 17th letter of the English alphabet and the first letter in the name of the fictitious pro-Trump political conspiracy character “QAnonymous.” The word “rush” is a synonym for the word “storm.” “Storm” is the motto / slogan of the pro-Trump political conspiracy cult “QAnonymous.”
  • Sheldon Adelson died at the age of 87. Rush Limbaugh died at the age of 70. The difference between their ages is 17 years. “Q” is the 17th letter of the English alphabet and the first letter in the name of the fictitious pro-Trump political conspiracy character “QAnonymous.”
  • Pro-Trump Mob Storms the U.S. Capitol Building
  • A pro-Trump mob raided the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6, 2021 to stop the Congressional certification of the 2020 U.S. presidential election results. The pro-Trump mob raided the U.S. Capitol Building during a session of the 117th U.S. Congress. “Q” is the 17th letter of the English alphabet and the first letter in the name of the fictitious pro-Trump political conspiracy character “QAnonymous.” Global news corporations universally referred to the pro-Trump mob Capitol Building raid as a “storm,” both as a verb and as a noun. “Storm” is the motto / slogan of the pro-Trump political conspiracy cult “QAnonymous.”
  • Trump Acquitted of Inciting Insurrection, Even as Bipartisan Majority Votes ‘Guilty’
  • Powerful Quake Hits Japan, Evoking a Worrisome Memory
  • An earthquake off the coast of Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture occurred on February 13, 2021, the same day that Donald Trump was acquitted by the U.S. Senate in his second impeachment trial. The words “acquit” and “earthquake” both contain the letter “Q.” The word “Fukushima” phonetically contains the letter “Q” (“ku”). “Q” is the first letter in the name of the fictitious pro-Trump political conspiracy character “QAnonymous.” The word “insurrection” contains 5/5 letters in the word “stornn.” The words “bipartisan majority” contain 5/5 letters in the word “storm.” The words “Worrisome Memory” twice contain 4/5 letters in the word “storm.” “Storm” is the motto / slogan of the pro-Trump political conspiracy cult “QAnonymous.”
  • Trump Acquitted of Inciting Insurrection, Even as Bipartisan Majority Votes ‘Guilty’
  • Storms Bring Punishing Cold, Snow and Ice From Coast to Coast
  • Snow and ice storms covering a large portion of the United States occurred on February 13, 2021, the same day that Donald Trump was acquitted by the U.S. Senate in his second impeachment trial. The snow and ice storms continued until February 15, a holiday celebrated in the United States as President’s Day. The word “insurrection” contains 5/5 letters in the word “stornn.” The words “bipartisan majority” contain 5/5 letters in the word “storm.” The words “From Coast to Coast” twice contain 5/5 letters in the word “storm.” “Storm” is the motto / slogan of the pro-Trump political conspiracy cult “QAnonymous.”

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Good discovery. I knew Mister Metokur had to be a military psyop plant, so its nice to see confirmation from another source (this is whyKiwi Farms is useful).
By the way, is Mister Metokur’s real name known? Has he been identified, beyond his first name?
Also, I think we can confidently say that the Kiwi Farms logo is a graphical allusion to the flame symbol of U.S. Army Psychological Operations rather than a graphical allusion to the spear tip symbol of U.S. (Army) Special Operations Command. I was wrong about the spear tip symbology (although I was on the right track).

Oh, I see, so his real name is James Patrick O’Shaughnessy?
Is that real though? It sounds like an Irish stereotype troll name I would come up with.

I did at first too, but then I noticed that that name isn’t enclosed in quotation marks.

Hey guys,
Anybody here remember that movie “Sneakers” starring Robert Redford and Dan Akroid?
No More Secrets
Remember the blind dude in their bunch? Remember how he would notice/observe stuff that the other fellows would sometimes miss?
Well check this out…
Listen to ANY episode of the Coast to Coast AM radio show with George Noory:
Listen carefully…
What will you hear during one of the three hour segments (1/3 = 33) before going to a commercial?
You will hear, unmistakeably, a…

Here’s another thought that occurred to me a few hours ago and I want to mention it before I forget.
What if Wikipedia and Grow are lying about “Grow” not being an acronym? What if the name “Grow” is in fact an acronym but the words it represents are so sinister and malevolent that even the mere possibility of it being an acronym itself must be denied?
Various plausible phrases and words can be conceived of that the acronym might represent, but here is the first and only possibility that entered my mind:

In other words, government (read: military) research into the conversion of mentally ill individuals (like Brenton Tarrant) into mass killers.
Comments, thoughts, opinions?

That’s a quite good guess at what it could mean. There’s little chance that GROW isn’t an acronym. I’m actually shocked that it isn’t. I assumed it was in the first place.
Just forget about psychological warfare for a second. Most people have no idea about the military involvment in psychology in general.
For example, the infamous Tavistock Institute, which I have mentioned here before. It’s a well-known meme in conspiracy circles, but most of them forget to mention the most important facts. Which isn’t an accident.
Literally everyone involved is a spook. Even Wikipedia doesn’t forget to mention these things. So why should conspiracy theorists? And that isn’t even mentioning the involvement of the U.S. Army in the MK-Ultra mind control experiments. Most people like to focus on the C.I.A. only. It’s obviously by design.
I wonder if one of the key locations of the 7/7 bombings was a sinister inside joke to these spooks?
And on Tarrant. I’m starting to make the connection between his usage of the Black Sun and the sun on the Australian Army emblem.

C.I.A. controlled Wikipedia claims that it’s not an acronym, but if that’s so, then why is the word spelled in all capital letters in this book title?
I didn’t know the Tavistock Institute was a military intelligence front, but it makes perfect sense though.
The U.S. Army involvement with the MK-ULTRA program is a good point too.
I’ve actually come to the conclusion that the C.I.A. is a bit of a boogeyman and scapegoat for the U.S. Army. As you probably noticed, I changed the text and image at the top of this page to more accurately reflect the conditions that I’m observing.
The 7/7 London bus bombing Tavistock Square reference very well could be what you suggest.
I hadn’t even though of a connection between the black sun in Tarrant’s manifesto drawing and the sun burst in the Australian Army’s emblem. You might be onto something there.

I have a question, do you think the Radical Feminist and Social Justice Warrior groups are a S.O.C.O.M, D.O.D, C.I.A, F.B.I and etc creation?

Absolutely. The C.I.A. was financing the second wave feminist movement in the 1960’s, and you can watch a video of Gloria Steinem admitting this fact on YouTube.

Incredible. At 3:30 of this video News Now Houston, who has 150k subs and 75 million total channel views – openly admits, just like Alex Jones, casually admits that he served in the military and worked for military intelligence. I understand that Clash with Bao is also ex-military and a popular streamer. There are also rumors that the man that NNH is speaking to, Desmond “Chief” Jones, in that video is a fake character and not an ex-military guy at all. I’m now really interested in these 1st amendment audit channels. There are many channels out there, some seem legit, but the big ones with sway are definitely suspect. These channels tend to attract a wide range of people, from “Patriots”, Constitutionalists, Right wingers, and some people in the comment sections seem to be aware of Freemasonry.
Are the encounters with some of these police officers staged? One makes you wonder…

If a few of those 1st amendment audit channels are military psyops, then probably all of them are. YouTube is really just a cleverly disguised Pentagon psychological warfare platform, and that seems to be the only reason it exists.
Since many police officers are C.I.A. agents, some/many of those “1st amendment audit” encounters could indeed be staged. Just think of how many times Alex Jones has staged C.I.A. scripted confrontations with police officers in the past.

It also looks like News Now Houston (real name David Worden) is “under investigation” and under attack by Deer Park PD. Is this all a ruse? I wonder if agents like NNH have infiltrated the 1st amendment audit movement, and are there to sow discord and to make auditors look bad. Just a thought. I know NNH has made some strange comments and videos before.

David Worden/News Now Houston is working for U.S. Army Psychological Operations. There’s no question about that.


Emo /ˈiːmoʊ/ is a rock music genre characterized by an emphasis on emotional expression, sometimes through confessional lyrics. It emerged as a style of post-hardcore from the mid-1980s hardcore punk movement in Washington, D.C., where it was known as emotional hardcore or emocore and pioneered by bands such as Rites of Spring and Embrace.
Embrace (American band)

Embrace were a short-lived hardcore punk band from Washington, D.C., which lasted from the summer of 1985 to the spring of 1986.[6] Along with Rites of Spring, and Beefeater, it was one of the mainstay acts of the 1985 Revolution Summer movement,[7] and was one of the first bands to be dubbed in the press as emotional hardcore,[6][8] though the members had rejected the term since its creation.[8][9][10]

The band included lead vocalist [[[Ian MacKaye]]] of the defunct hardcore punk act Minor Threat and three former members of his brother Alec’s band, the Faith: guitarist Michael Hampton, drummer Ivor Hanson, and bassist Chris Bald.[6][9]

During the band’s formative years, some fans started referring to them and fellow innovators Rites of Spring as emocore (emotive hardcore) bands, a term [[[MacKaye]]] publicly disagreed with.[8][10]

Past members
[[[Ian MacKaye]]]
Michael Hampton
Chris Bald
Ivor Hanson
Ian MacKaye

Ian MacKaye was born in Washington D.C. on April 16, 1962, and grew up in the Glover Park neighborhood of Washington D.C. His father was a writer for the Washington Post, first as a White House reporter, then as a religion specialist; the senior MacKaye remains active with the socially progressive St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church.[3] In his capacities as a journalist in the White House Press Corps, MacKaye’s father was in the presidential motorcade when John F. Kennedy was killed in 1963.[4] Ian Mackaye’s Grandmother on his fathers side was Dorothy Cameron Disney Mackaye. She worked with Paul Popenoe on marriage advice columns . She was a member of the Cosmopolitan Club. His Grandfather was Milton MacKaye, also a magazine writer, and he was an executive with the Office of War Information [5] According to MacKaye’s longtime friend, singer Henry Rollins, MacKaye’s parents “raised their kids in a tolerant, super-intellectual, open-minded atmosphere.”[6]
United States Office of War Information

The OWI was terminated, effective September 15, 1945, by Executive Order on August 31, 1945. President Truman cited OWI for “outstanding contribution to victory,” and saw no reason to continue funding the agency post-war.[40] The international offices of the OWI were transferred to the State Department, and the United States Information Service and the Office of Strategic Services/Central Intelligence Agency assumed many of the information gathering, analyzing, and disseminating responsibilities.[41]
Despite its troubled existence, OWI is widely considered to be influential in the Allied victory and mobilizing American support for the war domestically.

My claim that all American professional musicians are C.I.A. agents is proven correct constantly.

Did you know that the C.I.A. is married into the British royal family? Sounds stupid? Well then you’re not gonna believe this sh*t then.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (born Rachel Meghan Markle; August 4, 1981), is a retired American actress who became a member of the British royal family upon her marriage to Prince Harry.

Rachel Meghan Markle was born on August 4, 1981, in Los Angeles, California.[1] Her mother, Doria Ragland, is a former social worker and yoga instructor living in View Park–Windsor Hills, California.[2][3] Markle has often described having a very close friendship with her mother.[4],_Duchess_of_Sussex
A literal CIA n1gg3r. I’m guessing this means the British royals themselves are all intelligence spooks?

I didn’t know that about her. But the fact that she’s an American professional actress automatically means that she’s a C.I.A. agent anyway, regardless of her mother’s background.
It makes sense though. It would probably be impossible that a British royal would marry an American who wasn’t a C.I.A. agent or “former” U.S. military employee.
Every member of the British royal family would have to be an M.O.D./M.I.6./M.I.5./etc. operative, almost by definition since the Queen is the ceremonial head of the British government.

At first I didn’t understand what you were trying to convey, but then I saw it. Wow. The Lion head is so incredibly similar to the Chinthe head that it’s almost impossible to be a coincidence.
I’m glad you noticed that and posted it.

Okay, after reading this I’m sure it’s not a coincidence.

The Chinthe (Burmese: ခြင်္သေ့; MLCTS: hkrang se., IPA: [tɕʰɪ̀ɴðḛ]; Mon: ဇါဒိသိုၚ်, [cɛ̀atìʔsaŋ]; Shan: သၢင်ႇသီႈ, [sàːŋ si]) is a leogryph (lion-like creature) that is often seen at the entrances of pagodas and temples in Burma, Cambodia, Laos and is related to the Sing (สิงห์) in Thailand and the Simha (සිංහ) in Sri Lanka as well as to other similar lion statues in other parts of Asia. The chinthe and the simha are featured prominently on the Burmese kyat and the Sri Lankan rupee respectively. The chinthe is almost always depicted in pairs, and they serve to protect pagodas. They typically appear as animals, but are sometimes found with human faces.[1]
Like the komainu of Japan, shisa of Okinawa and Snow Lion of Tibet, the chinthe is a variation of the guardian lions found in China.

I’m going to add Benjamin Freedman to the main list, because he’s a very important figure in the history of the U.S. Army’s “anti-Zionist” psychological operation.
Luckily Anonym O’us already researched and discovered Freedman’s connections to the U.S. Army many months ago, so all I have to do is copy/paste the information in his comment.

Anonym O’us, what do you think about the tiki torch thing?
How did we both miss that?
It was the biggest U.S. Army P.O. symbol of the past several years, and it was publicly displayed right in front of our faces, and we both missed it.

You know that Pretty Ugly Little Liar site that I showed you a while back, I wonder if they are a military operation, they release information on name of people, address, phone number, occupation and also they encourage harassment or getting the target fired as well. Do you think Pretty Ugly Little Liar is part of the Radicalize, Incite and Provoke operation?

It’s a guarantee that site is a military psychological operation. Exactly which military is behind it depends on the nationality of the people who own and operate it.

I would like to inquire there is a slang term called Doxxing which involves releasing details of people, address, phone number and etc and incite harassment on the target. What are the chances people who do that are military assets or agents, also I have heard sites like Pretty Ugly Little Liars and other sites like KF that do this are part of the military psychological operation?

I think the chances of that are very good. Kiwi Farms is the best example of this. We’ve shown how the Kiwi Farms forum is filled with “former” U.S. military personnel.
But keep in mind that most of these “doxxing” campaigns are themselves psychological operations. What I mean is that when the S.P.L.C. or some Antifascist group “doxxes” a well known white nationalist figure, every single time the W.N. figure in question is himself a C.I.A./U.S. military psyop plant and the “doxxing” campaign is entirely scripted and choreographed.
As far as I can tell, all W.N. “doxxing” campaigns are elaborate psyops.

Renegade Tribune isn’t credible at all, because its owners/operators are C.I.A. and U.S. Army psychological operations plants. But, of course, even psyop websites convey factual information sometimes, because factual information is the bait they use to lure in members of their target audience.

Carleton S. Coon

Carleton Stevens Coon (June 23, 1904 – June 3, 1981) was an American physical anthropologist, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania, lecturer and professor at Harvard University, and president of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists.[1] Coon’s theories on race are widely rejected by modern anthropologists for unsubstantiated claims of European superiority to all other races.

Coon wrote widely for a general audience like his mentor Earnest Hooton. Coon published The Riffians, Flesh of the Wild Ox, Measuring Ethiopia, and A North Africa Story: The Anthropologist as OSS Agent. A North Africa Story was an account of his work in North Africa during World War II, which involved espionage and the smuggling of arms to French resistance groups in German-occupied Morocco under the guise of anthropological fieldwork. During that time, Coon was affiliated with the United States Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner to the Central Intelligence Agency.

Coon did photography work for the United States Air Force from 1954-1957. He photographed areas where US planes might be attacked. This led him to travel throughout Korea, Ceylon, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Taiwan, Nepal, Sikkim, and the Philippines.

People of the Office of Strategic Services

Carleton Stevens Coon worked directly for the U.S Secret Service (OSS). His job as an agent was to popularize misinformation about race. To mislead the public against the true racial facts promoted by Hitlers Nazi Germany. Essentially acting as a bulwark against the truth”.

William Guy Carr

William James Guy Carr (R.D.[1] Commander R.C.N. (R)) (2 June 1895 – 2 October 1959) was an English-born Canadian naval officer, author, conspiracy theorist, who was accused of being an anti-Semite.
Though he first came to prominence with books about his military experiences as a submariner, Carr later turned to writing about a vast conspiracy, which he alleged to have uncovered. He was described as “the most influential source in creating the American Illuminati demonology”, according to the American folklorist Bill Ellis.[2]
In the 1950s, he was the leader of the anticommunist National Federation of Christian Laymen of Toronto, Ontario. He was also one of the presidents of the Naval Club of Toronto.[3]

He served as navigating officer of Her Majesty’s Ship Submarines during World War I.
In World War II, he was naval control officer for the St. Lawrence, staff officer operations at Shelburne, Nova Scotia, and then senior naval officer at Goose Bay, Labrador. As an officer on the staff of Commodore Reginald W. Brock, he organized the 7th Victory Loan for the 22 Royal Canadian Naval Training Divisions.[6]
His experiences in the submarine fleet in World War I became the subject of By Guess and By God (1930), prefaced by his superior, Admiral S.S. Hall, of the Submarine Service. Going through several printings, it was followed by sequels, including Hell’s Angels of the Deep (1932).

In 1931, he started giving conferences in different Canadian clubs on the topic of “International conspiracy,” which was subdivided in two main subjects: “International communism” and “International capitalism,” both being controlled by the Illuminati and what he called the “international bankers.” The last, according to Carr, are represented mainly by the Rothschild and the Rockefeller families.[7]
After working for the Canadian Intelligence Service during World War II, Carr wrote Checkmate in the North (1944), a book in which he wrote that an invasion of the Axis forces was supposed to take place in the area of the CFB Goose Bay. In 1944 and 1945, he gave other conferences on world conspiracies.[citation needed]
In the 1950s, after he retired from the Navy, Carr’s writings turned essentially to conspiracy themes from a firmly l-Christian standpoint. With his Pawns in the Game (1955) and Red Fog over America (1955), he became one of the most famous postwar conspiracy theorists (500,000 copies of Pawns in the Game were sold before his death).[8]
BASED and redpilled tbqh. Gotta love that Veritas amirite? British/Canadian Bill Cooper and Coon (great name btw) are excellent ways to educate yourself in the TRUE facts and TRUTHFUL truthfulness that the KIKES are trying to hide so desperately.
Have a great day, fellow civilians :^)

You forgot about the 5G Pizzagate crisis actors, you f-cking Kike.
Well, it appears that Carlton Coon was a mega spook. I didn’t know that about him. But I do remember a few months ago reading the obituary of his son or son-in-law in the Washington Post or New York Times, and I think he was a spook too, which would explain why T.W.P. or N.Y.T. published his obituary in the first place.
And it seems William Guy Carr was a mega spook too. Carr is almost important enough to include on the main list.
I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that all of the biggest W.N. and conspiracy personalities from the past were intelligence agents.

Oh god. No, I didn’t notice it because I didn’t even look at the video thumbnail.
Where is that image from? It can’t be from W.G.C.’s original book, can it?

Well, my hypothesis is that Communism was a creation of European industrial (capitalist) oligarchs, since that’s what Friedrich Engels was. But now seeing that he was in the Prussian Army I might have to modify that hypothesis.

I want to share with you in regards to something I was researching on New Zealand the other day. Back in 2004, a so-called New Zealand army Sargent was interviewed in a radio show and he talked about pedophilia, he mentioned a lot of pedophile forums or child abuse image sharing sites are set up by the army and also he mentioned that a lot of NAMBLA (North America Man Boy Love Association) members are active in the military as well. I am wondering if you would be surprised to learn that the pedophile movement including pedophile community and forums on the internet have heavy involvement from the military?

No, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that at all, because all fringe subcultures are controlled by the military, regardless of whether those subcultures happen to be legal or not.
I’ve never heard that about N.A.M.B.L.A. before, but that wouldn’t surprise me either, because there’s a very good chance that Allen Ginsberg, the founder of N.A.M.B.L.A., was a C.I.A. agent. The main reason I say that is because Ginsberg was a professional poet, and from what I can tell all American professional poets post-1950 are C.I.A. agents.

In 1943, Ginsberg graduated from Eastside High School and briefly attended Montclair State College before entering Columbia University on a scholarship from the Young Men’s Hebrew Association of Paterson.[20] In 1945, he joined the Merchant Marine to earn money to continue his education at Columbia.[21] While at Columbia, Ginsberg contributed to the Columbia Review literary journal, the Jester humor magazine, won the Woodberry Poetry Prize, served as president of the Philolexian Society (literary and debate group), and joined Boar’s Head Society (poetry society).[19][22] Ginsberg has stated that he considered his required freshman seminar in Great Books, taught by Lionel Trilling, to be his favorite Columbia course.[23]

Well, there it is. So Ginsberg was tied to the U.S. military after all.
The pattern never fails.

My suspicion is that the Pedophile groups have always been a military creation, from what I read 8 chan has a board dedicated to pedophilia and I heard the person who runs KF created it. I have heard people saying a lot of male and female pedophiles are also active in the military as well.

…and I heard the person who runs KF created it.

You mean Joshua Moon? He’s definitely tied to the C.I.A. in some way.

I believe the whole pornography movement along with the pedophile movement which includes North America Man Boy Love Association and also the female pedophile movement is run by the military

All of the alt right types, Stefan Molyneux and the like are being replaced now with a new wave of information agents. Molyneux and friends are too easily debunked now. It’s time for some mind bending well read philosophy types to step up.
Allow me to introduce the next Jordan Peterson/Molyneux, Jay Dyer:
He seems distressed about doing it. He has little to no enthusiasm. Leads me to believe they have him on something.
The Russian orthodox thing is interesting bait and switch.
This is the next level, he firsts starts by debunking the current info agents like Alex Jones, Molyneux, Peterson, etc. – gets his credit. However the same bullshit is still present. None of these clowns will ever debunk the IQ bullshit fraud. It’s always the hallmark of Army/CIA. They will never leave the IQ fraud go. It’s essential to the future caste system. This Dyer jackass is no different,constantly alluding to IQ.

Very interesting. I didn’t know Nick Griffin’s father was in the R.A.F. I’ll have to add that information to the B.N.P. section when I get around to it.

Here’s T.R.S.’s original logo, which they don’t seem to use anymore (perhaps because it was too blatant?)
The original T.R.S. logo contains three United States Army symbols:

  • U.S. Army star
  • U.S. Army flame (psychological operations)
  • U.S. Army lightning bolt (psychological operations)

Incidentally, I had to reconstruct this image from two different partial images, because the full, in-tact image can’t be located online. The reconstruction is perfect except for the missing lower section of the lighting bolt. Maybe someone more adept at graphics work than I am can reconstruct that area of the image.

And here’s another example of a professional actor/poet/musician C.I.A. agent, namely Jesse Dunstan of The Right Stuff (T.R.S.)

  • The 1st and 2nd images document Jesse Dunstan’s first C.I.A. career as a low budget movie actor, including one of his characters Willie Muscles.
  • The 3rd and 4th images document Jesse Dunstan’s second C.I.A. career as an amateur poet, published by literary websites Sub-Lit and Juked.
  • The 5th-8th pictures document Jesse Dunstan’s third C.I.A. career as a rock musician with one of his numerous bands Platform One.
  • For documentation of Jesse Dunstan’s fourth C.I.A. career as an internet “white nationalist”, see the website

You know how I earlier on mentioned about the website called Pretty Ugly Little Liar. I did some research into them and came across the cosplay community which is about people dressing up as anime characters and go to some kind of anime conventions. Also they do talk about Yaoi and Hentai which animation or cartoon pornography as well. I have a gut feeling that the anime industry and the site Pretty Ugly Little Liar is tied to the military.

It probably is.
Cos-play, comic books, and anime are C.I.A./U.S. military spawned subcultures.
C.I.A./D.O.D. psyop agent Veronica Clark used to engage in costume play (and possibly still does).

Russian National Unity

Russian National Unity (RNU) or All-Russian civic patriotic movement “Russian National Unity” (Russian: Всероссийское общественное патриотическое движение “Русское Национальное Единство”), is a neo-Nazi political party and paramilitary organization based in Russia and formerly operating in states with Russian-speaking populations.[1] It was founded by the ultra-nationalist Alexander Barkashov.[1] The movement advocates the expulsion of non-Russians and an increased role for traditional Russian institutions such as the Russian Orthodox Church. The organization is currently unregistered federally in Russia.

The organisation also worked with businesses, state officials, military and secret services. Supporting businessmen were awarded certificates of merit and other honours. The organization presently avoids direct violations of the law. Some officials have allowed RNU to take part in street patrols and other collaborations with the police; and military training facilities have been made available. Some sympathetic state and industrial officials lent RNU places for meetings, provided facilities to print literature, make uniforms and copy CDs and video cassettes and other materials. Several martial arts classes with RNU instructors associated with state schools were opened.

In 1999, the Moscow headquarters of the group were closed. During the Second Chechen War, the RNU supported Russian officers accused of crimes in Chechnya.[citation needed]
At the peak of its popularity in 1999, RNU was estimated to have 100,000 active members all over Russia by state officials. They are now only a shadow of what they once were and have been inactive and somewhat dormant for many years now.[2]
In 2014, RNU members joined pro-Russian forces in Ukraine during the War in Donbass[3] under commandment of Pavel Gubarev.[4]
Alexander Barkashov

Alexander Petrovich Barkashov (Russian: Алекса́ндр Петро́вич Баркашо́в, sometimes transliterated as Aleksandr; born 6 October 1953) is a Russian political leader and far-right nationalist who founded Russian National Unity, a neo-Nazi political party and paramilitary organization, in 1990.

Born in Moscow, of peasant roots, Barkashov’s father was an electrician and his mother was a nurse. Barkashov left school in 1971 and entered the military where he served in Belarus. After his discharge, he returned to Moscow and found employment in an underground thermal energy station as an electrician-fitter. While uninterested in his work, he was passionate about reading books about great conquerors of history (especially Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan), learning karate (even setting up his own club), and making weapons (bows and daggers) with his own hands.

My general opinion is that military influence in society should be minimized. But since that’s obviously not a principal that has ever guided elites in the history of human civilization, my sentiment in this area is quixotic.
In light of that, I guess I don’t really have an opinion one way or the other on peacetime conscription.

Sam Walton

Samuel Moore Walton (March 29, 1918 – April 5, 1992) was an American businessman and entrepreneur best known for founding the retailers Walmart and Sam’s Club. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. grew to be the world’s largest corporation by revenue as well as the biggest private employer in the world.[2] At one point in his life, he was the richest man in America.

He and his family (now with another son, James, born in 1921) moved from Oklahoma. They moved from one small town to another for several years. While attending eighth grade in Shelbina, Missouri, Sam became the youngest Eagle Scout in the state’s history.[6] In adult life, Walton became a recipient of the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award from the Boy Scouts of America.[7]

After high school, Walton decided to attend college, hoping to find a better way to help support his family. He attended the University of Missouri as an ROTC cadet. During this time, he worked various odd jobs, including waiting tables in exchange for meals. Also during his time in college, Walton joined the Zeta Phi chapter of Beta Theta Pi fraternity. He was also tapped by QEBH, the well-known secret society on campus honoring the top senior men, and the national military honor society Scabbard and Blade. Additionally, Walton served as president of Burall Bible Class, a large class of students from the University of Missouri and Stephens College.[9] Upon graduating in 1940 with a bachelor’s degree in economics, he was voted “permanent president” of the class.[10]
Walton joined J. C. Penney as a management trainee in Des Moines, Iowa,[10] three days after graduating from college.[8] This position paid him $75 a month. Walton spent approximately 18 months with J. C. Penney.[11] He resigned in 1942 in anticipation of being inducted into the military for service in World War II.[8] In the meantime, he worked at a DuPont munitions plant near Tulsa, Oklahoma. Soon afterwards, Walton joined the military in the U.S. Army Intelligence Corps, supervising security at aircraft plants and prisoner of war camps. In this position he served at Fort Douglas in Salt Lake City, Utah. He eventually reached the rank of captain.

In 1945, after leaving the military, Walton took over management of his first variety store at the age of 26. With the help of a $20,000 loan from his father-in-law, plus $5,000 he had saved from his time in the Army, Walton purchased a Ben Franklin variety store in Newport, Arkansas.[8] The store was a franchise of the Butler Brothers chain.

So Sam Walton was a U.S. Army Intelligence spook. I’m glad you posted that. I think Wal-Mart is the largest corporation in America, if not the world. I wonder if Walton’s father-in-law was in the military too?
I’m fairly certain you’ll find the same exact pattern with every Fortune 100 (and probably 500) American corporation, e.g. FedEx, Netflix, etc.
It looks to me as if the U.S. Army has had complete control of American society for at least the past 100 years, and maybe even since America’s founding.

Uh, if you think that is unique, you’re dead wrong. I see bolt symbols everywhere everyday everywhere I go (mostly on the Internet/technology, of course).
Though, I might add that considering how militaries created most of the modern technology people use, it’s likely these symbols are linked to the military usage. I bet the intense modern usage of the flame and bolt originates in the military (electronic) usage of such symbols, and not the pre-historic human symbology deeply rooted in human subconscious. Military Signals Intelligence comes to mind.
This would explain the megaphone for volume, or the bolt (for electronics) and flame (when something is popular or “hot”) which is in-built in numerous websites. One I can say off the top of my head would be or YouTube

Right. I agree with all of that, and well said too (the military signals intelligence origin is an especially good point).
But Twitter and YouTube are such enormously important and influential Internet “platforms” (that term itself merits its own separate discussion) that I’m very reluctant to ascribe any graphical design elements found on either of them to mere random chance.
The YouTube “trending” section uses a flame icon/graphic, as I’m sure you’re aware.
So the two most important Internet social media websites employ lightning bolt and flame symbols to represent their “trending”/”hot” sections.
Sure, that could just be a (military) historical-cultural coincidence as you suggest. But it could also be something else.
I’m sure you would admit that both Jack Dorsey and Sergey Brin are nothing more than poorly disguised front men for the C.I.A. and U.S. Army, right?

The YouTube “trending” section uses a flame icon/graphic, as I’m sure you’re aware.

I am aware (as I already implied).
And have seen and taken note of numerous instances of websites using these symbols. Some with the bolt and flame on the same site. Or megaphones. Look at the old Prison Planet website, for example.

Sure, that could just be a (military) historical-cultural coincidence as you suggest. But it could also be something else.

It’s probably both. I also thought the same as you at first when I first noticed this. But I realized this wasn’t something out of the ordinary very early on. Which is how I came to my current conclusion on this matter.
We can say there probably is a secret and sinister meaning to the usage of these symbols on internet social media websites, with a certain degree of certainty.
Especially considering the fact that these “platforms” are just barely disguised military social engineering test grounds for various psyops (Cambridge Analytica comes to mind).
But I can’t say with confidence that the same is true of all usage of these symbols. It is too common for that to be the case. And there always has to be a red line somewhere.

I’m sure you would admit that both Jack Dorsey and Sergey Brin are nothing more than poorly disguised front men for the C.I.A. and U.S. Army, right?

Of course.
I don’t remember what it was exactly but I think I had recently found something connecting Twitter quite directly with either the C.I.A. or Defense Department.

Especially considering the fact that these “platforms” are just barely disguised military social engineering test grounds for various psyops (Cambridge Analytica comes to mind).


But I can’t say with confidence that the same is true of all usage of these symbols.

Nor can I. Nor would I. I’m just talking about Twitter and YouTube specifically here. But of course I would also include websites we already know to be C.I.A./U.S. Army psyops, e.g. Red Ice, PrisonPlanet, etc.

I don’t remember what it was exactly but I think I had recently found something connecting Twitter quite directly with either the C.I.A. or Defense Department.

I’ve never bothered to read Jack Dorsey’s bio before, but I’m betting it has “C.I.A.” written all over it.

This is Douglas Vogt’s new video:
Not only is he promoting the Torah, he is promoting suspect science as well. He claims that the sun can nova or explode and also the earth will stop rotating which causes giant waves to happen. If you listen to the video, he will mention Ben Davidson’s name as well. TheZOG can I have your opinion on this?

Those two Jews are U.S. Army Psychological Operations spooks, like everyone else on YouTube. I would ignore everything they say.

Anonym O’Us, how can you say something like that?
Don’t you realize that Torah is the highest form of Emmis?

Christine and Brett Assange divorced about 1979. Christine Assange then became involved with Leif Meynell, also known as Leif Hamilton, a member of Australian cult The Family, with whom she had a son before the couple broke up in 1982.[23][34][35] Assange had a nomadic childhood, and had lived in over thirty[36][37] Australian towns and cities by the time he reached his mid-teens, when he settled with his mother and half-brother in Melbourne.[28][38]
Brett sounds like an Irish name to me. I think it’s pretty obvious from reading this part of Assange’s bio that he’s an A.S.I.S./M.I.6. plant working with the C.I.A. and G.R.U.

Assange is definitely a spook, because he grew up in that The Family cult, and cults are just thinly disguised intelligence agency fronts.
I agree that Assange is working with/for all of those agencies you listed and that Wikileaks is just a sophisticated transnational intelligence agency psyop.

So on March 15th there was a large massacre of Muslims in a city named “Christchurch” and then exactly one month later on April 15th there was a massive fire in the most famous Christian church in the world.
I’m sure it’s all just a gigantic coincidence and nothing to be concerned with.

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris Catches Fire
Notre-Dame cathedral, the iconic symbol of the beauty and history of Paris, was scarred by an extensive fire on Monday evening. “The worst has been avoided,” said President Emmanuel Macron on Monday night. No one was killed, officials said, and the cause was still unknown.
Built in the 12th and 13th Centuries, the Cathedral is a Jewel of Medieval Gothic Architecture. Here’s a History.
Notre-Dame Defines Paris. See Photos from its Past.

‘The Sorrow of an Entire Nation’: Fire Ravages Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral
The building’s iconic towers have been saved, a fire official said, but the blaze gutted its medieval wooden interior, a Cathedral spokesman said.
An Iconic Spire and Precious Stained Glass: All that could be Lost in the Notre Dame Blaze
A Computerized YouTube Fact-Checking Tool goes Very Wrong: In Flaming Notre Dame, it somehow sees Sept. 11 Tragedy

What’s up with Special Ops and setting things on fire? It’s almost as if they like flames…
I think there’s some esoteric significance to these spooks that we don’t know about. Yet. Especially to the dates. We should dig in that direction. Also note how a Catholic Church was chosen also.

What’s up with Special Ops and setting things on fire? It’s almost as if they like flames…

Yeah, it’s almost as if they’re professionally trained in building destruction and demolition.

I think there’s some esoteric significance to these spooks that we don’t know about.

Most definitely. I don’t know what it is right now, but I can tell you that whatever it is, it’s very, very, very, very, very, very bad.
I do have an idea of a principle it might involve though: the clash/union of opposites (and in fact you can see this principle graphically illustrated in the insignia of several U.S. Army Psychological Operations units).

Also note how a Catholic Church was chosen also.

Right, but all the most famous Christian churches/cathedrals are Catholic, because when these churches/cathedrals were constructed, Protestantism didn’t yet exist (until the early 16th century).

Could this CNN tweet provide a clue to these psychopaths’ occult mindset?

“Our viewers all around the world are joined in watching the death of something beautiful.”
@ChrisCuomo, as fire engulfs Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.
“We all want and need beautiful things in the world … unfortunately, there will be one less.”

Sh-t. I completely forgot that “ordo ab chao” was a Freemasonry motto.
Well, in that case, would someone like to explain to me why U.S. Army Civil Affairs uses a famous Freemasonry motto as its own? I’d love to hear the plausibly deniable excuse behind that one.

I didn’t know any U.S. Army Psychological Operations units employ the “ordo ab chao” motto, because it doesn’t appear on the insignia of any U.S.A.P.O. groups or battalions.
However, I have seen the “ordo ab chao” motto on the insignia of several U.S. Army Civil Affairs brigades and battalions. I’ll collect and post them later.

I assume that the anti-vaccination cult is another U.S. Army psychological operation, but I haven’t researched its origins so I don’t know that for sure. But I do know that Alex Jones and the John Birch Society are connected to the anti-vax cult, and Alex Jones + John Birch Society = United States Army.
The Anti-Government Ideas Fueling Anti-Vaxxers

Category:Fast-food chain founders
Welcome to The Matrix.
Burt “Butch” Baskin – Ashkenazic Jewish – Baskin-Robbins – United States Navy (U.S.N.), United States Army (U.S.A.) brother
Glen William Bell Jr. – Irish – Taco Bell – United States Marine Corps (U.S.M.C.)
Samuel Truett Cathy – Irish – Chick-fil-A – United States Army
G. Blake Chanslor – Irish – Blake’s Lotaburger – United States Navy
Andrew Cherng – Han Chinese – Panda Express, Panda Restaurant Group, Inc. – McDonnell Douglas, United States Air Force (U.S.A.F.) spouse
Peggy Tsiang Cherng – Han Chinese – Panda Express, Panda Restaurant Group, Inc. – McDonnell Douglas, United States Air Force (U.S.A.F.)
Thomas Forkner – Irish – Waffle House, Inc. – United States Armed Forces (U.S.A.F.) (branch unknown)
Jack Z. Fulk – Irish – Bojangles’ Inc.
Nathan Handwerker – Ashkenazic Jewish – Nathan’s Famous, Inc. – United States Army (U.S.A.) brother
Murray Handwerker – Ashkenazic Jewish – Nathan’s Famous, Inc. – United States Army (U.S.A.)
Wilber Hardee – Irish – Hardee’s Food Systems Inc. – United States Navy (U.S.N.)
Leon Weston “Pete” Harman – Irish – Kentucky Fried Chicken (K.F.C.) – Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (L.D.S.) family
Howard Deering Johnson – European – Howard Johnson by Wyndham – United States Army
Ronald Vaughan Joyce – Irish – Tim Hortons Inc. – Royal Canadian Navy (R.C.N.) (C.A.F.)
Carl Nicholas Karcher – German – Carl’s Jr. Restaurants LLC – Sovereign Military Order of Malta (S.M.O.M.), Boy Scouts of America (B.S.A.), John Birch Society (J.B.S.)
Margaret Magdalen Heinz Karcher – German – Carl’s Jr. Restaurants LLC – Sovereign Military Order of Malta (S.M.O.M.), Boy Scouts of America (B.S.A.), John Birch Society (J.B.S.) spouse
Gust E. “Brick” Lundberg – Ashkenazic Jewish – Sandy’s – United States Air Force (U.S.A.F.)
Patrick “Pat” McDonagh – Irish – Supermac’s
Richard and Maurice McDonald – Irish – McDonald’s Corporation
EXTRA: Miles D. White – Irish – Culver Military Academy; Serves on Board of Directors of the McDonald’s Corporation
James Whitman “Jim” McLamore – Irish – Burger King Corporation
EXTRA: Norman Eugene Brinker – Ashkenazic Jewish – United States Navy (U.S.N.)
Hugh William Morris – Irish – McDonald’s Corporation New Zealand
Robert Oscar Peterson – Irish – Jack in the Box, Inc. – United States Office of Naval Intelligence (U.S.O.N.I.) (O.N.I.)
Irvine “Irv” Robbin – Ashkenazic Jewish – Baskin-Robbins – United States Army (U.S.A.), United States Navy (U.S.N.) brother
William Rosenberg – Ashkenazic Jewish – Dunkin’ Donuts
Colonel Harland David Sanders – European – Kentucky Fried Chicken (K.F.C.) – United States Army (U.S.A.)
Troy Nuel Smith, Sr. – Sonic Corp./Sonic Drive-In – United States Army Air Forces (U.S.A.A.F.) (A.A.F.)
Esther Lavelle Snyder – Ashkenazic Jewish – In-N-Out Burger
Harry Snyder – Ashkenazic Jewish – In-N-Out Burger
Felix Stehling – Ashkenazic Jewish – Taco Cabana
Brody Sweeney – Irish – O’Briens
Rex David Thomas – Irish – Wendy’s – United States Army (U.S.A.)
Walter James Treliving – Irish – Boston Pizza – Royal Canadian Mounted Police (R.C.M.P.)

This is a pretty shocking and unnerving list. I hope you add it to the previous list you posted.
I hadn’t even considered examining the biographical profiles of American fast-food chain founders. That’s an interesting twist I probably wouldn’t have ever thought of.

Freedom House is a U.S.-based[4] 501(c)(3) U.S. government-funded[5] non-governmental organization (NGO) that conducts research and advocacy on democracy, political freedom, and human rights.[6] Freedom House was founded in October 1941, and Wendell Willkie and Eleanor Roosevelt served as its first honorary chairpersons.
It describes itself as a “clear voice for democracy and freedom around the world”, although critics have stated that the organization is biased towards US interests. The organization was 66% funded by grants from the U.S. government in 2006, a number which has increased to 86% in 2016.[7][8] The reliance on US funding has been acknowledged as “a problem” within Freedom House, but accepted as a “necessary evil”.[9][10][11][12]
The organization’s annual Freedom in the World report, which assesses each country’s degree of political freedoms and civil liberties, is frequently cited by political scientists, journalists, and policymakers. Freedom of the Press and Freedom of the Net,[13] which monitor censorship, intimidation and violence against journalists, and public access to information, are among its other signature reports.

Freedom House was incorporated October 31, 1941.[14]:293 Among its founders were Eleanor Roosevelt, Wendell Willkie, Mayor Fiorello La Guardia, Elizabeth Cutter Morrow, Dorothy Thompson,[15] George Field, Herbert Agar, Herbert Bayard Swope, Ralph Bunche, Father George B. Ford, Roscoe Drummond and Rex Stout. George Field (1904–2006) was executive director of the organization until his retirement in 1967.[16]
Wendell Lewis Willkie – Culver Military Academy, United States Army
Fiorello H. La Guardia – half-Jewish – United States Army Air Service
Elizabeth Cutter Morrow – American poet
Herbert Sebastian Agar – Jewish
Roscoe Drummond – Marshall Fund
Rex Todhunter Stout – United States Navy

Ralph Johnson Bunche (/bʌntʃ/; August 7, 1904[1][2][3] – December 9, 1971) was an American political scientist, academic, and diplomat who received the 1950 Nobel Peace Prize for his late 1940s mediation in Israel.[2] He was the first African American to be so honored.[4] He was involved in the formation and administration of the United Nations. In 1963, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President John F. Kennedy.
In August 2008, the United States National Archives and Records Administration made public the fact that Bunche had joined the US Office of Strategic Services (OSS) – the precursor organization to the Central Intelligence Agency – during World War II.[5]

During World War II, Bunche worked in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the precursor to the CIA, as a senior social analyst on Colonial Affairs. In 1943, he was transferred from the OSS to the State Department. He was appointed Associate Chief of the Division of Dependent Area Affairs under Alger Hiss. With Hiss, Bunche became one of the leaders of the Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR). He participated in the preliminary planning for the United Nations at the San Francisco Conference of 1945. In 2008, the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration released a 51-page PDF of his OSS records, which is available online.[13]
Wew at all these sh*tty “human rights” organizations that are just thinly veiled spook fronts. So much for secrecy.

Category:American food company founders
Wallace “Wally” Amos, Jr. – African – Famous Amos – United States Air Force (U.S.A.F.)
Shannon Bahrke – Irish – Silver Bean Coffee
Gerald Baldwin – Ashkenazic Jewish – Starbucks Corporation
James Ford Bell – Irish – General Mills – French Legion of Honor
Sam Born – Ashkenazic Jewish
Gordon Bowker – Ashkenazic Jewish – Starbucks Corporation
Caleb Davis Bradham – English, Scotch-Irish – Pepsi Corporation – United States Navy Reserve (U.S.N.R.)
Robert Howell Brooks – Irish – Naturally Fresh, Inc., Hooters, Inc. – United States Army (U.S.A.),_Inc.
Nolan Kay Bushnell – Irish – Chuck E. Cheese’s, Atari Inc., – Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (L.D.S.) family
Samuel Northrup Castle – United States Army (U.S.A.) father-in-law
Dominic Certo – United States Marine Corps
Leeann Chin – Han Chinese – Leeann Chin, Inc. – Public Broadcasting Service (P.B.S.) host
Bennett Cohen – Ashkenazic Jewish – Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Holdings Inc
Amos Starr Cooke – United States Army (U.S.A.) grandfather
Harry F. Duncan – Little Tavern – Boy Scouts of America (B.S.A.)
Charles Louis Fleischmann – Ashkenazic Jewish
Gerry Ford – Ashkenazic Jewish – Caffè Nero Group Ltd. – Hewlett-Packard (H.P.) financial analystè_Nero
Jamie Geller – Ashkenazic Jewish
Samuel Lewis Glazer – Ashkenazic Jewish – Mr. Coffee
Hyman Golden – Ashkenazic Jewish – Snapple, Dr Pepper Snapple Group – United States Air Force (U.S.A.F.)
Caroline Goodden Ames – Ashkenazic Jewish – FOOD
Arnold Shepard Greenberg – Ashkenazic Jewish – Snapple, Dr Pepper Snapple Group
Jerry Greenfield – Ashkenazic Jewish – Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Holdings Inc
Vincent Gruppuso – Italian – Kozy Shack Enterprises – United States Navy (U.S.N.)
Henry Osborne Havemeyer – American Sugar Refining Company – Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (L.D.S.)
Gertrude Jones Hawk – Gertrude Hawk Chocolates – United States Armed Forces (U.S.A.F.) (branch unknown) son
Henry John Heinz – German (possibly crypto-Jewish) – H. J. Heinz Company – future President of the United States (P.O.T.U.S.) (Donald Trump) cousin
Milton Snavely Hershey – Swiss, German – Hershey Foods Corporation – United States Armed Forces (U.S.A.F.) (all branches)
Clement Lang Hirsch – Ashkenazic Jewish – Dog Town Packing Company, Mars Incorporated – United States Marine Corps (U.SM.C.)
Jay Catherwood Hormel – Hormel Foods Corporation – United States Armed Forces (U.S.A.F.) (branch unknown)
Jaquelin Holliday “Jack” Hume – Basic American Foods – Asian Art Museum
Marian Bayoff Ilitch – Ashkenazic Jewish – Little Caesar Enterprises Inc.
Michael Ilitch Sr. – Ashkenazic Jewish – Little Caesar Enterprises Inc. – United States Department of Veterans Affairs (V.A.)
Sherwood “Shakey” Johnson – Shakey’s Pizza – United States Navy (U.S.N.)
Jack Joyce – Irish – Rogue Ales
Frederick C. Kulow – Irish – Pepperidge Farm Incorporated, Continental Baking Company – United States Navy
Dylan Lauren – Ashkenazic Jewish – Dylan’s Candy Bar – United States Army (U.S.A.) father
Ninfa Laurenzo – Mexican – Ninfa’s – John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Tillie Ehrlich-Weisberg Lewis – Ashkenazic Jewish – Flotill Foods Corporation – United States Army (U.S.A.), United States Armed Forces (U.S.A.F.) (all branches)
Vincent George Marotta Sr. – Italian – Mr. Coffee – United States Army (U.S.A.)
Forrest Mars Sr. – Mars, Incorporated – influenced by Spanish military,_Incorporated
Leonard Marsh – Ashkenazic Jewish – Snapple, Keurig Dr Pepper – United States Armed Forces (U.S.A.F.) associates
Reuben and Rose Mattus – Ashkenazic Jewish – Häagen-Dazs – extreme Zionists, admirers of Meir Kahaneäagen-Dazs
James Walter Melvin – Irish – I.B.M.
Louis Joseph Michot, Jr. – Irish – Burger Chef – Boy Scouts of America (B.S.A.) (Eagle Scout), Civilian Conservation Corps (C.C.C.), United States Marine Corps (U.S.M.C.)
Thomas Stephen Monaghan – Irish – Domino’s Pizza, Inc. – United States Army (U.S.A.) aspirant, United States Marine Corps (U.S.M.C.)
Paul Leonard Newman – half-Jewish – Newman’s Own – United States Navy (U.S.N.)
Mario Peruzzi – Italian – Planters – Rotary International
Charles Alfred Pillsbury – Pillsbury Company – United States Army (U.S.A.) father-in-law
Roxanne Quimby – Ashkenazic Jewish
Willard Lawson Radcliff – Ashkenazic Jewish – Slush Puppie
Richard K. Ransom – Hickory Farms, LLC. – United States Armed Forces (branch unknown)
Margaret (née Fogarty) Rudkin – Irish – Pepperidge Farm, Campbell Soup Company
John H. Schnatter – German – Papa John’s International, Inc. – Republican Party lobbying
Ingram Berg Shavitz – Ashkenazic Jewish – United States Army (U.S.A.)
Joseph “Pep” Simek Sr. – Tombstone Pizza – United States Army (U.S.A.)
Norton Winfred Simon – Ashkenazic Jewish – Val Vita Food Products, Hunt’s Foods – art collecting, professional actress spouse
Carl A. Swanson – Swedish – Swanson Frozen Foods/Brothes – United States Armed Forces (U.S.A.F.) supplier
William Theisen – Ashkenazic Jewish – Godfather’s Pizza
Cadwallader C. Washburn – Ashkenazic Jewish – General Mills, Inc. – United States Army (U.S.A.) Union general

One of the core functions of the CIA, where I worked, is to carry out covert action. Covert action is defined as “a special activity abroad in support of foreign policy where the role of the US government is neither apparent nor publicly acknowledged.”
Both Barr’s letter and Mueller’s indictments make clear Russian intelligence services aimed to disrupt the 2016 election. Those intelligence operations against our democratic institutions, which persist, operate in similar ways to the aforementioned covert action. They are designed to support and advance Russia’s foreign-policy agenda while hiding the hand of the Russian government.
How does an intelligence service hide its government’s involvement? It does this by building into the operation what we call “plausible deniability” – more colloquially known as a cover story.
Remember in high school when you sent a friend over to the girl you liked to get a sense of whether she would go out with you if you asked? The friend could claim he was asking out of his own curiosity, to save you from embarrassment if the girl was uninterested. You could claim you never asked your friend to talk to the girl. The girl might guess you sent your friend, but she might not be able to prove it. That is plausible deniability. Your friend was acting as a “cutout” – to hide your involvement – with a cover story, that he was asking for his own curiosity.
In an intelligence operation, plausible deniability is a bit more sophisticated. Intelligence officers use individuals or businesses that are not part of the government but are, at arm’s length, working on behalf of the government as cutouts, and they can develop much more complex cover stories by using witting and unwitting foreign agents and front companies.
Another country’s intelligence services might be able to uncover some of these cutouts and cover stories. Using their own intelligence methods, they might collect information that points to the conclusion that a particular government is behind those cutouts and cover stories — a task that U.S. intelligence agencies were able to accomplish not only in the case of the Russian influence operation but also in some notorious hacking incidents. Or they might not be able to do this, depending on how well the opposing service did its job. And even if the opposing service does leave some traces, the targeted country could still find it challenging to develop the sort of evidence that a prosecutor could bring to a courtroom.
Think of it like this: You’re a detective working on a murder case, and come upon a safe that is smoking and smells of gunpowder. But without being able to open that safe, there is no way to say with certainty that a smoking gun sits inside.

U.S. Army psychological operations plant John Alan Martinson, Jr., the writer and producer of the 2008 disinformation PSYOP video 9/11 Missing Links, has a new YouTube channel, and it’s comically stupid:
http s://

Anonym O’Us, I recently added many new important early-mid 20th century figures to the list (William Carr, Henry Ford, Benjamin Freedman, Elizabeth Dilling, Sergei Nilus, Ezra Pound, Douglas Reed). Are there any important individuals you’ve researched whom I haven’t yet included on the list? Scan through the main list and let me know, if you please.

Here ya go.ötz_Kubitschek (S.A.S. emblem in plain sight)
Just ctrl for the key words. Geert Wilders is a Royal Netherlands Army spook who’s grandfather was in the Dutch colonial army in Indonesia. He’s protected by Special Ops/Military Police, was investigated for ties to Israeli Intelligence, and is funded by the C.I.A. through that neocon foundation that Heimbach is linked to.
Kubitschek is very important in the German New Right and Identitarian cult and is linked to AfD, P.E.G.I.D.A. etc. Scan through his massive bio for yourself. He’s a massive Bundeswehr/ZOPINFO spook as you can see. And was monitored by M.A.D.
I’m kinda shocked you didn’t add these three key figures from the British far-right cult who are all British Army spooks. Obviously there’s a billion more, but these guys are pretty important to be on the mainlist too imho.


  • I had completely forgotten about Geert Wilders and didn’t know he was tied to the Dutch military and police. I did know that he’s a huge Zionist neo-con, but didn’t know that he’s received funding from David Horowitz’s Freedom Center. I’ll add him to the list.

  • I had never heard of Gotz Kubitschek before. Obviously he’s very important. I’ll add him to the list.

  • I did see A.K. Chesterton’s page when I was researching British right-wing groups on Wikipedia. I could tell he was important and I should have already included him. I’ll add him.

  • I never heard of Colin Jordan before and didn’t run across his page on Wikipedia either. I’ll add him too.

  • I saw John Tyndall’s Wikipedia page and was planning to include him in the B.N.P. section.

hey, i would like you to update your list and i can forward you info if needed. please add Putin/Alexander Dugin AND China. they are ALL ZIONIST New World Order puppets (and Brazil’s Bolsonaro as well of course). check out what the ZOG is doing in Argentina’s Patagonia. also, there are new actor/agents who i do not see on your list…. i have not reviewed your entire list. can i email you info?

Aleksandr Dugin is already on the list.
I already dissected the topic of Putin’s/Russia’s/China’s connections to Jews/Israel years ago in my old Pastebin files.
If you have any info that I don’t already have (highly unlikely), then feel free to post it here in the comment section.

I was talking with someone who knows a bit about the pedophile Movement/Minor Attracted Person’s Movement, I was literally told that the people who started it are military assets and are also serving in the military. Also I was told all child abuse image sharing websites or pedophile forums are also run by the military. I was also told the GRU, FSB, CIA, NATO and other agencies have also run child porn forums and even pedophile groups and forums in the past, can I have your opinion on this @TheZOG?

It doesn’t take very long to click on the links provided, you know.
Context, context, context.
Because I didn’t imply that. It’s a British Army spook and his crappy right-wing agitprop YouTube channel.
Though, I’m too lazy myself to even mention it so I guess I’m partly to blame too.
Add him to the list?

Yes, David and Louise Turpin are C.I.A. agents who were training their own children to be Manchurian candidates using military-style mind control techniques, similar to what Siraj Wahhaj, Jr. was doing to his own children.

What are the chances that the CIA, FBI, FSB, GRU and etc would use child abusers and pedophiles including pedophile groups to train children to be Manchurian candidates using mind control techniques.

Very good chances, I would say.
Read about U.S. Army Reserves Colonel Michael Aquino and the accusations against him from the 1980’s if you’re not already familiar.
Also read about The Finders cult from the 1980’s if you haven’t already.

I know you mentioned Jim Watkin’s 8chan before, what is the chance that the child porn or pornography board in 8chan is a list of targets in regards to which children should be kidnapped and subjected to the manchurian candidate program?

I don’t know.
But with military intelligence/special ops Manchurian candidate brainwashing programs, there’s no need for kidnapping because in most cases the kids are being trained by their own parents.

Joseph Sigur (“Blindlight” / “IamTheNextHitler” / “Jew-wise Missionary”) just posted three comments that were caught in the spam filter. I was wondering when he would eventually find this site and start spamming it with his inane PSYOP commentary. But that’s okay, because I’ve been waiting for him.
Joseph Sigur’s deceased brother Steve Sigur was employed for 30 years as a math teacher at an elite private school in Atlanta, Georgia called The Paideia School. This primary and secondary school is a teenage recruiting front for the C.I.A. and D.O.D. intelligence agencies. On Joseph Sigur’s YouTube channel there is a short video biography of Steve Sigur produced by one of Steve’s former students, Susan Levitas (Jewish) and directed by Dennis Diamond (also Jewish). During the interview, Steve Sigur proudly states that many of his former math students are currently employed by large Silicon Valley tech companies as well as major Hollywood film studios. Both of these classes of corporations have direct, longstanding ties to the C.I.A. and D.O.D. At another point during the interview Steve discusses the patch on his shirt and says that it represents the American Regions Mathematics League, which Steve says he and his students participate in every year. That’s very interesting because the current president of the American Regions Mathematics League is a mathematician at the RAND Corporation who studies military issues for the U.S. Dept. of Defense and has been employed by the U.S. National Security Agency.
Paul Dreyer – Senior Mathematician; Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School

Paul Dreyer is a mathematician at the RAND Corporation specializing in modeling and simulation, using these tools on a wide variety of financial, military, energy, and security issues. His recent work has concentrated on financial markets, weapon effectiveness, aircraft survivability, and how airbases operate while under attack. Dreyer has been a professor of public policy at the Pardee RAND Graduate School, teaching courses on mathematics in policy analysis and large-scale optimization, as well as a lecturer at UCLA in their Electrical Engineering and Financial Engineering departments. In his spare time, he has consulted on multiple game shows including The Wall and Beat Shazam. He is also the president of the American Regions Mathematics League, a national math contest for middle and high school students, as well as one of its authors. He has worked at the National Security Agency, the IDA Center for Computing Sciences, and Jane Street Capital. Dreyer received his Ph.D. in mathematics from Rutgers University.

One America News Network (O.A.N.N.) is a Fourth Generation (4.G.) Psychological Warfare Operation (P.S.Y.O.P.) of the U.S. Fleet Cyber Command of the U.S. Cyber Command

One America News Network (OANN), also referred to as One America News (OAN), is an American right-wing[1] pay television news channel launched on July 4, 2013, owned by Herring Networks, Inc. The network is headquartered in San Diego, California, and operates a news bureau in Washington, D.C.[2] and New York City.
Originally launched with the intention of targeting a conservative and center-right audience,[3][4] OAN states a goal of delivering credible national and international news coverage throughout the day while its prime time political talk shows illustrate a conservative perspective.[5][6][7] According to The Washington Post, the channel has been noted for its pro-Trump coverage.[8] The channel has also been noted for promoting falsehoods and conspiracy theories.[9][10]
Roy Moore sexual misconduct report controversy

After the Washington Post reported allegations against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore that he had molested or made inappropriate sexual contact with a number of women under the age of 18 (including a 14-year old), One America News “became a source of both positive coverage and stories that could cast doubt on his accusers.”[31] In November 2017, One America News aired a segment citing a false rumor by an anonymous Twitter account that the Washington Post had offered $1,000 to Roy Moore’s accusers.[32][33][34] One America News described the tweet as a “report” and described the tweeter as a “former Secret Service agent and Navy veteran”.[32][33] The Twitter account had a history of tweeting falsehoods and conspiracy theories; the Twitter account had also made repeated and inconsistent lies about its identity, including appropriating the identity of a Navy serviceman who died in 2007.[33] After it was revealed that the story was a hoax, One America News did not retract its report.[32]

Hiring of far-right conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec

In 2018, OANN hired far-right conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec as a political correspondent.[44][45][46][47]

John Michael Posobiec III

Posobiec is a lieutenant junior grade naval intelligence officer.[10] He served several tours in the Navy Reserve from 2010 to 2017, including a deployment at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base.[13] In March 2017 Posobiec resigned from his Office of Naval Intelligence position, saying that his support for Trump led to a “toxic work environment”. As of August 2017 his security clearance was suspended[10] and under review.[15]
United States Cyber Command

United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) is one of ten unified commands of the United States’ Department of Defense. It unifies the direction of cyberspace operations, strengthens DoD cyberspace capabilities, and integrates and bolsters DoD’s cyber expertise.
USCYBERCOM was created in mid-2009 at the National Security Agency (NSA) headquarters in Fort George G. Meade, Maryland. It cooperates with NSA networks and has been concurrently headed by the Director of the National Security Agency since its inception.[1] While originally created with a defensive mission in mind, it has increasingly been viewed as an offensive force.[1] On 18 August 2017, it was announced that USCYBERCOM would be elevated to the status of a full and independent unified combatant command.[2] This elevation occurred on 4 May 2018.
Service components

U.S. Cyber Command is composed of several service components, units from military services who will provide Joint services to Cyber Command.
Army Cyber Command (Army)
Army Network Enterprise Technology Command / 9th Army Signal Command (NETCOM/9thSC(A))
Cyber Protection Brigade
United States Army Intelligence and Security Command will be under the operational control of ARCYBER for cyber-related actions.[7][8][9]
1st Information Operations Command (Land)
780th Military Intelligence Brigade (Cyber)
Fleet Cyber Command/Tenth Fleet (Navy)[10][11]
Naval Network Warfare Command
Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command
Naval Information Operation Commands
Combined Task Forces
Air Forces Cyber/Twenty-Fourth Air Force (Air Force)[12][13]
67th Cyberspace Wing
688th Cyberspace Wing
624th Operations Center
Marine Corps Cyberspace Command (Marine Corps)[14]

U.S. Fleet Cyber Command
The U.S. Fleet Cyber Command is an operating force of the United States Navy responsible for the Navy’s information network operations, offensive and defensive cyber operations, space operations and signals intelligence. It was created in January 2010 to “to deter and defeat aggression and to ensure freedom of action to achieve military objectives in and through cyberspace”. U.S. Tenth Fleet was simultaneously reactivated as its force provider.[1] Since it was founded, the command has grown into an operational force composed of more than 16,000 active and reserve sailors and civilians organized into 27 active commands, 40 Cyber Mission Force units, and 27 reserve commands around the world.
One America News Network (O.A.N.N.) = U.S. Fleet Cyber C O m m A N d (O.A.N.)
One might also take notice of the fact that the seal of the U.S. Fleet Cyber Command is very aesthetically similar to the seal of the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.).
Also touching on the more arcane element of this all.

In Greek mythology, a phoenix (/ˈfiːnɪks/; Ancient Greek: φοῖνιξ, phoînix) is a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again.
Associated with the Sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. According to some sources, the phoenix dies in a show of flames and combustion, although there are other sources that claim that the legendary bird dies and simply decomposes before being born again.[1] There are different traditions concerning the lifespan of the phoenix, but by most accounts the phoenix lived for 500 years before rebirth.[2] Herodotus, Lucan, Pliny the Elder, Pope Clement I, Lactantius, Ovid, and Isidore of Seville are among those who have contributed to the retelling and transmission of the phoenix motif.
The theme of the phoenix rising out of the ashes is a Masonic one, as numerous PSYOP conspiracy theorist spooks will tell you. You’ve most probably heard of the hysteria surrounding The Economist magazine when they used this theme a while back.
The N.R.O. of the D.O.D. is known to use some very sinister and occult symbols on their mission patches. They have also utilized the phoenix theme.
And how could we forget about the lovely Phoenix Program?
You might be wondering something. Why is the U.S. Cyber Command running a sh*tty right-wing agitprop pseudo-TV station? Well, If you are not aware, O.A.N. is in reality a Internet-centric “Alternative” TV station. No different from the now defunct DoD News Channel I might add. That’s why.
Just go ahead and look at their YouTube channel, which is where I first found them. It’s all about the no-go-zones in Sweden, “white genocide” in South Africa and other related W.N. PSYOPs. All these “soft” right-wing conservative outlets are increasingly radical and are no different than the typical neo-Nazi/neo-Fascist online meme rhetoric you’ll come across everywhere nowadays.
Anyway. I hope you remember when I mentioned the thing about stock images and military intelligence symbols which I had mentioned on my Gex postings. Because I have finally found what I had archived prior. This is the best time to post it.
Stillness in the Storm and The Phoenix Enigma are both operated by the 111th Military Intelligence Brigade, clearly.
This is just more evidence that the online conspiracy theory subculture is a creation of U.S. Army/N.A.T.O. Intelligence and 99.9% of online conspiracy theory websites are operated by said agencies. Also take note of Cory Daniel’s usage of pyramid symbols, obviously pertaining to the Sphinx of U.S. Army Intelligence.
Cory Daniel himself was invited on The Higherside Chats show. So you know he’s a spook. But besides that fact, his YouTube channel brazenly uses flames as its profile picture, which I guess fits with his phoenix spook theme. And a huge N.A.T.O./C.I.A. star masquerading as a compass. His lame excuse for the whole phoenix theme is that he’s a “Phoenecian” since he’s from Phoenix or some sh*t according to his site bio. There’s huge sun symbology behind him in all his videos, which brings U.S. Army Civil Affairs and U.S. Army Intelligence to mind, too. But not just that.
Because the 111th Military Intelligence Brigade is based in Phoenix in the first place! I had almost forgot the elephant in the room! And not only that, but they also use sun symbolism similar to Cory Daniel’s usage on their newer logo.
Of course you could say he just took it from the stock image usage, but I doubt it. I wonder if the U.S. Army and Bundeswehr got it from there? Or maybe they control all these stock image sites? I would say yes, considering Jews are involved in the biggest names in this quasi-industry of sorts. And whenever Jews are involved, I just think C.I.A.
Ah, and by the way. I think I have just found the source of U.S.M.C. officer David Bay’s Cutting Edge logo/name.
I also found this funny.
Don’t tell me it’s a coincidence. The only thing is that it’s a U.S.A.F., instead of U.S.A. but I think that isn’t as important as one may think at first. It’s all D.O.D. at the end of the day. I am of the opinion that the U.S. Army is at the centre of the U.S. military, and that the other branches are merely appendages to it. That isn’t to minimize their autonomy or extreme importance, though.
The U.S.M.C. and U.S.C.G. for example are just appendages to the U.S. Navy.
And now back to the phoenix. I already mentioned this esoteric pattern before, i.e. Dugin and Cernovich’s usage. I’m sure it’s related.

So exactly seven days after the massive fire in Notre Dame cathedral, a series of deadly bombings occur in several Sri Lankan Christian churches on Easter Sunday.
This is the third attack in a series of black ops which started with Brenton Tarrant and shows that they are continuing with the Christian vs. Muslim religious theme. I was surprised that they orchestrated a third attack. I thought the second one at Notre Dame would be the last.
Obviously they’re trying to inflame global Muslim vs. Christian religious tensions in a gradual build up to something larger – perhaps a U.S. led “coalition” military invasion of Iran?

What the Scale of the Sri Lankan Attacks Tells Us
Sri Lanka Attacks Live Updates: Terrorist Group Is Identified, and Death Toll Rises
Images of the Destruction and Despair in Sri Lanka

Blasts Targeting Christians Kill Hundreds in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Bombing Maps: What We Know About the Attack Sites
Local Group Is Blamed for Attacks, but Sri Lanka Suspects ‘International Network’

Police Warned That Sri Lanka Churches Were Bombing Targets
Sri Lanka Was Warned of Possible Attacks. Why Didn’t It Stop Them?
‘These Attacks Could Target Catholic Churches’: The Warning That Sri Lankan Officials Failed to Heed

‘Why Kill the Innocents?’ Sri Lankans Mourn Bombing Victims
Religious Minorities Across Asia Suffer Amid Surge in Sectarian Politics
Where Countries Are Tinderboxes and Facebook Is a Match
False rumors set Buddhist against Muslim in Sri Lanka, the most recent in a global spate of violence fanned by social media.

False rumors set Buddhist against Muslim in Sri Lanka, the most recent in a global spate of violence fanned by social media.

It’s a complete mystery who would post false rumors on social media internet “platforms” to inflame religious groups against one another. I can’t imagine who would be so sinister as to do such a thing.

What We Know and Don’t Know About the Sri Lanka Attacks
Sri Lanka Bombings Live Updates: ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attacks

Sri Lanka’s Unending Civil War
Modern social media added fuel to the sectarian fires still smoldering after the country’s civil strife.
The Tragic Familiarity of the Sri Lanka Bombings

Here’s another question that just occurred to me.
Why does Joseph Sigur call himself “Blindlight”?
Is it a verbal allusion to the U.S. Army’s flaming torch symbol?

As long as they support our ethno-states. However, jews are habitual liars and can hardly be trusted. They shouldn’t protest when (((certain))) characters are cut down from their position of power.

Excellent. I’d like to have even more information of direct connections between N.A.T.O. militaries and Al-Qaeda/ISIS (I already have a lot).

He started his business career at the age of 12, when he borrowed $200 from his uncle (or $2,740 in 2017 dollars) and purchased a license to sell newspapers in Boston.[13] At age 16 in 1948, he then borrowed $10,000 (or $102,349 in 2017 dollars) from his uncle to start a candy-vending-machine business.[14] He attended the City College of New York, but did not graduate.[15] He attended trade school in a failed attempt to become a court reporter, then subsequently joined the army.[16]
After being discharged from the army he established a business selling toiletry kits, then started another business named De-Ice-It which sold a chemical spray to help clear frozen windshields.[17] In the 1960s, he started a charter tours business.[8] He soon became a millionaire, although by his 30s he had built and lost his fortune twice. Over the course of his business career, Adelson has created almost 50 of his own businesses, making him a serial entrepreneur.[18]

United States Army soldiers
Sheldon Armyson.

I don’t think I even knew Sheldon Adelson was in the Army (or maybe I did but forgot).
That means the Republican Party’s primary overwhelmingly largest financial supporter is a U.S. Army asset.
Does anymore need to be said?
Wew. The Jewkraine meme is now reality. Wanna bet that this Zogensky guy is a G.R.U. spook too? I really find it interesting how he came to power. He basically psyoped the Ukrainian populace into believing he’d be a good leader by literally being the star of some crappy TV drama about it, where he LARPs as the President of Ukraine. And people bought it hook-line-and-sinker. It’s Hypernormalization 101. This is what the next-level psyops look like.
He’s apparently a “puppet” of this dual Israeli oligarch or something. And this oligarch apparently also bankrolled the Donbass and Azov Battalion militas according to a lot of sources (mostly G.R.U. disinfo rags, I might add) which is especially interesting since the Azov Battalion is literally “Social-National” (read: National Socialist) aka Nazis. Now Azov unit is officially part of the Ukrainian military.
IMHO Ukrainian extreme right movement is a joint-op between N.A.T.O. and the G.R.U., which might sound weird to some but it isn’t at all. A high-level female member of the anti-Russian Social Nationalists (neo-Nazis) has a photo of her circulating online where she is standing next to G.R.U. operative and anti-Ukrainian Alexander Dugin. She’s the one who speaks before The Golden Fag and Grindr Greg in that spook conference you linked a while back. Notice the bolts behind them!
Someone here also mentioned the fact that they’re now training the R.A.M. tards. But what’s worse is that they’re literally getting armed by the Israeli Defense Forces (I.D.F.). No joke.
Though the Russian rebels aren’t any better. There’s weirdo NazBols, Blacks, R.N.U. neo-Nazis, pro-Russian neo-fascists from Eastern Europe etc. But worse of all is the fact that their militas utilize F.S.B./K.G.B. and G.R.U. symbols in plain sight. So much for being subtle.
I’ve done a lot of research on Ukraine, it is a major battleground for neo-Fascist revival in Europe right now as far as I can see. I can give you all the sources you need if you want to add these spooks to the list.

Wew. The Jewkraine meme is now reality. Wanna bet that this Zogensky guy is a G.R.U. spook too? I really find it interesting how he came to power. He basically psyoped the Ukrainian populace into believing he’d be a good leader by literally being the star of some crappy TV drama about it, where he LARPs as the President…

I’m confused. Are you talking about America or Ukraine?

He’s apparently a “puppet” of this dual Israeli oligarch or something. And this oligarch apparently also bankrolled the Donbass and Azov Battalion militias according to a lot of sources (mostly G.R.U. disinfo rags, I might add) which is especially interesting since the Azov Battalion is literally “Social-National” (read: National Socialist) aka Nazis. Now Azov unit is officially part of the Ukrainian military.

You’re talking about Ihor Kolomoiskiy.

IMHO Ukrainian extreme right movement is a joint-op between N.A.T.O. and the G.R.U., which might sound weird to some but it isn’t at all.


A high-level female member of the anti-Russian Social Nationalists (neo-Nazis) has a photo of her circulating online where she is standing next to G.R.U. operative and anti-Ukrainian Alexander Dugin. She’s the one who speaks before The Golden Fag and Grindr Greg in that spook conference you linked a while back. Notice the bolts behind them!

I haven’t heard of her before. Dugin seems to interface with all N.A.T.O. military psyop personnel. He’s a busy spook. I also didn’t notice the lightning bolts in that Scandza lecture. I’ll have to watch the beginning of the video again.

Someone here also mentioned the fact that they’re now training the R.A.M. tards. But what’s worse is that they’re literally getting armed by the Israeli Defense Forces (I.D.F.). No joke.

I thought R.A.M. didn’t exist anymore because all its members got “arrested” by the F.B.I. and “prosecuted” by the D.O.J. But I do remember reading a 2018 ProPublica article about R.A.M. which explained that R.A.M. members were traveling to Ukraine / Eastern Europe for “MMA training”.

Though the Russian rebels aren’t any better. There’s weirdo NazBols, Blacks, R.N.U. neo-Nazis, pro-Russian neo-fascists from Eastern Europe etc. But worse of all is the fact that their militas utilize F.S.B./K.G.B. and G.R.U. symbols in plain sight. So much for being subtle.

I hadn’t noticed their logos before. I should probably check them out.

I’ve done a lot of research on Ukraine, it is a major battleground for neo-Fascist revival in Europe right now as far as I can see. I can give you all the sources you need if you want to add these spooks to the list.

The entire thing is an Israeli / N.A.T.O. psyop. Did you ever see my Ukraine Pastebin file? It contained a hundred or more sources detailing the Jewish / Israeli nature of the Ukrainian political / business power structure

I didn’t know Fred Trump was so connected to the U.S. Navy, did you? @TheZOG
I knew about his supposed J.B.S. connections but Wikipedia says nothing about it.
He’s also linked to the B.S.A. so C.I.A. it is.
Do you really think he was crypto-Jewish? It would explain his and his son’s philosemitism for sure.

I didn’t even know Fred Trump was connected to the U.S. Navy at all. I guess you can tell I’ve never read his Wikipedia page.
If you do an internet search for Fred Trump’s John Birch Society connections, you won’t find one article, or even one word, about it. That’s very strange and probably by design. The only reason I know Fred Trump was tied to the J.B.S. is because Alex Jones talked about it, and Alex Jones would be in a position to know, coming from a J.B.S./U.S. Army spook family himself. I don’t think he fabricated the story about Fred Trump’s connection to the J.B.S.
Yes, Fred Trump was indeed crypto-Jewish, and I collected all the information on that topic three years ago during the 2016 U.S. presidential election:

Yeah, they’r in the same vein.
I figured out why militaries love the Phoenix symbol so much. I’m sure you’ve already figured out yourself too.

@McZOG @A12

I’m actually about fully convinced the whole Elsagate thing is a Russian psychological warfare operation. They’ve continued to put resources into bots/etc on the internet, so they are the most likely culprit — honestly, who else would even think of doing such a fucked up thing?
I’m sure they have
got the Youtube algo nicked perfectly
got an army of bots that they can tune to whatever videos they want, which pushes the algo further (since popular videos move upstream)
commissioned the initial videos, or enough videos to get the trends started
I know that not all the videos are part of the operation. But that’s the thing about how Russia has been fucking around with the internet, eventually you can’t tell the difference between the shills and the shilled.
I call the concept “viral obfuscation.” Think of what the Cambridge Analytica guy said in the undercover video, “we just inject an idea into the bloodstream of the internet.” Well, when Russia is able to tune its bot network to push millions of views to Elsagate content, that trend is going to infect other content producers, be they either a) automated producers that just feed off of SEO terms, or b) hacks like the Bradberry Bros who are constantly trying to cash in on Youtube trends.
Of course, this could just be a moneymaking scheme not affiliated with Russian ops, but what convinces me is the disturbing nature of the videos from the beginning. If this was a pure cash grab, the originators would have been better off creating inoffensive content. Instead, they went with fucked up imagery targeted towards kids. And who else does that kind of shit besides Russia, the enemy of the world?

Network AIR - owns 47578 channels, even if this is international, how many relevant channel are in Ukraine outside those 40k that they own?
Number of channels they own its on their own website, front page.
I posted exemplars of few of those channels also
they do marketing for different brand such as Lays and others, they offer to the brands, according their own website “brands’ integration into videobloggers’ content, shooting bloggers for commercials, special projects, offline events with bloggers”
So basically they charge brands like Lays tons of money to promote their products, then incorporate those products in their own videos, often posting same videos on different channels.
Im sure they are getting payed a lot since they promise and deliver (look at the view count) global exposure to the brands (even though those brands are already popular wold wide)
The way they use nursery rhymes is for sure questionable and non-ethical way of advertising to the youngest. They use questionable, risque or provocative images, scenes and situations either just to boost views or even fore more sinister reasons -child grooming and so on.
Also, I snooped around just couple of huge, to some extent “polished” channels they own, knowing that they own 40k channels one can just imagine what kind of content they are promoting.
On their vk page they write about yt deleting some of the channels, writing message to their own network of 40k channels: ” However, we hasten to reassure all our partners: we have already applied to the YouTube team to help those channels whose videos have been removed unreasonably.”-translated via google translate
Under the original comment a person replays: “everything is properly done. It is necessary to change the trend for a long time already. I generally did not want to shoot these bad baby, but the trends were forced, otherwise there was nothing. Tell us better how to return the monetization, those who simply cut it off because of the words “bad baby”, if the video itself does not violate the principles of the community” (translated by google translate)
So by their own admissions they have channels they own whos content was deleted by yt.
Wanna bet the bat is behind this? I want to check and see for bat symbols on these inane YouTube channels but it’s too much even for me. My nightmares are already bad as is. Does anyone here want to have a go? I tried to research this Agency of Internet Rights (A.I.R.) which I suspect is a G.R.U. front and the most I found was that someone with the same name as one of the co-founders is some Russian tech billionaire in Singapore but I’m not confident it’s the same person.

Wanna bet the bat is behind this?

I have no idea what “Elsagate” is, but judging by the information in your comment, it’s a guarantee that the black bat is behind that “Ukrainian” YouTube network.

I don’t really need any more names, because I already have a list of 150+ names to add (they’re all YouTube pseudonyms).

But it wasn’t clear why. The Defense Contract Audit Agency in Sunnyvale, where he worked as a government contract auditor, said Wednesday that Isaiah Peoples was an employee in good standing.

He worked in Sunnyvale for the Western Region Defense Contractors Audit Agency, a military audit agency headquartered in Virginia. According to the agency’s human resources department, Peoples began working there in August 2017, and is still an active employee.
You know who else once worked for the Defense Contract Audit Agency?
Stephen Paddock.

Random coincidence? Or Bloomberg Businessweek covertly informing the American elite that Stephen Miller’s (and Donald Trump’s) anti-immigration rhetoric is a U.S. Army psychological operation?

Here’s why Western militaries love Phoenix symbology and symbolism so much:

  • The Phoenix legend says that the Phoenix dies and resurrects from its own ashes.

  • This process of death leading to rebirth can be described as “creative destruction”.

  • Another way of phrasing “creative destruction” would be …

Twenty minutes after posting the message, he entered Chabad of Poway with an assault-style rifle and allegedly opened fire, killing one woman and wounding three others, including a rabbi. Earnest was chased out of the synagogue by an Army veteran and fled in a vehicle. Soon after, he called 911 and told authorities where to find him on a highway, according to authorities.
Accused synagogue gunman claimed to have set fire to mosque
A true patriot :^)

Gerrit Groenewold, a member of the church, told The Daily Beast on Sunday that Earnest was the quietest of his family, so quiet that Groenewold grew concerned. “I noticed that he was quiet and just wanted to have contact,” he said. “It’s not good if someone is that quiet. He needs to be part of the community, to let them know what is going on.”

This Presbyterian church is obviously full of crypto-Jews.
I think John Earnest is another James Alex Fields, Jr.

Earnest, 19, grew up in a middle-class neighborhood not far from Poway. He was an honors student and accomplished pianist at Mt. Carmel High School, where his father, also named John, works as a teacher. Earnest’s father also served as board president of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Escondido, where the family attended church weekly.

I bet if I researched the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Escondido I would find all kinds of covert C.I.A. connections (e.g. foreign missionary activity, etc.)

POWAY, California—Nineteen-year-old nursing student John T. Earnest, who was charged with murder Sunday as the lone gunman in the deadly Poway Synagogue shooting, played piano for hours a day and earned a 4.31 grade point average. His father was a church elder whom neighbors called “the sweetest man.”

Musicians are always prime candidates for C.I.A. recruitment.

He used mainstream social media like Twitter and the fringe message boards 8Chan in what has become a proven way for terrorist groups and lone wolves alike to ensure that propaganda is disseminated to both those looking for it and those who are not. He posted the original screed on and, and linked to them on 8Chan. Like Tarrant, he promised to live-stream his killing spree, which he evidently failed to pull off. Facebook immediately removed the profile link he intended to use, but had somehow not seen the warning signs when he created the page.

8chan is now clearly the U.S. military’s venue of choice for wind-up toy operations.

Zach Keele, pastor of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, where Earnest’s father was an elder, or officer of the church, confirmed that he was part of the parish. “So John T. Earnest is a member here,” he told The Daily Beast. “We completely deplore what he did. That is not part of our practices, our teachings in any way. Our hearts, our prayers, our tears go out to the victims, to all those wonderful neighbors at the synagogue.”

Another Jewish name.

The minister added that Earnest must “suffer the full punishment of the law.” Still, he hopes he will “recant his hatred.” Keele plans to visit the young man in prison, if convicted, he said.

The pastor may very well be John Earnest’s C.I.A. handler.

I don’t feel like listening to this crappy interview, but I would bet money that Zach Keele discusses his foreign missionary work here. American Christian foreign missionary activity is a well known cover for C.I.A. operations.
Where Are They Now? Zach Keele
Office Hours talks to Rev. Zach Keel, pastor at Escondido Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Escondido, CA, about his time at seminary and his ministry afterward.

What are the chances the following religions were created by the military?:
Christianity including Protestant, Catholicism, Jehovah’s Witness, Seventh Day Adventist, Baptist and etc
and etc
What is your opinion on Scientology, I am suspecting it is created by the military as well since L. Ron Hubbard worked for them as well

Well, in the ancient world, government and religion weren’t separate entities like they are today (actually, they’re not really separate today either). They were on and the same thing. So almost by definition ancient religions were created by governments, and militaries are the the most important (and largest) components of governments.
As far as modern Protestant sects of Christianity go, the documentation for them is exponentially better, so if there were any military influences at their foundings, that would be very easy to find in the historical record (probably on Wikipedia).
Scientology is a poorly disguised intelligence front for the C.I.A. and U.S. military. That’s why there’s so much crossover between Scientology and the white nationalist cult and the alternative media cult. The best example from the white nationalist cult would be Jamie Kelso, the person most responsible for Stormfront’s growth during the early-mid 2000’s. Jamie Kelso was a high level Scientology recruiter in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The best example from the alternative media cult would be Alex Jones, who named one of his two websites after a term exclusive to Scientology and used nowhere else in society. That term is Prison Planet, which was coined by L. Ron Hubbard in his founding Scientology mythos.
L. Ron Hubbard was indeed a U.S. Navy officer. He might have actually been in Naval Intelligence too – I can’t remember. It goes without saying that he was obviously a deep cover C.I.A. officer as well after he left the Navy.
In my opinion Scientology was the C.I.A.’s and D.O.D.’s first experiment at creating a full blown cult in the post WWI period.

Here’s a U.S. Army PSYOP plant operating openly on Twitter in plain sight. There are literally thousands of accounts on Twitter just like this one. Note his multiple visual and verbal references to the themes and mottos of U.S. Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations:

  • Sunrise photograph image. (flaming torch symbol visual allusion)

  • “The consequence of a brand new start is brand new end.” (“creative destruction” / “order from chaos” motto verbal allusion)

  • “#passionate for the #Truth” (“Truth” motto verbal reference)

  • “Shining the light where others want us to keep it dark.” (flaming torch symbol verbal allusion)

The Truth is a beauty.
If this Tweet isn’t evidence that Donald Trump is a U.S.A.S.O.C. actor / role player, then I don’t know what is:

“Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson accuses United Kingdom Intelligence of helping Obama Administration Spy on the 2016 Trump Presidential Campaign.” @OANN WOW! It is now just a question of time before the truth comes out, and when it does, it will be a beauty!

Do connections to “defeated” or “defunct” or “ideological” armies/militaries count like the Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS, Soviet/Red Army, Confederate Army, Imperial Japanese Army, Prussian Army, Austro-Hungarian Army, National People’s Army (GDR), Yugoslav People’s Army etc?
I think yes but I’m not completely sure either, to be honest. These militaries aren’t the “loser” or “victim” are they? It’s all an act, right? So what if they’re connected to post-war societies where they lost? What does that mean?
Also, what do you think of connections to “defunct” intelligence agencies such as the Stasi or an “ideological” and “Nazi” intelligence agency like the Reich Main Security Office compared to the Abwehr of the German Army? Was the Abwehr the real power behind the throne?
I guess when it comes to the latter question, the same can be applied to the Soviet K.G.B. or even the American C.I.A. when it comes to its ideology of anti-Communism or the Mossad and Zionism.

Do connections to “defeated” or “defunct” or “ideological” armies/militaries count like the Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS, Soviet/Red Army, Confederate Army, Imperial Japanese Army, Prussian Army, Austro-Hungarian Army, National People’s Army (GDR), Yugoslav People’s Army etc?

Absolutely. I don’t see how they couldn’t.

I think yes but I’m not completely sure either, to be honest. These militaries aren’t the “loser” or “victim” are they? It’s all an act, right?

In my opinion, yes.

So what if they’re connected to post-war societies where they lost? What does that mean?

It means that wars are orchestrated, choreographed events designed for ulterior purposes, e.g. deliberately creating chaos and destruction so that new systems of order can be constructed in their aftermath.

Also, what do you think of connections to “defunct” intelligence agencies such as the Stasi or an “ideological” and “Nazi” intelligence agency like the Reich Main Security Office compared to the Abwehr of the German Army?

This link should answer your question:
And note that Markus Wolf was hired as an “adviser” for the then new U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security (which conveniently isn’t mentioned on Wolf’s Wikipedia page).

Was the Abwehr the real power behind the throne?

I should say so, considering the fact that Hitler himself was an Abwehr plant.

Have you seen the seal of the Syrian Socialist Ba’ath Party? It’s pretty nice looking. Notice anything you like, too? (^:

Two questions (not sure if you’ve discussed them before):
Today, with a global “hidden” military rulership, what do you see the role of the Jews are? Are they scapegoats? Are they at the very top? If not who are?
How did you discover this hidden military power that made you change the direction of this site? The content you had before was the best on the Internet. Then you change the direction of the site and the new content is now even more interesting.

Today, with a global “hidden” military rulership, what do you see the role of the Jews are? Are they scapegoats? Are they at the very top? If not who are?

Jews and European gentile elites are at the top. They have a symbiotic relationship with dates back literally thousands of years. Jews are definitely not scapegoats. However, all anti-Jewish propaganda, whether internet or pre-internet, is a psychological operation of Jewish organizations working in tandem with Western military intelligence. I can trace this pattern from the early 1900’s (The Protocols of Zion and The International Jew) to the present day (all major Jewish organizations’ active participation in N.A.T.O. military W.N. psyops). As counter-intuitive as it may seem, global anti-Semitism for at least the past century has been artificially manufactured by the Jewish elite in cooperation with the European gentile elite. For what purpose I’m not really sure. I imagine it has something to do with their “creative destruction / order from chaos” occult belief system.

How did you discover this hidden military power that made you change the direction of this site?

My first clue was the near universal promotion of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate in summer, 2015 by all W.N. figures and organizations. That immediately alerted me that something was deeply wrong, because Trump is the most extreme philo-Semitic, Zionist politician in American history and W.N. cultists were pushing him despite the fact that W.N. cultists are supposedly Israel hating anti-Semites. Around the same time (September, 2015) I discovered the evidence that Alex Jones and his entire family are C.I.A. operatives. And I noticed that Alex Jones was relentlessly promoting Donald Trump as well. At that point all I did was connect the dots and ask myself the following question: “If Alex Jones is a C.I.A. plant, then why wouldn’t W.N. leaders be the same thing?” For 2016 I didn’t really make any more important discoveries (mostly because I was wasting my time researching Donald Trump’s history and Jewish/Zionist ties). It wasn’t until February, 2017 when I discovered the Regnery family’s importance to the American W.N. cult and also the Regnery family’s C.I.A. connections that I made the next breakthrough. At that point I was fairly certain that the W.N. cult was a C.I.A. psyop. My next major discovery wasn’t until October, 2017 when Stephen Paddock massacred 60 people in Las Vegas and I noticed Paddock’s (and his wife’s) connections to the U.S. government / military which led me to finally recognize this same exact pattern of connections with nearly every single major American mass shooter and bomber of the past 50 years. After that, it was almost immediately (November, 2017) that I discovered Alex Jones’ connections to U.S. Special Operations Command and all the U.S. military ties within Alex Jones’ family and business. At that point my discoveries began to snowball into an avalanche.
There were actually a series of events which occurred before the events of the preceding paragraph which shocked me into the realization that the military controls every aspect of society from the shadows – events that very few people will ever experience.

Anonym O’Us, are you in a researching mood? If so, would you be interested in checking the possible military connections of the following groups? These are the last organizational names I have left to research, and they’re all European:
Austrian Freedom Party
Lega Nord
Five Star Movement
Serbian Action
Vlaams Belang

Magyar Gárda Mozgalom (English: Hungarian Guard Movement) founded by Magyar Gárda Hagyományőrző and Kulturális Egyesület (English: Hungarian Guard Association for Preservation of Traditions and Culture)[1] was the de facto paramilitary wing of the nationalist Jobbik party in Hungary.[2][3][4][5] It was founded through an “oath of loyalty to Hungary” by its members in Buda Castle, Budapest, on 25 August 2007.[6] It was dissolved by the Budapest Tribunal on 2 July 2009.[7] The president of the Association was Gábor Vona, and it had such prominent members as former (1990–1994) defence minister Lajos Für and actor Mátyás Usztics.árda

Lajos Für (21 December 1930 – 22 October 2013) was a Hungarian politician and historian, who served as Minister of Defence[1] between 1990 and 1994. From 1994 to 1996 he was also chairman of the Hungarian Democratic Forum (MDF), the ruling conservative party led by late Prime Minister József Antall to his death in 1993.
Für was born in Egyházasrádóc. He participated in the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.[2] In later years, he was active in Magyar Gárda, a paramilitary organization which had connections to Jobbik and was described as neo-fascist.[3] He died, aged 82, in Budapest.[4]ür

Gregorio De Falco (born 8 March 1965) is an Italian naval officer and politician, currently a member of the Italian Senate.
He is best known for his intervention in the attempt to solve the Costa Concordia disaster in January 2012.[1]
De Falco ran for a seat in the Senate with the Five Star Movement in the 2018 general election[5] and was elected.[6]

He was a member of the left-wing of the Movement and is considered to be very close to the President of the Chamber of Deputies Roberto Fico.[7] On 31 December 2018, De Falco was expelled from the Movement after being accused of having violated the code of ethics of the Movement several times. In an interview, he declared that he was expelled for voting against the decree “Decreto sicurezza”, and accused the Five Star Movement of lacking democracy and freedom of choice.[8]

Danilo Toninelli (born 2 August 1974) is an Italian politician, who serves in the government of Italy as Minister of Infrastructure and Transport since 1 June 2018.
From 1999 to 2001 he was an Officer within the Carabinieri Corps. Before being elected deputy, he worked as a technical inspector for an insurance company until 2013.

In 2010, Toninelli was candidate for regional councillor with the Five Star Movement in the Lombard regional election, but he was not elected. He was elected Deputy in the 2013 Italian general election and from 7 May 2013 to 20 July 2015 he was Vice-President of the 1st Committee (Constitutional Affairs of the Council Presidency and Interior) of the Chamber of Deputies, while subsequently he became a member of the “Standing Committee of the opinions” and of the council for the regulation of the Chamber.
In the 2018 general election he was elected Senator and on 27 March 2018 he became head of the M5S group in the Senate.[1]
On 1 June 2018 Toninelli was appointed Minister of Infrastructure and Transport of the Conte Cabinet.[2]

The Carabinieri (/ˌkærəbɪnˈjɛəri/, also US: /ˌkɛər-, ˌkɑːr-/,[1][2] Italian: [karabiˈnjɛːri]; formally Arma dei Carabinieri, “Carabineers Force”; previously Corpo dei Carabinieri Reali, “Royal Carabineers Corps”)[3][4][5][6] are the national gendarmerie of Italy who primarily carry out domestic policing duties. It is one of Italy’s main law enforcement agencies, alongside the Polizia di Stato and the Guardia di Finanza. As with the Guardia di Finanza but in contrast to the Polizia di Stato, the Carabinieri are a military force. As the fourth branch of the Italian Armed Forces, they come under the authority of the Ministry of Defence. In practice, there is a significant overlap between the jurisdiction of the Polizia di Stato and Carabinieri, who are contacted on separate emergency telephone numbers.[7] Unlike the Polizia di Stato, the Carabinieri have responsibility for policing the military, and a number of members regularly participate in military missions abroad.

Freedom Party of Austria’s Connections to the Ministry of Defense (Austria) and Schutzstaffel (S.S.)
Freedom Party of Austria

The Freedom Party of Austria[note 1] (German: Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, FPÖ) is a right-wing populist[5][6][1] and national-conservative[1][2] political party in Austria. The party, led by Heinz-Christian Strache, is a member of the Europe of Nations and Freedom group in the European Parliament, as well as of the Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom.
Ministry of Defense (Austria)

The Ministry of Defense (Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung, sometimes shortened to BMLV or Verteidigungsministerium) of Austria is the ministry in charge of all matters relating to military affairs, especially the Austrian Armed Forces. Its current minister is Mario Kunasek (FPÖ).
Norbert Hofer

Norbert Gerwald Hofer (German pronunciation: [ˈnɔɐ̯bɐt ˈhoːfɐ]; born 2 March 1971) is an Austrian politician, a member of the Freedom Party (FPÖ) and since 18 December 2017 the Minister of Transport, Innovation and Technology. He was the Third President of the National Council from 2013 to 2017.
Hofer was narrowly defeated as a candidate for President of Austria in the 2016 election. He received the plurality of votes, 35% as opposed to 21% of rival Alexander Van der Bellen, in the first round. The much closer results of the second round of voting (49.7%/50.3%) were annulled by the Constitutional Court due to voting irregularities affecting nearly 78,000 votes, requiring the election to be re-held.[1] In the re-run on 4 December 2016 he received 46% of the vote and conceded the election to Van der Bellen.[2][3]

Hofer was born in Vorau, Austria, the son of a local Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) councillor and electric power station director. He was raised in a middle-class family in Pinkafeld, Burgenland.[4]
He finished secondary school at the HTBLA Eisenstadt with specialization in aeronautics.[5] From 1990 until 1991, Hofer fulfilled his military service.[5] From 1991 until 1994 he worked as an aeronautical engineer at Lauda Air Engineering.
Mario Kunasek

Mario Kunasek (born 29 June 1976) is an Austrian politician and military officer, serving as the Minister of Defense since December 2017.[1]
Jörg Haider

Jörg Haider (German: [ˈjœɐ̯k ˈhaɪdɐ] (About this soundlisten); 26 January 1950 – 11 October 2008)[1] was an Austrian politician. He was Governor of Carinthia on two occasions, the long-time leader of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) and later Chairman of the Alliance for the Future of Austria (Bündnis Zukunft Österreich, BZÖ), a breakaway party from the FPÖ.[2]
Haider was a controversial figure within Austria and abroad. Several countries imposed mild diplomatic sanctions against his party’s participation in government alongside Wolfgang Schüssel’s Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP), starting from 2000. Haider died in a car accident shortly after leading the BZÖ in the 2008 Austrian Parliamentary elections.

Haider senior completed a two-year military service in Germany and returned to Austria in 1938 after it was annexed by Nazi Germany (the Anschluss). From 1940 on, he fought as a junior officer on the Western and Eastern Fronts in Europe during the Second World War. Having been wounded several times, he was discharged from the Wehrmacht with the rank of lieutenant. In 1945, he married Dorothea Rupp, at that time a leader in the Bund Deutscher Mädel (BDM).[citation needed]

After he graduated with highest distinction in 1968, he was drafted into the Austrian Army, where he voluntarily spent more than the compulsory nine months (called “the voluntary one year”). After his discharge in 1969, he moved to Vienna and began studying Law and Political Science at the University of Vienna.[8] He graduated in 1973 with the title of Dr iur. During his studies, he was affiliated again with a Burschenschaft: Silvania. In 1974, he started to work at the University of Vienna law faculty in the department of constitutional law.örg_Haider
Sebastian Kurz

Sebastian Kurz (German pronunciation: [zeˈbastˌi̯a:n ˈkʊrt͡s]; born 27 August 1986) is Chancellor of Austria since December 2017 and Chairman of the Austrian People’s Party since May 2017.

Kurz was born and raised in Meidling, Vienna. He obtained his Matura in 2004 at the GRG 12 Erlgasse and subsequently completed mandatory military service in 2005. Following the same year, Kurz attended the faculty of law (Juridicum) at the University of Vienna and dropped out before graduating. Kurz joined politics when he entered the Young People’s Party (JVP) in 2003. He assumed his first political office in 2008 as chairman of the JVP for Vienna. One year later, Kurz became the JVP’s federal chairman.

As leader of the largest party after the election, Kurz was charged with the formation of a new government by President Van der Bellen and subsequently formed a coalition with the Freedom Party. Kurz was sworn in as chancellor on 18 December 2017 alongside his new government. During his chancellorship, Kurz enabled the 12 hour workday, initiated a fusion of all Austrian social insurances, enacted the “Family Bonus Plus”, abolished the smoking ban, prohibited full face veils in the public, amended family subsidy for European foreigners, installed the monitoring compact, established compulsory German language classes and rejected the Global Compact for Migration. As chancellor, Kurz has frequently been described as publicly restrained.

He was brought up in the Meidling district, where he still lives. He took his Matura qualification in 2004,[10] completed compulsory military service, and then began studying law at the University of Vienna[11][12] in 2005 but later dropped out to focus on his political career.[13][14]
Anton Reinthaller

Anton Reinthaller (14 April 1895 – 6 March 1958) was an Austrian right-wing politician active before and after the Second World War. After a career in Nazi Germany as an SS-Brigadeführer and member of the Nazi Reichstag, he was the inaugural leader of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ).

Born in Mettmach, he served in World War I where he was taken prisoner by Russia in 1916 before being exchanged in June 1918.[1] He held the rank of Lieutenant in the Reserve Army.[2] Returning to Austria he studied at the Agricultural College and became a forestry engineer in Lilienfeld, Attersee and Haus im Ennstal.[1]

Following this he was appointed Undersecretary of State to the Reich Ministry of Food and Agriculture under his old friend Darré, and went on to fill a number of positions for the Nazi government, including Gauamtsleiter of the Lower Danube Landvolk, head of the Landesernährungsamt Donauland (regional Food Office) and an honorary Brigadeführer (Major General) in the SS.[1] Having initially joined the SS in December 1938 (with the membership number 292,775)[2] he achieved his highest rank on 30 January 1941.[3]
Friedrich Peter

Friedrich Peter (13 July 1921 – 25 September 2005) was an Austrian politician who served as the chairman of the Freedom Party of Austria from 1958 to 1978.

Born in Attnang-Puchheim, Upper Austria, as the son of a social democratic engine driver and a master baker’s daughter, Peter joined the NSDAP in 1938 and volunteered for the Waffen-SS at the age of 17. During World War II, he served at the western and eastern fronts and achieved the rank of Obersturmführer in the 10th regiment of the 1st SS Infantry Brigade. Parts of this brigade were detached to Einsatzgruppe C. The Einsatzgruppen systematically shot hundreds of thousands of Jews behind the front during the summer of 1941. Although his unit was almost exclusively engaged in this activity, Peter denied any involvement or knowledge about them after the war. He was interned by American forces for a year in Glasenbach.
Friedhelm Frischenschlager

Friedhelm Frischenschlager (born on October 6, 1943 in Salzburg) is an Austria politician and served in the European Parliament. Originally he was a member of the Freedom Party of Austria before co-founding the Liberal Forum in 1993.[1]

Frischenshlager’s political career spanned over 4 decades from the 1970s to 2000s.
His career started as a member of the Liberal Party of Austria and deputy of the National Assembly (since 1977). He served as the Federal Minister for Defense (1983-1986) under the administrations of Fred Sinowatz and Norbert Steger. He also served as the party’s Deputy Head / Floor Leaders from 1986-1990.[2]
On February 4, 1993, Frischenschlager was one of the liberal members in the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ), including five members of the National Council of Austria, who left the party and founded the Liberal Forum.[3] The five National members who co-founded LIF are Heide Schmidt, Klara Motter, Friedhelm Frischenschlager, Hans Helmut Moser, and Thomas Barmüller.[4]
Andreas Mölzer

Andreas Mölzer (born 2 December 1952 in Leoben, Styria) is an Austrian politician and former Member of the European Parliament for the Freedom Party of Austria.

Andreas Mölzer is of Styrian origin and attended grammar school in Knittelfeld. After serving in the Austrian Army, he studied Law, History and Sociology at the Graz University. He became a member of a Student Corps. From 1979 to 1981 he was assistant at law departments. He left university in 1982 without graduating and became editor-in-chief of the Kärntner Nachrichten newspaper. From 1991 until 1994 he was an elected member of the Bundesrat and president of the Freedom Party’s Academy.ölzer
Franz Koller

Franz Koller (born May 6, 1947 in Edlitz) is an Austrian farmer and politician (Freedom Party of Austria). Koller was a member of the National Council of Austria between 1996 and 1999 and afterwards until 2000 member of the Federal Council of Austria.
Koller attended elementary school between 1953 and 1961 and an agricultural school between 1964 and 1966. In 1966 Koller started to work as a farmer in the agriculture of his parents and did his military service between 1967 and 1968. Since 1975 Koller is working as an independent farmer.
Koller was from 1980 Member of the council of Grafendorf near Hartberg and was in 1982 elected as district party leader of the FPÖ Hartberg. Koller was Member of the National Council of Austria between January 15 1996 and October 28 1999 and member of the Federal Council of Austria between November 16 1999 and November 6 2000.
Udo Landbauer

Udo Landbauer (born 12 April 1986 in Neunkirchen, Austria) is an Austrian politician from the FPÖ. From 2011 to 2018 he was head of the FPÖ Youth Ring, from 2010 to 2018 Landbauer was a municipal politician in Wiener Neustadt and from 2013 to 2018 he was a member of the Landtag of Lower Austria. He was the leading candidate of the FPÖ in the 2018 Lower Austrian state election. As a result of the affair surrounding the Germania zu Wiener Neustadt fraternity, he resigned from all political functions on 1 February 2018 and suspended his FPÖ party membership.[1] On the 20. September he officially returned as member of the Freedom Party of Austria into the Landtag of Lower Austria.[2] On the same day he was elected as the head of the FPÖ of Lower Austria.[3]

Udo Landbauer was born as the son of an Austrian father and an Iranian mother.[4] His father and brother are also active in the FPÖ.[5]
He attended the Military High School at the Theresian Military Academy in Wiener Neustadt and graduated in 2005. He then completed his military service in Mautern an der Donau, Neusiedl am See and Wiener Neustadt. From 2001 to 2010 he worked seasonally as a ski instructor at a ski school on the Semmering. From 2006 to 2010 he studied law at the University of Vienna. Since 2012 he studies at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz.
Austria, like Israel or Switzerland, has active conscription. So the country is full of military assets. It seems like the F.P.O. was founded as a honeypot by the remanents of S.D. and N.A.T.O judging by the “former” S.S. officers who founded it. Its daily operations are probably run by the Jagdkommando, B.V.T., H.N.A. and OpKomm.
Austria is a de facto N.A.T.O. member of course, the fact that they operated an allied stay-behind network during the Cold War proves their neutrality to be a farce.

Remember what I said about YouTube celebrities being C.I.A. agents?
Well, with these pictures I rest my case.
Don’t ever doubt The Matrix’s existence.

I was expecting pictures.
Now I’m disappointed.
Though it does have a cleaner feel to it than the graphics + text style so maybe you’re onto something. It’s likely harder to find clean images of these 19th century spooks anyway.
Why not just add the Fuhrer himself and piss the weirdos off? In fact, you could add the vast majority of original Fascist/Nazi movements and figures. They’re all connected to militaries and intelligence services. And I mean all of them.

I was expecting pictures. Now I’m disappointed. Though it does have a cleaner feel to it than the graphics + text style so maybe you’re onto something. It’s likely harder to find clean images of these 19th century spooks anyway.

No, I’m going to add images to the those sections too. There are plenty of decent photographs available online for all of those people.

Why not just add the Fuhrer himself and piss the weirdos off? In fact, you could add the vast majority of original Fascist/Nazi movements and figures. They’re all connected to militaries and intelligence services. And I mean all of them.


No need.

Friedhelm Busse (4 February 1929 – 23 July 2008) was a German neo-Nazi politician and activist. In a career taking in some six decades Busse established himself as a leading voice of German neo-Nazism.

The son of an SA Sturmbannführer, Busse was born in Bochum[1] and served in the 12th SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend in 1945.[2] After the war Busse served in the Bund Deutscher Jugend, a semi-clandestine anti-Soviet Union paramilitary squad exposed in the German press as a front operation for the CIA in 1952.[3] He then became active in Reichsjugend, the youth wing of the Socialist Reich Party and later the Deutsche Reichspartei.[4] During the early 1960s he took an active role in terrorism in the majority-German speaking Italian province of South Tyrol, and was arrested in 1963 for possession of dynamite.[5]
I’ll post all the N.P.D. military links I’ve already collected prior here sooner or later if you don’t mind? I would like to do the same with other names technically on the list now, too. Just for good measure.

I’ll post all the N.P.D. military links I’ve already collected prior here sooner or later if you don’t mind? I would like to do the same with other names technically on the list now, too. Just for good measure.

Yes, please do.

Don’t forget the intelligence agency thumbprint, all-seeing eye and private investigator (read: F.B.I.) magnifying glass.
Capital S for spook.

Indeed. I noticed those things, but do any intelligence agencies use thumb/fingerprints in their emblems? I think it’s probably just a general investigation symbol like the magnifying glass.
The giant red eye ball is pretty menacing.
I tried to figure out what covert meaning the term “SMOLOKO” might have, but I couldn’t come up with anything. I suspect that it’s an acronym.

Guaido was born on 28 July 1983.[7] Part of a large family,[a] and of modest origins,[1] he was raised in a middle-class home; his parents are Wilmer and Norka.[10] His father was an airline pilot[b] and his mother, a teacher.[8] One grandfather was a sergeant of the Venezuelan National Guard while another grandfather was a captain in the Venezuelan Navy.[11]ó

Maduro was raised as a Roman Catholic, although in 2012 it was reported that he was a follower of Indian guru Sathya Sai Baba and previously visited the guru in India in 2005.[48] Racially, Maduro has indicated that he identifies as mestizo (“mixed [race]”), stating that he includes as a part of his mestizaje (“racial mixture”) admixture from the Indigenous peoples of the Americas and Africans.[49] He stated in a 2013 interview that “my grandparents were Jewish, from a Sephardic Moorish background, and converted to Catholicism in Venezuela”.[50]ás_Maduroávez#Military_careerávez#Military_academyávez#Early_military_careerávez#Bolivarian_Revolutionary_Army-200ávez

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (I.S.I.L.) and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s Connections to the Iraqi Army, Iraqi Intelligence Service (I.I.S.), Directorate of General Military Intelligence (D.G.M.I.) and Directorate of General Security (D.G.S.)
Leadership and governance

According to Iraqis, Syrians and analysts who study the group, almost all of ISIL’s leaders—including the members of its military and security committees and the majority of its emirs and princes—are former Iraqi military and intelligence officers, specifically former members of Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath government who lost their jobs and pensions in the de-Ba’athification process after that regime was overthrown.[170][171][172][173] The former Chief Strategist in the Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism of the US State Department, David Kilcullen, has said that “There undeniably would be no Isis if we had not invaded Iraq.”[174] It has been reported that Iraqis and Syrians have been given greater precedence over other nationalities within ISIL because the group needs the loyalties of the local Sunni populations in both Syria and Iraq in order to be sustainable.[175][176] Other reports, however, have indicated that Syrians are at a disadvantage to foreign members, with some native Syrian fighters resenting “favouritism” allegedly shown towards foreigners over pay and accommodation.[177][178]
Early life

According to a short semi-authorized biography written by Abid Humam al-Athari his grandfather, Haj Ibrahim Ali al-Badri, apparently lived until the age of 94 and witnessed the US occupation of Iraq.[30] His father, Sheikh Awwad, was active in the religious life of the community.[5] Awwad taught the teenaged Baghdadi and got his own start as a teacher, leading children in a neighbourhood chanting the Quran.[5] Both his father and grandfather were said to be farmers.[30] His mother, whose name is not known, was described as a religious loving person and was notable in the al-Badri tribe.[31] One of Baghdadi’s uncles served in Saddam’s security services, and one of his brothers became an officer in the Iraqi Army.[5] He has another brother, who probably died either during the Iran–Iraq War or the Gulf War while serving in the Iraqi military.[5][31]
B-but USACAPOC told me the Truth about Iraq! Saddam dindu nuffin! But now the based U.S. military occupied and Iran-allied Shi’ite government is holding the torch and resisting the evil Zionist kikes!11!
Just look at the BASED emblems of the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Ministry of Defence if you don’t believe me.

Caucasus Emirate’s Connections to the Committee for State Security (K.G.B.)
Caucasus Emirate

The Caucasus Emirate (Chechen: Имарат Кавказ Imarat Kavkaz (IK); Russian: Кавказский Эмират Kavkazskiy Emirat), also known as the Caucasian Emirate, was a militant Jihadist organisation active in the southwestern region of the Russian Federation. Its intention was to expel the Russian presence from the North Caucasus and to establish an independent Islamic emirate in the region.[9] Caucasus Emirate also refers to the state that the group seeks to establish.[6][10][11] Partially a successor to the secessionist Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, it was officially announced on 7 October 2007, by former President of Ichkeria Dokka Umarov, who became its first emir.[12]
Insurgency in the North Caucasus

The insurgency in the North Caucasus was a low-level[18][19][20] armed conflict between Russia and militants associated with the Caucasus Emirate and, since June 2015, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) groups.[7] It followed the official end of the decade-long Second Chechen War on 16 April 2009.[21] It attracted people from the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia, who then participated in the conflict, but volunteers from the North Caucasus are also fighting in Syria.[22] Also used is the name Armed Conflict in the North Caucasus (Russian: Вооружённый конфликт на Севером Кавказе[23]).
Anzor Astemirov

Anzor Astemirov (Russian: Анзор Астемиров, 3 December 1976 – 24 March 2010), also known as Emir Sayfullah (Sword of God), was an Islamist leader of a terrorist group in the Russian republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, in the North Caucasus.
For several years, Astemirov headed the local terrorist group Yarmuk Jamaat, eventually becoming the main ideologist of the pan-Islamist militant organization Caucasus Emirate, as well as its wali (governor) of Kabardino-Balkaria.[1] His key position as the Emirate’s chief Sharia Islamic law qadi (judge) made him the third in Caucasian insurgent hierarchy, after Dokka Umarov and his military deputy Akhmed Yevloyev. The law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation put him on federal and international wanted lists for murder, terrorist attacks, armed trafficking and several other crimes and offered a reward of 3 million rubles ($117,354) for information that would lead to his capture. He was killed in a gunfight with Russian security forces in March 2010.[2][3][4]

Early life

Born in Kremenchuk, Soviet Ukraine. In the early 1990s, he was one of a group of young men sent by the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Kabardino-Balkaria, to study Islamic theology at King Saud University, in Saudi Arabia. Upon his return to Nalchik, the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria, he and Musa Mukozhev became deputy directors of the Institute of Islamic Studies (founded by the former KGB officer Ruslan Nakhushev, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 2005), and co-founded the Islamic Center, which years later would evolve into the Yarmuk Jamaat. Astemirov, who was fluent in Arabic, also worked as a correspondent for the Arabic-language TV Al Jazeera. According to some sources, he fought in both Chechen Wars on the side of Chechen separatist forces. In 2001, Astemirov and Mukozhev were both detained by Russian security forces on suspicion of terrorism, however they were released three months later.[2][5][6][7]

Seems like McBrendon O’Connell eventually came out of hiding. Again. Isn’t this the second time he’s done the “I quit” psyop?

Multiple times, I think.
So far all he’s done is re-upload his crappy “anti-Zionist” psyop videos.

National Renaissance Party’s Connections to the Czechoslovak Army

The National Renaissance Party (NRP) was an American neo-fascist group founded in 1949 by James Hartung Madole. It was frequently in the headlines during the 1960s and 1970s for its involvement in violent protests and riots in New York City. After Madole’s death in 1979 the party faded and had completely disappeared by 1981.

Leader James H. Madole (1949–1979)
Andrej Lisanik (1979–1980)
Czechoslovak Army

The Czechoslovak Army (Czech and Slovak: Československá armáda) was the name of the armed forces of Czechoslovakia. It was established in 1918 following Czechoslovakia’s independence from Austria-Hungary.
Although modelled after Austro-Hungarian Army patterns, the army of the newly established state also incorporated former members of the Czechoslovak Legion fighting alongside the Entente during World War I. Czechoslovak Army took part in the brief Polish-Czechoslovak War in which Czechoslovakia annexed the Zaolzie region from Poland. In the interbellum the force was fairly modern by contemporary standards, with the core of the force formed by LT vz. 38 and LT vz. 35 tanks, as well as an extensive system of border fortifications. Mobilised during the Munich Conference, the force did not take part in any organised defence of the country against invading Germans due to international isolation of Czechoslovakia.
The army was disbanded following the German takeover of Czechoslovakia in 1939. During World War II the Czechoslovak Army was recreated in exile, first in the form of the new Czechoslovak Legion fighting alongside of Poland during the Invasion of Poland and then in the form of forces loyal to the London-based Czechoslovak government-in-exile.
After the war Czechoslovak units fighting alongside the Allies returned to Czechoslovakia and formed the core of the new, recreated Czechoslovak Army. However, with the Communist takeover of Czechoslovakia, it was being increasingly Sovietised[1] and in 1954 was formally renamed to Czechoslovak People’s Army. The army of Czechoslovakia returned to the former name in 1990, following the Velvet Revolution, but in 1993, following the Dissolution of Czechoslovakia, it was disbanded and split into modern Army of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Armed Forces.
Andrej Lisanik

Andrej Lisanik (died 1980) was a Czech veteran of World War II who assumed leadership of the American neo-Nazi National Renaissance Party upon its founder, James Madole’s death in 1979. Lisanik was an officer in World War II, and immigrated to the United States soon after. He was a veteran of the Security Echelon and chosen as leader of the NRP by Madole’s mother.[1]
His tenure as leader of the National Renaissance Party was cut short, however, as Lisanik was killed by a mugger in 1980. The party soon fell apart, as most of the party documents were in Lisanik’s car at the time of his murder.[2]

Andrej Lisanik
Born Czechoslovakia
Died 1980
New York City
Nationality Czech
Occupation Soldier, political activist
Known for Leader of the National Renaissance Party

Absolutely NOTHING on this page about Andrej Lisanik – whom I knew personally – is true.
He was Slovak, not Czech
He did not participate in World War II, as he was born after the war ended. (He was a paratroop lieutenant in the Czechoslovakian army until he defected to the US.)
He did not succeed James Madole as the leader of the National Renaissance Party, as he was murdered before Madole died. However, he did command the NRP’s paramilitary formation, known as the “Security Echelon,” from 1971 until his death.
The level of Wiki-scholarship concerning the NRP is below pathetic. Volker Zorn (talk) 02:38, 10 February 2018 (UTC)
James Hartung Madole’s Wikipedia page doesn’t mention any U.S. military links. I checked elsewhere and found nothing. I think their emblem seals the deal, though.

Andrew Yang’s “Yang Gang”

On March 13th, 2019, Twitter user @Crypto_Futurist uploaded a clip of Yang addressing the Yang Gang, adding “there have been at least a dozen times I’ve wanted to tweet ‘Secure the Bag'” (shown below).
The following day, Yang tweeted[2] the message “Traveling with my staff, I told someone to secure the bag” (shown below). Within two weeks, the tweet gathered upwards of 8,900 likes and 2,000 retweets.
On March 22nd, YouTuber Panther Den uploaded a synthwave music video featuring “outrun”: imagery titled “Y A N G W A V E [ SECURE THE BAG ] A E $ T H E T I C $” (shown below). (See banner) (compare) (compare)
The distinctive unit insignia of U.S. Army Civil Affairs uses the same color scheme as that fashwave meme I’ve just linked here.
Coincidence? I doubt it.

Indian Media Admits Alleged Sri Lanka Terror Mastermind Trained in Southern India
Sri Lanka Army Chief Reportedly Admits That The Easter Terrorists Trained in India and IoK
Sri Lankan President Admits That a “Foreign Mastermind” Could be Behind Recent Atrocities

Alex McNabb’s U.S. Army Role-Playing Persona
Alex McNabb and Chairman Boyce get into Shouting Match at Dec. 17 Board Meeting

“Okay, let me clarify that. That’s a fictional character. None of those stories and nothing in there, in any way, represents reality. It’s all made up.”

I was about to assume that this Patrick County hearing was a legitimate conflict until veterinarian Lock Boyce, the chairman of the Patrick County board of supervisors, made the following comment:

“I was – I was in rescue, and I worked in East Africa in medical research. I hit a lot of veins. You weren’t there. Yes, I’ve been attacked by alligators. I’ve been charged by elephants. And I’ve put up with a lot worse than you.”

Also note the following things:

All the circumstantial evidence indicates that this entire story was an elaborate theatrical production staged by United States Army Psychological Operations in coordination with the Huffington Post, the state of Virginia, and the Patrick County board of supervisors.

Dr. Lock Boyce
Lockhart “Lock” Boyce, DVM

Dr. Boyce is a native of Forsyth County, North Carolina and a graduate of RJ Reynolds High School. He studied at UST, Kumasi Ghana and graduated from Davidson College. He earned his Veterinary degree from the University of Georgia and completed a clinical internship at the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park.
Dr Boyce was drafted into the United States Army and served many years on active duty and in the IRR. He has milked snakes and wrestled alligators, worked for the Ghana Department of Game and Wildlife and lived for several years in Kenya.
He is a major shareholder in Bull Mountain Farm and he has called Patrick County his home since 1982. At one time he was one of the largest cow-calf producers in Southwest Virginia. He was involved in BRATS in the early years as well as the JEB Stuart Volunteer Rescue Squad. He was the lead singer with the “JUSTUS” band and his is co-founder of the Virginia Academy of Small Animal Medicine.
Today, Dr. Boyce is the Mayo River Representative on the Patrick County Board of Supervisors.
Dr. Boyce has nine children and four grandchildren. He resides on Bull Mountain.

This is how you identify C.I.A. and U.S. Army psychological operations.
It’s not that difficult to do, but you have to be willing to do a little leg work.

I investigated Brenton Tarrant’s sister Lauren Tarran’s background, and this is what I found:

  • She is a professional musician (drummer) and has been for many years. This means that she is an A.S.I.S. and/or Australian Army intelligence agent.
  • She was the drummer in a bad called Mastigma. Stigmata is mostly a Roman Catholic religious concept that Protestants aren’t very interested in.
  • The text logo of her band Mastigma features crosses at either end of the band name.
  • The Roman Catholic theme of Lauren Tarrant’s rock band Mastigma is obviously connected to the religious background of Cornelius Keogh, the Roman Catholic priest who founded GROW. It’s also obviously connected to the Roman Catholic religious allusions and references made by her brother Brenton Tarrant in his online manifesto.
  • All of this Roman Catholic religious symbolism and imagery could be part of some elaborate A.S.I.S./A.A. role-playing psychological operation, but I somehow doubt it. ( ( ( ( (
truebluebasher commented Saturday, 16 Mar 2019 at 2:04pm

Grafton work mate says he was good as Gold! Racist? Never,not Brenton!
Tarrant went travelling & posted his thoughts to the World about Pakistan…
“An incredible Place filled with the most earnest,kind hearted & hospitable people in the world!”
I doubt if any western Travel Agency could pen any better of a Muslim Country!

Maybe just perhaps just a little bit fuckin mental? Sure nuthin’ Suss?
We now know Dunedin Mosque was original Target up until 3 months ago.
So Hometown/ Muslims/ Muslim Holy Land/ Christchurch were never an issue.
We also know he can change his mind about Mass Killing location within months.
We can read Brenton Tarrant was easily led to flip his thoughts to opposite.
“Kill all kind hearted people from incredible place,heaps more invaders this way!”
How the hell do you explain that Good v Evil flip flop?
If he was not ill then Religious cults recently brainwashed the pawn into doing this.
No shortage of Religious Cults capable of doing just that!

Adam McGreen (“Know More News”) has a new logo for his YouTube channel. The main visual element in this new logo is a stylized globe. That’s a very interesting graphical design choice, from the following perspective:

I was planning on mentioning that thing. The A.D.L. uses the same net-globe symbol, remember? I don’t think it’s a coincidence, considering the fact that U.S. Army Civil Affairs/Psychological Operations has been using these symbols for a long time. Probably even before the A.D.L. did.
Adam Green’s usage of this symbol only emboldens my belief that the A.D.L. is a U.S. Army PSYOP front.

I forgot about the A.D.L. logo.
I hadn’t really considered the possibility that the A.D.L. could be a front for the .S. Army. But now that you mention it, the A.D.L. was created around the same time that the U.S. Army started its psychological operations (early 20th century).
Good points.

Hey, about the American Renaissance Party and James Madole, there’s a much more direct connection to the U.S. military which I discovered about a year ago. The connection is through Immanuel Trujillo (“Mana Truhill”), who was James Madole’s handler and writer of all the early A.R.P. literature. I posted this link about a year ago on the “Alternative Right Jewish Zionist PSYOP” page. This article is important enough to read in full.
The Symbiosis Between Anti-Semitism & Zionism

When Madole broke with Stepankowsky in 1948, having discovered his communist background, the Animist Party became dormant. Madole renamed it the NRP in 1949. One of the earliest supporters of Madole’s new NRP was Mana Truhill, who issued a crudely anti-Semitic bulletin without Madole’s approval.[40] Truhill, a.k.a. Emanuel Trujillo, was an agent for the Anti-Nazi League (ANL), another division of the ADL. Rabbi Stephen S Wise, the president of the American Jewish Congress, had founded the ANL in 1933. Truhill had studied communist strategy at the Communist Party’s Jefferson School of Social Science. He was funded by ADL functionary Sanford Griffith. By 1954, Truhill was de facto head of the NRP. He was chief liaison with “Nazis,” “nationalists” and “anti-Semites” throughout the world, and wrote the NRP’s anti-Semitic literature, which was distributed via his world-wide contacts, and paid for by the ANL and ADL. He personally ensured that the NRP funds were replenished when short, with money supplied by the ADL.[41] Truhill became the first commander of the NRP’s stormtroopers, which over the course of several decades were to become involved in frequent riots with Jews on the streets of New York City. It is interesting to note that the NRP never really extended beyond New York City, which has the USA’s largest concentration of Jews. The NRP stormtroopers were equipped with Nazi type brownshirts paid for via funds provided by the ADL and the ANL. They were thus the most provocative and visible of America’s neo-Nazis, in the midst of the USA’s largest Jewish population center, until the formation of Rockwell’s American Nazi Party in 1959. It was under Truhill’s direction that the NRP used the swastika, whilst Madole’s own preference was for the lightning bolt.
According to the late H Keith Thomson, whose activity within the American extreme Right spanned decades, writing in an autobiographical series on his life as an “American Fascist” in Expose tabloid, it was Truhill as NRP international liaison officer, who would write to nationalist, right-wing and “neo-Nazi” organizations throughout the world attempting to draw extreme responses on questions relating to Jews, and it was Truhill who would distribute anti-Semitic cartoons. …

But Immanuel Trujillo’s connection to the A.D.L. is only half the story, as you might suspect. The Foreign Policy Journal article makes no mention of Immanuel Trujillo’s military background. I only discovered that by accident while I was searching Google Images for Turjillo’s picture, which is when I found Trujillo’s obituary which describes his military career in detail (and also contains the only online photograph of Trujillo). But notice that Trujillo’s obituary conspicuously makes no mention whatever of his connections to James Madole and the American Renaissance Party, and that’s obviously not an innocent omission. We’re forced to combine the information in the Foreign Policy Journal with the information in Immanuel Trujillo’s obituary to discern the full truth about what forces orchestrated the N.R.P.
Immanuel Trujillo

Immanuel was born to an unwed teen mother and WW I veteran Apache father and was given up for adoption and raised as James Coyle in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. In 1942, at the age of sixteen he ran away from home and joined the Royal Merchant Marines. In 1944, he became a British Royal Marine to fight in WW II. He suffered a traumatic brain injury from a bomb blast on the North Sea island of Helgoland, which required facial reconstruction and a metal plate to replace a missing piece of skull.
He transferred into the United States Army Rangers where he served as a sergeant, training soldiers at Fort Ord, California. He discovered the crafts room in the military hospitals and began to focus his talents on artwork as a means to support himself that would also allow for spiritual expression.
Upon his honorable discharge, Immanuel followed a lead in his father’s will to find an uncle and two of his father’s closest friends in the Southwest. His father’s friends gave him his father’s Peyote medicine box and encouraged him to join the Native American Church.

Anonym O’Us, you were exactly right about the color schemes similarities. I had never even noticed that pattern before you informed me about it a few months ago. But ever since then, I’ve been very observant of the color schemes used in these various logos and I can say that their similarities to the color schemes used in military insignia are clearly deliberate.
15:05 Homosexual grooming
16:14 Matt Forney makes his living by ghost writing papers for Asian students at American universities
27:20 Richard Spencer and cocaine
31:26 Ted Masters arrogantly told everyone “I snorted coke with Richard Spencer”
34:15 Richard Spencer regularly has sex with Jewish journalist Rosie Gray

42:01 Homosexual groping at Counter-Currents events
45:02 Is the Counter-Currents cult just a flamboyant pornography scene?
1:25:10 Greg Johnson’s Budapest, Hungary moving plans

View post on

I have to agree with N.O.C. C.I.A. officer Greg Johnson on one thing:
Rosie Gray is an ugly little troll.

Why does the internet chat service Discord use that particular name? It makes no sense. If anything, you would expect an internet chat service to be called Accord, not Discord, right? The purpose of an internet chat service is to bring people together for communication and coordination, so naming such a service Discord makes absolutely no sense in that context.
Well, here’s the reason Jewish C.I.A./Mossad operative Jason Citron called his service Discord:
Proper Noun

1. (Roman mythology) The goddess of discord, confusion, and strife.
2. (Discordianism) Synonym of Eris.

Eris (mythology)

Eris (/ˈɪərɪs, ˈɛrɪs/; Greek: Ἔρις, “Strife”) is the Greek goddess of strife and discord. Her Roman equivalent is Discordia, which means “discord”. Eris’s Greek opposite is Harmonia, whose Latin counterpart is Concordia. …

Eris (mythology) – Cultural Influences

Eris has been adopted as the patron deity of the modern Discordian religion, which was begun in the late 1950s by Gregory Hill and Kerry Wendell Thornley under the pen names of “Malaclypse the Younger” and “Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst”. The Discordian version of Eris is considerably lighter in comparison to the rather malevolent Graeco-Roman original, wherein she is depicted as a positive (albeit mischievous) force of chaotic creation.

Discordian Eris is looked upon as a foil to the preoccupation of western philosophy in attempting find order in the chaos of reality, in prescribing order to be synonymous with truth. Discordian Eris teaches us that the only truth is chaos, and that order and disorder are simply temporary filters applied to the lenses we view the chaos through. This is known as the Aneristic Illusion.[5]
In this telling, Eris becomes something of a patron saint of chaotic creation:

Around six months ago there was a publicity stunt in the American national news media involving retired American professional football player Brett Favre and one of the C.I.A.’s / U.S. Army’s recent inane YouTube psychological operations called Goyim Defense League. This news media publicity stunt was designed to give the G.D.L. psyop national public awareness. Here are the details of Brett Favre’s involvement in this G.D.L. psyop publicity stunt:
Brett Favre’s participation in the G.D.L. psychological operation indicates that Brett Favre is a C.I.A. agent.
This fact alerted me that at least some American professional athletes are non-official cover (N.O.C.). C.I.A. agents, a scenario which hadn’t occurred to me before.
The implications of this are disturbing to say the least. It raises the likelihood that all news stories involving American professional athletes in connection with political / cultural controversies are contrived, scripted psychological operations staged by the C.I.A. and/or the U.S. military.
The biggest news story in recent memory fitting this description which comes to my mind is the 2016-2017 political controversy involving N.F.L. player Colin Kaepernick and his kneeling during the playing of the U.S. national anthem at the opening of N.F.L. games in order to “protest” the shootings of black Americans by police officers.
I think there is a distinct possibility that Colin Kaepernick is a C.I.A. agent and the entire “kneeling” protest controversy which he spawned was a scripted C.I.A. / U.S. Army psychological operation, for the preceding reason in addition to the following reasons:

  • The controversy received national publicity from the American news media over an extended period of time. The American news media is covertly controlled by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and U.S. military. Thus any cultural/political controversies receiving extended coverage in the American news media are highly likely to be covert psychological operations of the C.I.A. and/or U.S. military.
  • The controversy received even greater national publicity when it was directly mentioned by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, on his Twitter feed. The President of the United States is the head of the executive branch of the U.S. government and is in direct contact with the highest level C.I.A. and D.O.D. officials every day of the week. Thus any cultural or political controversies receiving direct exposure by the President of the United States are highly likely to be covert psychological operations of the C.I.A. and/or U.S. military.
  • The controversy caused a great deal of cultural and political division among the American population. Cultural and political division of the American population is a favorite divide and conquer psychological warfare tactic of the C.I.A. and U.S. military. Thus any cultural or political controversies which serve to divide the American population into opposing factions are highly likely to be covert psychological operations of the C.I.A. and/or U.S. military.

Colin Kaepernick

During the 49ers’ third preseason game in 2016, Kaepernick began to sit during the playing of the U.S. national anthem prior to games, rather than stand as is customary, as a protest against racial injustice and systematic oppression in the country.[2][3] The following week, and throughout the regular season, Kaepernick began kneeling instead of standing during the anthem. The actions resulted in a wider protest movement, which intensified in September 2017 after president Donald Trump said that NFL owners should “fire” players who protest the national anthem.[4][5] Following the season, Kaepernick opted out of his contract and became a free agent, but went unsigned. In November 2017, Kaepernick filed a grievance against the NFL and its owners, accusing them of colluding to keep him out of the league. Kaepernick withdrew the grievance in February 2019 after reaching a confidential settlement with the NFL.

Here I’m uploading images of South African white nationalist websites and organizations because I haven’t discussed them before. Note the following observations:

  • The AfriForum website logo uses a green and yellow color scheme, which is the exact same color scheme used in the South Africa coat of arms and the South African National Defence Force emblem. Additionally, the AfriForum website logo uses a stylized human figure whose torso section is the exact same shape and color as the symbol found in the central section of the South Africa coat of arms.
  • The African Crisis website logo uses a green and yellow color scheme, which is the exact same color scheme used in the South Africa coat of arms and the South African National Defence Force emblem.
  • The History Reviewed website logo uses an eagle symbol and a leaf wreath symbol, two graphical symbols which are also present in the South African coat of arms. Additionally, the History Reviewed website logo also uses a blue and red color scheme, and blue is the primary color used in the South African Navy emblem while red is the major color used in the South African Army emblem.
  • The South Africa Today website logo uses a blue, red, and green color scheme, which are the primary colors used in the South African Navy emblem, South African Army emblem, and South Africa coat of arms, respectively. Additionally, the central abstract symbol in the South Africa Today website logo is the exact same shape and color as the symbol found in the central section of the South Africa coat of arms. Also, the background of the South Africa Today website logo is blue and has an undulating, wave shape, which is suggestive of flowing water and is likely a graphical allusion to the South African Navy.

Here are some graphical updates for a couple of German right-wing political organizations.
At least now we know exactly where the curved red arrow in the AfD logo comes from, thanks to Anonym O’Us.

Hi. Do you have any links or sources supporting the claim that Kyle Hunt of Renegade works for the “United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency contractor employer (Marine Biological Laboratory); United States National Security Agency contractor employer (Marine Biological Laboratory); United States Department of Defense contractor employer (Marine Biological Laboratory)”
as mentioned on this page:

According to information in his LinkedIn profile, Mr. Hunt graduated from Amherst College in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and theater and dance. His professional experience includes several positions with high technology companies, including Google, in the Silicon Valley of northern California. The profile also indicates that Mr. Hunt served as a research intern at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole during his senior year of high school.

The study, co-authored by Gonzalez Bellido, Wardill, Hanlon of the MBL and Robyn Crook of University of Texas Medical School at Houston appeared in the August 15th issue of the journal Biological Sciences. The work was funded by grants from the Office of Naval Research (ONR), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and Air Force Office of Scientific Research.

Squids are masters of camouflage, and can manipulate the colors emitted by their skin with a distributed central nervous system in order to blend in.
Now DARPA can manipulate the color changes too, by hacking into the squid’s central nervous system functions.
A study funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has perfected the art of using electrical signals to manipulate the color of a squid’s iridescent skin over the entire color spectrum.
The Marine Biological Laboratory in Massachusetts carried out the research.

DARPA has a number of programs that set out to hack biology. This is one of them, seeking to exploit the squid’s advanced camouflage for military use.

Paul Speer is MBL’s Chief Operating Officer. In this role, he oversees the infrastructure (facilities, information technology, finance, human resources, marine resources) that supports the scientific and educational mission of the MBL. Dr. Speer received a B.A. in Geology from Williams College and a PhD in Oceanography from MIT and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). Following a post-doc at WHOI, he joined the Center for Naval Analyses (CNA), a federally funded research and development center sponsored by the Department of the Navy, as a member of the research staff. Over the past 30 years, he held numerous research and research management positions at CNA. In September 2009, he was named President of the Center for Naval Analyses. In that role, he was responsible for overseeing the execution of an annual research and analysis program of over $90M supporting the Departments of Navy and Defense. He completed a five year term as President in October 2014 and joined MBL in November.

A Half-Century of School Shootings Like Columbine, Sandy Hook and Parkland

The school shootings database, compiled by the Naval Postgraduate School’s Center for Homeland Defense and Security, is the most comprehensive and detailed of its kind. Researchers aimed to document all instances of gunfire at K-12 schools since 1970 and recorded a total of more than 1,300 cases. The database does not include shootings on college campuses.
The Times’s analysis identified the 111 cases that met the F.B.I.’s definition for an active-shooter scenario, in which an assailant is actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people, on school property or inside school buildings. It excluded episodes that fit more typical patterns of gun violence such as targeted attacks, gang shootings and suicides.

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