The Republican Party Jewish Zionist PSYOP

The Republican Party and Jews / Israel

How the GOP went Zionist

Hedging Presidential Bets in Vegas

Jewish Republican Donors Gear up for 2016

Why Many U.S. Jews are Turning to the GOP

In Israel, GOP Ground Game Ahead of Democrats

At GOP Convention, Have Kipas, Will Turn Heads

Sheldon Adelson is Ready to Buy the Presidency

Socially Liberal Jews go Republican over Israel

The Rise of GOP Jewish Mega-Donor Rebekah Mercer

2016 Republican Hopefuls Hope to Woo Jewish Donors,0,6376383.story#ixzz2xTPYcBDZ

It’s Indisputable: The GOP is the Pro-Israel Party

White House Candidates Head for Vegas to meet Donors

GOP Candidates Kiss up to Billionaire Sheldon Adelson

Pushed by Obama’s Iran policy, Republican Jews Activate

Republican Jewish Coalition says it sees Fundraising Boom

Republican Campaign in Israel Has a West Bank Settler Push

The Republican Road to the White House runs through Israel

How Orthodox Jewish Money is Reshaping Republican Politics

GOP Hopefuls betting on Las Vegas Mega Donor Sheldon Adelson

Republican Contenders Reach out to Sheldon Adelson, Palms Up

GOP Presidential Hopefuls to make 2016 Pitch to Jewish Donors

GOP’s Israel Support Deepens as Political Contributions Shift

Meet the ‘Go-To’ Jew for Republicans who Want to be President

Some Jews are winking at Republicans, and Democrats are Jealous

Republican Contenders visit Vegas to woo Growing Jewish Donor Base

Who are the 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates’ Jewish Donors?

For Jewish Republican Donors mulling 2016, it’s Electability, Stupid

Republicans and Netanyahu’s New Government: Twins Separated at Birth

In Las Vegas, GOP Candidates court Jewish Donors by supporting Israel

Never Before have so many People with so much Money Run for President

More than Jewish Votes, GOP Presidential Candidates Need Jewish Donors

Jewish Billionaire Adelson reaps Benefits from Big Republican Donations

Jewish Republicans: We Played ‘Important Role’ in GOP Retaking the Senate

Sheldon Adelson to spend at least $45 Million on 2016 Races in Boost for GOP

Billionaires Adelson and Saban, at odds in Campaigns, Unite on Israel and Hit Obama

Billionaire Mogul Sheldon Adelson Looks for Mainstream Republican who Can Win in 2016

How a Reclusive Jewish Hedge-Fund Boss and his Daughter are Reshaping the Republican Party

The Republican Party and Donald Trump

Jewish Republicans torn over Trump

GOP Jews Want To Hear More From Trump

Yes, Republican Jews Support Donald Trump

Republican Jews’ Damning Silence on Trump

Republicans in Jerusalem Rally for Donald Trump

RJC Fundraising Off Trump’s Jerusalem Recognition

Republican Jews Express Support for Trump in Cleveland

Republican Jewish Coalition blasts ADL for Slams on Trump

Ivanka Trump’s Rabbi among Republican Convention Speakers

The Republican Jewish Coalition Congratulates Donald Trump

Trump, Pence deliver Warm Regards for Republicans in Israel,7340,L-4870690,00.html

Adelson implores Republican Jewish Leaders to support Trump

When it comes to Jewish Ties, no GOP Candidate trumps Trump

Republican Donor Adelson and Trump may be aligning on Israel

At Western Wall, Head of Israeli GOP thanks God for Trump Win

Israeli Republicans Stump for Donald Trump in West Bank Office

Trump, Pence to give Video Addresses at GOP Rally in Jerusalem

The Wall Street Jewish Heiress Quietly Shaping Trump’s Operation

Jewish Mega-Donor Rebekah Mercer Takes Charge of Pro-Trump Group

GOP-Trump Joint Finance Team includes 5 Republican Jewish Donors

Jewish GOP Congressman defends Trump’s Response to Charlottesville

Donald Trump to Meet G.O.P. Megadonor Sheldon Adelson Before Debate

Dismissing Anti-Semitism Fears, Republican Jews Cheer Trump Victory

In New Era, Jewish Republican Group is Loyal to Trump above all Else

Republican Jewish Coalition all in for Donald Trump and his Campaign

After his Crass Comments, Republican Leaders in Israel Stick by Trump

Trump’s New Team Brings Deep Ties to Major Jewish Donor Robert Mercer

Donald Trump praises Republican Party Platform as most Pro-Israel Ever

Netanyahu’s Dream came True Big-Time: a Republican President on Steroids

Inside the Trump Campaign: The Most Powerful Jewish Woman in GOP Politics

Republicans’ Man in Israel Celebrates Donald Trump Victory at Western Wall

At GOP Convention, Jewish Delegates cite Israel and Style in backing Trump

How One Jewish Family’s Deep Pockets Helped Reshape Donald Trump’s Campaign

The Jewish Speechwriter Behind Donald Trump’s Republican Convention Address

Under Donald Trump, GOP’s Jewish Donors Tilt Orthodox and to Right on Israel

Republican Donor Adelson says met ‘Charming’ Candidate Trump, discussed Israel

Judaism’s Greatest Mystical Text ‘Predicts Trump Victory,’ Israel GOP Head Reveals

RJC Applauds Trump for Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital, Releases NY Times Ad Thanking Him

Meet the Mercers: A Quiet Jewish Tycoon and His Daughter Become Power Brokers in Trump’s Washington

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