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227 thoughts on “Who Controls America?

  • matterik2 says:

    Interesting article.

  • Ashkesnafu says:

    Great site, keep it up.

  • Charles Steiner says:


    There’s more to life’s questions than Ancestry.com. Don’t be so quick to conclude, which is the impression your link conveys. Brandon Martinez may indeed have Jewish blood in him. It’s certainly very difficult to say that he’s White looking at his pictures.



    • TheZOG says:

      Brandon looks typically Spaniard to me. It would be very strange if he turned out to be a Sephardic Jew. Do you have any proof that he is?

      • Charles Steiner says:

        But he’s not “typical Spanish.” He’s not even wholly Spanish.

      • Charles Steiner says:

        I’m just saying to you Ancestry.com is not the final answer on anything, as your initial response suggested. I gave you alternative viewpoints. I also have a personal email from Brandon, if he can be trusted to say something about himself that’s true, that he’s half-Czech and half-Spanish. That’s not “typical Spanish,” either. You want to assert the positive without proof; I want to insert skepticism.

      • TheZOG says:

        I never said that Ancestry.com is the final answer to anything. I just said that “Martinez” is an extremely common surname among Spaniards and Mestizos. Therefore you really can’t assert that someone is Sephardic Jewish just because they have that particular surname.

        If Brandon is half-Czech and half-Spanish, that still doesn’t imply that he’s Jewish. Unless you have evidence showing otherwise.

        By the way, I just created a new list for JPMorgan Chase. It’s the last list I’m going to do.

  • Charles Steiner says:

    “I never said that Ancestry.com is the final answer to anything. I just said that “Martinez” is an extremely common surname among Spaniards and Mestizos. Therefore you really can’t assert that someone is Sephardic Jewish just because they have that particular surname.

    If Brandon is half-Czech and half-Spanish, that still doesn’t imply that he’s Jewish.”

    ZOG, I find you pretty thick in the head. You never said Ancestry is the final answer to anything. I never said Brandon was a Jew, although I did suggest that he may be and/or he may have Jewish blood in his veins for definite reasons. You twist words and distort sentences to suit your own conceits. Why?

    Maybe when you actually take in information and think about it, you can give a non-conceited, non-smart-ass answer. Martinez is a Sephardic Jewish name in origin. Your one Ancestry.com link supports only your view about Spaniards and Mestizos, but you don’t have enough information and Ancestry.com isn’t the final word. You never said it was, right? I provided you with other links. Look facts in the face. Look for what is being said, not for what you intend to deny is being said.

    I kind of get now why Brandon kicked you off his website.

    • TheZOG says:

      Charles, calm down. There’s no reason to get emotional over a trivial issue like this.

      I’m well aware of Sephardic surnames. What you don’t get is that pretty much any Spanish or Portuguese surname can be had by a Sephardic Jew, just like pretty much any European surname in general can be had by a Jew (Ashkenazi or Sephardic). Really, no European surnames are off limits to Jews. None. So the simple fact that somebody happens to have one of these particular European surnames doesn’t mean that person is necessarily Jewish. You don’t seem to grasp the logic of this argument, and I’m not sure why. If you search the Avotaynu consolidated Jewish surname index for your surname, you will find it listed under many indexes. Does that make you Jewish?

      As far as Brandon kicking me off his blog, that was because Brandon is a psychologically unstable kook.

  • Charles Steiner says:


    I will calm down. Thanks for your reply. The matter is trivial to a large degree. I guess you think I should be getting your point and I think you should be getting my point. You’re not sure why I don’t get your point, and I’m not sure why you’re not getting my point.

    I think the matter is because your viewpoint is not solid enough for me. It doesn’t do away with my doubts and uncertainties. As I understand it, while Jews are always using European names, yes, but the one European name they really OWN is “Martinez,” just judging by the majority of users.

    I appreciate you giving me the benefit of the doubt over my surname. However, others online have not. I know my last name has been taken or used by the Jews. I know, but I have also found many more Jews with my surname than my fellow Germans or Czechs.

    Here’s a curious rub: Steiner is a German-Jew-Czech name. It’s a hybrid name now. I can only go by who my parents are. I don’t suspect my grandparents, but I don’t know everything about their origins either, and beyond that, everything about my lineage is a huge guessing game. Czechs in particular have had this very dicey history. I would go so far as to say that the surname Steiner is “OWNED” by the Jews, just judging by the majority.

    So, you see, I hope, that that’s just another reason for being skeptical about Brandon’s heritage. It’s just the nature of this Czech condition and maybe of Sephardic Spanish Jews. I don’t see where skepticism isn’t healthy here or of some relevance.

  • Melissa says:

    It does not matter if the links prove it or not. This world is controlled by ZIONISTS. PURE EVIL ZIONISTS. Just go to http://www.veteranstoday.com/ and get educated. These are retired military whisle-blowers. They had high security clearance and they are not censored. They are telling the truth of who and what. You just have to learn it for yourself.

    • eastghostcom says:

      veteranstoday.com is considered infiltrated and not a source of untainted fact. Yes, all “reporting” and “writing” is inherently tainted, and VT is no different. You can be sure that if it’s growing and gaining traction then it is being manipulated as tool of deception. The Jesuits are masters at this. vaticanassassins.org offers excellent insight with strikingly thorough documented sources.

  • TheZOG says:

    The book of Revelation is a vicious anti-Roman polemic and Jewish mass murder revenge fantasy. It was written by a Torah observant Christian Jew who hated Christian Gentiles so much that he referred to them as “the synagogue of Satan”.

    I don’t allow Christian lunatics to post their garbage here. Go spew your Jewish religious propaganda someplace else.

    • eastghostcom says:

      Military and Religion have always gone hand-in-hand, intertwined at the very core. GOSPEL in fact means “good news of military victory.

      The “Concentration Camps” are arranged in a giant pentagram pattern — google concentration camps pentagram and see for yourself. Who could do this? And why? Military. Religion.

      Nagasaki and Hiroshima were, far moreso than “military targets”, the epicenters of Christianity in Japan. Do not mistake that accident, fate or unhappy chance mass murder. ERIC JON PHELPS presents an interesting theory involving the 5 Jesuit priests who magically survived the Hiroshima blast, emerging from Ground Zero unscathed.

      Earth’s first pre-planned fire-storming carpet bombing — creating a literal Hell on Earth — was carried out against Dresden, which also just happened to be the home of Martin Luther, father of the Protestant Reformation.

      War is ritualized mass-murder. Renegade military historian DOUGLAS DIETRICH (see his excellent youtubes) proposes that the aetheric demons must be fed souls, and war is the manner in which this is done.

      This excellent interview of Michael Hoffman by RENSE again correlates mass-muder as a primary goal for religious ecstasy: Babylonian Talmud San-hedron 58B: “[In Judaism] we see this incredible egomania that actually trumps God’s creation…it trumps God Himself. … When a non-Jew strikes a Jew, it’s as if he is striking at the Divine Presence itself. …mass-murder as a mystical technique for the attainment of ecstasy and personal experience of the Divine.” – Michael Hoffman, 13:08 into video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaaDAfGQpZM – What is war but ritualized mass murder? RENSE: “So they [the Jews] get off on genocide.”

      So there it is: Military. Religion. Mass murder. Hand-in-hand, consistently, all down through history. Misunderstand that simple but subtle fact at your grave peril.

  • Joe says:

    Your methods of counting “overrepresentation” are flawed. You use a one drop rule for the definition of Jewishness, anyone who is half or quarter Jewish or married to a Jew or a half or quarter Jew is considered Jewish by you. But if you count all those people as Jews there are a lot more than six million Jews in the United States, Jews are more than 2% of the population, more like 4% of the population. All your overrepresentation stats must be reduced by a factor of two.

    • TheZOG says:

      I’m changing the wording in some of the summaries to “Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented…” That will fix that issue.

      As for your other points, I note in the lists when someone is a partial Jew. Yes, I count partial Jews as full Jews for the percentage representation calculations, but for all we know, Jewish organizations are also counting partial Jews as full Jews in their estimates of Jewish population numbers. So it’s a wash. This isn’t an exact science.

    • Hey, Joe: There ARE a lot more than six million jews in the USA. Where did you get that number? From jews. Who tells the Census how many jews there are? The jews do. Are you ignorant of the fact of crypto-jews infesting our country? Bank owners, travel-agency owners, insurance company owners; many administrators and professors in universities, colleges, hospitals; many hair salon owners, many restaurant owners, very many nightclub owners, many doctors, very many lawyers, many musicians, many illegal-drug sellers, most of the faces on local tv news, nearly every famous so-called “White” actor in Hollywood. Need I go on? Most of their spouses. Need I go on? Most major politicians federal, state, and local.

      Now, how many of them are open jews?

      It’s funny. Try asking at major institutions how many Africans (“Blacks,” “African-Americans”) they employ and how many “Whites” they employ, and you might get answers. But ask how many jews they employ. Different story.

      TheZOG is being careful, thus undercounting jews.

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