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227 thoughts on “Who Controls America?

  • PJ says:

    Ultimately we’re talkin about JudeoMasonic agents who took their blood oaths of obedience to the Jew World Order. That is who carries out all these psyops and controlled opposition campaigns on all sides. The official government and every “extremist” element is controlled. AltRight and AntiFa most definitely are both Jew creations for example. So what we are left with are those few of us who are not indoctrinated, who are wise to the entire setup and who know that joining controlled opposition is just pissing one’s life away. The ones who do know the difference between that and genuine dissent need to somehow organize and I think we all need to meet somewhere statewide on a monthly basis and nationally on maybe a biannual basis with the intent of creating a powerful alternative of a good and free society.

  • Alex says:


    I have noticed something very disturbing in the White Nationalist Movement and AltRight, are you aware Greg Anglin who is Andrew Anglin’s father has been accused as a pedophile:

    http s://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syWHGdCrEgg


    I am starting to wonder if the CIA and Mossad run pedophile rings are connected to the White Nationalism Movement along with the AltRight.

    • TheZOG says:

      I am starting to wonder if the CIA and Mossad run pedophile rings are connected to the White Nationalism Movement along with the AltRight.

      Well, every WN and Alt-Right leader is a covert CIA or DoD intelligence operative, so anything is possible.

  • TheZOG says:

    C.I.A. Connections of American Alternative Right – White Nationalist Leaders

    • TheZOG, what is your opinion about “zatanist” “wicca” groups are infiltrated

      • TheZOG says:

        Those are silly but harmless groups. I don’t have any specific information on them otherwise.

        But I can tell you this. Every sector of American society, whether mainstream or fringe, has present within it intelligence agents (overt or covert) who are monitoring things for the U.S. Dept. of Defense. There are no exceptions to this rule. The Empire watches everything and everyone. There’s too much at stake for it not to.

  • TheZOG says:

    Jewish Zionist Connections of European Right-Wing Nationalist Parties

  • Mixed Euro says:

    Are you familiar with the work of Miles Mathis? He has produced genealogical research that shows all the presidents were from crypto-Jewish families. http://mileswmathis.com/bush.pdf

    His research also indicates that Hitler all the leading Nazis were from Jewish families and most likely actors. http://mileswmathis.com/hiller.pdf

    He also takes the same stance as you that the intelligence services control all the right-wing/nationalist (and left-wing) parties and movements.

    Assuming that the genealogies he researched are accurate, it appears that crypto-Jews centuries ago infiltrated the European nobility, that America has been controlled from the beginning, and that virtually everyone of any importance in the world today is a member these crypto-Jewish families.

    • TheZOG says:

      Yes, I’ve read Miles Mathis’ writings. He’s exactly right about the intelligence agencies controlling and orchestrating things from behind the scenes (especially the military intelligence agencies), but his genealogical research is complete nonsense. Jews and European gentile elites have always had a symbiotic relationship with each other, dating back to the Hellenistic period, but this doesn’t have anything to do with Mile Mathis’ bogus genealogical speculations.

      It’s stereotypical for deep cover intelligence operatives to combine discussion of legitimate topics with discussion of disinformation topics, ala Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, etc. That’s what Miles Mathis is doing with his discussion of intelligence agency information combined with his discussion of fantastical genealogical disinformation (and other weird mathematical disinformation topics). That fact alone makes me wonder if Miles Mathis himself isn’t an intelligence plant.

      • Joey Virgo says:

        @TheZog: I’m definitely glad to read the word “bogus” in your comment when it comes to Miles Mathis and his genealogical speculations. And there’s even more bogus there beyond that. He lies to make his speculations and conspiracy theories interesting. For example, in one of his essays, he states openly and clearly that Matt Hale is NOT in a federal prison and that his arrest and imprisonment are all a front. This stuff is easy to verify. You find Matt Hale’s name and number on the prison website and you ask to speak to him or to the guard in the prison or you email his mother and learn what’s true. Miles Mathis is not conscientious or honest.

      • Mixed Euro says:

        Jews and European elites heavily intermarried in the last two centuries. https://nationalvanguard.org/2015/10/reflections-on-jewish-intermarriage-into-native-elites/

        The presidents are closely related:


        Many of the celebrities are also closely related to the presidents. The European nobility was also closely related by marriage. What we have here appears to be a huge extended family that has ruled for centuries and continues to rule the West as the Saudis rule Saudi Arabia. I find this of extraordinary interest, and it deserves far more attention than it has gotten.

        There is a lot of conjecture and surmising in Mathis’ genealogical work, but he amasses a good deal of circumstantial evidence for many of the claims he makes, and many of his theories seem plausible. Is it a stretch to think that these families would attempt to hide their origins and relatedness by changing the spelling of their surname or the birthplace of an ancestor?

        Also, how far back do you think the intelligence agencies have run things? Do you think the National Socialists were genuine or being run by the intelligence services of their time?

      • TheZOG says:

        Jews and European elites heavily intermarried in the last two centuries.

        Jews and European gentile elites have been interbreeding with each other for a much longer time period than that. They’ve been doing it since the Hellenistic period, which I already mentioned to you in my last comment. You’ve been fed deliberate disinformation by one of the Pentagon intelligence agency owned white nationalist websites.

        The European nobility was also closely related by marriage.

        Yes, but that’s mainstream history and common knowledge.

        There is a lot of conjecture and surmising in Mathis’ genealogical work, but he amasses a good deal of circumstantial evidence for many of the claims he makes, and many of his theories seem plausible. Is it a stretch to think that these families would attempt to hide their origins and relatedness by changing the spelling of their surname or the birthplace of an ancestor?

        Mathis repeatedly claims that every European with the same (or similar) surname is directly related to one another. That’s just total idiocy.

        Also, how far back do you think the intelligence agencies have run things?

        I’m sure there were the equivalent of intelligence agencies in the ancient Greco-Roman world. I think I read or heard something a long time ago about the Hellenistic mystery cults serving as de facto intelligence agencies. I’m not sure if that’s true, but it seems plausible and would make sense. And, of course, let’s not forget about the elephant in the room. Jews comprised approximately 10% of the Roman Empire, and Jews basically are a giant ethnic based intelligence agency (which is one of the reasons for their power and influence).

        Do you think the National Socialists were genuine or being run by the intelligence services of their time?


        After World War I, Hitler returned to Munich.[78] Without formal education or career prospects, he remained in the army.[79] In July 1919 he was appointed Verbindungsmann (intelligence agent) of an Aufklärungskommando (reconnaissance unit) of the Reichswehr, assigned to influence other soldiers and to infiltrate the German Workers’ Party (DAP). … On the orders of his army superiors, Hitler applied to join the party,[81] and within a week was accepted as party member 555 (the party began counting membership at 500 to give the impression they were a much larger party).[82][83]

      • Mixed Euro says:

        Well then, is there any country, political entity, or group of people that are not controlled by the intelligence agencies? Barring divine intervention, is there any hope at all for their control to end?

      • TheZOG says:


        Make sure to MAGA and re-elect Trump.

  • FU says:

    Could you please summarize your view on the whole Third Reich/NSDAP/Hitler thing.
    This includes documentaries such as “TGSNT”, “Hellstorm” and the new “Europa – The last battle”. In addition, what is your take on the biggest lie of the last century, “The Holocaust” and the concealment/suppressed info of the genocide of tens of millions of white people (Eastern Europe/Russia).

    I personally think that Hitler in fact was the real deal, he did throw out the Rothschild banking system from the central parts of Europe, which were the foundation of the Jewish power, and for this the German people have been paying for since 1945. All according to the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” where it says that anyone going against the Jews shall be taught a lesson so he never does it again.

    I guess one could argue and say that a lot of white people died on both sides of WW2 thus the Jews are happy with the outcome and probably controlled both sides, but I don’t believe this though.

    I can’t see anything on your site regarding the biggest Hollywood (Jew) production on live-TV, the 9/11 airplane comedy.

    I am an engineer and when I finally investigated 9/11 closely, it was obvious that the crap Jewish television was broadcasting that day (and later) was nothing but CGI. I am not gonna go into any details as I am certain you will find them for yourself if you decide to include it on your excellent site.

    Could you please summarize your view on the world as it is right now? Let’s say you have ten sentences where you summarize the people in power, the way they operate and what their end goal is.



  • Neil says:

    I work in retail. I suggest an additional section, who controls the Fashion/cosmetics industry. Nine West Holdings, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren(“Ralph Lifschitz”), Ronald S. Lauder of the Estee Lauder group, a Trump contributor. and all Lauder brands (Hilfiger, MAC L’oreal group, etc.)you can not escape from it.
    No matter what, you will end up making them very VERY rich this holiday.

    • TheZOG says:

      I doubt that I’ll be adding a section like that, but you’re completely right that the fashion and cosmetics sectors in the United States are Jewish monopolies (for the reasons that you listed, among others).

  • Anonymous says:

    I really like the new home page to this site. Concise, informative and unignorable source of facts relating to the j00ish attack on White Civilization. Thanks for redesigning it – I share it frequently. #TheGoyimKnow in larger and larger numbers…

    • counterzionist says:

      Brother, this isn’t an attack on white civilization, but on whole of humanity. Everyone is a victim. We must unite the world against this jewish zionist tyranny, not divide each other in the jewish invention of races. Jews aren’t even a race, they are an amalgam of different despised nomads. Stop this racist nonsense, watch this speech of Malcolm X, who I dearly admire and is killed for pointing out jewish lies: https://youtu.be/DNPuXcN9QhY

  • counterzionist says:

    Finally thank god people who share a similar opinion as me. Could please someone give me a telegram group or secure forum where these matters can be discussed in a intellectual perspective? Much gratitude!

    • TheZOG says:

      Unfortunately, there aren’t any secure forums. All the discussion forums are owned by C.I.A. or D.o.D. intelligence agents.

      • counterzionist says:

        I agree. But telegram is part of the Russian federations government right now. I don’t think they’re going to worry about a small telegroup of people with accurate knowledge discussing some world politics, wouldn’t it you agree?

      • TheZOG says:

        No, I wouldn’t agree at all. Anything connected with Russia is heavily tracked and monitored by Russian military intelligence (GRU) and Russian domestic intelligence (FSB). It’s exactly the same situation as in the United States where everything electronic is tracked and monitored by American military intelligence (NSA) and American domestic intelligence (FBI).

      • counterzionist says:

        Telegram is a private corporation’s stationed in Ukraine. How else could we gather?

      • TheZOG says:

        I would never trust anything based in Eastern Europe. That’s GRU territory.

      • counterzionist says:

        Than check out this guy’s reputation and struggle https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pavel_Durov?wprov=sfla1

      • TheZOG says:

        Yeah, I already read an article about him on Bloomberg.com a few weeks ago.

      • counterzionist says:

        Corrections, Pavel Durov sold vk.com to the Russian federation. Telegram group is still his ownership, so no intellegence agency would get accès if properly used with encrypted messaging

      • TheZOG says:

        See my previous post about this. If you’re using end-to-end encrypted communications, then it might be okay, but it also might not be. I really don’t know. But I do know that any communications that are NOT end-to-end encrypted are definitely NOT safe.

      • counterzionist says:

        Another’s question. Can I use the wordpress app to sign in to thezog? It says my WordPress password is no good

      • TheZOG says:

        I have no idea. I don’t use apps.

  • with the advent of new technologies for the intelligence agencies the encryption used by the media is easily broken, during the early years (2002-2003) the major universities were already studied the new fotonic and quantic computers, currently this technology must have been dominated, especially with the development of criptcoins,
    In short, hardly any secure encryption with supercomputers of the XXI century, and basically the monopoly of criptcoins mining by Governments and intelligence agencies.
    If the Jews are behind the intelligence agencies/technology they are very well positioned in the Chess.
    TheZOG, do you believe that all European intelligence agencies have been contaminated/infiltrated by Jews ?

    • TheZOG says:

      TheZOG, do you believe that all European intelligence agencies have been contaminated/infiltrated by Jews ?

      They’re contaminated/infiltrated by America and Russia, and America and Russia are Jewish nations.

      • This means that the main potential nations of Earth’s face is under strong control and influence by pederasts rapists and assassins elite correct ?
        the existence of networks of pedophilia/bestiality intended for a clientele of millionaires It is not a question of conspiracy, These networks really exist in america and russia ?
        It is well known that Jews have always been involved in prostitution since the days of the Roman Empire at 1910-1980 in new york mafia (meyer lanski,bugsy siegel,arnold rothstein).
        I believe that Christianity was the poison that allowed the Jewish plans into practice, the absurd ideology of loving your enemies and love poverty created a legion of weak men, the best of Christians men became a priest and left no offspring allowing men fools and cowards give continuation to generations of submissive men and stupid enough to believe in Christianity, allowing the Jews to create a vast fortune through the lie, and probably the Jews already have speculated this chain effect a long time ago ( The talmwd says “The BEST of the goyms must be murdered” )

        comes popping up many sites that are going through an image of “Paganism” that does not transmit any knowledge as well as the Christian Bible, a vast emptiness in spiritual knowledge both as physical, I am afraid of these sites is not dealing with a plant of intelligence to infiltrate the culture and the Jewish spirit in people’s minds, would these groups and websites that call themselves Satanists/Pagan are owned by intelligence plant of Disinformation and Jewish Subversion ?
        Sorry for long question

      • khazarmafia says:

        Spycatcher by Peter Wright ? rothschild infiltration on royal society

      • khazarmafia says:

        in my poor opinion things let themselves go so far due to Christianity.
        the code of christian ethics turned men into cowards and meek, Christianity was the fertil host for the Jewish worm grow, the auto-suicide christian conduct “Love your enemy” “don’t kill” and the praise of poverty and infertility was the ideal environment to germinate a jewish parasite seed, While Christians gave their lands and riches the Church the Jews got rich through greed and lies cheating and stealing the Christians that nothing could on fight back (Don’t kill), the Christian must love the one who steals,cheat and rape the sons of christian man.
        Thus arose great jewish dealers and assassins attacking the Christian with hands tied, Christian was murdered and robbed and cannot do anything to your enemy, but when a tribe or strong nation refused the Jewish poison the pope was allowed to christians kill and steal the strong nation,but all the wealth stolen should go to the vault Vatican and not the Christian Warrior,the Christians were mere puppets of the Jews.

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