The Alternative Right Jewish Zionist PSYOP

The Alternative Right’s Jewish Origins

Paul Gottfried, the Jewish founder of the alternative right

The original concept of the Alternative Right emerged from paleo-conservatism. Paul Gottfried, one of the Jewish founders of paleo-conservatism, declared the end of paleo-conservatism and called for an ‘Alternative Right’ in a 2008 speech for his H. L. Mencken Club.

The Alt-Right’s Jewish Godfather
How Paul Gottfried—willing or reluctant—became the mentor of Richard Spencer and a philosophical lodestone for white nationalists

Some Observations from the Man who Created Alt-Right

Meet the Jewish Intellectual who Coined the Term ‘Alternative Right’

Richard Spencer’s White Zionism

Richard Spencer’s white Zionism

Richard Spencer Compares White Nationalism to Zionism

Alt-Right Leader Richard Spencer: An Alliance with the Jews

Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer says he turns to Israel ‘For Guidance’

Alt-Right Leader Richard Spencer tells Israelis: ‘I am a White Zionist’

Alt-Right Leader Richard Spencer tells Haaretz: ‘Jews have Nothing to Fear’

White Nationalist Richard Spencer Gives Israel as Example of Ethno-State he wants in U.S.

Andrew Anglin’s Praise of Yair Netanyahu

Andrew Anglin’s pro Yair Netanyahu rhetoric

Neo-Nazi Website Becomes ‘World’s #1 Yair Netanyahu Fansite’

The Daily Stormer’s Owner Says he ‘Stands With’ Benjamin Netanyahu’s Son

Editor of Neo-Nazi Site Praises Yair Netanyahu for ‘Standing Against the Jews’

Netanyahu’s Son Celebrated on Neo-Nazi Website after he Posted Anti-Semitic Meme

U.S. Neo-Nazi: ‘I’m Defending Yair Netanyahu Because He Stood Up Against the Jews’

Anti-Jewish and Pro-Netanyahu’s Son: The Bizarre Story of the Neo-Nazi behind The Daily Stormer

Breitbart News’ Jewish Zionist Origins

Breitbart News’ Israeli beginnings

Breitbart Jerusalem marks 1st Anniversary

Breitbart News Network: Born in the USA, Conceived in Israel

Breitbart’s Jerusalem Chief explains Site’s ‘Nationalist’ Appeal

“They say that we are ‘anti-Semitic,’ though our company was founded by Jews, is largely staffed by Jews, and has an entire section (Breitbart Jerusalem) dedicated to reporting on and defending the Jewish state of Israel.”
– Breitbart News CEO Larry Solov and Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow

Jewish White Nationalists, Neo-Nazis, and Ku Klux Klansmen

Jewish white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and Ku Klux Klansmen

Jimmy Anderson (né James R. Rosenberg)

Daniel Burros

Frank Collin (né Francis Joseph Cohen)

Mike Enoch (né Michael Enoch Isaac Peinovich)

James Alex Fields, Jr. (né James Alex Bloom)

William Potter Gale (né William Potter Grabifker)

Jordan Gollub

James Gutman (né Mordechai Levy)

Davis Wolfgang Hawke (né Andrew Britt Greenbaum)

Tony Hovater (né William Anthony Hovater)

Michael Kadar

Michael Slay (né Joshua Ryne Goldberg)

Vladimir Stepankowsky

Mana Truhill (né Emanuel Trujillo)

Henrick Van Der Windt

weev (né Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer)

The Alternative Right – Jewish Alliance

U.S. president Donald Trump at the Western Wall with Shmuel Rabinowitz and Mordechai Eliav

Why Some Jews Still Support Trump

Jews Must not Flee to the Alt-Right

Can American Jews be White Nationalists?

Washington Watch: Trump’s Jewish Enablers

Jews Should Stop Supporting the Alt-Right

I’m a Jew, and I’m a Member of the Alt-Right.

Why Trump’s Jewish Backers Love the Alt-Right

Is the Alt-Right Reaching out to Jews — and Why?

The Jewish Alternative – The Voice of Dissident Jewry

Disdain for Liberals Drives the Jewish Pro-Trump Right

Jews Should be Fighting the Far Left, not the Alt-Right

Jewish Trump Adviser Wins Praise from White Nationalist Leader

White Nationalism is Spreading in the Orthodox Jewish Community

Some Foundations funding Project Veritas also fund Jewish Causes

Pro-Trump Jews Keep the Faith Despite Charlottesville Controversy

Jewish GOP Congressman defends Trump’s Response to Charlottesville

Right-Wing Jews Join White Supremacists at Anti-Sharia Law Rallies

Why Right-Wing Jews have made an Uneasy Alliance with Anti-Semites

Breitbart, Racists, and the Dirty Work of Laundering the Alt-Right

The Alt-Right Hates the Jews. But It Also Loves Them — and Israel.

A New Generation of Jewish Militants Embrace Trump — and Even the Alt-Right

Jewish Trump Staff Silent on his Defense of Rally with Anti-Semitic Marchers

Tila Tequila’s Nazi-Saluting Friend is Jewish — and Devoted to the Alt-Right

Anti-Immigrant and White Supremacist, Maybe. But is the Alt-Right Anti-Semitic?

Why Anti-Semitism on the Left is more Dangerous than Anti-Semitism on the Right

Strange Bedfellows: The Overlap of Jewish Trump Supporters and White Supremacists

At NYC Anti-Sharia Rally, White Nationalists and Conservative Jews Find Common Ground

Steve Bannon and the Alt-Right asked Jews to Join their War Against the Republican Establishment

The Alternative Right – Israeli Alliance

U.S. president Donald Trump with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Zionism’s Ongoing Love-In with Neo-Nazis

Where White Nationalists and Zionists Meet

The Israeli Embrace of Zionist Anti-Semites

Anti-Semitism Abroad serves Netanyahu’s Plan

Birds of a Feather: White Supremacy and Zionism

Now Israel has its Own Version of the Alt-Right

Right-Wing Zionism, White Supremacy, and the BDS

Israel’s New Admirers: The White Nationalist Right

Bibi’s Son and Heir Apparent Embraces the Far Right

Why do Far-Right White Nationalists Support Zionism?

An Unholy Alliance: Israeli Settlers and the Alt-Right

The Shocking Alliance between Zionism and Anti-Semitism

When Right-Wing Anti-Semites Call, the Jewish State Answers

The Zionist-White Supremacist Alliance in Trump’s White House

Binyamin Netanyahu is Soft on Anti-Semitism when it Suits Him

Why Israeli Leaders are welcoming Rise of Anti-Semitism in U.S.

How Pro-Israel Politics and Anti-Semitism Coexist in the Alt-Right

Netanyahu’s Revenge: Silence and Sidestep on Nazis in Charlottesville

Netanyahu resists Calls to denounce Trump’s Response to Charlottesville

Trump: The One Thing White Nationalists and Right-Wing Zionists can Agree On

Could a Trump Presidency be Pro-Israel and White Nationalist at the Same Time?

Three Days Later, Israeli Leaders still Conspicuously Silent on Charlottesville

Israel’s Response to Charlottesville hasn’t been as Clear as you Might have Expected

Nazis in America Celebrate Benjamin Netanyahu’s Jewish Son over his Anti-Semitic Meme

Israel’s Netanyahu isn’t worried about Steve Bannon and Anti-Semitism in Trump’s Camp

Zionist Organization of America Embraces Alt-Right Stars – Even Those Too Fringe for Trump

U.S. Anti-Semites & White Nationalists Oddly in Tune with Israel’s Zionists on Charlottesville

Richard Spencer is Simply the Latest Far-Right Extremist to Laud Israel as a White Ethno-State Model

33 thoughts on “The Alternative Right Jewish Zionist PSYOP

  • Long Nosed says:

    Do you think Mike Enoch is Ashkenazi Jew? Apparently his DNA test shows he isn’t, but he looks a lot like Gabe Kaplan (Jew). I also think Jason Kessler is Ashkenazi Jew, he also has Jewish physiognomy and Kessler is usually an Ashkenazic surname. When I first saw Cantwell, I thought he kinda looked like actor Corey Stoll (Jew).

    Also, do you think these “antisemitic” Jews are just actors/CIA?

    • TheZOG says:

      Do you think Mike Enoch is Ashkenazi Jew? Apparently his DNA test shows he isn’t, but he looks a lot like Gabe Kaplan (Jew).

      Yes, I, like everyone else, thought Mike Enoch was Jewish, because he looks Jewish and he hinted at being Jewish three different times on his radio show. But as you said, his DNA test shows no Jewish ancestry. It’s easy to explain why he looks Jewish though. It’s because he looks Mediterranean, which is because he’s part Croatian. Croatians are Balkans and many Balkans look Mediterranean, for whatever reason. But it’s not easy to explain why he hinted at himself being Jewish several times on his radio show. He hasn’t explained that. It could be that he went through his whole life actually thinking that he was Jewish until he took his DNA test.

      Speaking of Mike Enoch, I just made a new graphical chart outlining the connections between Mike Enoch and his Jewish wife and the C.I.A. / U.S. intelligence community. You may want to take a look at it:


      I also think Jason Kessler is Ashkenazi Jew, he also has Jewish physiognomy and Kessler is usually an Ashkenazic surname.

      Jason Kessler is definitely at least part-Jewish, judging by his appearance and his surname, which is both Jewish and German. He’s probably mixed Jewish-German or Jewish-something else. Apparently one of his grandmother’s surname is ‘Goldberg.’ So there you go.

      When I first saw Cantwell, I thought he kinda looked like actor Corey Stoll (Jew).

      Christopher Cantwell took a DNA test and it shows him only being 0.1% Jewish, although in my opinion he looks more Jewish than that. But looks can be deceiving some times. It’s probably his Long Island accent that’s throwing me off and making him seem more Jewish to me than he actually is.

      Also, do you think these “antisemitic” Jews are just actors/CIA?

      I don’t think it. I know it. I have a list of historical Jewish Neo-Nazis and KKK members on this very page that you’re commenting on.

      • Seriously? So you believe in the DNA test that says that the Mongoloid, kike enoch, is 100% European? Enoch does not look mediterranean, does not look Croatian! does it look like iker casilias? with Fernando Alonso? with xabi alonso? with Fernando Torres? No, he does not look like him!

      • TheZOG says:

        The burden is on you to prove that his DNA test results were falsified.

        Stop worrying about his ancestry and start worrying about his U.S. intelligence agency connections. That’s much more important. We already know that his wife (“ex-wife”) is Jewish. That’s good enough.

      • Pedro alfonsinho says:


        he is jewish
        Now prove that this test is false.

        anyone can to cheat a document. one printer is sufficient.

        It is Israel, not Cia!

      • TheZOG says:

        Yes, I know. I already placed him on the Jewish WN/KKK/Neo-Nazi list. I placed him there because he himself stated/implied that he was Jewish on three(3) separate broadcasts of his own internet radio show, which directly contradicts his alleged DNA test results.

        And yes, it is the C.I.A. and U.S. military. You’re dead wrong about that. Although in the case of Michael Peinovich and Amy Friedman, it’s Israel too, because Michael Peinovich was employed by an Israeli military intelligence front company (Oddcast). But it makes perfect sense that Peinovich and Friedman would be working for Israeli intelligence (in addition to the C.I.A.) in light of the fact that they’re both Jewish/part-Jewish.

    • Enoch is 1000% Jewish / Khazar! Look at that Mongolized face. he looks like a Chinaman with a beard.

      • TheZOG says:

        He’s weird looking, to be sure. But looking weird doesn’t make someone Jewish. There’s plenty of weird looking European gentiles.

        And the Khazar hypothesis was debunked decades ago by genetic/linguistic/historical researchers. Jews are not from Khazaria/Central Asia. They’re from the Levant.

    • TheZOG says:

      I just realized that I forgot to add James Alex Fields, Jr. to the list of Jewish neo-Nazis.

      • TheZOG says:

        I just doubled the size of the Jewish KKK/neo-Nazi list to 15 names. There were a lot of names that I wasn’t aware of before.

  • Natroy says:

    Regarding Paul Gottfried: from what I have read of his, he doesn’t seem particularly noxious; he has even exchanged views with Kevin MacDonald on The Culture of Critique, and he nicely acknowledged the negative influence of Jews, although he was a bit sceptical with the complete general conclusion.
    Do you imply that he is a subversive in some way? While I agree that he is not a genuine full-blooded radical (in the good sense of the term), I am curious as to your opinion on this. I have only quickly checked the three references you give, and the link between him and the whole alt-right movement looks more like a modest partial intellectual legacy than a true material “mastermind tie” like the one Leo Strauss held in defining neoconservatism, for example.

    • TheZOG says:

      If you don’t think that Paul Gottfried had a founding influence on the alternative right, then you obviously didn’t read the three articles posted about him. And you also seem to be unaware of Gottfried’s founding influence on paleoconservatism, the alternative right’s predecessor ideology.

      But you’re missing the overall picture here. Paul Gottfried and Kevin MacDonald are both noxious. They’re part of a far-right C.I.A./D.O.D./A.S.C./J.B.S clique which instituted a military coup against the United States Government in 1947 and renewed in 1963 (J.F.K. assassination), 1981 (attempted Reagan assassination), 2001 (9/11 terrorist attacks), and 2016 (election of Donald Trump – which Alex Jones confirms was part of a covert military coup carried out by U.S. Special Operations Command).

      Your entire world view was implanted in your mind by these psychopaths. You clearly don’t understand why I’ve entirely revamped the site and posted the information on the front page that I have. The new information I’ve posted on the front page is absolutely explosive, but you don’t have the mental framework to understand it yet, so it’s going right over your head.

      • Natroy says:

        I know Paul Gottfried is strongly linked to paleoconservatism; I was only saying his ties to the so-called “alt-right” seem weaker. I was merely asking for details, precisely because Paul Gottfried seems less important in his Jewishness than a lot of other people on this page (and also because I am quite the information nerd). I wish that you had answered my question precisely for the sake of completeness; maybe next time?
        And I know Kevin MacDonald maintains extremely suspicious ties* (with Jared Taylor, Red Ice Radio, RamZPaul, and so on); I’m not naive at all. I understand why you would surmise such a thing, given how many people fall right into the trap, but I’m not one of them. 😉
        (So, it is quite ironic that you should use the adverb “clearly” when the following assertion even turns out to be false!)

        I’m even part of the — rather tiny? — category of Westerners that are Jew-wise enough to know that Vladimir Putin is another kosher puppet; by the way, it would be interesting to dedicate him a page, since so many Westerners are fooled by his pseudo-patriotism. Stormfront (which I know was also some kind of covert operation with Don Black and the like, calm down!) had some Russian users that made very interesting compilations on what is going on in Russia and what Jews are in power there; you can still find it through The Wayback Machine:

        Actually, I’m very aware of what’s going on, despite being French, and as you may know, France is the most philosemitic European country today, so much so that Germany comes only second to it (according to a poll I saw some years ago). Very few people are in my case.

        Good luck with keeping up the fight for the truth.

        By the way, one thing that still remains under question for me is why Kevin MacDonald cooperates with this: what are his personal motivations? One reason might be gullibility, but I wonder what else there could be — such as a “conversion” by some third party figure.

      • TheZOG says:
        • I’ve already made an enormous information compilation about Russia and Putin, far beyond what anyone else has done: https://pastebin.com/chtax1au

        • Kevin MacDonald is a C.I.A. agent (perhaps 2nd generation). MacDonald lived in Jamaica from 1972-1974. His cover job was teaching math to Jamaican high school students. But his real job was spying on the political attitudes of his students’ parents for the C.I.A. The C.I.A. ran intelligence operations in Jamaica from 1976-1980 against the democratically elected Jamaican prime minister Michael Manley. Kevin MacDonald was obviously part of the C.I.A.’s preliminary intelligence gathering in Jamaica in preparation for those later operations. But even if this early life connection didn’t exist, Kevin MacDonald’s connection to the C.I.A. would be already well established by his strong ties to William Regnery II and his web of organizations: https://thezog.info/wp-content/uploads/William-Regnery-C.I.A.-Chart.png

        • You don’t seem to be aware of Paul Gottfried’s longtime friendship with William Regnery II, the man who controls the entire American WN movement with funding and direction. Read these passages from BuzzFeed’s article about William Regnery published in August, 2017: https://imgur.com/a/kKFwIBr

      • TheZOG says:

        By the way, you won’t hear that information about Kevin MacDonald from anyone else but me. As far as I know, I’m the first person to figure out MacDonald’s specific connection to the C.I.A. from his early life.

  • dgaubatz313 says:

    I had a feeling the nationalist movement all across Europe isn’t genuine. None of them oppose the money power/usurers at all that I’m aware of.

    I’m all for nationalism though because i believe it’s natural to have a preference toward your own race and creates more social cohesion if the majority makes up at least 90% of the population.

    What do you think of Eustace Mullins, Ezra Pound, E. Michael Jones, David Irving, the institute for Historical Review and the youtube channel “TheRapeOfJustice”? I think they say a lot of good things, I just don’t agree with their religious views, I’m agnostic theist.

    • TheZOG says:

      European right-wing nationalist political parties/movements are controlled by U.S., U.K., Russian, and Israeli military intelligence, as I’m sure you surmised after looking at my page on the subject.

      • Eustace Mullins was an obvious C.I.A. agent, based on several factors.

      • Ezra Pound I’m not exactly sure about. Him being imprisoned in a mental hospital possibly suggests authenticity, but note that he was also Eustace Mullins’ mentor, which conversely suggests that he was an intelligence agent too.

      • E. Michael Jones is an obvious C.I.A. agent, and he’s based at Catholic University of America, the very same school that Greg Johnson received his Ph.D. from. That’s not a coincidence, in my opinion.

      • David Irving I’m not sure about. But I will say that I now suspect that ALL Holocaust revisionists are deep cover intelligence agents, for reasons that I can describe (David Cole being one of the big ones).

      • Mark Weber is most definitely a C.I.A. agent and the I.H.R. is most definitely a C.I.A. front. I know this because of Weber’s early life history as a “Christian missionary” in West Africa during the 1970’s with Jared Taylor (another “Christian missionary” and definite C.I.A. agent). These two spooks go way back together.

      • I’m not familiar with “TheRapeOfJustice” YouTube channel, so I can’t comment on it. But I would immediately disregard any source promoting Christianity, the oldest Jewish psychological operation in history.
      • dgaubatz313 says:

        Why do you think they expose themselves by telling so much truth in these psychological operations? Do you think it’s to gain trust and sell them on something else, like Christianity, Islam or Judaism?

        One channel i listened to that exposed Donald Trump and his connection to the Jews actually used your site to expose him. I think their channel was called Truth Media Films. They were banned a while ago.

        Do you have any sources that explain how the Jews are behind Judaism, Christianity and Islam? I would love to read it or watch it. My Christian beliefs i think were the hardest thing for me to over come, it had my mind in so strong of a prison. It took years to break free from Christianity. Other things that i learned was bs, it didn’t take nearly as long to break free from.

        I learned about some of the history of the money power and the burden usury has on an economy as well as the burden their monopoly has through Anthony Migchels and i’m also partially through the babylonian woe by David Astle. Anthony Migchels admits that the money power is mostly Jewish and has a article on it.

        I’m thinking about looking into Carroll Quigley too, the guy who wrote Tragedy and Hope.

        Thank you for the site.

      • TheZOG says:
      • dgaubatz313 says:

        Also I forgot to mention, if you have any books our documentaries to recommend let me know. I’m trying to learn more.

        I forgot to mention Douglas Reed also.

      • TheZOG says:

        No, I can’t really recommend any particular books or documentaries. Shockingly, you can’t find anything on the subject matter of this website anywhere else, either online or offline. I’m having to synthesize all of this information myself, from scratch, since no one else has ever done it before. Come to think of it, I had to do the exact same thing for the previous subject matter.

      • dgaubatz313 says:

        I’ll look at the pastebin links. I just started looking at the Jesus one and am going to look at the Christianity one later.

        Even though these people are part of psyops they still have content full of truth in them. I even noticed that on your pastebin account you link to some content done by people you list as part of psyops like IHR so i think you understand this.

        Also what do you think of people like DM Murdock, the woman who wrote the Christ Conspiracy and the myth of Moses?

        Are you an atheist?

        I might also buy the book, why Jesus and Moses were invented by Christopher Drew.

      • TheZOG says:
        • Yes, even military psychological warfare agents use factual information in furtherance of their PSYOP. I don’t disagree with you on that, and indeed I made this exact point in my previous reply to your last comment. Psych warfare agents have to use that strategy, because otherwise their PSYOP wouldn’t be very effective in deceiving members of their target audience. And you’re right that I use some sources in my Pastebin link lists that I’m 100% certain are intelligence agents, e.g. Mark Weber, Kevin MacDonald, Christopher Bollyn, and “Karl Radl.” However, as you can see, I deliberately keep the number of those sources to an absolute minimum.

        • D.M. Murdoch was leading some sort of New Age astrotheology quasi-cult. I have no idea if she was an intelligence agent or not. I agree with her ideas that Jesus and the Jewish patriarchs from the Hebrew bible are all mythical (and in fact that second point is now the mainstream consensus among Old Testament scholars). But she wasn’t qualified to write about those topics and her books (especially her first one) contain a lot of inaccurate claims and substandard sources. There are much better scholars to consult on these subjects than Murdoch, such as Richard Carrier, Robert Price, Earl Doherty, Thomas Thompson, etc.

        • Yes, I’m an atheist, obviously.

      • dgaubatz313 says:

        Thanks for the recommendations. I already started looking in to Robert Price and Richard Carrier, i’ll look into the others later. I’m not an atheist, but I can still learn a lot from people who are atheist. I have a mediocre mind though and my memory is terrible so i usually only recall small parts of the details I learn, but usually remember my conclusions.

        Sorry for all the questions, but what do you think about Christopher Jon Bjerknes? I saw you linked to him in one of your pastebins.

      • TheZOG says:

        Christopher Jon Bjerknes is clearly an intelligence agent (C.I.A., I assume). He only associates with other known intelligence agents, he writes a lot of kooky, weird stuff on his blog, and he never points out that all of those other people are intelligence agents. I should probably remove the links to his blog from the Pastebin files.

  • The Life Maxer says:

    Do you think Hitler was controlled opposition?

    Also, do you know about Scott Roberts? If so I was curious what are your opinions on him?

    • TheZOG says:

      If someone in modern American political life came along with a background similar to Hitler’s, I would immediately suspect that person was a U.S. military psychological warfare agent. Why then should I apply a different standard to Hitler himself? Yes, it was a different time and place, but that’s incidental I think.

      But even if you don’t want to go so far as to agree with me on that, you have to admit that Hitler’s background if nothing else is evidence of the enormous hidden power and influence of military intelligence.

      As far as Scott Roberts goes, I used to assume he was a genuine/authentic individual, but I no longer think that based on what I’ve learned in the past two years. I now think that Scott Roberts is a C.I.A./S.O.C.O.M. intelligence plant. Why do I say that? Because Scott Roberts was for many years closely associated with C.I.A./S.O.C.O.M. intelligence plant Mike Delaney. And I know that Mike Delaney is a C.I.A./S.O.C.O.M. intelligence plant based on several factors.

      • The Life Maxer says:

        I always thought Hitler had some big (((connections))) to have that much “influence”/power. Do you think the Holocaust was a hoax? Considering that the Holocaust is the only unassailiable part of history, it should raise a red flag.

        You’re right about Samuel Scott Roberts, he is also Facebook friends with Mike Delaney, David Duke and Matthew Heimbach (who I think is a Jew or partial Jew), which raises my suspicion about Scott Roberts. As far as I know Scott was the only White nationalist to call out Trump as a Jew puppet (which I already knew). David Duke was pushing the Trump non-sense since Trump announced he’ll be running for president.

        Scott Roberts said Ashkenazi Jews are similar to Eurasians, Mestizoes, Mulattoes, etc. claiming Ashkenazi Jews are only “Jew-ISH”. He also said Sephardic Jews are the real/more racially pure Jews while Ashkenazi Jews are mixed and also claimed Ashkenazim are “frontmen” (minions) for Sephardim. What are your thoughts on this?

      • TheZOG says:
        • Yes, I think that the Holocaust gas chamber story is a massive fraud and an Allied invented WWII atrocity propaganda psychological warfare operation.

        • If Scott Roberts is still connected to Mike Delaney, David Duke, and Matthew Heimbach after all these years, then that’s pretty good evidence that Roberts is an intelligence agent, not to mention the fact that his life and background directly contradict his supposed white nationalist beliefs.

        • The mere fact that Roberts or any other white nationalist figure correctly points out that Donald Trump is a Jewish Zionist puppet doesn’t mean anything. Kyle Hunt and Sinead McCarthy do that as well, but they’re both C.I.A. / S.O.C.O.M. intelligence agents.

        • Roberts is correct that Ashkenazi Jews are mixed with Europeans. They’re part Middle Eastern and part European, which is why they have pale skin, light hair/eye color, high average intelligence, etc. He’s also correct that Sephardic Jews are more Middle Eastern in terms of ancestry than Ashkenazi Jews are (although a lot of Sephardic Jews do have European genetic admixture). But as far as “racially pure Jews” go, I would reserve that category for Mizrahi Jews. They’re “purely” Middle Eastern without any European admixture at all.

      • The Life Maxer says:

        For a while I assumed Scott Roberts calling out Trump as a Jew-owned puppet was to make himself appear to be a genuine White nationalist. As for Kyle Hunt and Sinead McCarthy, I never liked them, they are very obvious shills (C.I.A./S.O.C.O.M.), especially with the flat earth stuff.

        Are all Ashkenazi Jews mixed? A lot of darker Ashkenazim like Sacha Baron-Cohen, Jonathan Cahn, Rahm Emanuel, Brad Garrett, Jeff Goldblum, Grant Heslov, etc.,but light Mizrahim like Shlomo Hillel, Michael Mizrachi, Isaac Mizrahi, etc. How come Mizrahi Jews with no ties to Europe come out less Jew looking and lighter than Ashkenazi Jews? I would’ve thought a “pure” Jew would look something like Alan Greenspan or Rabbi Ovadia. Isaac Mizrahi looks less Semitic than Alan Greenspan. Also, do you think Ashkenazi Jews are “minions” to other Jews?

        Overall I don’t see how Whites are gonna win this Race war, I just don’t see a good future for Whites. ):

      • TheZOG says:
        • Ashkenazi Jews have differing amounts of European genetic admixture. That’s why they have differing skin/hair/eye color, and why some look more Middle Eastern while some look more European. As far as why some Mizrahi Jews might look more European than some Ashkenazi Jews, I have no idea. It’s probably just some sort of genetic randomness.

        • No, I don’t think any sub-group of Jews are necessarily “minions” to any other sub-group of Jews.

  • Anonymous says:

    You should check out my youtube channel, I’ve long suspected allot of the things you say here in this blog https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgHISPIjBvSJG9x3g-6NypQ?view_as=subscriber
    Patrick Little may be the latest in a long line of Jewish Psy-ops, he’s got a military background, speaks fluent German and Yiddish and won’t produce a DNA test that I’m aware of.
    Brian Rue the Canadian Youtuber had a video up that I can no longer find about how the Canadian Neo Nazi party was funded by Bnai’ Brith and I’ve seen several other pages that state the same thing about the American Neo Nazi movement.
    There seems to be no shortage of “Majick money” that these individuals have access to whereas a normal person holding and espousing these views would be completely broke, Jobless and Peniless yet we see allot of these So called Alt-Right leaders extensively travelling, not having their videos taken down from Youtube and seem to be everywhere all at once.
    Jews love the Neo Nazi types because it furthers their Holocust and Fear of Antisemitism meme while the majority of us seem too stupid to realize it’s all a game to them and that they have unlimited funding and resources.
    I think the Pro white anti White Genocide movement needs to completely distance ourselves from anything Natsoc at all, just to be on the safe side.
    We are only around 1 billion of the worlds 7.62 billion people, these guys pushing for a race war would be the final blow and mean the final extinction or white people and would as well justify their anti white agenda allowing more “Hate Legislation” to be imposed on an already neutered and Occupied people……US

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