QAnon Terrorist PsyOps

The Occult Symbolism of the Letter ‘Q’

  • Freemasonry was founded in the year 1717.
    • ‘Q’ is the 17th letter of the English alphabet.
  • 2017 was the 300 year anniversary of Freemasonry’s founding.
    • 2017 was the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency.
    • QAnonymous is a pro-Trump political conspiracy cult.
  • The word “Freemasonry” contains 4/5 letters in the word “storm.”
    • “Storm” is the motto / slogan of the QAnonymous political conspiracy cult.

A Grand Lodge

The first Grand Lodge was founded only a few years after George I, the first Hanoverian king of the Kingdom of Great Britain, ascended to the throne in August 1714 and the end of the first Jacobite rising of 1715. Officially, the Grand Lodge was founded on 24 June 1717, St. John the Baptist’s day, when four existing Lodges gathered at the Goose and Gridiron alehouse in St Paul’s churchyard, London and constituted themselves as a Grand Lodge. It is this date which is often cited as the ‘founding’ day of Freemasonry in its modern sense.

QAnon C.I.A. / D.O.D. Connections

U.S. Army Intelligence Support Activity insignia:
letter “Q” shape

U.S. Army Intelligence Support Activity motto:
QAnonymous motto:

U.S. Army Intelligence Support Activity motto:
“VeRiTaS OMnia Vincula Vincit”
QAnonymous motto:
“the STORM

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency motto:
“And you will know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH will make you free.” – John 8:32
QAnonymous motto:
TRUst THe plan.”

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency mission statement:
WE ARE THE NatiON‘s fiRST line of defense.”
QAnonymous motto:

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency mission statement:
WE GO WHERE others cannot go.”
U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Directorate of Support motto:
QAnonymous motto:

Occult QAnon C.I.A. / S.O.C.O.M. Black Ops Terrorist Attacks and Assassinations

(Six Examples of One Hundred+)

  • Donald Trump, Pushing Someone Rich, Offers Himself
  • Nine Killed in Shooting at Black Church in Charleston
  • A mass shooting occurred at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17, 2015, one day after Donald Trump announced his 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. “Q” is the 17th letter of the English alphabet and the first letter in the name of the fictitious pro-Trump political conspiracy character “QAnonymous.” The word “Charleston” contains 4/5 letters in the word “storm.” The words “African Methodist” contain 5/5 letters in the word “storm.” The man who committed the Charleston church mass shooting is named “Dylann Storm Roof.” “Storm” is the motto / slogan of the pro-Trump political conspiracy cult “QAnonymous.”
  • U.S. Strike in Iraq Kills Qassim Suleimani, Commander of Iranian Forces
  • Qassim Suleimani, the commander of Iran’s IRGC Quds Force, was killed in Baghdad, Iraq on January 3, 2020 by a missile from a U.S. military MQ-9 Reaper drone. The word “Qassim” contains the letter “Q.” The word “Quds” contains the letter “Q.” The word “Iraq” contains the letter “Q.” The word “MQ-9” contains the letter “Q.” When added together, the digits of Suleimani’s death date yield the number 17 (13 + 2 + 2 = 17). “Q” is the 17th letter of the English alphabet and the first letter in the name of the fictitious pro-Trump political conspiracy character “QAnonymous.”
  • Sheldon Adelson, Billionaire Donor to G.O.P. and Israel, Is Dead at 87
  • Republican Party donor Sheldon Adelson died on January 11, 2021. When added together, the digits of Adelson’s death date yield the number 17 (1 + 11 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 17). “Q” is the 17th letter of the English alphabet and the first letter in the name of the fictitious pro-Trump political conspiracy character “QAnonymous.” Adelson was the founder, chairman, and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation. The words “Sands Corporation” contain 4/5 letters in the word “storm.” “Storm” is the motto / slogan of the pro-Trump political conspiracy cult “QAnonymous.”
  • Rush Limbaugh Dies at 70; Turned Talk Radio Into a Right-Wing Attack Machine
  • Republican Party radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh died on February 17, 2021. “Q” is the 17th letter of the English alphabet and the first letter in the name of the fictitious pro-Trump political conspiracy character “QAnonymous.” The word “rush” is a synonym for the word “storm.” “Storm” is the motto / slogan of the pro-Trump political conspiracy cult “QAnonymous.”
  • Sheldon Adelson died at the age of 87. Rush Limbaugh died at the age of 70. The difference between their ages is 17 years. “Q” is the 17th letter of the English alphabet and the first letter in the name of the fictitious pro-Trump political conspiracy character “QAnonymous.”
  • Pro-Trump Mob Storms the U.S. Capitol Building
  • A pro-Trump mob raided the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6, 2021 to stop the Congressional certification of the 2020 U.S. presidential election results. The pro-Trump mob raided the U.S. Capitol Building during a session of the 117th U.S. Congress. “Q” is the 17th letter of the English alphabet and the first letter in the name of the fictitious pro-Trump political conspiracy character “QAnonymous.” Global news corporations universally referred to the pro-Trump mob Capitol Building raid as a “storm,” both as a verb and as a noun. “Storm” is the motto / slogan of the pro-Trump political conspiracy cult “QAnonymous.”
  • Trump Acquitted of Inciting Insurrection, Even as Bipartisan Majority Votes ‘Guilty’
  • Powerful Quake Hits Japan, Evoking a Worrisome Memory
  • An earthquake off the coast of Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture occurred on February 13, 2021, the same day that Donald Trump was acquitted by the U.S. Senate in his second impeachment trial. The words “acquit” and “earthquake” both contain the letter “Q.” “Q” is the first letter in the name of the fictitious pro-Trump political conspiracy character “QAnonymous.” The word “insurrection” contains 5/5 letters in the word “stornn.” The words “bipartisan majority” contain 5/5 letters in the word “storm.” The words “Worrisome Memory” twice contain 4/5 letters in the word “storm.” “Storm” is the motto / slogan of the pro-Trump political conspiracy cult “QAnonymous.”
  • Trump Acquitted of Inciting Insurrection, Even as Bipartisan Majority Votes ‘Guilty’
  • Storms Bring Punishing Cold, Snow and Ice From Coast to Coast
  • Snow and ice storms covering a large portion of the United States occurred on February 13, 2021, the same day that Donald Trump was acquitted by the U.S. Senate in his second impeachment trial. The snow and ice storms continued until February 15, a holiday celebrated in the United States as President’s Day. The word “insurrection” contains 5/5 letters in the word “stornn.” The words “bipartisan majority” contain 5/5 letters in the word “storm.” The words “From Coast to Coast” twice contain 5/5 letters in the word “storm.” “Storm” is the motto / slogan of the pro-Trump political conspiracy cult “QAnonymous.”

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C.I.A. motto: “AND you will know the truth, AND the truth will make you free.” – John 8:32
I noticed this quite a while ago, and I’m sure you noticed it pretty early on, but I just had to be the first one on this site to say it.

Actually, no, I didn’t notice it. So it could be that the letters “AND” have a dual occult meaning to the psychopaths in the C.I.A., although I think the meaning “LAND” is much more certain, because “AND” is just a conjunction and I don’t see why it would have any occult meaning to the C.I.A. other than the fact that it occurs twice in John 8:32, of course, which might be reason enough, but I’m doubtful.

Just for additional context, I was trying to say that the “AND” in the C.I.A.’s unofficial motto is obviously connected to the code word, “LAND”. The fact that the C.I.A. seal is clearly the earth, and that the C.I.A. surrounds itself with earth-based code allusions proves this theory, imho.
Although I have seen numerous “AND” allusions where it does seem to be a dual allusion to the C.I.A.’s unofficial motto and the term, “land”. For example, the YouTube C.I.A. psyop channel LOLFIELDANDLOVE.
I can give you plenty more examples if you want.
You don’t disagree with this assertion, do you?

Don’t forget, it’s not merely a conjunction, and not merely mentioned TWICE in the C.I.A.’s occult motto, but is the FIRST word in it. That is highly significant, since it means the presence of the word, “and”, can also be an allusion therefore to the ENTIRE C.I.A. occult motto.
And, again, it makes perfect sense. The C.I.A. is located at Lan-gley, remember? And that’s just one of many earth/land-related terms the C.I.A. associates itself with. This is way too convenient to be merely a coincidence, in my opinion. You have to think in the occult mindset.
They love using the most common, innocuous seeming words, since it means they can use them in an occult fashion everywhere without anyone blinking an eye, ever.
It’s also interesting to note that the first letter in the C.I.A.’s occult motto is literally the first letter of the alphabet.
In my opinion, the C.I.A. has transformed the entire English language into some kind of dualistic occultic encryption.

What I forgot to mention was not only is it the very first word to start the first sentence of the C.I.A.’s unofficial occult motto, but also the very first word to start the second sentence.
That’s obviously highly significant.
I found some additional hits on the subject above:
Founder of Supreme skate/street clothing brand – USAF father
Rodney Mullen, one of the most important skaters of all time – USAF father

The first thing that Krisztina “Z” Holly noticed about Rodney Mullen was that he was missing one of his top front teeth.
The encounter took place at a Marina del Rey, California, diner in February 2010, when Holly was the vice provost for innovation at USC. She had agreed to the breakfast meeting at the behest of Randall Hill, executive director of USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT), a lab dedicated to helping the American military establish “cognitive dominance.” (One of the lab’s more famous alums is Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus VR.) Hill, a former Army intelligence officer, had recently established contact with Mullen as part of his research into human resilience. He had asked Mullen to contemplate what it took to excel as an elite skateboarder; the response he received was surprisingly sophisticated, with elements of philosophy and neuroscience woven throughout. One topic Mullen covered, for example, was how he had trained his brain to enter a semi-hypnotic state prior to contests, so that he wouldn’t dwell on the hundreds of minute variables that can ruin a trick. Hill felt certain that Holly would enjoy a meal with an athlete who was conversant in concepts such as tacit knowledge and executive motor function.

Mullen also noted that both hacker and skate culture are proudly open source, filled with innovations that improve upon the nonproprietary works of generations past. His flatground ollie, for example, had been preceded by the ollie, a trick that a skater named Alan Gelfand had developed for use in empty pools. Mullen made the trick more valuable by modifying it for level surfaces—just like a hacker alters a piece of crude yet clever code to enhance its utility or user-friendliness.

Funny, he must’ve misspoke, because as far as I can tell both hacker and skate culture are proudly products of the DoD.
Tony Hawk (needs no introduction) – US Navy officer father
Larry Stevenson, inventor of the kicktail skateboard – US Navy fighter mechanic

Now that is some spooky crap. Very interesting stuff. The skateboard subculture was obviously a U.S. military psyop from the very beginning. And Palmer Luckey had a LOT to do with Trump’s 2016 internet psyop campaign, by the way. And I think the word “skateboard” is probably an occult reference to Freemasonry’s “Western Gate” concept, which AO’Us just recently discovered and solved TWO of the code words/fragments that I’ve been trying to decipher for a year.
And I HATE reading news media articles, especially Wired’s. It’s all so contrived and fake. I perceive the artificial nature of it instantly after just reading one sentence. I don’t know if anybody else perceives it, but I sure do.

I don’t know if anybody else perceives it, but I sure do.

I don’t know how everybody else doesn’t see it…

ROCK music

In 1951, Cleveland, Ohio, disc jockey Alan Freed began playing this music style, and referring to it as “rock and roll” on his mainstream radio program, which popularized the phrase.


Freed was born to a Russian Jewish immigrant father, Charles S. Freed, and Welsh-American mother, Maude Palmer, in Windber, Pennsylvania. In 1933, Freed’s family moved to Salem, Ohio, where Freed attended Salem High School, graduating in 1940. While Freed was in high school, he formed a band called the Sultans of Swing in which he played the trombone. Freed’s initial ambition was to be a bandleader; however, an ear infection put an end to this dream.
While attending the Ohio State University, Freed became interested in radio. Freed served in the US Army during World War II and worked as a DJ on Armed Forces Radio. Soon after World War II, Freed landed broadcasting jobs at smaller radio stations, including WKST (New Castle, PA); WKBN (Youngstown, OH); and WAKR (Akron, OH), where, in 1945, he became a local favorite for playing hot jazz and pop recordings. Freed enjoyed listening to these new styles because he liked the rhythms and tunes.

ROCK….music. What. The. Fuck.

Yeah, I noticed the “ROCK music” thing a couple of months ago soon after I discovered the “rock” and “land” verbal pattern in mass death location names. But I didn’t know about Alan Free and his U.S. Army background. I seriously doubt that “ROCK music” name is a coincidence. It’s highly unlikely.

Yeah, kind of like the “Rolling Stones” b-AND and “Rolling Stone” magazine, the former of which had a Knights of Malta Jew as their “financial manager” (read: handler) and the latter of which was co-founded by an ex-Office for War Information (O.W.I.) employee.
Rolling Stone
The Rolling Stones
Prince Rupert Loewenstein
I already thought about “rock music”, but I just noticed this from your comment.
3/3 letters
4/4 letters
Interestingly enough, the main / official march song of the United States Army is called “The Army Goes Rolling Along”, which was (officially) adopted on November 11 (11/11) 1956
The Army Goes Rolling Along
I wonder if it’s an occult allusion to a boulder (rock)? Considering the Army’s been doing these earth based human sacrifices for hundreds of years…

The “roll” in “Rock and Roll” must have secretly come from that U.S. Army march song. I don’t see how it couldn’t have.
The Beatles also had a Jew manager (Brian Epstein). And who was the OWI employee? Jann Wenner?

No, the opposite. Ralph G-leason. I’m pretty sure you’ll find me mention this on archives of the old site. As you know, the O.W.I. was basically absorbed by the C.I.A. after the war.

And I just noticed something else about this theme.
RO-lling Stone
RO-ck and RO-ll
The Army Goes RO-lling Along
4/4 letters
4/6 letters (?)

You’re not gonna believe what happened the day or the day after you first mentioned the Rolling Stones. And notice that the NYT conspicuously uses the word “rock” in the article title:
Charlie Watts, Bedrock Drummer for the Rolling Stones, Dies at 80
Mr. Watts, who had no taste for the life of a pop idol, was an unflashy but essential presence with the band and brought to it a swinging style.

Youth Testifies Teen Admitted Killing Monks ‘Mercenary Style’
February 5, 1992

PHOENIX (AP) _ A teen-ager charged with killing nine people at a Buddhist temple claimed to be an assassin for military intelligence and admitted shooting monks ″mercenary style,″ a fellow ROTC cadet testified.
″He said the monks were invading on some type of national security so OSI (the Office of Special Investigations) had to eliminate them,″ Benjamin Leininger testified Tuesday during the fourth day of hearings.
The hearings are to determine if Jonathan Doody, 17, should be tried as an adult in the Aug. 10 massacre at the Wat Promkunaram Temple in which six monks, two young male followers and an elderly nun were shot to death. A similar hearing is scheduled later for co-defendant Alessandro ″Alex″ Garcia, 16.
Doody, whose younger brother frequented the temple, was a member of the ROTC at Agua Fria High School in suburban Avondale. His adoptive father was stationed at nearby Luke Air Force Base until August.
Leininger, 16, said he approached Doody at the ROTC compound two days before Doody’s arrest last fall, saying Doody appeared troubled.
″He started off saying he was involved in OSI and OSI had used Alex and himself for snipers to do various things … assassinations and stuff,″ Leininger said. ″He said if you ever shot anybody mercenary style, you’ll always see and hear the blood rushing from their heads.″
Leininger testified that after saying the monks were an OSI target, Doody told that him he, Garcia and a couple of others carried out the killings.
Transcripts of Doody’s interrogation indicate he told authorities the temple murders started as a war game to beat the temple’s security system.

I knew U.S.A.F.O.S.I. was involved in psyops (mostly U.F.O. disinformation), but I didn’t know they were involved in assassinations. But I’m not really surprised.

What the fuck? I read that Wikipedia page for that mass shooting sometime last year, but it doesn’t mention ANYTHING about Doody’s ROTC or U.S. Air Force connection. How convenient. I’m glad you found it and I hope you’ve added that psycho to your list.
Also, “Avondale” (L-A-N-D).

“Jonathan Doody”
“Alessandro ″Alex″ Garcia”
4/4 letters
4/4 letters
“suburban Avondale”
Considering this guy was/is Thailand-born, it sounds exactly like what Kay Griggs was saying about the U.S. military and C.I.A. (U.S. State Dept.) adopting/sponsoring/grooming overseas children as possible assassins.
Kay Griggs Explains How School Shooters are Created

“K” is also the eleventh letter of the alphabet, and “G” is the seventh, that means her name can be seen as “117”.

Oh okay, that one was staring me right in the face. I was thinking of “duty” as a dual allusion to both military service and as tax as a metaphor for human sacrifice/harvest.

From watching that Kay Griggs video again, I noticed (again?) that “S.H.A.P.E.” is pretty much a synonym for “change”, since something being shaped is something being transformed, i.e. changed. “SH” is essentially the same sound as “CH” and “TR”. And a comment below that video by a woman was even more revealing, i.e. that it’s somehow related to the “Grand Architect of the Universe” theme in Freemasonry, and even better in my opinion, it also corresponds with one of the operative codes in the C.I.A.’s unofficial motto, “Make”.
And yeah, as that commenter seems to have pointed out, it’s very obviously a concealed Square and Compass symbol staring right at you when you look at the N.A.T.O. S.H.A.P.E. emblem. Doesn’t get more damning than that, the conspiracy I mean.
The usage of the color green is interesting, since that’s the color of U.S.A.P.O., and S.H.A.P.E. has a common lineage with the old Supreme Headquarters Allied Forces Europe and United States Army Europe, both of which contain the esoteric ‘Peace out of Chaos’ symbolism I was talking about before.
Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force
United States Army Europe and Africa
I’m pretty sure G.H.Q. (Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers) used the same emblem in Japan, but I can’t find it right now, strangely enough.
Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers
“Supreme” is obviously a synonym/allusion to “Grand”, i.e. the “Grand Architect of the Universe” of Freemasonry.

The C.I.A.’s seal/emblem is quite literally the earth/planet. The dark blue represents the world’s oceans. And considering white is the second most important color in the C.I.A.’s seal, that corresponds perfectly with most depictions of the earth’s land.
CIA Careers Advertisement
There’s the occult proof of it.

Wow, nice find. I hadn’t seen that stupid video before. The CIA says the colors of its official seal are derived from the colors of the U.S. flag, by the way. Here, look:

Hmm. Another case of dualistic plausible deniability?
Also, if you re-watch that video, and pause the zooming out, the building they’re in seems to represent the twin towers theme (9/11).

A small correction. The white doesn’t represent land, but the earth’s clouds, which has an obvious connection to the lightning/thunder theme that U.S.A.P.O. is clearly extremely obsessed about.
Again, this fits perfectly with my theory on why U.S.A.P.O. chose green as their main operational color. Most school-grade depictions of earth will depict earth’s land as entirely green. It’s all related to Celtic / Druidic nature-based paganism, the astrological/astronomical cycles, and of course Freemasonry (Gaia, etc).
I also recently realized why the color of the military in general is bottle green. That confused me at first, why wouldn’t U.S.A.P.O. choose something more distinctive? It’s very obviously related to nature (and thus the earth), camouflage sets out to mimic nature in the first place.
Obviously Wicca / Witchcraft is all very much nature based, all you have to do is look at their general aesthetic and rhetoric. I think that’s why green is also the color of witches, obviously. And it’s the same reasoning for it being the color scheme of The Matrix trilogy.
So I think it’s safe to say that the entire U.S. military IS U.S.A.P.O., and U.S.A.P.O. and the C.I.A. are decisively engaging in earth-based witchcraft traditions (Druidism). Green is quite literally the color associated with Celtic Ireland.
This is also why the gas chamber psychological operation was constructed in the way it was. Obviously the color of the gas is depicted as green, as in a witch’s spell.
Another extremely interesting connection is the theme of the green screen, which represents a scripted / fake reality. It just makes you feel uncomfortable, doesn’t it?

Another theme I had forgot to mention was related to the marijuana / cannabis subcult. That stuff is an obvious outgrowth of the C.I.A.’s hippie counterculture that people like Dave McGowan discuss, and has an extremely obvious social engineering, or “mind control” application, i.e. dumbing the civilian population down, and distracting them. It’s probably one of the most obvious psyops out there. But what do the braindead cannabis users call their shitty “experience”?
G-etting STONED.
Substance intoxication
And this ties in with the former subject, when considering the cultural depictions of cannabis, such as in the opening to the acclaimed T.V. show, B-REAK-ing Bad, emitting slick green fumes stylistically, just like the spellings of witches, and the image of the Nazi gas chambers instilled in the popular imagination / psyche / unconscious.
Considering the aforementioned hippie subculture (a total creation of the C.I.A.) is intimately connected to the New Age cult, (ultimately the 21st century reincarnation of Theosophy), it should be no surprise there is an occult Nazi connection to the “lmao weed” subcult, in the form of the phrase, “4/20”, which is obviously Hitler’s birthday.
By the way, do you know what the name of the partially Jewish/Irish actor who portrays the main character in that T.V. show I just mentioned? Bryan Cran-STON
Bryan Cranston
Isn’t it interesting that such an obvious mind control tool is intimately associated in terms of symbolism with the color green, again? Which just so happens to be the main operational color of United States Army Psychological Operations?

The third major color the C.I.A. uses in its seal is yellow/gold, which again, just happens to correspond with the desserts depicted on more realistic depictions of the earth (“Sand”), as opposed to one you’d see in elementary school.
And of course the fourth major color is red, which doubtlessly in this context would represent the blood spilled upon the earth in their annual ritual harvests.
Just for additional context, none of this contradicts my previous assessments on the symbolism of the C.I.A. seal, but in my view, complements it and completes it.
In fact, for additional proof of this theory, just look at the D.I.A. seal. And notice the red rings orbiting the earth, in a Saturnalian fashion? And how a red ring surrounds the entire seal in general. I wonder if the yellow ring then that surrounds the C.I.A. seal is an allusion to Saturn’s planetary rings gulfing the earth (like in the D.I.A. seal) and/or the light of the sun, which obviously is very important in both paganism and Freemasonry. Saturn is said to have been the “old sun” in occult circles.
Interesting, again.

The definition of rape is a “forced act of intercourse”.
Canadian FORCES.
“Ape” could also either be a reference to a CH-impanzee, or a Or-ANG-utan, or ideally, both, since combined they make:
5/6 letters

Very nice. I would go with the “chimpanzee” allusion though, because it’s the exact same USAPO/”change” occultism that Joe Rogan inserts at the very beginning of every one of his stupid fucking psyop videos.

Yeah, and that’s the same exact reason C.I.A. internet celebrity / personality Philip DeFranco uses it, like fellow C.I.A. internet celebrity / personality Joe Rogan, who you just mentioned.
Philip DeFranco
4/4 letters

I believe, based on some legal documents I found last year when I was researching Joe Rogan, Philip DeFranco filmed his bullshit at the same nondescript warehouse studio guarded by PMC/US military spooks at 21210-21240 Erwin St in WOODLAND HILLS, California.

Philip DeFranco

Philip James DeFranco[3] (born Philip James Franchini Jr.;[4] born December 1, 1985)

There’s the “CH”, again. I already saw this, but forgot about it.
6/6 letters
6/6 letters
By the way, this spooks’ videos are intolerable. He’s extremely obnoxious, at almost Jew level heights.

Yes, and there’s also this:
I’ll have more to say about these internet spooks’ names later.

Is Joe Rogan’s studio located anywhere near Laurel Canyon? It wouldn’t surprise me if that were to be the case.

Hmm, you’re kind of right. “chimpanzee” does make more sense since all in all, it contains five out of the six letters in the word, “change”.
And actually, “chimpanzee” and “orangutan” combined makes out the full word, “change”, so it’s even more complete than I had originally thought out.
The “orangutan” theme is just as well cognizant, since while both chimpanzees and orangutan are part of the “great apes”, orangutan are the first thing that comes in mind when you think of “apes”, more species specifically.
And the fact that they’re obviously obsessed with the word, “orange”, also makes me suspect that, as well.
Both chimpanzees and orangutan are also really the only two major ape species that people are most commonly aware of, other than gorillas, basic monkeys, and of course us humans. The others are much more fringe in public consciousness.

That’s a good one.

They’re (MS-13) are also using the magic number 13. Which is not only important to Freemasonry, but also witchcraft and the C.I.A.
C.I.A. = 13
Why? Because…
1) The letter, “C”, is the third letter of the alphabet.
2) The letter, “I”, is the ninth letter of the alphabet.
3) The letter, “A”, is the first letter of the alphabet.
4) Three plus nine plus one equals thirteen (13)
The C.I.A.’s unofficial motto is John 8:32.
1) Eight plus three plus two equals thirteen
I already posted a good video on Freemasonry’s magic thirteen. And what about the witchcraft thing? Be prepared to be shocked, (or, not).

“Coven” (/kʌvən/) usually refers to a group or gathering of witches. The word “coven” (from Anglo-Norman covent, cuvent, from Old French covent, from Latin conventum = convention) remained largely unused in English until 1921 when Margaret Murray promoted the idea that all witches across Europe met in groups of thirteen which they called “covens”.[1][disputed – discuss]

Yes, I think this might be the main occult meaning of COVID-19, but it is also complemented by the wider etymological links the word, “Coven”, has. Namely to the word, “covenant”, a term in Judaism (i.e. Kabbalah) that’s
intimately associated with SACRIFICE and CONTRACT.

In Wicca and other similar forms of neopagan witchcraft, such as Stregheria and Feri, a coven is a gathering or community of witches, like an affinity group, engagement group, or small covenant group. It is composed of a group of practitioners who gather together for rituals such as Drawing Down the Moon, or celebrating the Sabbats.[citation needed]. The place at which they generally meet is called a covenstead.[2]


Alternative forms
covenaunt (obsolete)
From Middle English covenaunt, borrowed from Old French covenant (“agreement”), from Latin conveniēns, convenientem (“agreeing, agreeable, suitable, convenient”), present participle of conveniō (“to agree”). Cognate with convenient and convene.
IPA(key): /ˈkʌv.ən.ənt/, /ˈkʌv.nənt/
Audio (US)
covenant (plural covenants)
(law) An agreement to do or not do a particular thing.
(law) A promise, incidental to a deed or contract, either express or implied.
A pact or binding agreement between two or more parties.
An incidental clause in an agreement.


Borrowed from Middle French convenir, from Latin convenio, convenire (“come together”).
IPA(key): /ˈkɒn.vɪin/, /kənˈvɪin/ (UK)
convene (third-person singular simple present convenes, present participle convening, simple past and past participle convened)
(intransitive) To come together; to meet; to unite.
(intransitive) To come together, as in one body or for a public purpose; to meet; to assemble.
(transitive) To cause to assemble; to call together; to convoke.
(transitive) To summon judicially to meet or appear.

Covenant (religion)
Covenant of the pieces

The biblical story in Genesis 15:1–15 recounts the covenant of the pieces. The day started with a vision in which Abram expressed his concerns about being childless. God tells Abram that he would have a son born to him, asks him to count the stars, if possible, and promises “So shall thy seed be.” God commands Abram to prepare an animal sacrifice. Abram performed the sacrifice, cutting the animals (except the birds) into two pieces.[1]

Covenant Sacrifice
Covenant By Sacrifice
What was a blood covenant (Genesis 15:9-21)?
Cutting a Covenant

The Cultural Context
If we look up the word “covenant” in The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary, we learn that it’s an “agreement enacted between two parties in which one or both make promises under oath to perform or refrain from certain actions.” Covenants and covenant ceremonies were integral to the political makeup of the ancient Near East. Animals were often slaughtered as part of a covenant ratification ceremony.
The Biblical Context
Using the ESV English-Hebrew Reverse Interlinear, we find that the phrase “made a covenant” is a translation of two Hebrew words: berith (ברית), meaning “covenant” and karath (כרת), meaning “to cut off, cut down.”
We can search for other passages using karath with the Enhanced Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon (BDB). Here we find that karath is often used in a literal context—to describe cutting down trees (Deut 19:5), cutting cloth or clothing (1 Sam 24:4), or even cutting off a body part (2 Sam 20:22). However, karath can also be used metaphorically to indicate the destruction of someone or something (e.g., Deut 12:29).
In the Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament (TWOT), we find that the use of verbs meaning “to cut” in a covenant context is not unusual in other ancient Near Eastern languages. Karath often appears alongside berith in both the Old Testament and in other ancient documents. The two words together are commonly rendered “to make a covenant.”
In Genesis 15, karath and berith appear together to describe a covenant ratification ceremony. Yahweh makes a promise to Abram that He will give him land, descendants and blessing. When Abram wonders how he will know this for certain, Yahweh instructs him to cut various animals in half; Yahweh then passes between the pieces of the animals.
By being the one who passes between, Yahweh places the penalty of violating the covenant on Himself. He is showing Abram how serious He is about His promises. Genesis 15:18 summarizes the story, “on that day Yahweh cut a covenant with Abram.”
Why Is All of This Significant?
By cutting the animals in half during covenant ceremonies, the parties making the covenant were effectively saying, “Let this be done to us if we break the terms of this covenant.” In the ancient Near East, this type of covenant would have defined the relationship between a king and vassal; in 2 Kings 23, the covenant Josiah renews will define the relationship between Yahweh and His people.
Josiah is faithful to the covenant. He destroys the high places and restores the Passover. He is remembered as the king “who turned to the Lord with all his heart and with all his soul and with all his might” (23:25). But he is also remembered as the king that had no equal. Those that follow are like those that preceded him. While the imagery of “cutting a covenant” was supposed to help Judah remember, they continued to do evil and are taken captive by Babylon just a few generations later. It’s a reminder that Yahweh takes loyalty very seriously. We should take loyalty to Him just as seriously.
» Quickbit:
Genesis 9:11 is the first time that karath and berith appear together. But in that verse, the traditional language of cutting a covenant is not used. A different Hebrew word (kum, קום) is used for God establishing His covenant. Why? Because God is promising that He will never again “cut off” (karath, כרת) all flesh from the earth. The traditional phrase is avoided because of the use of karath later in the verse.

As you can see, it’s intimately associated with the CUTTING OF THE MEAT, i.e. human sacrifice, and the general theme of the apocalypse. It’s also intimately connected to Freemasonry’s usage of the allegory of Solomon’s Temple, since the Ark of the Covenant was in the aforementioned.
Ark of the Covenant
Ark of the Covenant
Transfer of the Ark of the Covenant
Tablets of Stone

Interesting, but I have a completely different occult meaning of the word “Covid-19.” I have it on the new site and can copy/paste it here if you want.


Reading your comment again, I noticed this.
7/7 letters!
That’s occult proof the five dancing Israelis were a C.I.A. / U.S. Army psychological operation.

Yes, I agree. And here’s some pictures I made last year on that subject, because I figured out in mid-2019 that those Israeli spooks were planted decoys. They had to be – its the only way to explain their activities.

That’s a very good infographic. I’m pretty sure I’ve known for a while it was a psyop stunt / distraction from the C.I.A. and S.O.C.O.M’s activities, but when I really first found out about the dancing Israelis, it shocked me, as you’d expect, especially the TRU-ck (!!!). Here’s something else I noticed about the whole “Israel did 9/11” psyop meme.
R-E-A-L (synonym) ———->T-R-U-E (synonym)
So it can be said to mean, “True did 9/11”, when the meaning is extracted from those steps above.

And since the letter “b”, is no different than the letter “d”, we actually have the entire word:
“Movement” is a synonym for “Change”, and the word “Moving” is also very close to “Movie”, possibly representing scripted reality. But look all the way below, and see what else it means.

Learn to pronounce
See definitions in:
gerund or present participle: moving
go in a specified direction or manner; change position.
“she moved to the door”
change position
make a move
stay put
change the place, position, or state of.
“she moved the tray to a side table”
change one’s place of residence or work.
“his family moved to London when he was a child”
move house
move away/out
change address/house
go away
change jobs
up sticks
pull up stakes
(of a player) change the position of a piece in a board game.
“White has forced his opponent to move”
depart; start off.
“let’s move—it’s time we started shopping”
hurry up.
“come on—move it!”
go quickly.
“Kennings was really moving when he made contact with a tyre at the hairpin and flipped over”
(with reference to merchandise) sell or be sold.
“booksellers should easily be able to move this biography of Lincoln”
make progress; develop in a particular manner or direction.
“aircraft design had moved forward a long way”
make progress
make headway
change from one state, opinion, or activity to another.
“the school moved over to the new course in 1987”
shift one’s ground
change one’s tune
sing a different song
change one’s mind
change one’s opinion
have second thoughts
do a U-turn
do an about-face
climb down
do an about-turn
take action.
“hardliners may yet move against him, but their success might be limited”
take action
take steps
make a move
do something
take measures
take the initiative
get moving
do nothing
influence or prompt (someone) to do something.
“his deep love of music moved him to take lessons with Dr Hill”
arouse a strong feeling, especially of sorrow or sympathy, in (someone).
“she felt deeply moved by this picture of his plight”
stir up (an emotion) in someone.
“he justly moves one’s derision”

But even better, if you count those letters numbers (U.M.S.) not wholly, but in terms of sole representation, you get the number 17!
“International” possibly as in “WORLD Trade Center” and “Urban” literally means “City” in French, and “Trade” is obviously a synonym for “Change”, as well.
Holy crap. Look up the etymology of “System”.

early 17th century: from French système or late Latin systema, from Greek sustēma, from sun- ‘with’ + histanai ‘set up’.

noun: set-up; plural noun: set-ups; noun: setup; plural noun: setups
a scheme or trick intended to incriminate or deceive someone.
“Listen. He didn’t die. It was a set-up”
put-up job

And if we consider the “d/b” thing, we have all but one (“c”) of the letters in the phrase, “World Trade Center”, which can easily be replaced with an “s”.
Between us and the C.I.A. and S.O.C.O.M.?

A-N-O-N-Y-M-O-U-S (“QAnonymous”)
The latter is probably a coincidence, but it’s still interesting enough to note.

J-ohn B-irch S-ociety
J ———->G
“John Bir-CH Society”
1) “J” is the the tenth number of the alphabet.
2) “B” is the second letter of the alphabet.
3) “S” is the nineteenth letter of the alphabet.
4) Ten (10) plus two (2) plus nineteen (19) is thirty-one (31)
31 (number)

31 is a centered triangular number,[4] the first prime centered pentagonal number[5] and a centered decagonal number.[6]

Centered pentagonal number

A centered pentagonal number is a centered figurate number that represents a pentagon with a dot in the center and all other dots surrounding the center in successive pentagonal layers. The centered pentagonal number for n is given by the formula
P n = 5 n 2 − 5 n + 2 2 , n ≥ 1 {\displaystyle P_{n}={{5n^{2}-5n+2} \over 2},n\geq 1} {\displaystyle P_{n}={{5n^{2}-5n+2} \over 2},n\geq 1}
The first few centered pentagonal numbers are
1, 6, 16, 31, 51, 76, 106, 141, 181, 226, 276, 331, 391, 456, 526, 601, 681, 766, 856, 951, 1051, 1156, 1266, 1381, 1501, 1626, 1756, 1891, 2031, 2176, 2326, 2481, 2641, 2806, 2976 (sequence A005891 in the OEIS).

Centered Pentagonal Number
Center/Centered = Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.)
Pentagon/Pentagonal = The Pentagon / Department of Defense (D.O.D.)
“Center of the Pentagon” = “Patriot” (codename) clique/mafia
Imgur image collection:

Something I noticed is that these Israeli spook patsies are ALWAYS
1. Heavy marijuana users
2. Stupid as shit
The same exact pattern is apparent with the infamous “Israeli art students” attested in the DEA’s report “leaked” by Salon in 2002. If memory serves, every single one was caught with weed on their person in vehicles of their handlers.
It makes me wonder whether these young idiots are selected because of their lack of intellegence, craft, and drug dependency. Either that, or they are systematically plied with cheap or free drugs until they become dependent.
That first one I caught fit this pattern and, curiously, was also cultivating the persona of a (comically terrible) rapper. I’ve recently found another one who matches the exact same profile, and who I believe likely subsists off of Hasbara grant money or something like that.
In fact, I believe the covert purpose of Hasbara is actually to make Israel look like shit.

Or they’re just role-playing as dumb drug addicts as part of their intelligence agency psyop persona that’s been mandated to them by their case officer. Could be either one, really, or a mix of both, where the lines are blurred, probably.


There you go, this is probably the main/real meaning of that stupid psyop.

Nope, it was worse than I had thought. And I’ve remembered something even more devious, in fact.
We STAND toge-THER again-ST h-ATE
5/6 letters
Sadi-Q K-ha-N
4/4 letters
By the way, I had forgot to mention the larger occult context of that poster in terms of the p-AND-emic we’re in, and the whole “Wash Your H-AND-s” theme. That’s the first thing I had thought about when I came across that poster during my research.
What’s the other thing I remembered?
A-gainst H-ate = A-lways H-idden (M.I.6. motto)
And, also.
TfL takes a stand against hate crime and abuse
“We won’t toler-ATE h-ATE crime”
This is a message from the Trans-PORT for London.
PORT-al is a synonym for G-ate!
West Gate or Revolving Door!
The Esoteric Meaning of the Twin Pillars Boaz & Joachim

The account of Solomon’s Temple is of great importance to Freemasonry as each detail of the building holds an important esoteric meaning. As mentioned before the Pillars act as a portal to the mysterious. According to the ancient Rabbis, Solomon was an initiate of the Mystery schools and the Temple in which he built was actually a house of initiation containing a mass of pagan, philosophic, and phallic emblems. The pomegranates, the palm headed columns, the pillars before the door, coupled with the arrangement of the chambers and draperies all indicate the Temple to have been patterned after sanctuaries of Egypt and Atlantis.

MASONIC SYMBOLS : The Esoteric Meaning of the Twin Pillars: Boaz and Jachin

Since the dawn of civilization, the entrance of sacred and mysterious places have been guarded by two pillars. Whether in art or in architecture, twin pillars are archetypal symbols representing an important gateway or passage towards the unknown. In Freemasonry, the pillars are named Jachin and Boaz and represent one of the Brotherhood’s most recognizable symbol, prominently featured in Masonic art, documents and buildings. This article will look at the origins of this timeless symbol and its esoteric meaning.

The concept of twin pillars standing at the gates of sacred places can be traced back to ancient civilizations of Antiquity (some claim from Atlantis, the lost source of Hermetic knowledge).

A Gateway

The symbol of the twin pillars have, since time immemorial, guarded the gateways to holy places and mysterious realms. They mark the passage towards the unknown and the otherworldly. In ancient Greece, The Pillars of Hercules was the phrase that was applied to the promontories that flank the entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar. The northern Pillar is the Rock of Gibraltar in the British territory of Gibraltar.

I’ve been meaning to post about this. Yes, I think the “Twin Pillars” of Freemasonry is a prime crux behind the symbolism of the September 11 attacks (“Twin Towers), other than the Knights Templar founding date, of course. I’m sure you realized this pretty early on. I was aware of this for a long time, actually, for certain reasons. This is also why the Tsuki Project used the crescent, as I mentioned before. The twin pillars are frequently associated with the sun and moon, respectively.
And in passing, I should also mention a couple things about the twin pillars theme. Yes it’s a major theme in Freemasonry, you’ll see the twin pillars in fact in front of every masonic lodge. And yes it’s a major symbol of their dualistic belief system, other than the black/white checker board (P.2., G.2., etc). We already discussed the U.S. Army Civil Affairs usage of this symbol in their white nationalist psyops, namely American Renaissance, remember? And I just recently posted the image expose of the geopolitical spook outfit, Integrity Initative, (“Verita”), utilizing both the checker board theme AND the twin pillars of Freemasonry.
Of course, the earth/globe symbol present pretty much everywhere seems to be traced back to the twin pillars of Freemasonry, where you’ll see two earth globes on each. That’s why they chose the WORLD Trade Center, of course. And I also noticed this of late, “NEW” York, “WORLD” Trade Center attacks i.e. “New World Order” i.e. “Know”.
Getting back to course, M.I.6./B.I.C./C.I.A. front Amnesty (“S-T-*-N-*) INTE-rnation-AL promoted the same exact occult psyop.
TELL the WORLD: We stand together #againsthate
A-gainst H-ate
By the way, what’s the name of the Freemasonry symbol Amnesty International (“A.I./I.A.” i.e. Intelligence Agency) uses? A c-ANDL-e. Wow, what a surprise.
The Case for Candles
Berkshire Lodge of Enlightenment No. 9946
This occult “hand” theme seems to continue with the “secret handshake” theme of Freemasonry, again.
Freemasons definitely do have a secret handshake but they won’t tell us what it is
Secret handshake
“AND” “MAKE”???
Then there’s another major one. The Gr-AND Lodge of England, the Gr-AND Hall, etc.
Another important Freemasonry symbol is the hourglass, which obviously contains s-AND. I already pointed out the use of this specific occult symbol by WikiLeaks, or probably, WiccaLeaks, being the real meaning.
But Freemasons are also interested in another theme that connects to this theme, “sandstone”, a geological rock formation, and a theme in architecture.
Freemason NSW & ACT December 2017
Sydney sandstone
Here’s another occult symbol used by London Under-GROUND (i.e. London Bridge is FALLING down).
Be Patient With Others
Time = Change
London Underground logo = Saturn = God of Time
And on the subject of masonic h-AND-shakes did you know global military civil affairs units use this as their main symbol? Here are a few examples out of thousands.
As you can see, it’s truly used around the globe, spanning continents, the same exact symbols by global militaries, further proving all governments are in fact part of one single shadow military government.
Another interesting thing I noticed about “GamerGate” (I hope someone here saw my analysis of that psyop on one of my imgur file dumps), “GA”-amer-“GA”-ate. “G” is the seventh (7th) letter of the alphabet, while “A” is the first (1st), so “GAmerGAte” literally means “7171”, which is 1717 reversed” This obviously ties into “M.A.G.A.”, right? Well, it’s even better. “M” is the thirteenth (13th) letter of the alphabet!
In terms of the whole “gateway” theme, I hope what I’m writing will cause you to understand the TRUE, ULTIMATE significance of the 9/11 memorial reflecting pools.
National September 11 Memorial & Museum
Switzerland: Gateway to the Alps and Gateway to Hell
Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth
Switzerland tunnel: The oddest moments of the opening ceremony
Beyond the Indian subcontinent and Hinduism
Opening Ceremony of Worlds Longest Tunnel (Gotthard/Switzerland)
Gotthard Base Tunnel opening ceremony
CERN Gotthard Tunnel Symbolism
CERN’s logo is undeniably 666. And where is CERN located? G-eneva, of course. Interestingly enough, the “real” number of the beast is considered by some to be 616, which combined is 13!
Number of the beast
WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE: The 88 Paradox Explained
This is a VERY important video in under-STAND-ing all of this, unfortunately I’m unable to access it right now, for some reason. Can anyone else access it right now? Although, this video I can say is the next best thing.
They Love “THE ABYSS”.. Can You Guess WHY? Pt.1
Remember when I was talking about, “The Void”? This further elaborates on that concept.
The last couple of things I’m going to connect is the science fiction series, “Stargate” with the real-life C.I.A./D.O.D. occult project, Stargate Project. It’s all connected. And the theme of “Stargate” and the medium of the water goddess is discussed in that TruthMediaFilms video if you can access it. That’s why the myth of Bloody Mary exists, that you can communicate with her through the mirror, it’s essentially the same symbolism. And it’s also connected to this occult landmark, designed by a Jew, deliberately near the riverside.
Stargate Project
Bloody Mary (folklore)
London Eye
ACM mentioned G-ravity FALLS, and as much as I hate Western animation, yes, I know all about it. And what are the chances that that obvious occultic show utilized the same exact theme I’m talking about? i.e. the gate?
Gravity Falls
Interdimensional Portal
The fact that it’s a Disney show is no surprise, Disney is deliberately packed full of “magic” symbolism as anyone who’s researched conspiracy would know. Walt Disney himself was not only an F.B.I. agent who worked with the C.I.A., but was also a member of DeMolay International, just like Bill Cooper. DeMolay International is named after the last Gr-AND master of the Knights Templar, and was founded by Frank Sherman LAND.
DeMolay International
The fact that Demolay International was founded in Kansas City, Missouri is also very interesting, considering that’s the setting of the Wizard of Oz, the home of ex-C.I.A. director Mike Pompeo, and of course, the home of the Missouri Gang, who essentially formed the inner core of the C.I.A.
Oh, and of course, the main symbol of Gravity Falls is, you guessed it, an occultic hand. Interestingly enough, the “3” number on the hand corresponds to the Doctor Who episode, “The Power of Three”, which is all about an invasion of strange black blocks/cubes on earth, an obvious allusion to Freemasonry’s Stone of Foundation.
The Symbolism of Freemasonry: XXX. The Stone of Foundation
I noticed this a while ago, too.
Yes, the “fall” theme I’ve already written about on my post on Grenfell Tower, but it doesn’t seem to have came up yet unfortunately, but you can see at least some of the information I’ve written on this strange occult pattern I’ve noticed. It’s not only related to the hanged man occult tarot card, but as well as the “falling man” theme of 9/11.
The Hanged Man (Tarot card)
The Falling Man
And look at the name of the guy that took that photo. See anything interesting in the SOUNDS? Something true?
Oh, and again, on the subject of General Albert Stubblebine’s Project Stargate shit:

Stargate Project was a secret U.S. Army unit established in 1978 at Fort Meade, Maryland, by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and SRI International (a California contractor) to investigate the potential for psychic phenomena in military and domestic intelligence applications. The Project, and its precursors and sister projects, originally went by various code names—GONDOLA WISH, STARGATE, GRILL FLAME, CENTER LANE, PROJECT CF, SUN STREAK, SCANATE—until 1991 when they were consolidated and rechristened as “Stargate Project”.

A few last comments I want to make. This stuff also fits into the C.I.A. and U.S.A.P.O.’s occult themed “M-AND-ela Effect” psychological operation.
Mandela effect
And on the theme of “88”, yes, as I think I’ve mentioned before, this ties into the naming of the 4th and 8th Psychological Operations Group, the latter of which, along with 8chan, is clearly utilizing the occult oroboros theme.
I not too long ago discovered a pretty popular YouTrube channel, centered on videos of Jordan Peterson and the like, that had an extremely occult combination of the 8th Psychological Operations Group emblem and Freemasonry’s Eye of Providence, but can’t find it right now, unfortunately.
Did you know there’s also this?
Section 8 (military)

Section 8 was a category of discharge from the United States military, used for a service member judged mentally unfit for service. Section 8 was also often given to cross-dressers, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.[1]

Now isn’t that an interesting naming, considering many of those who were in Section 8 no doubt became serial killers / mass murderers and associated psychos? Indeed.
Oh, and on Jordan Peterson’s stupid name. I cracked the code on that, too.
7/8 letters

YES! Here it is. For all to see.
5/7 letters
Inner Vision
Look at this shit.
Here’s something less sinister, but no less interesting, and this is from a popular left-wing psyop spook.
Secular Talk
Besides the 8th Psychological Operations theme, cleverly concealed, there’s an obvious intelligence agency-style themed background, too, I’m talking about the people with their arms crossed and shit. You know what I mean?
And this spook is worse. Because now he has that stupid image in ALL of his videos, and what did he have before you may ask?
‘RESIGN IN DISGRACE!’: Trump Hits Biden On Afghanistan
Here’s a random shitty video of his. This fucker is literally using the entire color scheme of U.S.A.C.A.P.O.C., just like GamerGate.
And there’s more.
‘Kyle Out Of Context’ Compilation #18
This thing used to be his OLD theme, on his YouTube banner as well, as you’d expect. And what do you know? It looks like an EXACT copy of this U.S.A.P.O. battalion’s emblem (part of the 2nd G-roup).
15th Psychological Operations Battalion, US Army,_US_Army
And guess where the 2nd PSYOP Group is located? Twinsburg, Ohio.
At first I thought, “Ah, twig!”, but it’s more deeply, and clearly, an allusion to the two twins esoteric theme (dualism), aside from the earth-related theme straight afterwards.

And I forgot to mention the obvious fact that the Eye in the Capstone symbol in this context is also a dual allusion to S.O.C.O.M.’s spear tip, just like how the “8” is a dual allusion to the ouroboros.
And I just noticed that “Inner Vision”, stands for “I.V.”, which obviously corresponds to “four” on a surface level, so that could be a dual allusion to the 4th Psychological Operations Group, which is also under SOCOM’s direct command and/or to the word alone, “fourth”, i.e. “truth”. Inverted, it’d be “V.I.”, which is the number six, which is the same number as nine, orthography wise.
Since the “V” first and foremost is obviously an allusion to “Veritas”, the “I” is most likely an allusion to “Influence”, in terms of words. And possibly, “Intelligence”, as well.
Ignoring the Roman application, “I” is the ninth letter of the English alphabet, and “V” is the twenty-second. Which is essentially 9/11/11.

@TheZog and Anonym O’Us
Not sure if you can both comment it seems Guo Wengui, Li Meng Yan the so-called virologist and Falun Gong owned media is working with Steve Bannon, there are people on Twitter who refer that Guo Wengui and Li Meng Yan are part of the Chinese Communist Party’s United Front, please note the United Front is the Ministry of State Security and has been since 1983:

That twitter person you’re referencing to seems to be a spook themselves.
Yeah, you’re referring to the United Front Work Department, they’re the C.C.P.’s psychological warfare division. Both “Front” and “Work” just so happen to be terms associated with the U.S. Army’s U.S. Military Intelligence Corps and the C.I.A., respectively. Almost all of the fakespiracies surrounding the U.F.W.D. are a coordinated C.I.A. psyop.
There’s obviously no overt proof she’s an operative for either M.S.S., U.F.W.D. and/or Chinese military intelligence. That’d blow her cover, obviously. But China is a totalitarian state, no different than the U.S., so there’s no reason for someone like her to be associating herself with high-level U.S. Govt. intelligence operatives if she isn’t a Chinese Govt. intelligence spook herself.
Here’s a couple of other interesting things I noticed after reading your comment.
G-uo Wengui
Guo Wengui

Guo claims to be a whistle-blower, but some of his statements were unable to be verified by newspapers such as The New York Times.[11] Between 2018 and 2020, Guo launched two media projects with Bannon, G News and GTV Media Group.[12]

GTV Media Group

GTV Media Group, Inc. is a media company formed in April 2020 by Steve Bannon and Guo Wengui.[3][4] The company operates GTV, a Chinese media platform.[5] It has been involved in several controversies regarding its funding and spreading of fake news.

The “G” in this context speaks for itself. It also obviously is an allusion to “Gnosis”, i.e. “Know”-ledge. And the news site name makes it even MORE obvious, “GNEWS”, being both an allusion to “Know” and “Truth” of the C.I.A.’s occult motto.
The “camera” symbol obviously represents scripted reality, but since “M” is just “W” inverted, it’s actually “cawera” i.e. “cnawan” (know).
6/7 letters
3/3 letters
“M” is also “W” inverted, so we have “G-*-O-W” as well.
GNEWS – Let’s Take down the CCP
“LET’S” ———-> “TELL” ———->“INTELLIGENCE”
“LET’S” ———-> G-a-TES
“DOWN” ———-> “KNOW”
Why are “L” and “T” in initials but not the rest of the letters? That’s clearly grammatically incorrect. Why, it’s because “L” is the twelfth letter of the alphabet and “T” is the twentieth letter of the alphabet.
Combined they form the number “thirty-two” (32), the second highest degree in Freemasonry, just before the “thirty-third” (33).
‘thirty-two” / “thirty-third”
In religion

In the Kabbalah, there are 32 Kabbalistic Paths of Wisdom. This is, in turn, derived from the 32 times of the Hebrew names for God, Elohim appears in the first chapter of Genesis.

In sports

In chess, the total number of black squares on the board, the total number of white squares, and the total number of pieces (black and white) at the beginning of the game.

Now, isn’t that interesting?
As we know, the checker board theme is a theme of both Freemasonry AND U.S. Army Psychological Operations. Obviously, this is no coincidence, and further proves the connection. Has anyone here seen the graphic representing both the U.S. and China on a “GRAND” CH-ess board? Because this is obviously an allusion to geopolitics being staged, dualistic theater staged by Freemasonry.
Guo Wengui himself was born in SH-en County, SHAN-dong.
His stupid nickname, “Miles Kwok”, obviously has the C.I.A. code, “Know” in it. “M” is also the thirteenth letter of the alphabet, which is important to the C.I.A. and Freemasonry, and “K” is the ninth letter of the alphabet, also very important to them. “Miles” is also an anagram for “Lies”.

At the peak of his career, he was the 73rd richest person in China.


Guo was accused of corruption and other misdeeds by the Chinese authorities and fled to the United States in late 2014, after learning he was going to be arrested under allegations including bribing, kidnapping, money laundering, fraud and rape.[8][9]

Apparently he’s an alleged rapist as well, which is common for spook oligarchs I guess.
When was this stupid psyop outfit even founded?

Founded April 20, 2020; 15 months ago

Just another occult Nazi connection (it’s an allusion to 4/20, Adolf Hitler’s birthday again.)

Headquarters Buffalo, New York
, United States

“New York”
4/4 letters
Since “u” is “n” inverted, “Buffalo”, contains not only “no”, but more importantly:
5/9 letters
I also noticed something interesting about that ugly gorilla Steve Bannon, aside from his name containing almost all of the letters of the word “veritas”, his middle name contains the letters of the word, “knaw/know”, as you can see here.
VV = W
The most interesting thing about Falun Gong is it’s name and logo, to me.
“FAL”“UN” “G”-o-“NG”
“Fall” = Occult earth sacrifice allusion
“Un” = “Nu” i.e. “Know”
Their logo is very interesting, since it’s of a swastika, an obvious Nazi / New Age occult allusion. And the general theme surrounding it is or-ANGE, another occult favorite of the C.I.A. and D.O.D. The color yellow is the second most prominent, possibly being an allusion to “know”.
U.S. Army Intelligence Jew Sydney Rittenberg was actually quite close to Mao Zedong’s inner circle, and he was probably also working for the C.I.A., it’s even possible he was some kind of handler.
Sidney Rittenberg
Sidney Rittenberg: Reflections on a lifetime in China

Sidney Rittenberg is an American who lived in China from 1945 to 1980. His arrival was partly coincidence: He was drafted during World War II and sent to China after studying Chinese language at Stanford University. He arrived just as the Japanese were surrendering, and witnessed injustices committed by the Kuomintang government against its own people.

The man who made friends with Mao
Sidney Rittenberg obituary

Sidney Rittenberg, an American from South Carolina…


Although he denied all his life that he spied for the US, even in old age Rittenberg would be asked by retired FBI and CIA chiefs whom he had been reporting to in Washington while under his “deep cover” in China. When he insisted he was not a spy, Rittenberg related, the former spooks would typically tap their noses and say: “You’re still very good.”


1921: Born, Charleston, South Carolina, US.
1940: Joined Amercian Communist Party, labour and civil rights organiser.
1942: Joined US Army.
1943: after Pearl Harbour, studied Chinese at Stanford University.
1945: Language expert at US Army headquarters, China.
1946: Left army, joined United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Agency in Shanghai. Neutral translator for US Army, nationalists and communists in a truce team set up to conciliate in Chinese Civil War by US president Truman’s envoy. Met Zhou Enlai, who introduced him to Chairman Mao Zedong in Yanan. Worked for communist leaders translating propaganda. Joined Chinese Communist party.
1949: CIA spy allegations: imprisoned for six years.
1955: Released with public apologies from Mao and Zhou. Now Communist Party member privy to classified information.


After attending Porter Military Academy, he turned down a full scholarship to Princeton University and instead attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he majored in philosophy.[citation needed
Sidney Rittenberg, Idealistic American Aide to Mao Who Evolved to Counsel Capitalists, Dies at 98
Nine (9) plus eight (8) equals seventeen (17)
Great Leap Forward
Is this occult proof Freemasonry was ultimately behind the Bolshevist genocides?

Question everything
CH-*-N-G-E (ch phonetically via stio)
F-R-E-E (possibly phonetically via v)

I’ve already cracked the code of the stupid “incel” psyop term.
I had a weirder explanation for it before, if you can guess. It had something to do with the dualistic principle of gender / sex / reproduction (“In”, “Cell”), just like fem-IN-ism (“orga-SM“).

I had a weirder explanation for it before, if you can guess. It had something to do with the dualistic principle of gender / sex / reproduction (“In”, “Cell”), just like fem-IN-ism (“orga-SM“).

Is it to do with difference between male/female gametes i.e. the male gametes are motile and go OUT, whereas female gametes are relatively stationary and stay IN, or something like that? Or maybe that male gametes are supposed to go IN the female egg cell, or ovum?
Speaking of which, I just realised “eggcel” is apparently a chan(ge) meme word synonymous with “roastie” or a “(Western) woman who hit the Wall”.

Yeah, and don’t forget “trucel”, they use that term every five minutes.
I was thinking more along the lines of the obvious and crude “in her”. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about these black magic psychos it’s that they love crude stuff like this, especially. The whole ritual harvest sacrifice stuff is based on nature fertility in the first place. This is the heart of Druidic/Celtic and Semitic/Judaic magic. I’ll expound more on this later.

Here’s something very interesting I’ve just noticed. What’s the seventeenth (17th) tarot card in the Major Arcana?
The Star
If we consider number zero to in fact be the first card, then guess what’s switched to the seventeenth?
The Tower (Tarot card)
And of course, the number sixteenth (16) is nineteenth (19) inverted.

I have some interesting things to say about Tarot cards in relation to an earlier comment I made, but I’ll fire off something really quick that you’ve just reminded me of before I forget.
Note that the Pentagon is quite literally a STARFORT.
BTW, I have read all of your comments and replies to my comments. They’re all great. I just haven’t added to most of them because I don’t want to clutter tz’s page up with “good comment” etc. over and over.

Oh, I also forgot to mention Stratfor is owned by another spook front company called RANE, Risk Assistance NETWORK + ExCHANGE.
RANE = rain = STORM
Note the deliberate use of the + sign, presumably a Templar cross reference.

BTW, I have read all of your comments and replies to my comments. They’re all great. I just haven’t added to most of them because I don’t want to clutter tz’s page up with “good comment” etc. over and over.

Thanks. I appreciate it. It’s good to know what I post is appreciated by at least someone. Sometimes it feels like I’m just schizo spamming in the “dark corner of the web”, (think the dark color scheme of this site).
Well, in that case you’re free to reply if you actually have something substantive to say other then that it’s good, I guess. I’m especially curious as to your views on my Attack on Titan mythology analysis.

No problem. You and tz are always way ahead of me, so I’m mostly just learning and adding what I can as I can.
Did you see this comment ?
I can’t remember, but I think that was in limbo during tz’s hiatus, so you may still not have seen it. It provides some additional context for the Jewish stuff. I should re-read your reply again before commenting on it, but I didn’t take issue with anything you wrote, IIRC.
BTW, I realize what I wrote is probably incredibly confusing for someone who hasn’t finished the series, so I apologize if I spoiled it for you if you were planning on finishing it.

Actually, it looks like you already beat me to it.
I was going to bring up the “trump card” reference to the :Ace of Spades”.

The Tower (Tarot card)

Trump Tower?

The trump suit may be fixed as in Spades, rotate on a fixed schedule or depend on the outcome of the previous hand as in Ninety-nine, be determined by drawing a card at random as in Bezique, by the last card dealt to a designated player as in Whist, by the first card played as in Nine Card Don…

A variant generally called Nine-card Don, also Big Don, Long Don, Welsh Don.

Also, Trump AKA 45 (4+5=9) and 17, c.f. the bespoke jerseys presented him at his numerous appearances at major sporting events throughout his presidency.

Wow, that “Don” thing isn’t something I was aware of. I knew there was something more hiding in his stupid name.
I thought of the example of William “Wild Bill” Donovan before, and that might also possibly be related to this sympathetic magic theme.
I also realized that just like how the word, “Donald”, contains part of the C.I.A. motto, “Know The..”, it also thereby allows them to smuggle the sound of the word, “Clown”, as well.

What was the nickname of the O.S.S.?
G-lorious A-matuers
“G” is the 7th letter of the alphabet. “A” is the 1st letter of the alphabet.

Just last night, I was reading an update on the eerie silence of insurgency within Afghanistan (from the non-Taliban insurgent groups) during the takeover by the Taliban because it marked (as of today) 11 days since there was any form of activity from these groups. Lo-and-behold, today there was a suicide attack at the Kabul airport (“at least 11 dead) and also at the Baron hotel. Very interesting timing.

Yes, interesting timing, just a few days before August 31, Biden’s deadline for the U.S. military withdrawal. What a coincidence.
I actually predicted this to someone in real life just a few days ago. I said that there would be a large “terrorist” attack in Kabul which would probably kill U.S. soldiers right before the deadline date. And I was exactly right. I can predict these things so easily now, and I’ve done it several times.
Obviously the point of these conveniently timed “terrorist” attacks is to give Biden and the Pentagon a plausible excuse to stay in Afghanistan longer. That’s always the reason, besides the date and numerology occultism.
And it’s an openly admitted fact that Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and the Taliban are all controlled by the CIA ans ISI.

I didn’t know that. But I did know this.
11 days in August: How Afghanistan fell
Taliban’s Breakneck Seizure Of Power In 11 Days Leaves US Stunned

Afghan Crisis: “There was nothing that I, or anyone else, saw that indicated a collapse of this army and this government in 11 days,” US Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley said.

The Afghan Army Collapsed In Days. Here Are The Reasons Why

The quick collapse of the Afghan National Army stunned many, including the Pentagon’s top military officer, Gen. Mark Milley. He told reporters this week that the U.S. intelligence community estimated that if U.S. forces withdrew, it would be weeks, months, even years before the Afghan military fell to the Taliban.
Instead, it was just 11 days.

This probably isn’t useful information, but I’ve already taken the time to write a lot of it down so I figured I’d post it here. It’s related to this earlier comment by tz:

I predict that Duane Johnson (“The Rock”) will be U.S. president within the next 10-12 years, thus fulfilling the story line of the 2000 movie Idiocracy, produced and directed by 2nd generation C.I.A. officer Mike Judge (thus the movie’s eerily accurate predictions).
Dwayne “The ROCK” Johnson starred in Disney’s Jungle Cruise (G-un-G-le C-rui-S-e), which I had the recent misfortune of sitting through. But there is a silver lining, because there were quite a few examples of occult code words being worked into the script in an extremely hamfisted way, especially through the unfunny jokes delivered by The Rock throughout the movie.
The ROCK stars as FRANK WOLFF / FranCiSCo Lopez de HereDIA
Frank = TRUTHful. Etymologically, FREE:

c. 1300, “free, liberal, generous;” 1540s, “outspoken,” from Old French franc “free (not servile); without hindrance, exempt from; sincere, genuine, open, gracious, generous; worthy, noble, illustrious” (12c.), from Medieval Latin francus “free, at liberty, exempt from service,” as a noun, “a freeman, a Frank”
Note costar Emily BLUNT. BLUNT is practically a synonym for the word FRANK.
I’m assuming WOLFF is a reference to what AO’Us has previously elucidated here #comment-4711 and here #comment-917 especially since the archaic “long s” is a homoglyph of the letter “f”, which means FF = SS, which is an occult reference to Nazism in its own right. This also reminds me of my and tz’s earlier argument here #comment-104 perhaps Kevin MacDonald’s research on wolves is also an allusion?
The boat the characters ride around is called La Quila, which some mainstream articles claim is a reference to an Incan moon goodess. However, I think it’s just as likely a way to shoehorn the letter Q into the movie, a reference to the USAPOC and Freemason quill, or a reference to L’Aquila, which means “the eagle” in Latin.
Royal society – freemason org – speech at end with world net symbol
And here’s the best part, IMO, because this is the first scene of the movie with The Rock, and so many occult codes are fired off in rapid succession:
1. …only two can play.
Reference to chess/checkerboard and pattern, and dualism, I assume.
2. The ROCKS you see here in the RIVER are SANDSTONE, but some people just take for G-ranite. It’s one of my BOULDER attractions.
No explanation needed.
3. Before this I used to work in an ORANGE juice factory, but I got canned. Couldn’t concentrate. Yeah, they put the SQUeeze on me, too.
Beyond the obvious inclusion of the word Orange for reasons we’re already know, I think this may be a subtle holocaust (which was obviously a human sacrifice) reference.
4. …The boa constrictor right there is capable of eating up to 500lb per sitting…I will feed you to the boa… He loves small children.
Clearly another human sacrifice reference, but also possibly a reference to Boaz and Jachin, since he is “jachin” about “boaz”.
Some other miscellaneous ones I caught:
Uses the phrase “Turn water to STONE”
Prominently features the phrase “CHANGE the WORLD” or “CHANGE EVERYTHING”, as pretty much all action/adventure movies do. The word “everything” contains both TRUTH and CHANGE via partial homophone/anagram.
Key plot point of the movie is an ARROWHEAD, said to be “The KEY (USAPOC and general occult symbol) to CHANGing the WORLD.””
Included a scene with a musical instrument simply to work the phrase “you’re off KEY” into script.
Scene where an Amazon river dolphin is deliberately referred to by its binomial latin name Inia GEOFFREnsis
German noble at the end of movie is killed by ROCK/BOULDER/STONE

Go on… is it similar to The Cabin in the Woods, like Mark Passio discussed in that video you linked recently?

YES. In fact, it’s the EXACT SAME METAPHOR. Have you seen any of the Godzilla movie remakes? They’re pretty good if you like monster action movies. The one where the metaphor is the most obvious is “Godzilla: King of the Monsters,” so I definitely recommend watching that one at least. They kind of hit you over the head with the metaphor in that one. And pay special attention to the name of the fictional mega corporation involved and then pay EXTRA special attention to THE SHAPE OF ITS CORPORATE LOGO.

I saw the first one a while back, so I don’t remember any details. I’ll definitely check the second one out sometime soon.
Ready or Not (2019) also blatantly weaves in the same theme, but on a much smaller scale.

This was inevitable.
BREAKING: At least 11 people killed in explosion outside Kabul airport.
“K” is the eleventh letter of the alphabet.
“11” “Portal” / “Gate” concept of Freemasonry.
“KABUL AIRPORT EXPLOSION” ———-> “K.A.E. “ ———-> “K”
“K” is the eleventh letter of the alphabet.
Taliban: At least 13 dead after blasts at Kabul airport
Kabul airport bomb attacks cause many casualties – BBC News
K.A.B.A. (“Kabul Airport Bomb Attacks”) (“Kaaba” or “Kabba”). Could be a coincidence, but it’s still interesting to note, since both of those concepts are related to Freemasonry.

At least two explosions have been reported near the Abbey Gate, being used for evacuations at Kabul airport. One blast was near the Baron Hotel, being used as a staging post by Western nations for evacuations.
A Pentagon spokesman confirmed there had been a “number of US and civilian casualties” in the attack.

“A”-bbey “G”-ate
“A” = “1”
“G” = “7”
= 17
“G”-ate of Freemasonry.
What was the name of the I.S.I.S. affiliate purported to be behind the attacks? ISIL-K.
“K” is the eleventh letter of the alphabet.
“K” is the first letter of the C.I.A. operative word, “K”-now.

Here’s something else.
“K”-abul “A”-irport “G”-ate
“K”-eep “A”-merica “G”-reat!

Hey Mr. Zog, have you heard of or done any digging into the background of Stew Peters? He has come out of nowhere with his radio show and somehow has been able to book all the recent A – listers of the alt media but with a focus on interviewing a lot of these ‘anti vaxxer’ medical professionals and activists such as Sherri Tenpenny and others, I mean just look at the jew beak on this fella!

No, I’ve never heard of Stew Peters, so I don’t know anything about him. These internet psyop spooks are a dime a dozen. The CIA mass produces them on an assembly line.


Middle English (in the sense ‘cauldron’): from Old French estuve (related to estuver ‘heat in steam’), probably based on Greek tuphos ‘smoke, steam’. stew1 (sense 1 of the noun) (mid 18th century) is directly from the verb (dating from late Middle English).

Witch’s cauldron.

I’ve just noticed that the letter, “h”, looks kind of like a “u” when upside down, but with a longer than normal leg. Could that mean that whenever there’s a “The”, there’s four out of five letters of the word, “truth”?

Yes, I know. Jarhead has connections to all four military branches, especially Special Ops, Army and Navy. But that’s not why I call him “Jarhead” though. I call him that because that’s what one of the spooks who worked with him at Austin Cable Access in the late 1990’s called him.

Apologies in advance if one of you have already pointed this out
Mohammad Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai

“S”-herry (19)
“G”--ary (7)
“A”-delson (1)
“Sheep” America Great?
America “Shall” be Great?

US Marines officer relieved of duties after video seeking ‘accountability’ over Afghanistan
Relieved c.f. Freemasonry motto “Brotherly love, Relief, and Truth.”
Duty c.f. taxation —> human sacrifice / harvest

“I have been fighting for 17 years,” said Scheller…

Stuart Scheller
T-R-U-E / T-R-U-T-H
S-T-U-R-* = STORM (note initials SS)

Scheller Name Meaning
German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): nickname for a noisy person or one with a loud voice, from an inflected form of Middle High German schel ‘noisy’, ‘loud’.

NATO PSYOP loudspeaker allusion?

Related to this and AO’Us initial letter numerology rule:
Are you familiar with the A = 432 Hz PSYOP product?
Turns out it was popularized by the SCHiller Institute, which is apparently related to Lyndon (LANDon) LaRouCHe.

Yeah, I think I’ve noticed some of those dumb videos on Y.T.
That crap comes from the Schiller Institute? Yes, that’s Lydon LaRouche’s stupid psyop “think tank.”

Okay, so I’ll admit I only found out about this because of a 4chan thread, but I can’t believe I missed this. Have you guys read this yet?

The largest undercover force the world has ever known is the one created by the Pentagon over the past decade. Some 60,000 people now belong to this secret army, many working under masked identities and in low profile, all part of a broad program called “signature reduction.” The force, more than ten times the size of the clandestine elements of the CIA, carries out domestic and foreign assignments, both in military uniforms and under civilian cover, in real life and online, sometimes hiding in private businesses and consultancies, some of them household name companies.

Yes, I saw that story. But I’ve known of the U.S. Army Intelligence (and also D.I.A. and C.I.A.) control of every aspect of American society, long before that psyop news story came out.
Other activities

While serving in the U.S. Army in the 1960s, Christopher H. Pyle learned that “Army intelligence had 1500 plain clothes agents watching every demonstration of 20 people or more throughout the United States”. Pyle’s disclosures led to Congressional investigations and a crackdown on what was regarded as the Army’s investigative excesses. This ended what advocates regarded as the peak of counterintelligence efficiency: “At the height of the disturbance period, a CIC agent could get a report from the street to Fort Holabird HQ in 20 minutes, from practically any city in the U.S., seconds or brief minutes later the report was in Operations Center in a lower basement of the Pentagon”.[10]

I actually read that entire Newsweek article a couple of weeks ago. I found it by accident from doing an unrelated internet sear-CH. What a massive waste of time reading that whole article was, and I wish I hadn’t.

“TEMPLAR” ———->“TRUMP” ———-> “TAMPA”
*-N-*-G-H-T-* T-*-M-P-L-A-R
“TRUMP” ———-> “POMPEO” ———-> “PENCE”
K-N-I-G-H-*-S *-E-M-P-L-A-R
K-*-I-G-H-*-S *-E-M-P-L-A-R
K-N-I-G-H-T-S T-E-M-P-L-A-*
K-N-I-G-H-*-S T-E-M-P-*-A-R
K-N-I-G-*-T-S T-E-M-*-*-A-R

You’ve got to be f’ing kidding me that both Pence’s and Pompeo’s first and middle names are “Michael Richard.” This “CHA” naming pattern with media and political celebrities is so goddamn obvious that I find it hard to believe that I’m the first person to ever notice it.

No one would’ve bothered to investigate these spook’s biographies to find out their middle names in the first place.

Just so I don’t get berated, I got the “G” from the “C”.
“CHAMPLAIN TOWERS” ———-> “PLAINS” (LAND) ———-> “PLAN” ———-> “PLANE” (911) ———-> “OUT IN PLAIN SIGHT” ———-> 9/11

That’s good. But there’s something even better about that name:
“Champlain” is derived from the French word “champ,” which means “FIELD”!

Yeah, I read your previous posts on it. It’s extremely incriminating, just like the example of “S”-tephen “Paddock”.
“FIELD” ———-> “FELL” ———-> “FALL”
And I just noticed something else about “Paddock”, that you probably just noticed too.
“PADDOCK” ———-> “DOCK” ———->“ROCK”
11/14 letters

12/16 letters
“P.L.A.” ———-> “TEMPLAR”

11/14 letters

*-N-I-*-*-T-* T-E-M-P-L-A-*
9/13 letters

On a Thursday, Thirteen people were first reported as dead, in the Kabul Airport Gate bombings. Ultimately, Thirteen U.S. troops, mostly U.S. M-arines, and all of which were U.S. Department of the Navy, were killed.
American troops are planned to leave on August 31st.
“M” is the 13th letter of the alphabet

August 31 = 13 reversed
13 Marines
M = 13
None of this is an accident. I don’t know how the hell the CIA or Pentagon can control exactly HOW MANY Marines got killed by a suicide bomb, but they did.

13 “TROOPS” died at “K”-abul “A”-irport “G”-ate.
13 = T-R-*-T-H

9, 11, 13, 17, 19.
A-merica joins World War I against G-ermany (1/7)
A-merica joins World War I against A-ustria-Hungary (1/1)
A-merica intervenes in the R-ussian Civil War (1/18)
1 + 18 = 19
A-merica supports the U-nited Kingdom in World War II (1/21)
1 + 21 = 22 = 11 + 11
A-merica occupies G-ermany (1/7)
A-merica occupies J-apan (1/10)
1 + 10 = 11
A-merica wages the Cold War against the S-oviets (1/19)
A-merica helps create Operation G-ladio (1/7)
America (NATO) wages the Years of Lead (Strategy of Tension) in I-taly (1/9)
A-merica intervenes in K-orea (1/11)
A-merica intervenes in V-ietnam (1/13)
A-merica attempts to overthrow C-uba in the Bay of Pigs (1/3)
A-merica supports the M-uhajideen (1/13)
A-merica supports I-slamists against the S-oviets (1/1/19)
A-merica intervenes in L-ebanon (1/12)
1 + 12 = 13
A-merica invades G-renada (1/7)
A-merica elects G-eorge H.W. Bush as President (1/7)
A-merica invades P-anama (1/16)
16 = 19
A-merica intervenes in the G-ulf War (1/7)
A-merica supports K-uwait against I-raq (1/11/9)
A-merica intervenes in S-omalia (1/19)
A-merica intervenes in H-aiti (1/8)
1 + 8 = 9
A-merica (NATO) intervenes in K-osovo (1/11)
A-merica (NATO) bombs S-erbia (1/19)
A-merica elects G-eorge W. Bush as President (1/7)
A-l Qaeda attacks A-merica (1/1)
A-merica invades A-fghanistan (1/1)
A-merica conducts drone strikes in northwestern P-akistan (1/16)
1 + 16 = 17
16 = 19
A-merica invades I-raq (1/9)
A-merica (NATO) intervenes in L-ibya (1/12)
1 + 12 = 13
A-merica supports U-kraine (1/21)
21 + 1 = 22 = 11 + 11
A-merica sanctions Russia over the occupation of C-rimea (1/3)
A-merica bombs I-SIS (1/1)
A-merica intervenes in S-yria (1/19)
A-merica supports the K-urds (1/11)
A-merica intervenes in V-enezuela (1/22)
22 = 11 + 11
A-merica supports Saudi intervention in Y-emen (1/25)
2 + 5 = 7
1 + 7 = 17
A-merica militarily supports I-srael (1/11)
A-merica supports I-srael’s military’s actions in G-aza (1/7)
A-merica supports T-aiwan against China (1/20)
1 + 20 = 21 (21st century)
A-merica wages a Cold War against C-hina (1/3)
3 + 1 = 4 (4th of July?)

A-merica supports I-slamists against the S-oviets (1/1/19)

It’s actually 1/9/19.
And here’s another one, I guess.
A-merica supports color revolution in H-ong Kong (1/8) 1 + 8 = 9

Here’s something I’ve been meaning to post for a while now, and it’s pretty important in my view.
“MAGA” ———-> “MAGIC”
7 Things You May Not Know About Freemasons

While not a secret society, per se, it does have secret passwords and rituals that originate with the medieval guild, says Jacob: “In the original guild, there were three stages: Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Masons who oversaw everyone working on a site. Today, these degrees are more philosophical.”
“M” is the 13th letter of the alphabet.
13 = 13
“A” is the 1st letter of the alphabet
“M” + “A”
= Fourteen Words (White Nationalism)
“A” + “G” and especially “G” + “A”
= 17
“GA”-mer “GA”-te
= 1717 backwards
And I just realized this about Donald Trump’s name.
“Don” or “The Don” (“Donald”), I’ve been trying to crack what this means for a long time now, and I think I’ve cracked it.
And that’s ALL from his name alone. His first name and second name combined quite clearly alone make up the sequence, “Know The Truth (“NO D TRU-MP”), but even if you read his name alone, or make minimal differences it is logical.
Remember, what matters most to them is the SOUNDS, not the spellings.

Donald (“Know The Truth”) Trump is a “great” example of the dual usage that exists between the C.I.A.’s occult motto and the geography term, “Land”, everywhere. Quite clearly, they’re one in the same.
This is one of the biggest discoveries I’ve made, IMHO. I thought about the “Templar” correspondence a while ago to Trump’s name, but didn’t think much of it, since I wasn’t really acutely aware of the extremely strong Freemasonry connection to all of this stuff.

Here, read this:
A Centennial of Subterfuge: the History of Army Psychological Operations

FORT BRAGG, N.C. — On January 23, 2018, the U.S. Army reached a historic milestone: one hundred years of dedicated psychological operations support to military and national security objectives.

Entering World War I in April 1917, the U.S. War Department had no capacity to conduct what is commonly known as psychological operations, or PSYOP, or what is doctrinally referred to today as Military Information Support Operations. On January 23, 1918, Maj. Charles H. Mason, head of MI-2 in the War Department Military Intelligence Branch, direct-commissioned Capt. Heber Blankenhorn straight from civilian life to establish and lead the Psychologic Subsection for the purpose of organizing “the implementation in combat of the psychologic factor in the strategic situation” — quite a nebulous charter for the new officer.

Holy fuck.

…was a 20th-Century American journalist and union activist who served on the National Labor Relations Board…
In 1919, he became co-director of the Bureau of Industrial Research. He worked directly with the InterChurch World Movement and, through it, the Steel Strike of 1919.
In 1921, he also served as acting publicity director for the Amalgamated Clothing Workers’ Union, where he helped establish the New York Leader.

This is definitive proof that the Labor Movement/Socialism in the US are a US Army PSYOP product.
SS! 1919!

(commonly known as the AA)

AA —>11
Note the unambiguous Masonic handshake depicted on said organization’s emblem.
But it gets even better:

Heber (/ˈhiːbər/) is both an Irish masculine given name and an etymologically unrelated Biblical name. The Irish name is an Anglicisation of the Irish Gaelic Éibhear.

Éibhear is an Irish language male given name of uncertain origin. The word eibhear in Irish means granite. Éibhear Fionn the son of Míl, was one of the mythological founders of the Irish people, the Milesians.

You’re right. And I don’t even remember reading that stuff on Blankenhorn’s Wikipedia page. But also notice that Wikipedia doesn’t make ANY mention whatsoever of Blankenhorn’s job as the FOUNDER of U.S. Army Psychological Operations, even that’s the most important thing about his life, by far.
And I don’t know why he would have an Irish first name, because I assume that he was a German Jew, given his last name.

And I don’t know why he would have an Irish first name, because I assume that he was a German Jew, given his last name.

Forgot to reply to this one. I’m almost certain you’re right about this, but the “granite” was a little too juicy not to include.

I thought about The Farmer in the Dell during your earlier thread about the word “farm”, but didn’t think it warranted mentioning at the time.
I also agree that there’s definitely something to this phenomenon.

I just realized something else about the “Humpty Dumpty” thing I was talking about, before, which as you know, is one of the things I was referring to.
It’s even more accurate than I thought.
“Hump” + “Trump” completes the full word, “Truth”.
“Dump”. As you know, the Trump family’s real name before they got it anglicized was “Drumpf”. Then there’s also the fact that Trump’s first name’s initial also happens to be, “D”.
And the mainstream media / liberals love calling Trump “Dump” as an insult. Do you think all this is really a coincidence?
And it gets worse, while the “egg” in this story is white, as you know, eggs are either white or “brown”. But that “brown” color is actually more of a dark orange (“peach”), which is exactly what tanned people like Trump look like.
In fact, that’s another thing I realized about the “im-PEACH-ment”.
And of course, when Humpty Dumpty “falls”, the yoke (“blood”) that ends up splatting out is orange.
And if you read that rhyme, it alludes to the king’s horses and king’s men, which reminds me of the Knights Chess piece (U.S.A.P.O.).
“Champ” ———-> “Hump” ———-> “Chump”
And writing this, it reminded me of that stupid Trump beheading stunt. And guess who did that?
KA-thy (11, 1)
G-riffin (7)
K-eep (11)
A-merica (1)
G-reat! (7)
Her name also contains the full word, “TRUTH”.
And apparently her middle name is “Mary”, just like, “Bloody Mary”, which I alluded to before.
But that makes it even better
“G” or “GR”
MAGA (Make America GReat Again)
And on the “Champlain Towers”, again sounding similar to “Humpty Dumpty”, again.
This continues with the “architecture” theme the C.I.A. and D.O.D. have “crafted” for Donald Trump (Trump Tower, real estate, etc). So in this case, the Champlain Towers represents structure / architecture (i.e. the “wall”), that had a “GREAT FALL”, just like the controlled demolition orchestrated by the C.I.A. and S.O.C.O.M. on September 11.
And if we consider the “white egg” in the original story had a “great fall”, that sounds a LOT like the “G-reat R-eplacement” / “W-hite Genocide” conspiracy theory, now doesn’t it?
“GR”-eat “RE”-placement ———-> “GREAT” / “GREY PSYOP”
W-hite G-enocide ———-> WW1G1WGA ———-> “GNOW/GNOSIS”
And this ties in with your other posts / replies.
Because I just noticed something else about the occult “Ace” / “Trump” / “Knights Chess” piece connection.
What’s the chess equivalent of a “trump card” or “ace” moment?
“CH”-eck “MA”-te
I’ve been meaning to post this in response to the “Champlain Towers” thing for quite some time, so it’s been gathering dust. I’ve read all of the posts here, so I knew about the “field” thing and all, but I didn’t see anyone notice the “plains” thing, that’s why I mentioned it.
Republican National Conventional: What an intro! DONALD TRUMP – We are the champions!
Queen protests Donald Trump’s use of We Are the Champions
Why Queen Cannot Stop Donald Trump’s Use Of ‘We Are The Champions’
“Q”-een (17)! You can’t “MAKE” this shit up! This is the spookiest shit you’ll ever see.
“Queen” also represents sovereignty, and obviously they’ve made “Trump” their “golden king”. They’ve conducted numerous mass death events in such a way to evoke a “killing of the king” as Mark Passio has pointed out.
“WE ARE” The Champions ———-> “WE ARE” The Nation’s First Line of Defence (C.I.A.)

I’m adding that dumb Queen/WATC song story to my QAnon event list on the new site, of which I have more than 100 items. And did you remember that the band who made that song was named “Queen”?
And you forgot about the Dumper Pumper Nicholas Fuentes. He pumps dumpers to show the power of the H’White Afro-Cuban man.

And it gets worse, while the “egg” in this story is white, as you know, eggs are either white or “brown”.

KA-thy (11, 1)
G-riffin (7)
K-eep (11)
A-merica (1)
G-reat! (7)

This reminded me of something else I noticed a while ago, but didn’t consider at length.
KAG = CAG phonetically. And it is actually referred to this way by people in the military.
CAG or Combat Applications Group = Delta Force = CHANGE
CAG —> C-*-A-*-G-*
What’s left over? H-E-N —> Hens lay eggs
CAG = 3 + 1 + 7 = 11
And don’t forget cOVId-19.
I first noticed this pattern in the name Mi-CH-ael
ISA-ac PE(rsuade)-IN(fluence)-ovi-CH(ange)

a combining form meaning “egg,” used in the formation of compound words: oviferous.

Very interesting. This also came to mind last night reg. the “egg” thing:
CH-egg helps students (KNOWledge seekers) to CH-eat on their courseWORK.
The company appears to have gotten its start via what appears to be an MI6-ISI-CIA spook. Note the orange color logo as well.

Why do you say ISI? Pakistani?

Carlson then teamed with Iowa State MBA Osman Rashid, an avid user of the site

Yeah. Check out the guy’s bio:

Osman Rashid was born in London, did his early schooling in Ghana and finished Middle and High School from Islamabad, Pakistan. He later moved to the United States where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Minnesota in 1993.
Before founding G-alxyz, Ch-egg and Kno, Rashid also started Gravitywell, an ASP based customer service solution, and worked at Venturian, a subsidiary of ATIO Corporation, where Osman served as VP of Business Development and Marketing.Between start-ups, Osman was Director of Business Development at Chordiant Software, Inc.

World-travelling CIArial entrepreneur.
Also, Osman is the English transliteration of the Arabic name Uthman —>TRUTH

Amazing. Especially the “Uthman” thing.
That reminds me of a new theory of mine that I came up with recently:
I think that ALL (legal) immigrants to the United States are brought there by the C.I.A. I already know for a fact that all S.E. Asian immigrants are brought to the U.S. by the C.I.A. e.g. Stephen Paddock’s wife, Tiger Wood’s mom, etc. But what if it’s not just S.E. Asian immigrants that are brought to the U.S. by the C.I.A., but ALL immigrants? I think there’s an extremely good chance of that being the case.

But what if it’s not just S.E. Asian immigrants that are brought to the U.S. by the C.I.A., but ALL immigrants? I think there’s an extremely good chance of that being the case.

It’s within the realm of possibility. Especially when you consider that one of the main true purposes of immigration is “Brain Drain” (2+4=6–>9) whereby the US steals all the best slave animals from the other ranches thereby rendering the rest of the world, even if they weren’t openly colluding with the US, even more helpless. Which stands in stark opposition any Kalergi Plan mindfuck bullshit.
But there’s no doubt in my mind that any immigrant that “winds up” in a C-Suite corporate position is a spook.

That’s quite good. I think this amounts to occult proof that Delta Force and S.A.C.-S.O.G. are orchestrating the Donald Trump psyop.
D-onald Trump
D-elta Force
This very well might be a secret code only known to these covert operators.

I just remembered two other egg references. Remember this?
And Jeffrey Egg-stein’s egg shaped penis?
I’m not really sure if the egg symbol matters all that much to these spooks, but it does have some significance within the occult tradition.

Great point. I forgot about the Phoenix.
I just realized something:

Yep, I already know about it and put in on the code page of the new site. And I also put the “YMCA” song on there too, which the fat Orange bastard was using last year at his campaign rallies. Look up what the letters “YMCA” mean if you don’t already know.

Donald “J”-ohn Trump
“J” ———-> “G”
Donald “John” Trump
“John” ———-> “John 8:32” / “John Birch Society” / “Sovereign Order of Saint John”
“John” ———-> “Gohn ———-> “Gno”
“DJT” ———-> “DJ Trump”
Disc jockey

A disc jockey, more commonly abbreviated as DJ, is a person who plays recorded music for an audience.
Interesting, considering Donald Trump, as you pointed out, is a fake TV actor, don’t you think?
Also, “disc jockey”.
J-O-K-E-* (“CLOWN”)

Yes, and also something I just thought of for the first time after reading your comment:
Donald John Trump
T-A-N-J-* (“T” has the pronunciation of “CH” in Trump’s name)
4/6 letters
Which reminds me of this:

@TheZog and Anonym O’Us
Not sure if both of you can comment, I have seen some information that the Hong Kong Democracy Movement was also created by the Chinese Communist Party’s Intelligence Agency known as the Ministry of State Security, it is also known to be a jointly run arrangement similar to the Falun Gong, here is some interesting information Martin Lee and Szeto Wah who started the Hong Kong Democracy Movement is known to have been recruited by the Ministry of State Security in 1984. Also Christine Loh a ‘University Professor’ who wrote the book Underground Front, the Chinese Communist Party in Hong Kong talks about it but does not mention the Ministry of State Security using the Xinhua Hong Kong News branch as a front during the 1980’s to recruit as well:

Hey, did you guys know that the WTC buildings were demolished with…
nano THeRmiTe
directed ENerGy
I bet you didn’t know that. I guess you should have listened to NOC CIA officers Steven Jones and CHristoPHER Bollyn.
Well, at least we now that WTC7 didn’t collapse from
THeRmal expansion

Hey, AO’Us, we were wrong about the capital letter “W.” It doesn’t represent an abstract square and compass symbol. It represents the capital letter “W” in the phrase “Guard the West / Western Gate.” That makes more sense and fits with the pattern of them using the letters “G, S, C , K” to represent words, not symbols.

Yeah, it could be both, but it fits the pattern better if it just represents a letter.
I figured out what the Freemasonry capital letter “G” really means, by the way. And it doesn’t have anything to do with “God” or “Geometry” or any of that other crap. Those are just Freemasonry psyops.

I want to comment on this water/stone conjunction pattern later, because I’ve noticed it three times in the past few weeks, and I might have an explanation for what it means.
The first time was with that idiotic Rock Johnson movie, and the third time was when I was researching the fast food restaurants.
This is the guy who founded CH-urches CH-icken, (which is also another chicken/egg reference).

The New York Times ‘Truth’ Campaign Drives Digital Subscriptions
Droga5’s First Big Campaign for The New York Times Is All About ‘The Truth’
The Truth Is Worth It: Perseverance | The New York Times
The New York Times Tackles Government Secrecy in Its Latest ‘Truth Is Hard to Find’ Ad
The Truth Is Essential | The New York Times
The New York Times “The Truth Is” Campaign – Michael Silber
The New York Times Shows Why The Truth Is Worth It – Droga5
The New York Times spotlights local stories in new campaign
The New York Times The Truth Is Hard – Droga5

“Changing public perception can begin with reporting that helps readers understand the truth.”
“They Live” is real.

“The truth is hard to know” ———-> “To Know The Truth”
“the truth is hard…” ———-> “between a rock and a hard place…” ———-> “the truth is earth sacrifice”

And since, the “CH” sound, sounds extremely similar to the “TR” sound, we can also do:

Yep, noticed it already. And “hub” is a synonym for “center.”
And don’t forget about the Canadian CIA front company that owns Porhub and several other huge porn site:

I thought about Mindgeek as well.
“Mind” is also obviously an allusion to United States Army Psychological Operations (“Hearts and Minds”).
In fact, the flame torch on all of those U.S.A.P.O. emblems is supposed to signify “Minds” (i.e. “Knowledge”). And guess what graphical element the MindGeeks logo utilizes? A light bulb.
Apparently, it used to be called, “Manwin”.

Win The Mind Win The Day
I forgot about the Mindgeek light bulb logo. That gives away the whole game.
I didn’t know it had a different name before either.

Has anyone here noticed that the virus is said to “spike” constantly on the mainstream media?
Has anyone here also noticed that the virus is depicted as having spikes, and just so happens to be depicted as red?
Gee, I wonder what that is a reference to. Probably has something to do with those darn chicoms who’re trying to take over the world.

You scrolled down on the imgur link, right? Just want to make sure you realize the virus itself is an undeniable allusion to the “red spikes” on the C.I.A.’s seal, that the C.I.A. calls “spokes” on their website.

Old English spāca, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch speek, German Speiche, from the base of spike1.

Also don’t forget, what is another name for a spike c.f. head on a spike, which practice is a form of military PSYOP to terrorize both civilians and enemy combatants?

And guess what else. The virus also happens to be known as being “airborne” (transmissible). Gee, I wonder what that’s an allusion to, hint hint.
United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command
Fort Bragg
United States Army Special Operations Command
1st Special Forces Command (Airborne)
Delta Force

Now, isn’t this interesting. If you’ve been reading my posts at all, you’d know there’s been two allusions to Reston, twice. Once was in the Fort Detrick article extract, and the other alluding to the U.S.G.S.
Now if we combine both of those facts, what do we get?
Reston, Virginia,_Virginia
Fairfax County, Virginia,_Virginia
Reston virus
Wow, what a coincidence. The Re-STON virus was so named by U.S. Army Medical Institute of Infectious Disease (U.S.A.M.I.I.D.) at Fort Detrick. And Reston just so happens to be in Fairfax County, home to Langley/C.I.A.
There’s also the C.I.A.’s “S”-herman “K-ent School for Intelligence Analysis, which trains C.I.A. officers, which just so happens to be located in Reston.
Sherman Kent School for Intelligence Analysis
And it’s a strain of ebola, and we know what that means.

I noticed Reston as well when I looked up USGS. This and tz’s comment about Eugene Michael Jones made me think of something:
The father of the AR-15 platform, most associated with its ubiquitous use in spook-directed mass shootings.
Eugene Morrison Stoner
E.M.S. —>5 + 13 + 19 —>5 + 4 + 10 = 19
AR-15 —>1 + 18 + 15 —>1 + 9 + 6 = 16 —>19
b. November 22, 1922 —>11/22/1922 —> (11) + 2+2 + 1+9+2+2 = 29 —>11
d. April 24, 1997 —>04/24/1997 —> 4 + 2+4 + 1+9+9+7 = 36 —>9
(MM+D+D+Y+Y+Y+Y rule)

That’s pretty darn good. Also notice how he was born in “G”-os-PORT and died in Palm City.
“Palm” = “Hand” = “Land”

In hindsight this is actually a really great observation, because I just came across the fact that AGENt OrANGE was used within the context of Operation RANCH HAND. Pretty definitive bit of evidence.

Hey, look at this. I’m putting this info on the occult page of the new site. It’s too important not to.
Former Afghanistan president Ashraf Ghani is 72 years old and spent 359 weeks in office.
7 + 2 = 9
3 + 5 + 9 = 16 = 19 inverted
The fall of Kabul, Afghanistan occurred on August 15th. August 15th is the 227th day of the year.
2 + 2 + 7 = 11
The time period between August 15, 2021 and September 11, 2021 is equal to:
3 weeks, 6 days
27 days
3 + 6 = 9
2 + 7 = 9
The time period between the 9/11/2001 U.S. terrorist attacks and the 8/15/2021 fall of Kabul, Afghanistan is equal to:
19 years, 11 months, 4 days
(1 + 9 + 1 + 1 + 4 = 16 = 19 inverted)
The time period between the 10/7/2001 U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and the 8/15/2021 fall of Kabul, Afghanistan is equal to:
19 years, 10 months, 1 week, 1 day
7252 days
(7 + 2 + 5 + 2 = 16 = 19 inverted)
The time period between the 4/30/1975 fall of Saigon, Vietnam and the 8/15/2021 fall of Kabul, Afghanistan is equal to:
46 years, 3 months, 2 weeks, 2 days
16909 days
(4 + 6 + 3 + 2 + 2 = 17 = QAnon)

This could be a coincidence, but it’s still a highly interesting one even if so. Actually, now that I think of it, it’s less likely to be a coincidence, since Neo-Druidism is part of Freemasonry (both were founded in 1717), and probably an integral part at that, considering the origins of Freemasonry in Scotland, and the Gaelic/Celtic domination of the C.I.A. and D.O.D.
“DRUID” ———-> “TRUTH” ———-> “D”-onald “TRU”-mp
I’m not saying it’s the ultimate source of the word, but that there’s a definite occult / black magic connection between both words (what matters most is the SOUND, not the spelling!).
The fact that the Ancient Order of Druids was founded in September of 1717 makes me wonder if that played a role in the September 11 date.
Here’s some history of Neo-Druidism in America
If it wasn’t for the Knights Templar reconstituting itself as Freemasonry in the British Isles, I don’t think the British, and later American Empires would exist. I think the ultimate power behind both the British and American Empires was/is the Knights Templar, through Freemasonry.
They are the only reason the Five Eyes nations dominate the planet today, and otherwise the English language wouldn’t be the global language. It also explains why England was left untouched by the French Revolution, which was obviously staged by Freemasonry.
Protestant Oceania can be sort of seen as sort of an outgrowth and (only somewhat) of a rival mafia to the Catholic Church mafia, historically. But obviously this difference is pretty much non-existent now, and was always a family schism (the Knights Templar were originally part of the Catholic mafia).
The Jews and the Knights Templar are the real power behind the throne in “Oceania”. But I also think there’s clearly been a hidden connection in regards to the Gaels that’s clearly been covered up.
Freemasonry in England would not exist without this extremely strong Gaelic/Celtic contribution. The Grand Lodge of Scotland is in fact older than that of England. Is all this really a coincidence?

My TG Irish Mormon Freemason CIA spook adamantly denies that druids have anything to do with this. In fact, he goes so far as to say that they were a sort of post hoc constructed mythology, and continually stresses the primacy of Near East cultural/genetic exchange. I’m pretty well convinced he’s full of shit though, so there must be something crucially important to find via the Druid angle. I think the Heidenfels detail is probably one of the best bit of obscure evidence I’ve ever found, and further investigation is warranted. The problem is I don’t speak German, so any research beyond tourist guide websites is difficult.

Well, I think his contention is that Freemasonry started in Ireland/Scotland and that that is the nexus rather than Druidism, or something to that effect. I kind of worded the comment above badly, because I meant to stress that his denial makes it even more likely as far as I can see.

You guys might already know about this, but if you don’t here you go. I can’t help but laugh. It really IS Every. Fucking. Time. with these military spooks.
(USA means US Army)
Burger King — James McLamore – USN // David Edgerton – USA
McDonalds — Ray Kroc – WWI Red Cross ambulance driver with Walt Disney
KFC — Harland Sanders – USA // Leon “Pete” Harman – USA
Taco Bell — Glen Bell – USMC
Del Taco — Ed Hackbarth USAF
Sonic Drive-In — Troy Nuel Smith USAAF
Jack in the Box — Robert Oscar Peterson – USN Intelligence Officer
Wendy’s — Dave Thomas – USA
Subway — Peter Buck – PhD nuclear physicist during Cold War (can’t find any info, but doubtless connected to the DoD/IC in some way, given his occupation).
Starbucks — Jerry Baldwin – USA and Boeing employee, IBM and feeral government employee mother // Gordon Bowker- USN father // Zev Siegl – Jew
Chick-fil-a — Samuel Truett Cathy – USA
Dunkin’ Donuts — William Rosenberg – started career at major (now defunct) DoD contractor Bethlehem Steel, Jew
Domino’s Pizza — Tom Monaghan – USMC
Panda Express — Peggy Tsiang Cherng – PhD electrial engineer at DoD contractor McDonnell Douglas, “code battlefield simulators for the USAF”.
Whataburger — Harmon Dobson – USA, DoD front Bell Telephone Company employee, worked in MENA under various DoD front companies.
Carl’s Jr — Carl Karcher – USA
Hardee’s — Wilber Hardee – USN
Little Caesar’s — Michael Ilitch – USMC
Five Guy’s — Jay Murrell – AXA Equitable (underwrote WAEPA insurance policies WW2-2017 de facto USG agency c.f. FICO) employee, started restaurant in Arlington, VA, which city needs no introduction.
In-N-Out Burger — Esther Snyder – USN WAVES // Harry Snyder -WWII veteran – branch unk.
Steak ‘n Shake — A.H. “Gus” Belt – USMC
Checkers/Rally’s — Jim Patterson – USAF ROTC program participant
Dairy Queen — Sherb Noble – WW2 veteran branch unk.
Baskin Robbins — Burt Baskins – USNR, Jew // Irv Robbins – USA, Jew
Jimmy John’s — James P. Liautaud USA, DoD contractor employee and owner
Tim Horton’s — Ronald Vaughan Joyce – RCN
Church’s Chicken — J. David Bamberger – USA, USAAF brother
Krispy Kreme — Vernon Rudolph – Civil Air Patrol
Alright. I’m sure there’s more, but I’m tired of doing this now. Think I’m gonna go eat me some F(ast) F(ood).

Dammit. I didn’t see anything in the archives, and I did make it from scratch. If I’d have known that I wouldn’t have wasted all that time. Oh, well…
Taco John’s — John Turner – USAF
Is it on the main page? I still can’t find it.

Breaking – Kabul Explosion – ROCK-et Targets Home Near Intl Air-PORT
Reporter: “CHA”-rles “S”-tratfort
“HOME” ———-> “HOUSE”
“Well what we know so far is very little, uhm, in that area about fifteen or twenty minutes ago, it was reported initially as being a rocket attack, uh, or a rocket landing on a house outside of the parameter fence of the airport…”

BREAKING — large explosion in #Kabul just now, reportedly caused by a rocket landing on a residential area close to the airport road.
“K”-abul (11)
“I”-nternational (9)
“A”-irport (1)
“H”-amid (8)
“K”-arzai (11)
“I”-nternational (9)
“A”-irport (1)
8 + 11 + 9 + 1 = 29 = 2 + 9 = 11
“K” = “C”
“I” = “I”
“A” = “A”
H = 8 (“Eight”) = “Gate” = “Hate” = “88 Gate” = “8chan” / “Hatechan” = 8th Psychological Operations Group = Ouroboros (Theosophy)
WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE: The 88 Paradox Explained (scroll down for the video)
Al Jazeera exclusive on Taliban control of Kabul airport
Reporter: “CHA”-rlotte Bellis”
Headline: “ROCK-et reportedly damages HOUSE near Kabul’s International Airport”
“H”-ouse = 8 = Gate
“H”-amid Karzai international Airport = 8
= 88 = Gate
WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE: The 88 Paradox Explained (scroll down to watch the video)
The ROCKet attack on K-abul Airport occurred on a S-unday
“Fighters count the number of C-17 aircraft departing from the end of the runway”
1 + 7 = 8
1 + 7 = 8
= 88 Gate

“Well, uhh, ’bout (thirty) minutes ago, Azzam, uh, President Joe Biden, accompanied by the First Lady Jill Biden, arrived at, uh, Dover Air Force Base, uh, in the state of Delaware, he’s there for a solemn ceremony to receive the remains of the (thirteen) U.S. Service Members who were killed in the bomb attack last week, uh at the gates of Kabul Airport, uhh, some of the family members of those., uh soldiers who were killed, uh, will be there as well. The, uh, fallen service members, uh, ranged in the age from twenty to just (thirty-one) years old, this’ll be, uhhh, uhh, as I said, a solemn ceremony, uh, and uh, and one of the, sort of, traditional presidential duties, uh, th-that is, uh, performed, when, uhh, uhh, U.S. Service Members are killed in, in an incident, or brawl…

“30 minutes ago…”
“13 U.S. Service Members…”
“31 years old…”
“31 August deadline”
“13 troops, mostly M-arines”
M = 13
The 31 August deadline is on a TU-esday.
US says drone kills suicide bombers targeting Kabul airport
Reporter: “CHA”-rles “S”-tratford
“Drone strike on a CAR full of suicide bombers…”
(“Iraq, “Raqqa”, “Barack”, “War is a Racket”, etc)
Both the Americans and the British are using C-17’s for their final evacuation, as you can see.

I posted a couple of these small “Compass / Company” etymological connection comments quite some time ago, but they didn’t seem to have gotten verified, (or were lost?) Do you know what happened to them?
I also wanted to mention the fact that the C.I.A.’s mafia nickname is the EXACT same nickname the much vilified Society of Jesus uses, (“The Company). Now isn’t that extremely interesting? I think that amounts to occult evidence that the Christian / Catholic military orders played an instrumental role in creating the C.I.A. (mainly S.M.O.M., Opus Dei, and it seems the Society of Jesus), along with organized Freemasonry and Jewry. The Mormon mafia probably played a secret role, as well. All of these groups goals’ are the same it seems: “Their Great Work”.
“Camp” Peary (“The Farm”)
Is it really just a strange coincidence that the C.I.A.’s nickname sounds very similar to the Champlain Towers name that they also happened to probably blow up?

@Anonym O’Us and TheZog
Not sure if you can comment, what are the chances the Jews created and control the Mormon cult, the CIA, SMOM (Sovereign Military Order of Malta/Knights of Malta), Opus Dei, the reason why I ask is because many of the Jesuit exposers on youtube and social media deny or discount the Jews being in ultimate control

By the way, “Comp” (as in “Computer”) etymologically means, “To Come Together”, or “Gathering”, which means this theme could have an underlying allusion to witchcraft / black magic.
The Vocabularist: What’s the root of the word computer?
The defeat by a computer of a human champion at the game of Go has caused much excitement. But computers used to be human themselves, writes Trevor Timpson.

“Computer” comes from the Latin “putare” which means both to think and to prune. Virgil’s Georgics – depictions of country life – speak of tidying vines by pruning (fingitque putando).
The playwright Terence left one of the most famous Latin quotations – I am a man and I think nothing human foreign to me (humani… nihil alienum puto).
The link in sense seems to be tidying, setting to rights, balancing an account, reckoning up. The historian Tacitus wrote “if the number of soldiers is counted” (si numerus militum putatur).
Computare (com- means “together”) also meant calculate – Pliny’s Natural History tells how the breadth of Asia should be “rightly calculated” (sane computetur).
And English has used “compute” for centuries. In 1660 Samuel Pepys wrote of a morning “computing the 30 ships’ pay… and it comes to £6,538. I wish we had the money.”
A “computer” used to be a person who did calculations. In 1731 the Edinburgh Weekly Journal advised young married women to know their husbands’ income “and be so good a Computer as to keep within it.”
It was very common for companies and government departments to advertise jobs as “computers” – right up to the time when the word was used for early electronic devices, and in some cases until the 1970s.
One early electronic device was the Atanasoff Berry Computer constructed at Iowa State University between 1939 and 1942. In his paper proposing the machine, John Atanasoff actually used “computer” in both senses.

I wonder if it’s related to “intelligence”, then? Or even better, “artificial intelligence”, as in that the C.I.A. likes to think of itself as something unbeatable, as in “The Machine” or “The Matrix”. The theme of calculations is also intimately related to gematria.
The term, “The Company” also happens to contain three out of four letters that make up the word, “Know”,
the com-PAN-y

Amazon Alexa

The name Alexander is derived from the Greek: Ἀλέξανδρος (Aléxandros; ‘Defender of the people’, ‘Defending men’,[2] or ‘Protector of men’). It is a compound of the verb ἀλέξειν (aléxein; ‘to ward off, avert, defend’)[3] and the noun ἀνήρ (anḗr, genitive: ἀνδρός, andrós; meaning ‘man’).[4] It is an example of the widespread motif of Greek names expressing “battle-prowess”, in this case the ability to withstand or push back an enemy battle line.[citation needed]

U.S. military – “Department of Defense”
U.S. Army – “This We’ll Defend”
C.I.A. – “We Are The Nation’s First Line of Defense”
N.S.A. – “Defending Our Nation. Securing the Future”
D.I.A. – Committed to Excellence in Defense of the Nation
Alexandria, Virginia,_Virginia

Like the rest of Northern Virginia, as well as Central Maryland, modern Alexandria has been influenced by its proximity to the U.S. capital. It is largely populated by professionals working in the federal civil service, in the U.S. military, or for one of the many private companies which contract to provide services to the federal government. One of Alexandria’s largest employers is the U.S. Department of Defense. Another is the Institute for Defense Analyses. In 2005, the United States Patent and Trademark Office moved to Alexandria, and in 2017, so did the headquarters of the National Science Foundation.

Arlington County, Virginia,_Virginia

Arlington County is a county in the Commonwealth of Virginia,[1] often referred to simply as Arlington or Arlington, Virginia. The county is situated in Northern Virginia on the southwestern bank of the Potomac River directly across from the District of Columbia, of which it was once a part, under the name Alexandria County. The county is coterminous with the U.S. Census Bureau’s census-designated place of Arlington. Arlington is considered to be the second-largest “principal city” of the Washington metropolitan area.

Arlington is home to the Pentagon, Reagan National Airport, and Arlington National Cemetery. In academia, the county contains Marymount University, George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School, the administrative offices buildings and graduate programs for the Schar School of Policy and Government and the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution, as well as satellite campuses of the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech. It will soon house Amazon HQ2, the co-headquarters of Amazon.

Mark Alexander Milley
Alexander Emerick Jones (“Alex Jones”)
Aleksandr Dugin
Al-Qaeda (“A-L-E-Q”)
Alex Davies (National Action)
Alexander Nix
Order of Nine Angles (“A-L-E-*”)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Here’s a couple of random names that were written on this site prior: Alex McNabb, Alex Linder, Alexandre Bissonnette, Aaron Alexis, Alessandro ″Alex″ Garcia.
How many people do you think with the name, “Alex” are spooks? It’s definitely an occult spook recruitment name, glossing over the above sympathetic magic.
I wonder if it’s also an allusion to the antiquity in general, i.e. to the ancient Hellenistic city of Alexandria in Egypt?
Modern era

Gilles Quispel says “It is now completely certain that there existed before and after the beginning of the Christian era in Alexandria a secret society, akin to a Masonic lodge. The members of this group called themselves ‘brethren,’ were initiated through a baptism of the Spirit, greeted each other with a sacred kiss, celebrated a sacred meal and read the Hermetic writings as edifying treatises for their spiritual progress.”[33] On the other hand, Christian Bull argues that “there is no reason to identify [Alexandria] as the birthplace of a ‘Hermetic lodge’ as several scholars have done. There is neither internal nor external evidence for such an Alexandrian ‘lodge’, a designation that is alien to the ancient world and carries Masonic connotations.”[34]

The “Pentagon” is actually the same exact symbol as the “Pentagram”, in fact, “The Pentagon” as it is would fit perfectly in an inverted pentagram.
I actually discovered this on my own, but later found out that Mark Passio, as you’d expect, had covered it in one of his lectures.
And, since I was talking about the “Center of the Pentagon” thing, guess what’s actually, literally in the center of the Pentagon?
And they said the “B”-avarian (2)“I”lluminati (10) was a fake conspiracy.
2 + 10 = 11

I just noticed there were five branches of the U.S. military before the Space Force was created (the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines). Could the “Pentagon/Pentagram” be an allusion to the five branches of the U.S. military that have existed since forever?

I don’t think it is unreasonable. However, military orders have been using the same pentagon shape c.f. Tudor Rose, Orange Order, SMoM COA, etc. long before the pengagon existed. Im sure there must be an earlier origin for the pentagon symbol in this same context, but I haven’t identified it yet.
Also the USAF didn’t become its own branch until after WW2, and was preceded by the USAAF and USAAC, respectively.

Marine fired for criticizing military leaders resigns, says CHA-sing stability makes ‘sla-VE to the system’
Stuart S-CH-eller

Stuart Scheller is a former United States Marine Corps lieutenant colonel who was relieved of duty after posting a video to Facebook which criticized US military leadership after the 2021 Fall of Kabul.[1][2][3]

Military Career

Scheller was a 17 year veteran of the US Marine Corps, having served in Beirut, Iraq and Afghanistan.[4]

Viral Video

In the 4:45 viral video, posted on August 26th, 2021[5] Scheller makes a direct appeal for accountability from US military leaders for their handling of the United States withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Fall of Kabul and the 2021 Kabul airport attack. Specifically, Scheller criticizes the abandonment of Bagram Airfield before the evacuation of the country could be completed, and that Marines of lower ranks would be face court martial for incompetencies and lying, but Secretary of State Antony Blinken was able to testify before Congress that the 2021 Taliban offensive would take six to nine months to reach Kabul, when in fact it only took 11 days, and face no consequences. He also made specific references to Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David H. Berger, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley.
The video received more than 70,000 views and 6,000 shares within its first 10 hours of being uploaded to Facebook and received widespread media coverage.[6]

4 + 4 + 5 = 13
“August 2021”
8 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 13
…”six to nine months to reach Kabul, when in fact it only took 11 days”
“70,000 views and 6,000 shares”
7 + 6 = 13

After posting the video, Scheller was relieved of his command. A post to his Facebook page said that he had been “been relieved for cause based on lack of trust and confidence as of 14:30 today.”[7]
Texas Congressman and veteran Dan Crenshaw tweeted about the situation, saying that Scheller is “pure class” and that “accountability must happen.”[8] Congressman Matt Gaetz shared the video on Twitter, where it received more than 2.5 million views, and said that “accountability must come”.[9]

14 + 3 = 17
1 + 4 + 3 = 8 (“Gate”)
“S”-tuart (19)
“S”-cheller (19)

“El Paso”
El Paso, Texas,_Texas

El Paso (/ɛl ˈpæsoʊ/; Spanish: [el ˈpaso] “the pass”)

2019 El Paso shooting

Location 7101 Gateway West Blvd.
El Paso, Texas, United States

7 + 1 + 1 = 9

On August 3, 2019, a mass shooting occurred at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas, United States.

8 + 3 + 2 + 19 = 33
23 Killed = 32 backwards
23 Wounded = 32 backwards
“W”-est “G”-ate
“Wall” = “Passage”
“CRUSIUS” = “CRUSADE” (Knights Templar)

“Pass” is an earth term, because the dictionary definition of it is “a path cut through a MOUNTAIN.”
The Gateway West Blvd. name is shocking and sure as HELL not a coincidence. I’m 100% sure about the “West Gate” Freemasonry thing now. This example proves it, kind of like how the words involved in the Las Vegas shooting prove my human blood earth sacrifice theory.

Yes, and it very well could also be an allusion to the “rite of passage” initiatory ritual these patsies have to go through.

Those shitty USAPO Y.T. channels are a dime a dozen. They’re endless.
Nice CIA eagle and compass rose, by the way. Very subtle. And you’re right, the word “pass” is pretty rare. I don’t remember seeing it in a Y.T. channel name before.

Yeah, I saw this a while ago. I just assumed you already knew it. I was going to dump a bunch of those related etymologies on the site, but decided not to.

New Orleans Without Power as Hurricane Ida Batters Louisiana
The hurricane made landfall as a powerful Category 4 storm, which weakened to a Category 2 storm on Sunday night with maximum winds of 105 miles per hour. It sent hundreds of thousands of people scrambling to eva-CU-ate, and left countless others bracing for survival, in an eerie e-CH-o of Hurricane Katrina, which made landfall in Louisiana 16 years ago to the day.


Alright, listen up, Kneegrows, because I have some big news to make.
I think I just figured out the real occult meaning and origin of the U.S.A.P.O. fetish word “CHANGE.”
And no, I’m not talking about the U.S. military. And I’m not even talking about U.S. Army Psychological Operations itself.
I’m talking about FREEMASONRY.
So are you guys ready for this? Okay then, here it is.
The Grand Architect
6 / 6 letters!!!

And what’s even more, an inverted lower-case letter “d” looks almost identical to a lower case letter “q.” So in that case, all 6 letters of the word “square” are contained in the word “persuade.”

Yes, I noticed the “CH” in the term, “Architect”, but I just let sit in the back of my mind, for the most part.
I was going to mention, though, the connection between the words, “Grand”, “Land, “And”, etc.

Yeah, I noticed it too, probably 6 months ago or so, but just filed it away in the back of my mind for later.
And of course, there’s also the “Ar-CH-itects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth” psyop group, along with the similar psyop group “S-CH-olars for 9/11 Truth,” both of which I’ve had listed on the new site since the beginning of this year.

Alright, I figured out the occult Freemasonry meanings of “Change” and “Persuade,” so now you guys have to figure out the occult Freemasonry meaning of “Influence.” I know it’s hiding there somewhere. Go find it.

I have an idea that is related to my most recent post, but I want to hear what you think about that before I type it all out.

Okay, as promised. Here is my expansion on these ideas with a tie-in to blood sacrifice for the harvest.
In many sects of Islam it is forbidden to depict the countenance of Muhammad, or Allah. Likewise, In many Christian sects, the production of “graven images” is also forbidden.
Likewise, in Judaism, writing the name of God is forbidden lest the name happen to be erased, which is an affront to God.
The Tetragrammaton is taken to be the name of God in Judaism:
“The most common name of God in the Hebrew Bible is the Tetragrammaton, יהוה, that is usually transcribed as YHWH. Hebrew script is an abjad, so that the letters in the name are normally consonants, usually expanded as Yahweh in English.”
Here’s where it gets interesting. Since Hebrew is an abjad, there are no vowels.
So what if the name of the national God of Israel were, in actuality, composed of all vowels? This would imply that that–not only was there a proscription against writing the name in Ancient Hebrew–but that it quite literally couldn’t have been written in that language at all. Technically speaking, at least.
Perhaps something like IAOUE (phonetically ee-ah-oh-oo-eh. Start slow, then say it faster. I’m pretty well convinced this is the case.)
This does seem to be supported by the Greek transliteration of the tetragrammaton, which is dated all the way back to Clement of Alexandria ca. 200 AD at the latest:
Now here’s where it gets really interesting.
Here, we see that this exact same spelling means “water” in French.
Proto Indo-European: Some Unexpected Cognates
(See 6:50ish in particular, but the entire video is well worth watching)
Here, we are shown that the etymological root of the word “God” in Germanic languages means to pour, in PIE.

From Middle English god, from Old English god (“deity”), originally neuter, then changed to masculine to reflect the change in religion to Christianity, from Proto-West Germanic *god n, from Proto-Germanic *gudą, from Proto-Indo-European *ǵʰutós (“invoked (one)”), from Proto-Indo-European *ǵʰewH- (“to call, to invoke”) or *ǵʰew- (“to pour”). Not related to the word good.

Note that the original etymological meaning of “God” is not specifically water. Merely “to pour”. Water isn’t the only liquid.
I think, in light of your blood sacrifice harvest thesis and all of the supporting evidence– especially the key point that whatever this shit is, it predates Abrahamism by a long fucking time, and that it is Europeans who are really in charge–that this is allusion to blood sacrifice. Consider additionally that the first liquid that comes to mind besides water with which ancient people would have been similarly acquainted is blood.
The connection between blood and pouring; harvest and growth is also supported by the first’s possible PIE etymology:

Old English blod “blood, fluid which circulates in the arteries and veins,”…according to some sources from PIE *bhlo-to-, perhaps meaning “to swell, gush, spurt,” or “that which bursts out” (compare Gothic bloþ “blood,” bloma “flower”), from suffixed form of root *bhel-(3) “to thrive, bloom.”

Note, again, the similarity between the alternative PIE word for “blood from a wound”, *krew-, and the the PIE word for “pour”, which, as noted above, is the root word for English/Germanic “God”, ǵʰew-.

There seems to have been an avoidance in Germanic, perhaps from taboo, of other PIE words for “blood,” such as *esen- (source of poetic Greek ear, Old Latin aser, Sanskrit asrk, Hittite eshar); also *krew-, which seems to have had a sense of “blood outside the body, gore from a wound”.

One issue I see with this thesis is that the etymological pathway for French “iaoue” sort of re-converges with the phonetic spelling of “Yahweh”, which itself doesn’t actually indicate much, and could be a coincidence. However, the sum total of connections are not a coincidence, I don’t think.
Don’t forget how all of the above relates back to AO’Us’s comment linked directly above this one.
Misc. stuff related

Wow, that is a fantastic comment, and connects things which I hadn’t connected in my own mind before.
As soon as you wrote, “Water isn’t the only liquid,” the very first thing I thought of was blood, even before you wrote the word. I had no idea where you were going with your comment until I read that sentence.
Oh, and make sure you illegally torrent download and watch “Godzilla: King of the Monsters,” because the human blood earth sacrifice metaphor in that movie is so blatant it will smack you in the face, especially toward the end.

Wow, that is a fantastic comment, and connects things which I hadn’t connected in my own mind before.

Thanks. I also forgot to mention, since Hebrew and Aramaic are both in the Afro-Asiatic language family, and the earlier Sumerian is a considered a language isolate, if the connections I made above are actually legitimate, we are left with a startling possibility: Judaism itself could have emerged out of a sort of ancient PIE (probably joint, with the ancient Jewish priest caste coordinating and sharing an occult belief system with PIE elites) PSYOP a la the Christianisation of Europe. Food for thought.
BtTW, I did watch that Godzilla movie, and you were right. The references to your occult sacrifice harvest thesis was really on the nose.

You could very well be right about that. And as I’m sure you know, Christianity is entirely based on the idea of human sacrifice and blood magic. Oh, and don’t forget that rabbi Jesus and the two thieves were executed on a HILL. How incriminating and how supportive of my theory.
By the way, did you notice the name of the corporation and its logo? Those are the two main things I wanted you to see.

By the way, did you notice the name of the corporation and its logo? Those are the two main things I wanted you to see.

Yes. Monar-CH. I assume the logo is a partial Templar cross?

Yes, but it’s better than Monar-CH. It’s C-H-A-N-*-*.
Holy shit I didn’t even think of its logo being a disguised K.T. cross! You’re right. What I was thinking of was the logo being two triangles facing each other, which relates directly to the Delta virus variant name that I just mentioned.

I already noticed this one, but I assumed you did too, since it’s just a synonym for “Great Work”.

Okay, are you ready for one more? I just had yet another revelation. I think I discovered the source of the USAPO motto word “Influence.” Once again, it comes from Freemasonry:
Grand Architect of the Universe
8 / 9 letters!!!

Okay, I have one final observation to make, which supersedes one of my previous ones.
It’s about the USAPO motto word “Persuade.” I previously said that the source of this word was the Freemasonry term “Square,” but now I think that the source of this word is:
Grand Architect of the Universe
7 / 8 letters!!!

So in summation, here are my discoveries about the source of the words in the USAPO motto:
Grand Architect of the Universe
7 / 8 letters
6 / 6 letters
8 / 9 letters

It’s funny, since I was just thinking of how curious it is that the letter “G” was almost in the middle of the phrase, “Persuade, Change, “Influence”. I already mentioned the fact that the letter, “G” conspicuously seemed to be in the word, “Change”, when we were talking about the “S.C.” pattern.

The fact that N.A.T.O.’s S.H.A.P.E. emblem is literally a Square and Compass, and that it’s full name starts with, “Supreme”, is a major proof of your idea, don’t you agree?

So the phrase “Grand Architect of the Universe” contains 21 out of 23 letters in the words “Persuade, Change, Influence.” That’s 91%.
Now what do you think the odds are of that happening by random chance?

The U.S. military is eva-CU-ating people from Kabul using C-17 transport planes.
Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet.
C is the 3rd letter of the alphabet.
C-17 = C + 1 + 7 = 11.

Notice how it’s by the river? If you read my previous post on the subject, you’d immediately realize it’s symbolic significance, and how it’s related to the 9/11 memorial.

Okay, here’s a possible alternative origin for the term “Great” as that I think concords pretty well with AO’Us’s ideas about the Saturn/black cube stuff. I first thought of this a few weeks ago when I came across the Office of Net Assessment (ONA)

The United States Department of Defense’s Office of Net Assessment. (ONA) was created in 1973 by Richard Nixon to serve as the Pentagon’s “internal think tank” that “looks 20 to 30 years into the military’s future, often with the assistance of outside contractors, and produces reports on the results of its research”

Which organization’s role in the incipience of “Big Tech” (22—>2*11) is less well-known than other clandestine elements of the state. Proof provided in the following article, of which I believe you both are already familiar:
Note: highLANDs forum, AND-REW—>Land-True MarSHALL (SHALL c.f. CIA motto)
But that’s not the important part. I think it’s pretty clear that the reference to the word “net” by this organization has nothing to do with the following adjectival form of the word

Remaining after expenses or deductions.
net profit; net weight
Final; end.
net result; net conclusion

and everything to do with the the noun form, which both of you have discussed already, particularly in reference their beloved globe net symbol, which is also used by the ONA.
Have you guy’s noticed anything funny about the hashtag symbol #, which was popularized via twitter by CH-ris MeSSina, and is now a fixture of modern culture?

Although Twitter’s initial response to Messina’s proposed use of hashtags was negative “these things are for nerds” a series of events, including the devastating fire in San Diego County later that year, saw the first widespread use of #sandiegofire to allow users to easily track updates about the fire. The use of hashtags itself then eventually spread like wild-fire on Twitter

I may be wrong here, but so far as I can tell–although the practice of Geodesy dates to late antiquity–the grid system we see on maps today owes much thanks to Rene DeSCartes and Pierre de Fermat

René Descartes got his surname from his father Joachim, who got it from his father Pierre. They were a noble family from the Touraine. Earlier spellings include Des Quartes and Des Quartis.
This means “of the quarters” or “of the quadrants” if you prefer! Perhaps they were seigneurs (lords) of a feudal manor that was about a fourth of a league square.

Quarter —>Coin —>CHANGE
Based on some cursory research, I do believe that quarter francs existed during this time, and the oldest use of the word change to describe spare coins predates the death of Descartes.

pierre f (plural pierres)
(uncountable) stone (substance)
stone (rock, a pebble)

BTW, caillou also means G-ravel or small STONE, so there’s the origin of that inane meme.
What else looks like rectangular grid? The Freemasonic CHessboard pattern.
Have you noticed how obsessed the US military is with “the grid”, and how often they invoke notions of possible impending grid failure into their terroristic PSYOPs? There are too many examples to list, and I’m sure you’re aware of the pattern so I won’t even try.
And now to tie it back into Great Work. What is another word for a grid?
What does a grate look like?

####### Nice gratework, huh?

A net? A web? A chessboard? Prison bars? All of the above?

From Middle English gayole, gaylle, gaille, gayle, gaile, via Old French gaiole, gayolle, gaole, from Medieval Latin gabiola, for Vulgar Latin *caveola, a diminutive of Latin cavea (“cavity, coop, cage”). Doublet of cage.

How about a C-*-A-*-G-E?

cavea f (genitive caveae); first declension
hollow, cavity
cage, den, enclosure, stall, coop, beehive, birdcage

This all just kind of hit me, so feel free to rip it apart. One thing that does bother me is the parallel to Alex Jones / David Icke style (P)rison (P)lanet (1616—>1919) branding, but isn’t that what black PSYOP is all about?

tz, would you mind editing my comment above

Hey, look at this. I posted this comment yesterday but it didn’t go through for some f’ing reason. This is the occult USAPO / etymological meaning of the word “hashtag”:

Hash is short for hash mark, a term for what we more commonly call a pound sign (and, less commonly, an octothorp). The hash in hash mark is probably an alteration of hatch, a term for the crisscrossing of lines (as when adding shading to a drawing).

Yes, I saw this and replied to the other comment. Also good point about the 9 squares. That one was staring me right in the face and I missed it.

I thought the 9 squares thing might be important, but since I found the verbal “CH” occultism in the word “hash’s” etymology, I no longer think that.

The Occult Freemasonry Meaning of the U.S. Army PsyOp Motto
– The motto of U.S. Army Psychological Operations is “Persuade Change Influence.”
– Six of six letters in the word “Change,” seven of eight letters in the word “Persuade,” and eight of nine letters in the word “Influence” are contained in the Freemasonry term “Grand Architect of the Universe.” Of the twenty-three total letters in the motto of U.S. Army Psychological Operations, twenty-one are contained in the Freemasonry term “Grand Architect of the Universe.”
Grand Architect of the Universe

The Grand Architect of the Universe (also Great Architect of the Universe GAU or Supreme Architect of the Universe SAU) is a conception of God discussed by many Christian theologians and apologists. As a designation it is used within Freemasonry to represent the deity neutrally (in whatever form, and by whatever name each member may individually believe in). It is also a Rosicrucian conception of God, as expressed by Max Heindel. The concept of the demiurge as a grand architect or a great architect also occurs in gnosticism as well as Hinduism.

I’ve gone one final one for you, and it’s good:
Grand / Supreme Architect of the Universe

And that’s why America is the greatest and those other countries suck!!!
But you don’t have to believe me. Watch this music video:
Lee Greenwood – God Bless The U.S.A. (Official Music Video)
REMASTERED IN HD! Official Music Video for Lee Greenwood performing God Bless The U.S.A. The video is from his 1984 acclaimed album You’ve Got A Good Love Comin’.

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