QAnon Terrorist PsyOps

The Occult Symbolism of the Letter ‘Q’

  • Freemasonry was founded in the year 1717.
    • ‘Q’ is the 17th letter of the English alphabet.
  • 2017 was the 300 year anniversary of Freemasonry’s founding.
    • 2017 was the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency.
    • QAnonymous is a pro-Trump political conspiracy cult.
  • The word “Freemasonry” contains 4/5 letters in the word “storm.”
    • “Storm” is the motto / slogan of the QAnonymous political conspiracy cult.

A Grand Lodge

The first Grand Lodge was founded only a few years after George I, the first Hanoverian king of the Kingdom of Great Britain, ascended to the throne in August 1714 and the end of the first Jacobite rising of 1715. Officially, the Grand Lodge was founded on 24 June 1717, St. John the Baptist’s day, when four existing Lodges gathered at the Goose and Gridiron alehouse in St Paul’s churchyard, London and constituted themselves as a Grand Lodge. It is this date which is often cited as the ‘founding’ day of Freemasonry in its modern sense.

QAnon C.I.A. / D.O.D. Connections

U.S. Army Intelligence Support Activity insignia:
letter “Q” shape

U.S. Army Intelligence Support Activity motto:
QAnonymous motto:

U.S. Army Intelligence Support Activity motto:
“VeRiTaS OMnia Vincula Vincit”
QAnonymous motto:
“the STORM

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency motto:
“And you will know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH will make you free.” – John 8:32
QAnonymous motto:
TRUst THe plan.”

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency mission statement:
WE ARE THE NatiON‘s fiRST line of defense.”
QAnonymous motto:

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency mission statement:
WE GO WHERE others cannot go.”
U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Directorate of Support motto:
QAnonymous motto:

Occult QAnon C.I.A. / S.O.C.O.M. Black Ops Terrorist Attacks and Assassinations

(Six Examples of One Hundred+)

  • Donald Trump, Pushing Someone Rich, Offers Himself
  • Nine Killed in Shooting at Black Church in Charleston
  • A mass shooting occurred at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17, 2015, one day after Donald Trump announced his 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. “Q” is the 17th letter of the English alphabet and the first letter in the name of the fictitious pro-Trump political conspiracy character “QAnonymous.” The word “Charleston” contains 4/5 letters in the word “storm.” The words “African Methodist” contain 5/5 letters in the word “storm.” The man who committed the Charleston church mass shooting is named “Dylann Storm Roof.” “Storm” is the motto / slogan of the pro-Trump political conspiracy cult “QAnonymous.”
  • U.S. Strike in Iraq Kills Qassim Suleimani, Commander of Iranian Forces
  • Qassim Suleimani, the commander of Iran’s IRGC Quds Force, was killed in Baghdad, Iraq on January 3, 2020 by a missile from a U.S. military MQ-9 Reaper drone. The word “Qassim” contains the letter “Q.” The word “Quds” contains the letter “Q.” The word “Iraq” contains the letter “Q.” The word “MQ-9” contains the letter “Q.” When added together, the digits of Suleimani’s death date yield the number 17 (13 + 2 + 2 = 17). “Q” is the 17th letter of the English alphabet and the first letter in the name of the fictitious pro-Trump political conspiracy character “QAnonymous.”
  • Sheldon Adelson, Billionaire Donor to G.O.P. and Israel, Is Dead at 87
  • Republican Party donor Sheldon Adelson died on January 11, 2021. When added together, the digits of Adelson’s death date yield the number 17 (1 + 11 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 17). “Q” is the 17th letter of the English alphabet and the first letter in the name of the fictitious pro-Trump political conspiracy character “QAnonymous.” Adelson was the founder, chairman, and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation. The words “Sands Corporation” contain 4/5 letters in the word “storm.” “Storm” is the motto / slogan of the pro-Trump political conspiracy cult “QAnonymous.”
  • Rush Limbaugh Dies at 70; Turned Talk Radio Into a Right-Wing Attack Machine
  • Republican Party radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh died on February 17, 2021. “Q” is the 17th letter of the English alphabet and the first letter in the name of the fictitious pro-Trump political conspiracy character “QAnonymous.” The word “rush” is a synonym for the word “storm.” “Storm” is the motto / slogan of the pro-Trump political conspiracy cult “QAnonymous.”
  • Sheldon Adelson died at the age of 87. Rush Limbaugh died at the age of 70. The difference between their ages is 17 years. “Q” is the 17th letter of the English alphabet and the first letter in the name of the fictitious pro-Trump political conspiracy character “QAnonymous.”
  • Pro-Trump Mob Storms the U.S. Capitol Building
  • A pro-Trump mob raided the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6, 2021 to stop the Congressional certification of the 2020 U.S. presidential election results. The pro-Trump mob raided the U.S. Capitol Building during a session of the 117th U.S. Congress. “Q” is the 17th letter of the English alphabet and the first letter in the name of the fictitious pro-Trump political conspiracy character “QAnonymous.” Global news corporations universally referred to the pro-Trump mob Capitol Building raid as a “storm,” both as a verb and as a noun. “Storm” is the motto / slogan of the pro-Trump political conspiracy cult “QAnonymous.”
  • Trump Acquitted of Inciting Insurrection, Even as Bipartisan Majority Votes ‘Guilty’
  • Powerful Quake Hits Japan, Evoking a Worrisome Memory
  • An earthquake off the coast of Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture occurred on February 13, 2021, the same day that Donald Trump was acquitted by the U.S. Senate in his second impeachment trial. The words “acquit” and “earthquake” both contain the letter “Q.” “Q” is the first letter in the name of the fictitious pro-Trump political conspiracy character “QAnonymous.” The word “insurrection” contains 5/5 letters in the word “stornn.” The words “bipartisan majority” contain 5/5 letters in the word “storm.” The words “Worrisome Memory” twice contain 4/5 letters in the word “storm.” “Storm” is the motto / slogan of the pro-Trump political conspiracy cult “QAnonymous.”
  • Trump Acquitted of Inciting Insurrection, Even as Bipartisan Majority Votes ‘Guilty’
  • Storms Bring Punishing Cold, Snow and Ice From Coast to Coast
  • Snow and ice storms covering a large portion of the United States occurred on February 13, 2021, the same day that Donald Trump was acquitted by the U.S. Senate in his second impeachment trial. The snow and ice storms continued until February 15, a holiday celebrated in the United States as President’s Day. The word “insurrection” contains 5/5 letters in the word “stornn.” The words “bipartisan majority” contain 5/5 letters in the word “storm.” The words “From Coast to Coast” twice contain 5/5 letters in the word “storm.” “Storm” is the motto / slogan of the pro-Trump political conspiracy cult “QAnonymous.”

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Yeah, that takes the cake for the dumbest occult spook Y.T. name. “KNOWLANDKNOWS”? That reminds me of the “LOLFIELDANDLOVE” channel. Notice that they both use all capital letters for their names.
And good catch on the “sovereign citizen” crap. I forgot about it. It’s always easy to see the “veritas” code though, isn’t it? All you have to do is notice the first two or three letters and then you know the whole word is there.

And that “KNOWLANDKNOWS” channel reminds me of something…
Why haven’t you guys supported me on PaTRUTHon so I can cREATe more gREAT content? Don’t you guys like GREAT content?

Probably that we’re all dumb nigger kike glowie schizo-autist retarded faggots or something along those lines.

I had a funny realization a while ago that feels relevant at the moment:
As previously discussed here , USACAPOC like to use fasces in their DUIs. The 8th POG in particular uses a fasces torch for theirs.
This must be why “faggot” is the accepted demonym of image boards like 4chan and 8chan, and why “OP is always a faggot”. Because OP is (almost) always a USACAPOC spook and USACAPOC spooks are literal flaming faggots. After all, many of them go in to work every day wearing that on their uniform.

No, I meant a flaming fasces i.e. a bundle of sticks vs. a cigarette.
I could be wrong though. My assumption that the torch is a flaming fasces was based only on the lengthwise striations and bands. This isn’t exactly in line with typical heraldic depictions of fasces on second thought.
On the other hand, there is a pattern of disgusing fasces as torches:

Fasces also appeared on the Mercury dime from 1916 to 1945, subtly transformed into the torch we see on today’s dime in 1946, shortly after the close of World War II.
P.S. USACAPOC tongue my anus.

Im one of those whigger retards from that psyop called pol. only reason im there is for breaking news.
the whole word deciphering thing you guys do makes me think of zacharry hubbard style stuff and turns me off a bit but really enjoying the rest of what you guys talk about.
I would really enjoy your take on the entire purpose behind their agenda. they have been planning the future of the world since before recorded history and it really feels like their goals are coming into fruition within the next 25 years

Back to USA/pol/, whigger tard!
Nah, I’m just kidding. You alright?
Yes, Zachary Greenblatt (C-H-A-N-G-E 6/6 letters) discusses nothing but numerology. But Zachary Greenblatt is a Jewish C.I.A. plant, which explains why the things he says are 10% factual and 90% disinformation bullshit, as is typical of Jewish scumbag spooks like him.
You will be a believer in the numerology stuff after you read the occult page on the new site. Everybody will. And it’s REAL numerology stuff, not Zachary “Hubbard” psyop crap.
The other thing you asked about is over my head.

Hey, you guys should listen to this Mark Passio interview. He goes into more detail about the human blood earth sacrifice cult here than he does in his own shows. But only listen to the first 30 minutes, because after that point in the interview they start discussing b.s. topics.
GVP #124 – Mark Passio – The Occult Season of Sacrifice (1 hour 41 minutes – only first 30 minutes relevant)

Watched it. One thing that stuck out to me was the specifc mention of the forty day length of the occult sacrifice season, which reminded me of a few things.
Q-uarantine —>40 days
2020 —>20 + 20 = 40 (YY+YY rule)
40 days and 40 nights is an important biblical motif. Presumably related.
Although most of the COVID-19 deaths occurred outside the March 22-May 1 window, this was still one of the largest mass casualty events in quite a long time.
Also note that the 2020 stock crash occurred between the dates Feb 21 – March 25, exactly 33 days.
33 —>3 + 3 = 6 —>9
33 = 3 * 11
Additionally, the GEO-rge Floyd riots began exactly 25 days after the end of the season of sacrifice, on May 26, 2020.
25 —>2 + 5 = 7
05/26/2020 —> 5 + 2+6 + 2 + 2 = 17
Countrywide rioting was bookended on August 25, 2020, 92 days later, in Kenosha, Wisconsin when Kyle Rittenhouse shot G-aige G-rosskreutz and killed Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber.
08/25/2020 —>8 + 2+5 + 2+2 = 19
92 —>9 + 2 = 11
(K)yle (R)ittenhouse —>11 + 18 —>2 + 9 = 11. Alternatively, 11 + 18 = 29 —>11.
Don’t forget the previously uncovered codes in the names of the Kenosha “victims”.

Those are all good points which I hadn’t thought of, although I do have a section for George Floyd’s death on the occult page of the new site.
And also, don’t forget about this:

Right on cue, on September 1, 2021, exactly 11 days before the 9/11 terrorist attacks 20 year anniversary on September 11, 2021, the CIA Jew York Times publishes yet another cover story psyop article about the Champlain Towers South building demolition (not “collapse”):
The Surfside Condo Was Flawed and Failing. Here’s a Look Inside.
A Times investigation shows how faulty design and construction could have contributed to the collapse of the building in South Florida.

So the Pentagon celebrated the 20 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks a little early with a weather warfare massacre in New York City and surrounding states.
At Least 9 Dead as Ida Remnants Wallop New York Region
Eleven people who died in New York were in basement apartments.
At least 28 are dead after Ida causes flooding in three states.
Death Toll Rises as New York Region Struggles With Ida Destruction
Three states were dealing with a flood-ravaged landscape caused by Hurricane Ida’s remnants, as leaders acknowledged the need to confront a changed climate. Over 150,000 homes in the area remain without power. President Biden called extreme weather “one of the great challenges of our time.”

At least 28 are dead after Ida causes flooding in three states.

In the aftermath of a ferocious storm that killed more than two dozen people in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, national and local leaders acknowledged Thursday that extreme weather events posed an urgent and ongoing threat.
The storm killed at least 28 people and left more than 150,000 homes without power. States of emergency remained in effect across the region by midday Thursday, as officials sought to get a handle on the damage.
Speaking from the White House, President Biden said that the damage indicated that “extreme storms and the climate crisis are here,” constituting what he called “one of the great challenges of our time.”
At a news conference in Queens on Thursday morning, Gov. Kathy C. Hochul of New York said that she had received a call from President Biden, who she said “offered any assistance” as the state assessed the damage from Ida, a storm that she said represented a new normal.
“We need to foresee these in advance, and be prepared,” she said.
The deluge of rain on Wednesday — more than half a foot fell in just a few hours — turned streets and subway platforms into rivers. Emergency responders in boats rescued people from the rooftops of cars. Hundreds of people were evacuated from trains and subways. A tornado in southern New Jersey leveled a stretch of houses. Some rivers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania were still rising.
The rain broke records set just 11 days before by Tropical Storm Henri, underscoring warnings from climate scientists of a new normal on a warmed planet: Hotter air holds more water and allows storms to gather strength more quickly and grow ever larger.
New York City’s subway lines remained at least partly suspended as of midday on Thursday, as was commuter rail service across the region. Airports were open but hundreds of flights had been canceled.
In New York City, the dead ranged in age from a 2-year-old boy to an 86-year-old woman, the police said. Some drowned in basement apartments in Queens, where a system of makeshift and mostly illegally converted living spaces has sprung up.
Four people were found dead in an apartment complex in Elizabeth, N.J., city officials said Thursday. Two people were killed in Hillsborough, N.J. after they became trapped in their vehicles, a spokeswoman for the town said. Another death occurred in Passaic, N.J., where the Passaic River breached its banks and fish flopped in the streets.
The 3.15 inches of rain that fell in Central Park in one hour on Wednesday eclipsed the record-breaking one-hour rainfall of 1.94 inches on Aug. 21. The National Weather Service, struggling to depict the level of danger, declared a flash flood emergency in New York City for the first time.
In Bergen County, New Jersey’s most populous county, County Executive James Tedesco, a former firefighter, said on Thursday: “We have not complete devastation but close to it. This is as bad as I’ve ever seen it.”

Speaking from the White House, President Biden said that the damage indicated that “extreme storms and the climate crisis are here,” constituting what he called “one of the great challenges of our time.”

Did someone say “GREAT”?

Did you guys know that the Democrats stole the 2020 election by hacking the voting systems’ computer bat-CH files? They modified the bat-CH files! The voting m-ACH-i-NE-s were CHANG-ing the vote counts! They CHANGE-d the votes!

Also, have you guys ever heard about the HANG-ing CHA-ds in the Florida paper votes that caused the weeks long delay in the 2000 presidential election result between George Bush and Al Gore? The HANG-ing CHA-ds!

Yes, but this was only because Ri-CH-ard Bruce (etymologically Brix—>BRICKs) CHANGey needed to save us from Albert Arnold (etymologically “eagle rule”) G-ore’s (etymologically “triangular piece of LAND” derived from “SPEAR”) sinister plan to usher in draconian measures under the guise of combating climate CHANGE, an inconvenient TRUTH. It had to be done, sorry you can’t cornu-cope-ia. 🙂

Flooding From Ida Kills More Than Three Dozen in Four States
In Storm’s Wake, Leaders Acknowledge Need to Confront Climate Change
The storm tore through the New York region, killing at least 43 people and leaving thousands without power. States of emergency remain in effect. Speaking from the White House, President Biden said the damage indicated extreme weather is “one of the great challenges of our time.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if the D.O.D./U.S. military causes another large earthquake somewhere in the world within the next 10 days, even though they just caused one in Haiti on August 15, the same day that the Taliban captured Kabul.

Any bit in particular you wanted to draw attention to? I read most of it and I did notice that they mentioned social media-as-battlefield, in particular 4chan, by name. Clearly a not-so-subtle wink and a nod to the other spooks who run the fucking cesspit.

Actually, I didn’t read it yet. I only read the first couple of pages and then didn’t have the time to read the rest of it. Is there anything really interesting in it? Mentioning 4chan is kind of a big deal, imo.

There’s nothing really interesting by way of disclosure. It’s really a white PSYOP product in itself, so that’s not too surprising. There’s a technical portion that describes a mathematical/symbolic framework for assessing the effectiveness of campaigns that’s kind of interesting, but again, it’s very dry and one could read it, completely understand it, and still have no real sense of what these spooks are actually doing.

Okay, thanks for the summary. I scrolled through the pages and I actually did notice that article that you’re talking about. And you’re completely right about these publicly available USAPO documents. They are clearly an extreme form of white PSYOP. I realized that when I read some of their actual manuals that are available on the web. I found the best one available that explains in detail the difference between white, gray, and black PSYOP. I can’t remember the name of that document. But anyway, after reading several of USAPO docs, I realized that they weren’t actually telling me anything and were obviously written with the express purpose of concealing USAPO’s real activities from the public. So these USAPO documents themselves are psyop products. It’s all very devious.

They are clearly an extreme form of white PSYOP.

I’ve been thinking about the classification of PSYOP product recently, because I’ve been looking through a lot of those gun/survivalist YT channels. Most of the high profile guys are openly “former” USSOCOM and/or CIA operatives (often both). However, they always make sure to claim their views are their own blah blah and all that jazz, so I’m really not sure what to properly call this shit. Also, given that the target audience of this PSYOP theme is right wingers, these actors’ status as “former” operators actually lends them credibility.
Infowars actually uses this same motif i.e. acknowledging Jones’s connections to da deep state. This sort of makes me think that the distinction between white/black/gray doesn’t actually mean so much, but I could just be misunderstanding.
Here’s another example of this sort of mixing and matching I came across a couple of days ago. The platform and target audience is what I would assume would be more in the “black” direction than YT gun channels, but the product itself claims an overt, direct connection to USSOCOM and USACAPOC, specifically.
Obviously, no need to read the whole thing, but it’s worth scrolling through. Pretty bizarre.

Claiming that their views are their own is just part of the psyop. And somebody in the military claiming that they have original thoughts is blatantly false for the simple reason that anyone who has been through military boot camp / basic training is by default a brainwashed cult member and therefore HAS no original thoughts. It’s a physical impossibility.
You’re right about these internet psyop spooks using their CIA (really?) and Special Ops background to give themselves “street cred” with their mentally retarded (mostly American) target audience, and that’s why Jarhead does it.
I also agree that there really isn’t any function difference between the various colors of psyop. And what’s more, notice that the cover of that USAPO magazine uses a picture of a BLACK knight chess piece on its cover, and refers to USAPO soldiers as BLACK knights, not white knights or even gray nights. That’s highly significant, because it means that USAPO’s primary psyop activity is BLACK, not white or gray, which is what I assumed in the first place.

Holy fucking fuck. tz, AO’Us; you guys are gonna love this.
I have just found definitive, incontrovertible proof of all of your hard work. It’s only one small example of thousdands, I’m sure, but the implication is unequivocal.
EXCLUSIVE: US soldier punches a black man to the ground and sits on his chest until police arrive after he lunged at him, ‘spat on his car and made disparaging remarks about the military
Look very closely at his right shoulder sleeve. Notice anything funny?
The USACAPOC spook in question’s 1M+ subscriber YT CHAN-nel:
https://www. youtube .com/c/AngryCopsMadatWork
Based on the geographical location of the above incident, I figured he must be with the 401st Civil Affairs Battalion.
https://www. facebook .com/401stCABN/

The 401st Civil Affairs Battalion is located in both Webster NY and Tonawanda NY. It is a combination of two proud Battalions, the 401st, and the 402nd.

Now, this is just a supposition based on a fuckload of circumstantial evidence. How about we do one better?
Straight from the horse’s mouth. 401st Civil Affairs Battalion. What more can you ask for?
Objective, incontrivertible evidence that USACAPOC spooks are not only placed in official cover positions as police, but also work with them to stage legal trouble in order to establish bonafides for the facilitation of their PSYOP products:
Cross-promotion with other USACAPOC spook personas, and bonus proof of sheep dipping said personas into a third organization, in this case the Air National Guard.
Why would they sheep dip this P(iece) O(f) G(arbage) spook into the ANG? Because the ANG hosts the 193d Special Operations Wing, which organization disseminates PSYOP product produced by other POGs and falls directly under the control of USSOCOM.
This is also a convenient excuse to shuffle him around due to the (probably unintentional) partial disclosure of his status as a USACAPOC spook via the earlier incident detailed in the daily mail article. I can think of no sensible reason for USSOCOM to openly draw overt attention to itself in that way, given the social/political climate of the summer of 2020 and the clear callback to the George Floyd stunt. But it is always possible it was staged for reasons beyond my understanding.
BTW, I actually found out about this from 4chan by searching “USACAPOC”, out of curiosity.
One of you guys wouldn’t be ID:yN8zjdN7 would you?

Wow, that is amazing. You caught that CA/USAPO spook red handed. Very nice work. And I especially like how you researched that idiot’s background, because that’s almost always where these spooks’ secrets lie, i.e. in their past. After watching that old video of him from Iraq, I see that he was just as annoying back in 2009 as he is today. I also watched that short video on his Y.T. channel and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a JewTube psyop spook quite as irritating as that guy. He’s truly grating and has a very punchable face. I can’t believe people actually watch that stupid shit. And maybe they don’t. Maybe all those Y.T. “subscribers” are pure CIA/DoD software trickery. And what’s unique about this idiot Army spook is that he was also a local cop? I don’t remember ever seeing that before, but it’s probably EXTREMELY common, since so many local police are “ex” military, including, infamously, Derek CHAuviN, who was in military police in the U.S. Army back in the 1990’s.
And of special note is the name of his Y.T. channel, “Angry Cops Gone Mad.” This is the EXACT same occult word that the blog “Angry White Men” uses in its name. Have you seen that stupid site? It’s a “left-wing” psyop website nearly identical to the SPLC’s “Hatewatch” blog that fake “monitors” internet “white nationalist” CIA actors. I used to check that blog all the time to collect dox information on the various WN psyop actors that AWM occasionally publishes (which is just another part of the psyop, of course). So anyway, my original point was that these endless internet psyops recycle the same CIA/USAPO occult words over and over again, which is how I was able to identify these patterns in the first place. THE PATTERNS ARE THEIR WEAK SPOT.

No, that wasn’t me posting in that USA/pol/ thread. I can’t post on 4change, because 4change blocks VPN posting, and there’s no way in hell that I’m giving those low level pissant spooks on 4change my real IP address.

And what’s unique about this idiot Army spook is that he was also a local cop

I found that to be very peculiar as well. All things considered it does make some sense, however.

Derek CHAuviN, who was in military police in the U.S. Army back in the 1990’s.

I missed that. That’s very damning, though. And BTW, he was actually Army Reserve, which is even more damning because I’ve recently become aware of the fact–and you may have already pointed this out–that the bulk of USACAPOC is USAR. This would never have occurred to me. All I can find from a cursory Google search is that CH-auvin did stints as an MP, but that time only accounts for about 1.5 years of his 8 year service. This gaping hole in his service record is left gaping for obvious reasons.

This is the EXACT same occult word that the blog “Angry White Men” uses in its name. Have you seen that stupid site.

I have not. I will check it out soon.


What’s your problem, dude? You don’t enjoy being a FREE rANGE CHic–I mean, uh–American?

I didn’t know Chauvin was in the Army Reserve. That’s weird. I also didn’t know he was in the Army for so long – 8 years is a long time. And I also didn’t know that he only had the M.P. job for 1.5 years. That’s VERY suspicious. He could very easily have been part of some top secret Intelligence or Special Ops stuff during that unaccounted for time gap.
I kind of did know about the size and importance of the Army Reserve in Civil Affairs and PsyOp, because two of the Army’s four POG’s are in the Reserve: the 2nd and 7th are reserve and the 4th and 8th are regular.
That Y.T. channel names is one of the most blatant I’ve seen in a while. Truly stupid.

No, I didn’t see that story. Thanks. I’ll add it to my “terror” attack list.
Blaming ISIS is the same as blaming the CIA, since the CIA created ISIS.

American Forces Destroy C.I.A. Base In Controlled Detonation
The destruction of the base was intended to ensure the Taliban would not gain access to any equipment or information left behind.

A controlled detonation by American forces that was heard throughout Kabul has destroyed Eagle Base, the final C.I.A. outpost outside the Kabul airport, U.S. officials said on Friday.
Blowing up the base was intended to ensure that any equipment or information left behind would not fall into the hands of the Taliban.
Eagle Base, first started early in the war at a former brick factory, had been used throughout the conflict. It grew from a small outpost to a sprawling center that was used to train the counterterrorism forces of Afghanistan’s intelligence agencies.
Those forces were some of the only ones to keep fighting as the government collapsed, according to current and former officials.
“They were an exceptional unit,” said Mick Mulroy, a former C.I.A. officer who served in Afghanistan. “They were one of the primary means the Afghan government has used to keep the Taliban at bay over the last 20 years. They were the last ones fighting, and they took heavy casualties.”
Local Afghans knew little about the base. The compound was extremely secure and designed to be all but impossible to penetrate. Walls reaching 10 feet high surrounded the site, and a thick metal gate slid open and shut quickly to allow cars inside.
Once inside, cars still had to clear three outer security checkpoints where the vehicles would be searched and documents would be screened before being allowed inside the base.
In the early years of the war, a junior C.I.A. officer was put in charge of the Salt Pit, a detention site near Eagle Base. There the officer ordered a prisoner, Gul Rahman, stripped of his clothing and shackled to a wall. He died of hypothermia. A C.I.A. board recommended disciplinary action but was overruled.
A former C.I.A. contractor said that leveling the base would have been no easy task. In addition to burning documents and crushing hard drives, sensitive equipment needed to be destroyed so it did not fall into the hands of the Taliban. Eagle Base, the former contractor said, was not like an embassy where documents could be quickly burned.
The base’s destruction had been planned and was not related to the huge explosion at the airport that killed an estimated 170 Afghans and 13 American service members. But the detonation, hours after the airport attack, alarmed many people in Kabul, who feared that it was another terrorist bombing.
The official American mission in Afghanistan to evacuate U.S. citizens and Afghan allies is set to end next Tuesday. The Taliban have said that the evacuation effort must not be prolonged, and Biden administration officials say that continuing past that date would significantly increase the risks to both Afghans and U.S. troops.


Eagle Base, first started early in the war at a former brick factory, had been used throughout the conflict. It grew from a small outpost to a sprawling center that was used to train the counterterrorism forces of Afghanistan’s intelligence agencies.
Those forces were some of the only ones to keep fighting as the government collapsed, according to current and former officials.
“They were an exceptional unit,” said Mick Mulroy, a former C.I.A. officer who served in Afghanistan. “They were one of the primary means the Afghan government has used to keep the Taliban at bay over the last 20 years. They were the last ones fighting, and they took heavy casualties.”

08/27/2021 —>22 —>2*11 (D+D+M+M+Y+Y+Y+Y)
27 —>9
08/27 —>17

Controlled Detonation

Clearly a call-back to 9/11 controlled demolition conspiracy theories.

…has destroyed Eagle Base, the final C.I.A. outpost outside the Kabul airport

The Eagle has fallen! Oh heavens!
Have you noticed that ALL of the PSYOP being laundered through every outlet from the State Dept to RT, online right wing subcults to the “Taliban” Twitter account(s) ALL agree on one thing: “The poor little US is DONE FOR. The EMPIRE IS FALLING.”
It’s all such a bad joke, and hardly anyone seems to be able to see it. IMO, a huge part of this Afghanistan brouhaha–and the bulk of their conspiratorial PSYOP material broadly–is simply the US (military) countersignalling its ungodly power.

Mick Mulroy

LMFAO. More from Kike Steinberg at 11…

I missed the numerology, but I DID notice the “Controlled Detonation” phrase, almost immediately, and the very first thing I thought of was “controlled demolition.” And I agree with you, it was very calculated 9/11 conspiracy occultism.
Yeah, from what you say, all the CIA news media psy operatinos are universally pushing that false narrative. Although it is true that the U.S. empire is the third empire to fail to conquer Afghanistan (the other two being the British and Soviet empires), I agree with you that this was scripted 20 years ago, probably even before McBush invaded Afghanistan on October 7, 2001 (1 + 7 + 2 + 1 = 11).
I also agree that the “alternative” and “conspiracy” news media is just the CIA and DoD play acting as their own opposition, which fits perfectly into the history of the U.S. military manufacturing its enemies for the past 100 years for the simple reason that IT DOESN’T HAVE ANY.
I thought you’d like the “Mick Mulroy” thing. Tune in to the TV news journalism duo of Mick McMick and Jewy Jewberg.

It’s a combination of the recently released Sigma male and Shroomjak meme variants. I guess that was a fail, because I was trying to draw attention the fact that the mushroom cap is a pretty well-hidden USSOCOM spear tip.

Tanya Gersh
5/6 letters
Remember this CIA Jew bitch from the Apedre McNglin psyop three or four years ago? Today the Jew York Times bizarrely out of nowhere published an article about her and that stupid psyop:
How a Small Town Silenced a Neo-Nazi Hate Campaign
A Montana town reflects on its effort to drive former President Trump’s extremist supporters back to the fringes.

Let me show you guys something else. This is the kind of CIA/USAPO mindfuck article I see literally every single fucking day on the front page of the Jew York Times website. Allow me to decrypt for you the CIA and USAPO occult words in the article’s title and sub-title.
Georgia 8th Grader Challenges School Dress Code
After being cited for a rip in her jeans, Sophia Trevino has led a protest seeking changes to the district’s dress code, which she says targets girls.
“Georgia” = capital G = Freemasonry
“8th Grader” = capital G = Freemasonry
“Challenges” = C-H-A-N-G-E [6/6 letters]
“School” = C-H-ange
“jeans” = *-*-A-N-J-E [4/6 letters]
“Sophia Trevino” = P-H-R-E-* = FREE [4/5 letters]; T-R-E = TRUTH
“changes” = CHANGE

Yeah. I actually did hear about that accidentally, from one of Brendon MickConnell’s recent psyop videos. But I didn’t notice the numerology though. And something else I heard from MickConnell is that RDS’s daughter is an FBI spook, and he was right, because I looked up her picture on Google Images. She works in the Portland, Oregon FBI field office.
RDS was a real spook p.o.s. Mars child slave colonies indeed.

Did you see that he gave you a really sweet shout out? com/watch?v=ToHIV79AxJM
Around 9:30
Why are you such a hard core national socialist who hates Jesus, tz?
On a serious note, I’m eager to see what portions of the website he’s going to show if makes a video “exposing” AJ. I highly doubt he ever will though, as he’s been promising to do so for what, 3 years now?

Yeah, I saw that, and I only watched that video in the first place because it was relatively short, and I absolutely refuse to watch his videos where he reads Israeli psyop news articles for two hours.
Oh god, I hate a mythical Jewish Zealot rabbi apocalyptic preacher! And I also hate da J00z!
McConnell is such a moron. Did you ever see some of his old videos where he used to say that I was Don Black? Apparently this tard thinks that crude gaslighting techniques like that have an effect on me or something. He needs more CIA psyop acting lessons, I guess.
As fare as his video “exposing” Jarhead goes, McConnell obviously has strict instructions from his CIA case officer to never go into any detail about Jarhead’s actual CIA and DoD connections.

I absolutely refuse to watch his videos where he reads Israeli psyop news articles for two hours.

To be completely fair, Haaretz is more bearable than CNN…

Did you ever see some of his old videos where he used to say that I was Don Black?

No, I never saw those ones. I think I do vaguely remember him mentioning alexjonesexposed and/or referring to you indirectly before, though.
I’m tempted to spam his videos with a link to the comment chain where you spanked him if only to possibly save a few lost souls, but it’s probably not worth the trouble.
By the way, do you think he’s still in Australia? I think it’s a pretty reasonable possibility.

He mentioned the Alex Jones site several times in various videos.
I kind of doubt that he’s in Australia. The CIA and ASIS sent Brenton McConnell all over the world to all the big spook hot spots: Malaysia, Lebanon, Iran, etc. He said that he’s currently in Central or South America, and I believe him. He’s a globe trotting spook.

Apologies, I messed up the formatting on that comment above.

I kind of doubt that he’s in Australia…

Noted. My head is still spinning from all the bullshit so it’s hard to know what to believe out of these lying spooks’ mouths. I’ll defer to your better judgment.

Okay, here’s the definitive occult deciphering of Donald Trump’s full name, once and for all:
Donald John Trump
John = Gohn (soft g), phonetically
Trump = Chrump, phonetically
4/4 letters
6/6 letters
4/5 letters
No wonder the CIA recruited this orange crypto-Jew in high school. Look at all the occult code words in his name!

Okay, here’s something BIGLY that I missed about Trump’s two impeachment acquittals, and I don’t know how I missed it.
When you add up the digits of both of Trump’s impeachment trial acquittal dates, guess what number you get in both cases?
Trump’s first impeachment trial acquittal:
February 5, 2020
(2 + 5 + 2 + 2 = 11)
Trump’s second impeachment trial acquittal:
February 13, 2021
(2 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 11)

And here’s one more thing I just saw:
The time difference between Trump’s two impeachment trial acquittal dates is:
1 year, 1 week, 1 day
How about that?

Hey, AOU’s, here’s a new one for your list:
Ex-Marine Sharpshooter Kills 4 and Fires at Deputies in Florida, Sheriff Says
The gunman killed a man, two women and an infant who were found in two homes near Lakeland, Fla., the authorities said. A girl, 11, also was wounded.
Lake-LAND, F-L-ori-DA
Lake-LAND, F-L-ori-DA
Lake-LAND, F-L-ori-DA

Wow, I don’t even remember that crime. Did he supposedly do that on March 11, 2012? Yeah, you’re right. The pattern is transparent once you know what to look for, like in that recent Marine sniper psycho mass shooting in Florida.
Also don’t forget about the biggest earth sacrifice occult word of all:

Anonymous ID:0rmH16fK Mon 19 Mar 2018 07:34:50 No.164542874

A reminder that this is an important day for the occult. It is spring. The season of sacrifice and occult death rituals. The Shock and Awe bombings. The 2011 Libya invasion. March 24th is the anniversary of the Westside School massacre of 1998 death ritual via brainwashed puppets. March 26th is the anniversary of the Heaven’s Gate mass suicides of 1997. March 29th is the anniversary of the Moscow Metro bombings of 2010 in the occult season of death. April 4 is the anniversary of the MLK assassination of 1968. April 14 is the anniversary of the Titanic sinking death ritual. The day after, we have the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing of 2013 in the season they choose to inspire fear with death. On April 16th, we see the anniversary of the Virginia Tech massacre of 2007. On April 19th, we see the anniversary of the Baltimore Riots, the battle of Lexington and Concord, the Oklahoma city bombings, and the Waco Massacre. The next day is the BP oil spill and the Columbine shooting.

So now we know where the term “YouTube C-REAT-ors” comes from.
It’s secretly derived from the Freemasonry phrase “G-REAT Architect of the Universe.”

I finally realized the reason those idiotic “boogaloo bois” were running around in floral print Hawaiian shirts. It’s a reference to certain USACAPOC emblems, and further, the harvest wreath and its constituents, namely leaves and flowers. Previously discuessed here:

There’s something much bigger about the word “Hawaiian” that I just noticed while reading your comment:
4/6 letters
I’ve also changed my mind about the Radix logo. I now think that it definitely IS a (disguised) quill pen symbol.

C-U-* (Q)
7.1 magnitude
17 reversed
Major Earthquake Shakes Acapulco and Mexico City
At least one death was reported after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck near the port city of Acapulco. Catch up on news from Mexico.

Pure coincidence.
09/07/2021 —>21

About 1.6 million were left without power.

09/07 —>16
Acapulco is located in the Mexican state of G-uerrero, formally known as The FREE and soVEReign STATE of G-uerrero. Although, the formal name part might be a coincidence since all Mexican states are named this way.

Guerrero Name Meaning
Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian: nickname for an aggressive person or for a soldier, from an agent derivative of guerra ‘war’. Compare Guerra.

I didn’t know about the state name or the power loss either.
They’re really ramping up this shit to mark the 20 year anniversary of 9/11. I knew they would, because it’s their M.O. They did the exact same thing throughout the year 2011 for the 9/11 10 year anniversary. Today they also directed a massive fire in an Indonesian prison that killed 41 inmates.

(From Reuters)

Indonesian prison that killed 41 inmates.

Only 41 hmm…I guess they couldn’t round it out to a nice, even 42. Maybe they’ll find another one over night
Prison BLOCK
09/08/2021 —>22 = 2 * 11
09/08 —>17

…said 122 were being detained on drug-related offences in a block built to hold 38.

38 —>11
81 injured —>9 (from separate source)
BTW, did you notice this?
How a Viral Video Bent Reality
and this?

This claim is one of several conspiracies about the chaos at Kabul airport to have spread online. Another Facebook post used the same image to suggest the 2001 attacks and the U.S. departure from Afghanistan were “part of a theatrical script”, the evidence for which was a label on the C-17 U.S. plane that read ‘1109’.
This supposedly reflected the date of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, or 9/11, and amounted to “blatant mockery” because the 1109 number was a “coded date” showing that “reality itself is coded and programmed by numbers”.

Pretty funny stuff.

However, numerous sources show that 1109 was merely the registration number of the specific Boeing C-17 Globemaster III aircraft that flew out of Kabul on Aug. 16…

I really don’t understand why they included this portion or even what they were purporting to debunk here. Seems self discrediting, but maybe that’s the point.

That Indonesian prison fire massacre has been raised to 44 deaths, by the way.
Yeah, I posted that NYT article in another comment, and I actually read that article because it was pretty short. Kevin Roose (V-E-R-I-*-*-S) is the NYT spook who writes all the psyop articles about that general subject.
I didn’t know Reuters was already assigned to psyop that C-17 plane number. “Debunking” articles are an insult to any person’s intelligence, and they’re so blatantly stupid that I have to assume that it’s all deliberate and just part of the pysop.
But I’m glad you pasted parts of that Reuters article because it brought something else important to my attention, namely this:

However, numerous sources show that 1109 was merely the registration number of the specific Boeing C-17 Globemaster III aircraft that flew out of Kabul on Aug. 16…


And here’s something else I just noticed. I knew there was something spooky occult about this phrase, but I didn’t figure it out until just now:
How a Viral Video Bent Reality
Bent Reality


Bent Reality

So check this out, when I saw that article I had a strong suspicion that the word “bent” had to have some sort of occult significance. By chance I came across this:

From Middle French champ, from Old French champ, inherited from Latin campus (“field”), from Proto-Indo-European *kh₂emp- (“to bend, curve”). Doublet of camp.
Coincidence? Possibly, but very interesting nonetheless. Edmund KEMP-er comes to mind.

@TheZog and Anonym O’Us
Not sure if you can both comment, it seems that Guo Wengui co-operating with Steven Bannon which seems to be a joint operation run by the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of State Security and US Intelligence, also I have heard that Li Meng Yan could very well be a Ministry of State Security agent.
On Twitter it seems there are people posting that the United Front and Ministry of State Security are not the same entity, in recent weeks, I came across a paper from a Australian University which dates back to 2018 mentions that the Ministry of State Security took over the United Front as early as 1983 and is basically one entity.

You’re probably right about all that.
And clearly the MSS works with the CIA and DoD intelligence on a constant basis. But that makes perfect sense since the Chinese Govt. and the U.S. Govt. are in fact one and the same. The U.S. Govt. installed the CCP / Chinese Govt. into power in 1949, and I have the evidence of this, which I’ll be placing on the new site.

Not sure if you can comment, when I was doing some research on the Hong Kong Democracy Movement, nearly all their activists and leaders were working for the Ministry of the State Security when the media were reporting on the Hong Kong Protest in 2019, they did not tell the public one thing which is the Ministry of State Security planned and instigated the whole thing and that nearly all the Hong Kong Democracy Movement leaders and activists were working for the Ministry of State Security

Notice how this sickening psyop Jew York Times article conspicuously uses the word “LAND” twice in this article title. TWICE!!!
How a Viral Video Bent Reality
Twenty years after 9/11, “Loose Change,” a LANDmark film for conspiracy theorists, still casts a shadow over our information LANDscape.
A conspiracy film energized the “9/11 truther” movement. It also supplied the template for the current age of disinformation.

Damn. Can’t believe I missed that LAND bit. Did you also notice that the cover of “Loose CHANGE” that they show in that article contains both an inverted USASOC/USSOCOM arrowhead/speartip and a Masonic square at the tip?

I didn’t think of the inverted SOCOM spear tip, but the main features of the “Loose Change” cover picture to me are the Freemasonry BLACK CUBE and the reflecting pool, which has extreme occult significance, as I’m sure you know.

The black cube came to mind, but I felt the speartip more appropriate, because the former is usually depicted as a hexagon when orthographically projected. I don’t think either are invalid, though.
I also saw these alternative “Loose Change” covers
but was too lazy to link at the time. Note also that the twin towers form an irregular inverted pentagon here.
I didn’t think of reflecting pools at all, so I’ve got some reading to do.

I never saw those Loose Change pictures before. Those are really weird.
The reflecting pool is by far the most sinister element in the Loose Change cover art, imo. In fact, I would say that reflecting pools are the most sinister occult symbol of all.

In fact, I would say that reflecting pools are the most sinister occult symbol of all.

Can you elaborate? I haven’t been able to find much on this.

Reflecting pools act as natural mirrors, reflecting what is above and next to them. This symbolizes the principle of opposites combining and existing in a state of mutual equilibrium: up/down, left/right, black/white, and most importantly: good/evil. Apparently Freemasons have a secret ideology which teaches them that they have to act in opposites in order to maintain the moral and aesthetic balance of the universe. So they think that they are required to do both good AND evil.
You haven’t heard this before?

Oh okay, I get it. I’ve heard of some of that before, but didn’t really see where you were going.

The CIA and SOCOM are celebrating the 20 year anniversary of their 9/11 massacre in a BIG way. Look:
At Least 41 Prisoners, Some Trapped in Cells, Die in a Fire in Indonesia
The blaze at the facility west of Jakarta highlighted the problems of the country’s overburdened correctional system. The blaze at the Tangerang prison, about 25 miles west of the capital, Jakarta, killed at least 41 people and seriously injured eight more. The cause of the fire was still under investigation.
Tangerang prison
Fire at North Macedonia Covid Hospital Kills at Least 14
A fire at a temporary coronavirus hospital in North Macedonia has left at least 14 people dead, the country’s health minister said, the latest in a series of blazes at hospitals around the world where people with Covid-19 were being treated.
In July, at least 39 people were killed at a hospital in southern Iraq after an oxygen tank explosion in a ward where Covid-19 patients were being treated. In April, a fire caused by another oxygen tank explosion at a coronavirus hospital in Baghdad killed at least 82.
Earlier this year, a blaze tore through a Covid-19 ward in India as the country was grappling with a wave of coronavirus cases nationwide, killing at least 18 people.

oxygen tank

4/5 letters
C-D-O-N-E (soft c)
4/5 letters

This is an old case that just came to my attention via yet another YT PSYOP channel.

On October 12, 2012, Ryan Carter Poston, an American attorney at law from Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, was shot to death by his on again off again girlfriend Shayna Michelle Hubers. After a trial in the Campbell County circuit court, Hubers was convicted of murder on April 23, 2015.

10/12/2012 —>9
04/23/2015 —>17
HighLAND Heights

derives from the German word Hube meaning hide, a unit of LAND a farmer might possess, granting them the status of a FREE tenant.

Previously discussed, but I failed to note the presence of the word “free” in the definition, which was a major oversight.

Poston attended Blessed Sacrament School (Fort Mitchell),[13] the International School Manila (Philippines), and the International School of Geneva (Switzerland) during high school. He later attended Indiana University, where he triple-majored in history, geography, and political science, then went to law school at the Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University in Highland Heights. After completing his Juris Doctor degree, Poston began working as an attorney in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Typical CIA upbringing. Majored in GEO-graphy, to boot.

The 29-year-old attorney belonged to a large and prominent Northern Kentucky family: his father is Jay Poston, who worked for Sen. Jim Bunning and Gov. Brereton Jones. His stepfather is Peter Carter, a marketing executive at Procter & Gamble. His uncle is Jim Poston, the well-known Fort Mitchell lawyer.

29 —>11
As an aside, Poston’s stepfather’s position as a world-travelling CIArial coroporate executive mirrors Stephen “Steve-O” G-ilchrist G-lover’s upbringing. G-lover specifically, and any name with -love- in it, also seems to be one they like when picking their spooks. C.f. Donald Glover and Mike Glover, both of whom have confirmed connections to the US Army, and CIA in the latter case. I assume it’s both a “ver”—>VERITAS connection and “love”—> “…Brotherly love”, but I could be mistaken.

Never heard of that one before. There’s lots of symbolic earth terms in the names involved, which means that it wasn’t an “organic” event.
“Love” always signifies “veritas” to me. When I was watching Seth Myersteinbergmanowitz’s TV show monologues back in January (for the Trump jokes), I noticed that he was constantly shilling some dumb local NYC charity called “God’s Love We Deliver.” If there was any doubt about what the word “love” means in that name, then the presence of the word “deliver” should remove it.

Your earlier comment about Discord servers, and AO’Us’s comment (#comment-4663) led me to a pretty neat discovery:
Vert means “green” in French

From Old French vert, from Vulgar Latin virdis, virdem, from Latin viridis, viridem.

From the verb vireo (“to be verdant, to sprout”).
Ver, itself, in Latin means “spring”, the season of growth.
So not only is there the known and expected relationship between the words for green and “grow” (additionally, the English etymology traces directly back to PIE *gʰreh₁- (“to grow”))., there is also a relationship between “green” and “true”.
Further, if you look through the various etymologies of the Latin root for “truth”, verus, the words start to look a lot like “war”. That could be a coincidence, but the etymology of the English word “war” also seems to converge with the line from verus.

From Proto-Italic *wēros, from Proto-Indo-European *weh₁ros*weh₁ros, from *weh₁- (“true”). See also Old English wǣr (“true, correct”), Dutch waar (“true”), German wahr (“true”), Icelandic alvöru (“earnest”), Proto-Slavic *vě̀ra (“faith/belief”).

I just had another realization about the “Delta” coronavirus variant name:
– The capital Greek letter delta is a triangle.
– The word “triangle” is pronounced as “chriangle.”
– Therefore the word “triangle” contains the entire word “change.”
– So not only does the Greek letter delta mean “change” in physics / math notation, but the word of the Greek letter delta’s shape also means “change.”
This is obviously no accident.

Yes, the “flat earth” psyop is operated by the U.S. military. I remember Eric Michaels (“Dubay”) the rat faced CIA Jew who lives in Thailand (like a lot of white spooks do). He got kicked off YouTube a few years ago.

CH-ristine WESTON CHAN-dler
Not sure if you heard about all that bullshit last month, but what I found most interesting was the fact that /pol/ seemed to actually focus their attention on the relevant part of the story, namely that the girl involved, Isabella Janke’s father and step mother are both spooks. Her father is “former” USSOCOM operator and defense contractor executive and owner.
Also, and I actually just found this out from /pol/ as well, Chandler’s father was a US Army Signal Corps spook and lifelong defense contractor employee (GE).
Robert FRANK-LIN CHAN-dler (also, L-A-N-D)
John Michael Janke (C-H-A-N-J-E)
Ultimately irrelevant bullshit, but it does provide yet more proof of the pervasive influence that these sick freaks have over society.

Nope, I didn’t know anything about that, since I don’t really follow USA/pol/ psyop drama.
But the fact that both of the individuals involved are sons and daughters of DoD spooks, as well as their HIGHLY occult names, is evidence that these individuals are CIA actors / role players and that possibly even their very lives are long term DoD psyops. In fact, the whole “lolcow” Kiwi Farms internet subcult is a highly contrived CIA/DoD psychological operation. This is how the CIA and Pentagon manufacture false realities and create subcults out of thin air.

And there was yet another fire yesterday, at yet another hospital. Oh, and for those of you who might not know…
Two People Injured in Fire at a Queens Hospital
A rooftop blaze produced an enormous cloud of black smoke, but officials said the flames were extinguished within an hour. The blaze erupted on the roof of St. John’s Episcopal Hospital in Queens.

Okay, I made another list of CIA YouTube videos. Combine this list with my previous list for even more. Note that all the videos in this list are least 20 years old, and some are even 40 or 50 years old. There’s a reason for that – the reason being that all modern CIA subject videos on YouTube are worthless psyop trash, so don’t waste your precious time watching any of them. And make sure to watch the Mae Brussell and BBC Operation Gladio videos. If you watch no other videos in this list, make sure to watch those two.
MK ULTRA Cults and Michael Aquino
Mae Brussell on Satanism in the U.S. Military
Mae Brussell: CIA Mind Control and Assassination Techniques (11-05-1971)
Science of Spying – Secrets of the CIA | Documentary | 1965
This documentary presents an account of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) activities that had previously been covert, including activities in Iran, Guatemala, Cuba, Congo, Vietnam and Laos. The film includes interviews with CIA director Allen Dulles and Dick Bissel.
The CIA and Dirty Tricks: Interview w/ Victor Marchetti – WBAI 1972
Victor Marchetti was a high ranking CIA official who resigned and criticized the agency. He discusses his novel “Rope-Dancer” which was published in 1971. The novel is about a high ranking agent who goes to work for the Soviet Union. It presents a realistic portrait of life at the CIA headquarters in Virginia. Marchetti discusses the CIA’s role in foreign and domestic affairs, and what it is like to work in the organization. Date Broadcast on: WBAI, 21 Feb. 1972.
C.I.A. Cult of Intelligence – 1980 Documentary
The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence (1974) is a non-ficiton book written by Victor Marchetti, a former special assistant to the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and John D. Marks, a former officer of the United States Department of State. Victor Marchetti used the expression “cult of intelligence” to denounce what he viewed as a counterproductive mindset and culture of secrecy, elitism, amorality and lawlessness within and surrounding the Central Intelligence Agency in the service of American imperialism.
ParaNet Continuum Show – The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence
The ParaNet Continuum radio show #135 (November 10, 1996) hosted by Michael Corbin and featuring an interview with Victor Marchetti, co-author with John D. Marks of The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence
The Cold War Crimes Of The CIA | Secrets Of War | Timeline
An inside perspective on the CIA agency and its secret missions throughout the Cold War. From revolutionary coups and election rigging to embassy spying, the West employed the CIA in controversial ways to win the Cold War.
Operation Gladio – Full 1992 documentary | BBC
Originally aired on BBC2 in 1992, ‘Operation Gladio’ reveals ‘Gladio’, the secret state-sponsored terror network operating in Europe. This BBC series is about a far-right secret army, operated by the CIA and MI6 through NATO, which killed hundreds of innocent Europeans and attempted to blame the deaths on Baader Meinhof, Red Brigades and other left wing groups. Known as ‘stay-behinds’ these armies were given access to military equipment which was supposed to be used for sabotage after a Soviet invasion. Instead it was used in massacres across mainland Europe as part of a CIA Strategy of Tension. Gladio killing sprees in Belgium and Italy were carried out for the purpose of frightening the national political classes into adopting U.S. policies.

Here’s part of the introductory section I have for the mass death even list section I have on the occult page of the new site. In that same section I also have the Mark Passio video links and about 20 article links explaining ritual human blood earth sacrifice. ACM, see what you think.

Virtually all place names (target, city, state, nation) of mass death events, including arsons, shootings, bombings, stabbings, vehicle rammings, serial killings, etc., contain the following earth related words, usually in scrambled form:
These words are symbolic of the earth and their presence within the place name of a mass death event indicates that the mass death event in question was a symbolic ritual human blood sacrifice to the earth to ensure the global agricultural harvest.

Looks good to me. I like that you’re systematically defining rules. At least for me, that always helps to bridge the gap to understanding something as quickly as possible.

And here’s my section on the Charleston church shooting from the occult page of the new site. I use this same format/template on that page for about ten different mass shootings of the past 25 years. Make special note of how many symbolic earth words are in the Charleston church shooting place name. THIRTEEN. That’s the absolute highest number of symbolic earth words in any mass death event that I’ve examined, and that’s not an accident. The Charleston church shooting was the occult beginning of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and the occult beginning of the QAnonymous Trump political cult. The Charleston church shooting was an event of MAJOR occult significance, both for its Trump cult reason and also for its racial conflict reason.
The Occult Symbolism and Numerology of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church Shooting in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17th, 2015
Charleston church shooting
– A mass shooting occurred at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17, 2015.
– The words “Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church” contain the words “t-r-u-t-h” and “f-r-e-e,” in scrambled form. The Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church was located on Calhoun Street. The words “Calhoun Street” contain the word “t-r-u-t-h,” in scrambled form. “Truth” and “free” are operative words in the unofficial motto of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency: John 8:32 – “And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”
– The words “Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church” contain the words “persuade,” “influence,” and 5/6 letters in the word “c-h-a-n-g-e,” in scrambled form. The word “Charleston” contains 5/6 letters in the word “c-h-a-n-g-e,” in scrambled form. “Persuade,” “influence,” and “change” are words in the motto of U.S. Army Psychological Operations (“Persuade Change Influence“), and refers to the deliberate altering of human thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes through the subversive activities of this U.S. Army division.
– The date of the Charleston church shooting, June 17, 2015, was two days short (149 years, 11 months, 4 weeks, 1 day) of the 150 year anniversary of the date that slavery was officially ended in the United States, June 19, 1865, celebrated in the United States as “Juneteenth.” The word “Juneteenth” contains 4/5 letters in the word “t-r-u-t-h,” in scrambled form. “Truth” is an operative word (twice occurring) in the unofficial motto of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency: John 8:32 – “And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”
– The Charleston church shooting occurred on June 17, 2015, one day after Donald Trump announced his 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. “Q” is the 17th letter of the English alphabet and the first letter in the name of the fictitious pro-Trump political conspiracy character “QAnonymous.” The man who committed the Charleston church shooting is named “Dylann Roof.” Dylann Roof’s middle name is “Storm.” The word “Charleston” contains 4/5 letters in the word “s-t-o-r-m,” in scrambled form. “Storm” is the motto / slogan of the pro-Trump political conspiracy cult “QAnonymous.”
– The words “Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church” contain 5/5 letters in the word “c-r-o-p-s,” 4/4 letters in the word “l-a-n-d,” 5/5 letters in the word “f-i-e-l-d,” 4/4 letters in the word “f-a-r-m,” 5/5 letters in the word “r-a-n-c-h,” 4/4 letters in the word “h-i-l-l,” 8/8 letters in the word “m-o-u-n-t-a-i-n,” 4/4 letters in the word “p-a-s-s,” 5/5 letters in the word “s-t-o-n-e,” 6/7 letters in the word “h-a-r-v-e-s-t,” 5/6 letters in the word “m-e-a-d-o-w,” 4/5 letters in the word “r-i-d-g-e,” and 3/4 letters in the word “r-o-c-k,” in scrambled form. The word “Charleston” contains 5/5 letters in the word “s-t-o-n-e” and 3/4 letters in the word “l-a-n-d,” in scrambled form. The word “Dylann” contains 4/4 letters in the word “l-a-n-d,” in scrambled form. The words “harvest,” “crops,” “land,” “field, “meadow,” “farm,” “ranch,” “hill,” “mountain,” “pass,” “ridge,” “stone,” and “rock” are symbolic of the earth, and their presence within the Charleston church shooting place name indicates that the Charleston church shooting was a symbolic ritual human blood sacrifice to the earth for the global agricultural harvest.
U.S. Army Psychological Operations
U.S. military psychological operations
U.S. Army Psychological Operations organizational chart
“And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”
The CIA’s unofficial (but very well-known) motto is a quote from the Bible – John 8:32, to be specific. The verse features heavily in CIA memorabilia. You can even find it engraved on the wall of the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

And as a special bonus, here’s a couple of other sections from the occult page of the new site:
The Occult QAnon / U.S. Army PsyOp Meaning of the Word ‘Mask’
History and Etymology for mask
– The English word “mask” is derived from the Middle French word “masque,” which is derived from the Old Italian word “maschera.”
– The word “masque” contains the letter “Q.” “Q” is the first letter in the name of the fictitious pro-Trump political conspiracy character “QAnonymous.” The letter “Q” is spelled “c-u-e.” The word “masque” is partly spelled “q-u-e.”
– The word “maschera” contains 4/6 letters in the word “change.” “Change” is a word in the motto of U.S. Army Psychological Operations (“Persuade Change Influence”), and refers to the deliberate altering of human thoughts and behaviors through the subversive activities of this U.S. Army division.
U.S. Army Psychological Operations
U.S. military psychological operations
U.S. Army Psychological Operations organizational chart

The Occult Biblical Meaning of the Word ‘Covid-19’
– The word “Covid-19” contains the Roman numerals “C,” “V,” “I,” and “D.”
– In the ancient Roman system of numbering, the letter “C” has the value of 100, the letter “V” has the value of 5, the letter “I” has the value of 1, and the letter “D” has the value of 500.
– When converted into Arabic numbers and added together, the Roman numerals “CVID” yield the number 606 (100 + 5 + 1 + 500 = 606).
– When added together, the number 606 and the digits of the number 19 yield the number 616 (606 + 1 + 9 = 616).
– 616 is the original “Number of the Beast” as contained in the oldest known manuscript of the New Testament book of Revelation (John’s Apocalypse).
616 – Number of the beast

666 is generally believed to have been the original Number of the Beast in the Book of Revelation in the Christian Bible. In 2005, however, a fragment of papyrus 115 was revealed, containing the earliest known version of that part of the Book of Revelation discussing the Number of the Beast. It gave the number as 616, suggesting that this may have been the original. One possible explanation for the two different numbers is that they reflect two different spellings of Emperor Nero/Neron’s name, for which (according to this theory) this number is believed to be a code.

Here’s an article I barely noticed on the front page of the CIA Jew York Times website today, the 20 year anniversary of the CIA / USSOCOM directed 9/11 terrorist attacks. IS THIS AN EXAMPLE OF KNIGHTS TEMPLAR OCCULTISM? I THINK IT MAY BE, YES.
For a Fractured Israel, a Film Offers Ominous Lessons From Ancient Past
An animated epic depicting a Jewish civil war and the destruction of the Second Temple 2,000 years ago is being seen as a warning in a deeply divided country.

I’m can’t tell if you meant to link this as evidence for Prouty’s claims or to reinforce the fact that Prouty was a military spook disseminating PSYOP product…Care to elaborate?

No, I believe Prouty, as much as I believe Stockwell, Agee, and McGeehee.
Yes, it’s possible that all four of them were psyop plants, but I somewhat doubt it. It’s possible that Mae Brussell was a psyop plant too.
I added another short Fletcher Prouty video to that comment, by the way. There’s some really long video interviews of him on Y.T. if you’re interested. I didn’t even know Prouty had done any video interviews – I thought he just wrote that one book back in the 1970’s.

Hmm that’s pretty confusing to me, since Prouty worked with Oliver Stone and helped to popularize “The Report from Iron Mountain”, which, as you know, is a sort of black PSYOP conspiracy document not unlike “The Protocols” in its M.O. and not unlike “War Is a Racket” in its content. He’s also co-authored a book with Jesse Ventura, whom I know I don’t need to crap on, and worked with Eustace Mullins, and you already know the deal with him. His shtick just seems like an earlier iteration of Flynn, McInerney, Vallely, et al. to me.
I could be misunderstanding something here though, so let me know.
I don’t actually know much of anything about the others you mentioned as I haven’t looked deeply into any of them yet, but none of them jumped out at me the way Prouty did when I first became acquainted with him.

Hmmm, I didn’t know about his connection to the Iron Mountain psyop and Jesse Ventura. That’s obviously a bad sign. I might have to rethink him.
Speaking of Jesse Ventura, I heard from Jewish CIA agent Zachary Greenblatt (“Hubbard”) that Jesse Ventura wrote in his one of his books that when he was in the UDT/Navy SEAL’s back in the early 1970’s that the U.S. Navy could cause undersea earthquakes by placing large amounts of explosives (nukes?) on fault lines in the ocean floor. This is unreal. Have you ever heard of this before? One of us should see if we can find the relevant section of Ventura’s book where he writes that, because it’s very politically explosive.

This is unreal. Have you ever heard of this before? One of us should see if we can find the relevant section of Ventura’s book where he writes that, because it’s very politically explosive.

I have heard of the general notion before, but didn’t know Ventura had said anything about that. I did a few Google searches and couldn’t find the reference. I can probably find it later, maybe this weekend.

I’ve only watched about 30 minutes of this, but I haven’t been able to spot anything deceptive a la those other spooks. I probably spoke too soon in comparing him directly to them, but his associations with are still difficult to make sense of within the framework you’ve developed if we’re to assume he’s genuine. At first I thought perhaps he might have been legit at first but later “compromised” sometime after the 70s, but this interview was from 1992, and by then he was already working with Stone, the Scientology PSYOP cult, and presumably with Eustace Mullins. Regarding Mullins, I can’t find anything on the “Criminal Politics” magazine they both supposedly worked together on, though.

Yeah, I haven’t heard anything Prout say that’s obviously wrong or that I even disagree with. But of course, that’s the exact same situation with Agee, McGeehee, and Stockwell. If they were CIA psyop plants, then they were extremely sophisticated ones, and thus they would only lie by omission, in the same manner that CIA psyop plant Ed Snowden only lies by omission. The reason psyop plants do this is because lies of omission are the most difficult kinds of lies to detect, because a target person / audience needs to be VERY knowledgeable about the subject matter to be able to detect the lies in the first place.

Not sure if you can comment, a while back when I mentioned that Guo Wengui is a Ministry of State Security Agent, well it seems I learnt from somebody who knew a lot about China that many so-called ‘Chinese Dissidents’ are in fact Ministry of State Security agents as well. This also includes Chai Ling, Wang Dan who took part in the 1989 Tiananmen Square Protests. Also not sure if this should come as a surprise to you, many Chinese business elites including the Hong Kong business elites are either agents of the Ministry of State Security or are controlled by the Ministry of State Security, the most obvious one is Jack Ma

No, none of that really surprises me. I would expect Chinese oligarchs and political dissidents to be MSS agents, just like American oligarchs and political dissidents are CIA agents. It’s the same situation in every country.

I had no idea this site was back up. It was a great resource on Five Eyes/NATO psychological operations and CIA control of the world. It’s good to see you back, just curious on why the random 2 year disappearance?

I never really posted in the comments section, but I frequented it quite often when it was mostly just lists of Jews in media, government, etc. I had it in my bookmarks and clicked on it by pure chance.

LAND Destroyer
Which is run by:
>Brian Berletic a former US marine.
Who writes for: New Eastern Outlook
Which is published by:
Which is apart of:
Which is “chartered by the Government of Russia.”

Have you ever wondered why they killed Kennedy in Dallas specifically, and in Dealey Plaza specifically? Here’s why:
3/4 letters
3/4 letters

The shape of the roadways running through the plaza reminds me of the OSS/USSOCOM spear tip. In fact, Kennedy was shot on one of the roads that delineates the outline of the shape, right after the motorcade turned and was approaching the “tip of the spear”.

Great to see this site is up and running again. Why did you just vanish if you don’t mind me asking? The occult stuff is very interesting, although I always thought numerology was just another bogus conspiracy psyop, I guess I was wrong. Anyways, its great to see you’re still alive, can’t wait for the new site.
PS: Are my comments going through? I know you have to approve them but I feel like its not going through.

I vanished because I realized that I had reached the limits of what the information and knowledge on that site could tell me, and I realized that there was something MUCH bigger that I was missing. And as you can see, I was right.
The numerology occultism is quite real, as you should be able to see just from the VERY small sample of QAnon occultism at the top of the page. It’s one of their two major obsessions (the other one being a word / letter obsession). I have an entire page devoted to the occult subject on the new site. It’s massive already, and I’m not even finished with it yet , although I’m getting close.
Yes, all your comments are going through. Sometimes comments get caught in the spam folder, but that only happens to AOU’s, so far.

I’m not sure if you have a list of the people who run the Big Six in mass media and their ties to the US GOVT/military so here it is:
(Mulatto)William Kennard, Chairman – US State Department; Federal Communications Commission
(Jew)John Stankey, CEO – ???
Comcast Corporation
(Jew)Brian L. Roberts, Chairman and CEO – US Navy father
(Jew)Jeff Shell, CEO of NBCUniversal – US State Department sister
(Jew)Bob Iger, Chairman and former CEO – US Army father
(Jew)Bob Chapek, CEO – US Army father
Fox Corporation
(1/4 Jewish)Lachlan Murdoch, Executive Chairman and CEO – CIA father
(1/2 Jewish)Rupert Murdoch, Chairman – CIA
(Jew)Shari Redstone, Chairwoman – US Army father and grandfather
(Jew)Robert Bakish, CEO – ???
If you want to decipher the occult stuff as well you can, I’m just too tired to do it right now.

That’s a great list, and it’s appropriate because I have a whole page on the new site devoted to this very subject. I haven’t finished it yet, but it’s a page that will list the military connections of the FOUNDERS of all the biggest U.S. corporations. I don’t know if I’ll include the military connections of the current CEO’s and chairmen or not, but I might, seeing as how you just provided a good starting point.

Since we’re on the topic of Prouty, I thought you might be interested in this excerpt from Prouty’s book “The Secret Team” since he pretty much encapsulates what you’ve been saying on this site for years.
“The term “sheep-dipped” appears in The New York Times version of the Pentagon Papers without clarification. It is an intricate Army-devised process by which a man who is in the service as a full career soldier or officer agrees to go through all the legal and official motions of resigning from the service. Then, rather than actually being released, his records are pulled from the Army personnel files and transferred to a special Army intelligence file. Substitute but nonetheless real-appearing records are then processed, and the man “leaves” the service. He is encouraged to write to friends and give a cover reason why he got out. He goes to his bank and charge card services and changes his status to civilian, and does the hundreds of other official and personal things that any man would do if he really had gotten out of the service. Meanwhile, his real Army records are kept in secrecy, but not forgotten. If his contemporaries get promoted, he gets promoted. All of the things that can be done for his hidden records to keep him even with his peers are done. Some very real problems arise in the event he gets killed or captured as a prisoner. There are problems with insurance and with benefits his wife would receive had he remained in the service. At this point, sheep-dipping gets really complicated, and each case is handled quite separately.”
Have you ever heard of the “sheep-dip” process? It’s a perfect explanation as to why so much of the who’s who in Western society is “ex-military”. They’ve simply been sheep-dipped.

Well personally I think Prouty is another spook running a Black PSYOP. That’s because he’s associated himself with other proven military spooks such as Eustace Mullins, the Church of Scientology, Willis Carto’s Liberty Lobby, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Jewish Hollywood director Oliver Stone. These connections are all available to read on his Wikipedia page. What do you think?

Norm Macdonald, ‘Saturday Night Live’ Comedian, Dies at 61
Acerbic and sometimes controversial, he became familiar to millions as the show’s “Weekend Update” anchor from 1994 to 1998.
(9 + 1 + 4 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 19)
19 = 61 inverted and reversed
4/4 letters
Saturday Night Live
5/5 letters
5/6 letters
7/7 letters

I’ve found a possible harvest-related origin of the occult significance of the number 11. I’ve actually been aware of an “11 year wheat price cycle” for at least a few years, and couldn’t (still can’t) remember where I had first heard about it. I was reading a passage from a new (to me) text that mentioned the phenomenon recently, which motivated me to research further.

In the 50 years before 1314, England alone had suffered famine roughly every 11 years. That cycle had held for at least the previous thousand years…

That chapter of text above is pretty interesting, especially because it provides some context from a mechanical perspective reg. the relationship that people who run “The State” have with the harvest, namely that agriculture is literally the basis for slavery.
BTW, I only came across that book due to an online influencer (Patrick Ryan) who I’m sure is a CIA spook based on his associations, and by virtue of his being a 4chan/8chan poster. Are you familiar with him and his website cultstate?
I traced back the mention of an “11 year harvest cycle” to W. S. Jevons, which dates to the late 1800s, where he mentions a few earlier works that noted the same pattern, but neither of those predate his by more than a few decades.

…and the 10 to 11 year “harvest cycle” hypothesized by the Victorian political economist W. S. Jevons…

Weather and Harvest Cycles // William Henry Beveridge

“Still thinking that the interval was an interval of about ten years, I was, during the present famine, led to look for a larger period, which would contain the smaller periods, and as the present famine and distress seemed particularly severe, my attention was directed to the famine so strongly felt during the French Revolution. This gave a period of about fifty-four years, with five intervals of about ten or eleven years each…”

I want to point out that this Jevons guy’s sunspot cycle theory has apparently been disproved, but the existence of an 11 year sun spot cycle has been definitively proven. And so far as I can tell, the 11 year fluctuation in grain prices (i.e. the success of agricultural harvests) seems to have been real insofar as the historical data is correct, but that’s beyond the scope of my ability to discern.

Yes, that is very interesting, and I’ve never heard of that harvest / 11 year cycle thing before.
Nope, I’ve never heard of Patrick Ryan or CultState before either.

I forgot to mention that Patrick Ryan looks a lot like that Jett Rink character you mentioned on the old front page. Almost like they could be brothers. Actually, that was the very first thing I noticed when I saw that picture, because for a moment I legitimately couldn’t tell whether it actually was Ryan. Could just be the Irish physiognomy, but given the (almost certain) degree of overlap between their network and the familial nature of spookery there’s probably a decent chance they’re related.

Show me his picture. I’ll know right away if it’s “Jett Rink” or not, because I have lots of clear screen shots of his ugly face. Their Irishness could explain the similarity, but maybe not.

They’re definitely not the same person. And I may have overstated how similar they look. After viewing them side by side it’s really only certain angles.
Also worth noting that he’s (self-admittedly) a a former video game programmer, and was the voice actor for the video game Soul Calibur 3. Further evidence that voice actors themselves are spooks.

What an ugly motherf’er (like 100% of spooks). No, they’re definitely not the same person. They just look similar because they’re both Irish (like 70% of spooks)
Yep, all “voice over” “artists” are spooks. It’s just like I’ve been saying since 2018: every person who works in media is a spook. And I’ve seen no information since then that contradicts my theory, only information that confirms it.

This post and our discussion about the Godzilla movie reminded me of something. I’ve been trying to think of any other media that referenced your theory, specifically with regard to military killers. There’s only one that I could think of that comes close. It’s called The Alienist. In it, detectives attempt to track down a serial killer who turns out to be a former US Army soldier and whose M.O. is to kill on specific Christian holidays. Needless to say, the author of the text on which the show is based is a CIA spook. His father happens to have been an influential Beat spook who just happened to also be a murderer.

Not sure if you can comment, I am suspecting that the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests could very well be a Ministry of State Security psyop which was fully planned. After the incident, from the period of 1989 to 1997, Operation Yellowbird which I believe was in fact the transfer of Ministry of State Security Agents into the west, I am not sure if this surprises you, Szeto Wah one of the most prominent Hong Kong Democracy Activists was also involved:
According to the posthumously-published memoirs of veteran Hong Kong political figure and leader of the Alliance, Szeto Wah, Yellowbird was financed mainly by Hong Kong businessmen and celebrities who sympathised with the plight of the activists, but extensive assistance also came from the colonial government.

Here’s something I just found out:
The Columbine High School shooting occurred at this time of the day:
11:19 a.m. – 12:08 p.m.
Nice numbers, don’t you think?

And here’s something else I just thought of myself:
The year 2022 is the 22 year anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting.
Therefore I am predicting another massive shooting in the year 2022 because of that, which will likely occur in the spring and likely in a school.

Okay, here are two shocking facts in support of my overall Freemasonry conspiracy theory:
1. The Manchester Arena Ariana Grande concert “ISIS” suicide bombing occurred on May 22, 2017, which was exactly 33 days before June 24, 2017, Freemasonry’s founding 300 year anniversary.
2. Ariana Grande’s last name contains 5/5 letters in the first word of Freemasonry’s deity name:
Ariana GRANDe
GRAND Architect of the Universe

I found a pretty good introductory video to Operation Gladio, and it’s really short too – only 13 minutes.
Operation Gladio: The Mother Of All Conspiracies?
After World War II ended the American Operation of Strategic Services (OSS) and the British Special Operations Executive were concerned about the red tide of communism. In the event of a Soviet invasion of Europe they supplied weaponry, explosives, and gold coin to fascist holdouts (former Nazis and Italian neo-fascists) to sow dissent and stop the growing communist parties from taking hold in Europe. This resulted in many terrorist attacks throughout Europe.

No, I’ve never heard of that before. But the U.S. military didn’t have the capability of causing earthquakes until the 1950’s or 1950’s, so they couldn’t have been responsible for any of the earthquakes that occurred before that time period. But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t have been responsible for any of the earthquakes that occurred after then. And yeah, those numbers are interesting. But also check out the picture I just posted.

How do you know for sure that the earthquakes are triggered mechanically via nuke? I meant to mention that there’s some evidence that the method could be electrical. The earliest Parkfield quake postdates the invention of electromagnetic technology, and shortly followed the US military takeover of California. Food for thought.
I’m aware of the disinformation that has been disseminated by the likes of “Dutchsinse” and “Suspicious0bservers” on the topic, but the following seems to indicate that there is legitimate related research:
The Japanese finding is especially interesting IMO.

Holy shit, look at what I just found from a 5 second Google search. IT’S JUST LIKE WHAT I SAID, AND JUST LIKE WHAT JESSE VENTURA SAID!!!
US Navy Uses Explosives to Test Warship, Causing 3.9 Magnitude Earthquake
Updated: USS Gerald R. Ford Explosive Shock Trials
Watch the Navy Blast Its Carrier With a 40,000-Pound Explosive—and Cause an Earthquake
Tsunami (Tidal Wave) Disasters and the U.S. Navy

By far, the most destructive tsunamis are generated from large, shallow earthquakes with an epicenter or fault line near or on the ocean floor. These usually occur in regions of the earth along active tectonic plate boundaries, particularly along the Pacific Ocean’s “Ring of Fire” – a circle of active tectonic plate boundaries stretching from Indonesia to Japan, to the Aleutian Islands, to the west coast of North America and south all the way to Chile – but also in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans as well. Not all earthquakes generate tsunamis, since it usually takes an earthquake with a Richter magnitude exceeding 7.5 to produce a destructive tsunami. On 26 December 2004 a megathrust earthquake (9.0 Richter scale) occurred along the India-Burma plates was such an event, in which an estimated 750 miles (1,200 km) of fault line slipped 60 feet (20 m) and vertically raised the Burma plate a few meters. The resulting shockwave caused massive waves that killed an estimated 227,000 people in Indonesia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, and other locations in the Indian Ocean basin, making it the most lethal tsunami in recorded history.

By far, the most destructive tsunamis are generated from large, shallow earthquakes with an epicenter or fault line near or on the ocean floor.


I mean I see what you’re trying to say, but those headlines are misleading, because the articles themselves say the shockwave from the explosion was able to be registered by seismometers as though it were a 3.9 magnitude earthquake, not that it actually caused an earthquake.
Conversely, if they can create an earthquake with conventional high explosives, they could have very well been doing this before the 40s.
Just putting that electrical idea out there, because it seems like another plausible route. Maybe a more plausible route since a nuclear detonation almost certainly has many more readily detectable signatures than some sort of electromagnetic pulse or what have you. Anyway, I don’t really know either way.

You’re right, and I didn’t say that it caused an earthquake, but it is HIGHLY suggestive nonetheless.
And even more important in my opinion is the sentence from the Navy website article, which PERFECTLY agrees with what Ventura supposedly wrote in his book. You have to admit that that is VERY suspect.
You’re right about the U.S. military probably being able to do accomplish something like this in the early 20th century, perhaps even earlier.

Jesse Ventura has authored a lot of books, did Zachary Hubbard say which Ventura book contains the quote about military-engineered earthquakes? I can probably find it if he was a bit more specific.
For what it’s worth Jesse Ventura has produced a documentary about the military’s weaponization of the weather through HAARP, albeit its highly sensationalized. What are your thoughts?

No, unfortunately Zachary Greenblatt didn’t say in which book Ventura wrote that, because that would make it a lot easier to find.
I think I remember Ventura’s HAARP video. Wasn’t that from his truTV cable psyop show? It sounds familiar. Or maybe he discussed it in a few different videos and contexts.
I first read about HAARP on Jeff Rense’s website MANY years ago, so I’ve known about it for a lot longer than most people. But I never paid it much attention until the last few years when I started to suspect that the Pentagon was causing most, if not all, weather disasters on the planet. Now I take that subject very seriously. But I’m not sure if HAARP is the Pentagon’s main method of weather warfare implementation. I now suspect that it might be a red herring planted disinformation, because I just all but posted the proof that the Navy is causing undersea earthquakes and their attendant deadly tsunamis using basic conventional explosives – no HAARP required.

Okay. Thanks for checking Ventura’s books. It’s possible that Zachary Greenblatt just made that all up, but it would be pretty weird if he did.
Yeah, I saw that USGS page when I did my 5 second Google search yesterday and I read some of it. So there’s no doubt that explosions can cause earthquakes. It’s admitted by the U.S. Govt.

Watch Brendon Tarrant MickConnell’s very latest video. It’s only 5 minutes long. At the end of it he shows an official U.S. Marine Corps propaganda video. I don’t think it’s possible for MickConnell to be any more obvious of a CIA shitbag.

For some reason its not letting me reply to your comment under mine. Anyways, yeah that HAARP documentary is from truTV’s ‘Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura’ which Ventura (and a very Jewish entourage) produced.
I have links that lead me to believe that it’s entirely possible that electromagnetic technology is being used by the military to engineer natural disasters, I’ll post them down below. And yes, I’m aware of the US Navy using explosives to manufacture tsunamis, they’ve been experimenting with that stuff since World War II under Project Seal.
US Airforce in 1996: Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025
“In 2025, US aerospace forces can “own the weather” by capitalizing on emerging technologies and focusing development of those technologies to war-fighting applications. Such a capability offers the war fighter tools to shape the battlespace in ways never before possible. It provides opportunities to impact operations across the full spectrum of conflict and is pertinent to all possible futures. The purpose of this paper is to outline a strategy for the use of a future weather-modification system to achieve military objectives rather than to provide a detailed technical road map.”
“Directed energy is such a powerful technology it could be used to heat the ionosphere to turn weather into a weapon of war. Imagine using a flood to destroy a city or tornadoes to decimate an approaching army in the desert. The military has spent a huge amount of time on weather modification as a concept for battle environments. If an electromagnetic pulse went off over a city, basically all the electronic things in your home would wink and go out, and they would be permanently destroyed.”
Air Force prepares to dismantle HAARP ahead of summer shutdown
“Responding to questions from Sen. Lisa Murkowski during a Senate hearing Wednesday, David Walker, deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for science, technology and engineering, said this is “not an area that we have any need for in the future” and it would not be a good use of Air Force research funds to keep HAARP going. ****”We’re moving on to other ways of managing the ionosphere, which the HAARP was really designed to do,” he said. “To inject energy into the ionosphere to be able to actually control it. But that work has been completed.****””
HAARP – CBC News (COMPLETE) – US military weather weapon
“It isn’t just conspiracy theorists who are concerned about HAARP. In January of 1999, the European Union called the project a global concern and passed a resolution calling for more information on its health and environmental risks. Despite those concerns, officials at HAARP insist the project is nothing more sinister than a radio science research facility.”
Global Weapon Concerns The EU And Environmentalists (HAARP)
HAARP, Earthquakes, and Hurricanes
“Can HAARP manipulate storms, hurricanes, and earthquakes? There is definitely a correlation between these and when HAARP is active. This article will give some examples of that correlation. And while that alone does not prove a direct causal relationship, the physics of HAARP and the political agenda behind the program suggest that weather and earthquake manipulation is both possible and likely.”

Okay, thanks. You’re probably right about HAARP. But did they actually shut that down? If they did, then they probably took whatever they learned from it and applied it to new weather weapons and thus no longer needed it. But the Pentagon is probably using a mixture of electromagnetism and high explosives to enact weather warfare, I would guess.
I actually have a whole page on the new site devoted to U.S. military weather warfare, and I already have a bunch of stuff on it, some of which is totally unknown to the general public, and which I didn’t know either (hint: Smokejumpers). I’ll probably include some of those links that you just gave me.

Yeah, the HAARP facility in Alaska was shut down and dismantled in 2013. I agree with your assessment that the Pentagon is probably using both electromagnetic technology and explosives to manipulate the weather. The stuff about smokejumpers is new information to me though.

Okay, thanks. I didn’t know the HAARP had been shut down.
NOBODY knows about the smokejumpers, because I’ve never seen or heard it mentioned ANYWHERE before. But I’m sure that’s all just an accident and not by design.

That’s pretty wild. I’ve never heard of that either, but that’s probably because everyone already knows the wildfires are set with DEWish space lasers.

This just popped into my head and led to a few realizations
Lt. John Pike —>Pike—>Spear
11/18/2011 —>11/9/11 (m+m, YY abbrev.) or 11/11 (d+d+m+m, YY abbrev.)
11 injured
11/17/2011 —>11/17/11 (YY abbrev.)
O(ccu)py —>O-Q-py
OWS —>15,23,19 —>21 (digit-wise)
Zuccotti Park, formerly Liberty (Free) Plaza Park enCAMPment
11/15/2011 shutdown —> 11/9/11 (d+d, inversion, YY abbrev.)
12/31/2011 re-occupation —> 7/11 (d+d+m+m, YY abbrev.) or 11
03/17/2012 re-re-occupation —>16 —>19
“We are the 99%!”

That’s pretty good, and I hadn’t thought about it. It’s possible that the CIA and DoD have been doing QAnon black psyops for the past 20 years. The example you gave makes me think it’s plausible. The earliest QAnon black ops mass murder event I’ve been able to find so far is the shoot down of Malaysia Airlines flight 17 passenger airplane over Donetsk, Ukraine on July 17, 2014.

Okay, the Pentagon just did a big QAnon occult black psyop yesterday:
1. Yesterday was September 17th.
2. The Pentagon said the drone strike it did on August 29th (2 + 9 = 11) killed 10 civilians, 7 of which were kids. 10 + 7 = 17.
3. Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet.
Pentagon acknowledges Aug. 29 drone strike in Afghanistan was a tragic mistake that killed 10 civilians.

This is a little old and you might have already heard about it, but here’s yet more evidence that the video game industry is directly controlled by the CIA/DoD. The post is obviously designed to elicit skepticism about the CIA connections, but only insofar as they relate to what appears to be just another ultimately insignificant chapter in the dumb gender war PSYOP:
The relevant bits:

These employees include Activision Blizzard’s new Chief Administrative Officer, Brian Bulatao, who served in the Trump administration as the Chief Operating Officer of the CIA and joined Activision in March 2021

Another hire from March, Activision Blizzard’s new Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs, Frances Townsend, is a former Bush White House aide who defended the administration’s torture of prisoners at U.S.-operated prisons such as Abu Ghraib in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

Grant Dixton, who became Activision Blizzard’s Chief Legal Officer in June 2021, had previously served as a legal advisor to President George W. Bush. Perhaps the most unexpected Blizzard employee to have possibly been involved in the Bush administration’s crimes against humanity is WoW director Ion Hazzikostas, who may have played a role in keeping Guantanamo prisoners detained indefinitely without due process.

I don’t know if any of you’ve heard of TrueAnon or not. It’s another asinine “dirtbag left” PSYOP podcast run by two painfully obvious Jewish CIA spooks. One of the hosts was even embedded by the CIA with YPG in Syria during 2016-2017. Like its predecessors in this genre, it rose to prominence riding the coattails of a Jewish-American political PSYOP (Epstein’s arrest and assassination). Also, they’ve had Steven Snider on the show.
One of their trisomic followers even seemed to almost catch on–assuming this isn’t a case of the gambit wherein a spook calls another spook a spook, but with poor, easily dismissable argumentation.
Brace Belden —>Valley/glen, or “fire hill” , L-A-N-D, A-C-R-E

So the Activision CAO was the CIA COO? That’s f’ing crazy. It doesn’t get any more blatant than that. Obviously they’re not trying to hide the fact that the video game business is a U.S. Govt. psychological operation.
No, I’ve never heard of TrueAnon, because I pay ZERO attention to internet radio (“podcasts”). By the way, podcasting was started in 2005 by CIA agent Adam Curry, which you might already know. So the whole podcasting genre was created by the Agency.
I read a bunch of comments on that TrueAnon board. There’s a lot of intelligent and knowledgeable posters on there who would probably agree with almost everything we’re talking about here, and they would especially like the new site.

Speaking of fat CIA neckbeard Steven Snyder, now he suddenly has an interest in serial killers and is making videos on the LOLFIELDANDLOVE Y.T. channel. Isn’t it amazing how all these supposedly unconnected internet psyop spooks are all connected to each other by one degree of separation or less?

Who, Steven Snyder, aka “Recluse of Babylon”? He currently lives somewhere in West Virginia and is originally from Volusia County, Florida. He’s a fat CIA neckbeard and his dad was in US Army Intelligence. And he has that conspiracy blog that he’s been running for 11 years. That’s all I know.

Somebody should tell the posters on the TrueAnon board that “true/truth” is the CIA’s number one occult code word of all time, and also tell them where it comes from.

podcasting was started in 2005 by CIA agent Adam Curry, which you might already know.

I actually did know this already, but only thanks to you. I was looking through that list of Sandy Hook hoax PSYOP facilitators, and happened across that. Are there any solid sources for Curry and th rest on the list? I 100% believe that they’re all spooks. It’d just be really nice to have something more substantial for my own persuade, change, influence purposes.
Also, speaking of CIA agents that crosspromote with Joe Rogan, one I forgot to mention–and you probably already know this–is Bryan Callen. He had a textbook CIA upbringing, to the point where even Rogan fans pre-2017ish were drawing attention to it. com/watch?v=PPBsB7d9rRo&t=985s

I read a bunch of comments on that TrueAnon board. There’s a lot of intelligent and knowledgeable posters on there who would probably agree with almost everything we’re talking about here, and they would especially like the new site.

Interesting. I didn’t get that impression, but I also didn’t read any of the other posts. I do know that Gladio and general distrust of the CIA (insofar as they are responsible for right wing extremist subcults) is pretty standard among leftists. The issue I took with both that Activision post and the other post that referenced Gloria Steinem was that the authors seemed only to think that the CIA was “infiltrating movements to disrupt them”. Now, this is a pervasive PSYOP theme–on both the left and right–of which I know you’re very well aware. This theme in particular annoys the shit out of me, because it facilitates the formation and reinforcement of the exact mental heuristic I referenced during our initial interactions. This is to say it allows the TA to brush aside any connection between their preferred subcult and clandestine elements of the state, no matter how concrete, and actually serves to further reinforce the perceived validity of the cause i.e. “If it weren’t true then why would the glowies/shills go so hard trying to stop it, HUH?”. This also manifests in the extremely annoying pattern of right wingers tending to be convinced that the bulk of the work “glowies” are doing is entrapment as opposed to, again, creating and meticulously managing the entire fucking “movement”.
In my (admittedly) limited experience, this is an extremely difficult obstacle to overcome when attempting to present factual information to the relevant TAs, and honestly I have to respect the deviousness of this method. It definitely worked on me for a quite a while.

Steven Snyder..making videos on the LOLFIELDANDLOVE Y.T. channel. Isn’t it amazing how all these supposedly unconnected internet psyop spooks are all connected…

I saw that a few days ago and was going to mention it, but figured you’d probably aleady seen it. And yes, it is amazing. And fortunate for us, because it makes identifying these spooks so much easier. They’ve laid a very reliable heuristic right in our laps.
BTW, I can try make a reddit account and try to wake up the TrueAnons. No promises though…
CH-rueAnon —>CH-AN

I’m not sure what Sandy Hook psyop list you’re referring to – you’ll have to tell me. Adam Curry’s Wikipedia page talks about his CIA uncle. I’m sure it gives the source too.
I think I remember seeing that ugly monkey face Bryan Callen from TV a long time ago. I’m not surprised that he’s from a CIA family.
I should have written “some” instead of “a lot.” I probably overstated it.

This also manifests in the extremely annoying pattern of right wingers tending to be convinced that the bulk of the work “glowies” are doing is entrapment as opposed to, again, creating and meticulously managing the entire fucking “movement”.

Yes, this is the key pattern, and the default belief of the average USA/pol/ whigger. They’re under the delusion that their world is real, when it is anything but.

And yes, it is amazing. And fortunate for us, because it makes identifying these spooks so much easier.

It makes it almost effortless. In fact, it’s so good for us that I have to think this is a pattern that they absolutely can’t avoid for some reason.

BTW, I can try make a reddit account and try to wake up the TrueAnons. No promises though…


CH-rueAnon —>CH-AN

I hadn’t even though of this, and it opens up a whole new phonetic pattern for the word “true,”

I’m not sure what Sandy Hook psyop list you’re referring to – you’ll have to tell me.

Here /who-controls-america/#comment-2543

In fact, it’s so good for us that I have to think this is a pattern that they absolutely can’t avoid for some reason.

I think it is unavoidable insofar as they dominate the entire spectrum of discourse on every medium, so crosspromotion between practically any of these personas will inevitably be between 2 or more spooks. And they have to crosspromote in order create/reinforce the semblance of a community, which in turn creates the opportunity for “lively debate” (a la Chomsky) i.e. scripted conflict. To a regular person, this sort of worldcrafting must surely confer credibility, because no matter which way he turns he is faced with yet another spook persona.
BTW, I made a reddit account a few days ago and exactly what I was worried about happening happened. My very first comment on r/Trueanon was instadeleted. No response from mods, and I didn’t say anything inflammatory or mindblowing yet at all, just linked a couple of those VISUP articles. Other comments posted without links also get zero engagement, as though I’m already shadowbanned from the sub, but I’m not shadowbanned sitewide. I checked afterward.

Yeah, I agree completely.
Yep, it sounds like you got shadowbanned already. I posted on the conspiracy board for three months before they shut me down, and the “mods” ignored my private message, of course. And then about a month ago I logged into my account just our of curiosity, and I noticed that they had banned my account entirely at some point this year. But I have a sleeper account that I’m going to use to promote the new site once I finish it.
Reddit and 4chan are microcosms of The Matrix. They’re literal computer simulations of reality, with fake posters, fake mods, and fake conversations. It’s not reality. It’s just a simulation of it.

So my reddit account isn’t actually shadowbanned. I think their spam filter just must’ve caught a couple of my comments because they were my first posts and they had links in them. I’m slowly working some of your material into comments there. I already did one regarding the occult word “WORK”, which seemed to get a positive response.

Are you posting on the “TrueAnon” board?

Yes. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been so quick to pass judgement before. I’m getting some pretty good engagement there. Better so far than on TG, but it’s only been 1 person on reddit.
By the way, sorry if you get any dumb comments from people coming in from TG. Feel free to just not publish any bad ones. I had hoped to get a bunch of people really up to speed with the information on the old site BEFORE having them come here, but it got out of my hands quicker than I had anticipated. So yeah, sorry about that if that’s a pain in the ass. If at any point you’d prefer I shut it down just let me know and I will do so immediately.

No, I haven’t gotten any dumb comments, except for that Jarhead tard a couple of weeks ago. There’s hardly any commenters here at all – just you and maybe two other guys.
What do you mean when you say it got out of you hands quicker than you had anticipated? What kinds of things are those guys in the Telgram group saying? I guess I could install Telgram and see for myself, but I’d rather not have that GRU app on my computer.

When I say that it got out of my hands I mean that I didn’t anticipate the TG channel growing so fast nor anyone coming and commenting on your site so soon. I had hoped to at least fully introduce a good sized cohort of people to the fact that all politics is scripted first before introducing to them your occult theory. The problem is that mixing the latter with the former can be self-discrediting, especially since the former claim is such a complete mindfuck. For example, one guy was pretty on board with the claims about spooks, but the moment he saw all of your occult code stuff, now he understands: “you are disrupting da movement with bullshit, because you and the guy who runs that site are both k*kes.”
People in the TG chat for the most part are pretty reasonable, but they don’t “get it” yet. Except for one guy who knew of your site from 2015ish, but hadn’t seen your new material til he came across the TG channel.

No, I haven’t gotten any dumb comments

Okay good. Just FYI: This person #comment-1974 is this person #comment-193

Yeah, I’ve listened to a couple of her videos since you first posted them. Still working my way through a lot of the other stuff. I did listen to that whole video though, and my opinion on the moon LANDings is still basically the same, but I’m leaning more toward doubt. It’s highly plausible they were faked, but I can’t say for sure one way or another based on available information.
Worth noting that William Charles Kaysing (CHA-NG-E, S-A-N, L-A-N, C-N-A-W-A-N) was USN, and a Rocketdyne employee for 7 years.
I also don’t like some of the technical criticisms presented by Kaysing in the book, but that discussion is probably outside the scope of this site.

Well, based on Kaysing’s highly occult name and military / DoD contractor background, I think it’s safe to assume that he was a CIA psyop spook. I had never heard of him before, so I didn’t know anything about him.
My default position on the moon landing conspiracy theory is that it’s a CIA/DoD psyop, until proven otherwise. But them problem is that I don’t know enough about the subject to say anything for sure about it.
One of the things I like about Mae Brussell’s radio show is that she talks almost as fast as I read, so listening to her show wastes minimal time, unlike modern radio shows, which are DESIGNED to waste your time.

…listening to her show wastes minimal time, unlike modern radio shows, which are DESIGNED to waste your time.

I’m not a very fast reader, but by default I listen to everything on 2x speed, which helps a lot with slogging through bullshit audio. There’s an android app I use called NewPipe. It’s an alternative YT front end that lets you go up to 3x speed. Very handy.

s-CH-ool = CHANGE
Timur Bekmansurov
Perm State University
Law Student Armed With Shotgun Kills at Least Six at a Russian University
Officials said an 18-year-old law student killed at least six people and wounded more than a dozen others in a shooting at Perm State University. The shooter was wounded and detained by a traffic officer.

News of the attack came as a searing intrusion, with scenes of mayhem posted by media outlets, as election officials completed the count from a parliamentary vote over the weekend that had been marred by accusations of falsifications and repression of the opposition.
But there were no initial indications of a political motive in the shooting. The Kremlin said the gunman was likely disturbed, but declined to comment further.
A member of parliament, Aleksandr Khinshtein, identified the gunman as 18-year-old Timur Bekmansurov and said he was a law student at the university.

In 2018 at a college in Kerch, a town in Russian-occupied Crimea, 21 people were killed and 50 were wounded in a shooting. Other less lethal incidents in schools and colleges followed, including attacks with air guns and an ax attack in Ulan-Ude, a city in Siberia, that wounded a teacher.
By far the worst violence at a Russian school in recent history was the 2004 attack by Chechen terrorists in the city of Beslan that killed 186 children and 148 parents and teachers.

I’ve discovered two interesting things that I thought I might share:
1. The US DoD have been experimenting with weather warfare via electromagnetism and weather warfare in general since at least 1958.
“Lowell Ponte quotes Capt. Orville as reporting “that the Dept. of Defense was studying ways to manipulate the charges of earth and sky and so affect the weather by means of an electronic beam to ionize or de-ionize the atmosphere over a given area …. Capt. Orville also discussed ongoing US Air Force experiments with ‘sodium vapor, ejected from jet planes to intercept solar radiation ‘ over enemy countries and rain their weather. ”
2. Nick Begich, who was a guest speaker at a European Parliament hearing regarding HAARP and also appeared in those two CBC and History Channel documentaries I linked earlier is undoubtedly a disinformation agent. I already knew he was a spook because of his heavy associations with fellow spook Alex Jones and since his father was a US congressman, but apparently his doctorate degree is total bullshit which means he’s an obvious disinfo agent.

Thanks. Yeah, I remember Nick Begich’s name and hearing Jarhead talk about him, but I never paid any attention to him so I didn’t know what his psyop gimmick was.

Here are two more occult connections that I just discovered regarding the death of Gabby Petito.
1. Gabby Petito was last seen on August 27. The digits of her disappearance date, not including the year, add up to 17. (8 + 2 + 7 = 17)
2. Gabby Petito was identified by the Teton County medical examiner on September 21, 2021. The digits to this date also add up to 17. (9 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 17)

Good stuff. Yes, I guess we could consider that a QAnon occult psyop. But there was another QAnon occult psyop that happened on September 21 that was much bigger though. I’ll make a separate comment about it.

this gabbie patito thing is another psyop. i really wish you had a chatroom type thing because this post doesnt even deserve to be seen but i just wanted you to see this photo.
the photo in brians room was drawn by an artist who is literally friends of the rothschild family who paints images of white people being killed and raped by blacks.

I think I mentioned Brian LANDrie’s occult name and a bunch of other occult connections relating to the Gabby Petito case in one of my previous comments, I don’t see it on here for some reason so I assume it didn’t send or was considered spam.

Oh, I forgot. It might have been trapped by the goddamn spam folder. In order to find a real commenter’s comment in the spam folder, I have to do ‘ctrl-f’ on that page and look for the commenter’s name. I had to do that a lot for AO’Us, because a lot of his comments got trapped in the spam folder. So I might have to start doing that for you too.

I found this dumb hillbilly’s CIA connection, and it only took me about five minutes to do it. As soon as I saw that he had LIVED at two different psychological counseling residences, I knew I had found the jackpot, because this is the EXACT same type of CIA connection that Brenton Tarrant had, i.e. Grow Mental Wellness Programs. So the first thing I did after learning the names of these two psychological treatment services was look up their logos. And what was the very first thing I saw when I looked up the HopeQuest logo on Google Images? A BIG FUCKING SIXTEEN POINT COMPASS ROSE. As you guys may know, the 16 point compass rose is the CIA’s only symbol. The CIA doesn’t really use any symbols to represent itself except that one. The CIA only has one symbol, and the 16 point compass rose is it!
Atlanta Shooting Suspect was a Patient at Evangelical Treatment Center Close to First Targeted Spa
The Atlanta Spa Shooting Suspect’s Life before Attacks

By August of that year, Long was back in Woodstock, but not home with his parents. He was living, for about six months, at Maverick Recovery, a 12-step transitional-housing facility in Roswell, Ga., about 13 miles from home. He was also frequenting massage spas, one of his friends said — including, according to Atlanta police, the same Atlanta spas where this week’s slayings occurred.

After leaving Maverick, Long transferred to an intensive inpatient addiction facility, HopeQuest Ministry Group, which specializes in treating sex and pornography addictions and the traumas that fuel them, using counseling “integrated with Christian principles,” according to the group’s website.
HopeQuest, which sits on an 18-acre wooded campus in Long’s hometown of Woodstock, says it started more than two decades ago mainly as a drug and alcohol rehab center, but now finds that about half of its clients are there to confront sex and pornography addictions.
HopeQuest’s Woodstock facility lies one mile from Young’s Asian Massage, where the first shootings took place on Tuesday.

This just led to a bombshell realization for me. Check out the logo (colors edited for privacy purposes and for effect) of the place where I was sent as a teenager:
That symbol is the only one featured in the logo and it’s a barely disguised USSOCOM spear tip. Keep in mind that the vast majority of personnel at this place were “former” military, and the guy running the unit I was on was a US Army Reserve Lt. Col. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to remember his name so I could figure out exactly which unit he was associated with, but I can’t remember his first name.

Yeah, that’s definitely the SOCOM spear tip, there’s no doubt about it. I don’t think they were trying to hide it either.
I can tell you the name of the DoD spook who ran your school. It was either “Sean” or “Seamus.”

What do you think about the fact that the original wording, and the wording used by the CIA in their unofficial motto is “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”?
I think this is relevant for two reasons off the top of my head:
1. The constant invocation of the excerpted phrase “…shall not be infringed.” by 2A cultists.
2. Kanye West AKA Ye (c.f. /who-controls-america/#comment-2568 and #comment-1153)

Well now, this is a new possibility that I had never considered before. I’ve always ignored those two words, since they’re not operative words in that translation of John 8:32. But that doesn’t mean that the CIA doesn’t attach special occult significance to them – they’re literally engraved in stone at CIA headquarters, after all. You could very well be right. I’ll keep this in mind going forward.

As I’m sure you guys noticed, Anonym O’Us stopped posting comments here several weeks ago and hasn’t been seen since. I haven’t heard from him on Wire either, because I left him a couple of messages on there and he never replied. So he’s completely disappeared. I hope he’s okay. And I hope he was able to finish the mass shooter list, because it will be an important part of the new site.

I was wondering what the deal was, but didn’t want to jump to conclusions. Figured he must just be busy working on your new site. Sure hope he’s okay.

So this show is all the rage right now, and it has to be the most blatant reference to the occult harvest sacrifice I’ve ever seen, besides maybe that Godzilla movie. The show features a giant, transparent sphere hanging from the ceiling, in which physical money is dropped from on high every time someone dies.
Officially released 09/17/2021
All of the characters also wear numbers. The camera consistently lingers on numbers (numerological reduction) that are of occult significance, and most of the main characters are assigned such numbers.
Children’s games are a key element driving the plot c.f. #comment-4829
This show also reminded me of the connection I hypothesized earlier between harvest and financial prosperity i.e. they are one and the same. The (ongoing) COVID mass death event coincided with one of the greatest stock rallies of all time. In one year, measured from the lowest closing price, which occurred on 03/23/2020 (which just so happens to be the first full day of the “occult Season of Sacrifice”), the S&P 500 returned a whopping 70+%. BitCHANGE (from low on 03/17/2020) returned almost 14,000%.
Dammit tz, why couldn’t you have posted about all of this in late 2019!?

So a TV show with the letter “Q” in its name was released on the 17th? That’s a coincidence, I’m sure. That show story line does sound like a perfect metaphor for the human blood earth sacrifice cult, doesn’t it.
I never thought of the connection between a bountiful harvest and financial wealth/success. That’s a very good insight. And the stock market and bitcoin rises coinciding with the pandemic deaths is spooky as hell, and probably not an accident.
2019? Hell, I didn’t know jack shit until 2021 and the second half of 2020.

Look at this article about the German elections from the top of the front page of the NYT website today. It uses the word “change” FOUR(4) F’ING TIMES! I think that has to be a new record or something.
A Changed Germany Sees the End of an Era as Merkel Nears the Exit
After 16 years as chancellor, Angela Merkel leaves behind a profoundly changed country full of pride, prosperity and anxiety about further change.
A Changed Germany
chancellor, Angela
profoundly changed country
further change

And look at the transport “accident” that occurred in the United States on the SAME DAY as the German elections. What a coinCIAdence!
At Least 3 Killed and 50 Hurt in Amtrak Derailment in Montana
The derailment near Joplin involved eight cars of the Empire Builder train. About 141 passengers and 16 crew members were on board.
Joplin, Montana

Yeah, I’ve been seeing that dumb psyop story for the past week. I immediately recognized the parallel between the company name and the ship name from that Suez canal psyop story. They’re almost identical. Also:
Ever Given

GRAND Architect of the Universe
I think the name of this Chinese company pretty much proves my “Grand Architect of the Universe” Freemasonry theory, doesn’t it?
I already put the Suez canal blockage story on my Q black psyop list on the new site. Here’s what I wrote about it:

A large cargo ship became trapped in the Suez Canal on March 23, 2021. The letter “Q” is spelled “c-u-e.” The word “Suez” is partly spelled “s-u-e.” “Q” is the first letter in the name of the fictitious pro-Trump political conspiracy character “QAnonymous.” The cargo ship became trapped in the canal because of a large sandstorm. “Storm” is the motto / slogan of the pro-Trump political conspiracy cult “QAnonymous.”

And for an extra special bonus, look up the name of the black wind-up toy who did the April 2 Capitol Building vehicle ramming and combine it with the Suez Canal ship blockage story. Now that’s some biblical occultism right there. Pretty neat, huh?

That is really neat. Have you seen the Evergreen company logo?
I was prompted to look specifically into the “Evergreen” naming convention of CIA front companies by a trueanon redditor yesterday, and I’ve an alternative explanation for the meaning that concords well with your sacrifice theory, lots of supplementary bits and pieces that have been discovered on this site, and that has a druid connection.

What’s really neat? The Noah Green / Noah’s ark thing? Yeah, that’s probably the cleverest Q black psyop I’ve seen this entire year.
No, I hadn’t seen the Evergreen logo before. That’s very damning. I’m telling you guys, all those corporate and government (military and civilian) globe logo are occult symbols of the human blood earth sacrifice cult. They’ve gotta be. It makes too much sense.
And also I just noticed this for the first time:

No, no. The evidence I’m going to present favors your theory. It’s just distinct from the “Grand Architect…” line of reasoning.
Here’s a hint: 🌲
And an example of a left wing PSYOP parlayed into a full-blown right wing PSYOP campaign:
Remember that? It’s the event that provided bonafides for this ( PSYOP spook’s career.
BTW, did you see this comment?

Yeah, I saw that comment. But I don’t remember that Evergreen State College psyop. I must have missed it. That’s how that Jew spook Bret Wein-STONE started his psyop job?

But I don’t remember that Evergreen State College psyop. I must have missed it.That’s how that Jew spook Bret Wein-STONE started his psyop job?

Yes. And you probably missed it because you weren’t the target audience nor caught in the YT trap. That was during the 2016-2018 “Intellectual Dark Web” wave. BTW, that CIA Jew’s brother, Eric Weinstein, is literally the managing director of super spook Peter Thiel’s investment fund Thiel Capital.
I just found out there’s an obscure PSYOP documentary about the Evergreen PSYOP that came out a couple of years ago, because the filmmaker recently crosspromoted with Paddy O’Ryan. I’m also virtually certain that Paddy’s source of funding is through Peter Thiel-as-CIA-conduit, since he’s rumored to be funding “bots”, Palmer Luckey style.
BTW, I interacted with Paddy the other day on a discord server (sort of unintentionally), and he legitimately freaked out when I showed his followers proof that he’s self-admittedly in contact with the CIA/DoD within the context of already having explained a bit about PSYOP and what not.

I didn’t know that about Weinstein’s brother. I’m not surprised though. And I’ll bet you’re right about McRyan being funded by Peter Thiel. Thiel seems to be the oligarch mega spook behind all the internet right-wing psyop trash. It all seems to be emanating from that shithead.

BTW, I interacted with Paddy the other day on a discord server (sort of unintentionally), and he legitimately freaked out when I showed his followers proof that he’s self-admittedly in contact with the CIA/DoD within the context of already having explained a bit about PSYOP and what not.

Hilarious. Good job. That kind of reminds me of that time I talked to that old spook Nick Bougas in an 8/pol/ thread several years ago and told him directly to his face that he was a CIA agent. Holy shit, was he mad. lulz

Hilarious. Good job. That kind of reminds me of that time I talked to that old spook Nick Bougas in an 8/pol/ thread several years ago and told him directly to his face that he was a CIA agent. Holy shit, was he mad. lulz

I’ll post excerpts from the conversation later. As soon as he saw I had linked that incriminating Twitter DM screencap, he wrote an absolute wall of text and then banned me. I got someone to join the scord server to get screenshots. Turns out, right after I was banned he openly instructed his lackeys to ban anyone who uses the word “PSYOP”. 😂

Okay, here’s part one of my ideas about why “evergreen” is so important to spookdom:
Evergreen symbolizes that which does not die in winter i.e. that which persists despite the austerity of the season of death. This the essence of the pagan “Christmas” tree ritual that has always been celebrated very close to the winter solstice, which is the shortest and “most dead” day of the year, because this is the day where the solar flux reaches its annual minimum in the northern hemisphere.
The ritual involves the harvest of a live evergreen tree, usually a fir, and its introduction into the home. Earlier rituals involved burning the Yule log in a ritual symbolizing the “return of the sun”, as days increase in length with the passing of the winter solstice. The later practice of lighting Christmas trees is probably a further abstraction of the literal burning of tree.

“Also all kinds of livestock were killed in connection with it, horses also; and all the blood from them was called hlaut [sacrificial blood], and hlautbolli, the vessel holding the blood; and hlautteinar, the sacrificial twigs [‌aspergills‌]. These were fashioned like sprinklers, and with them were to be smeared all over with blood the pedestals of the idols and also the walls of the temple within and without; and likewise the men present were to be sprinkled with blood”

Of course, blood sacrifice is an integral part of the festivities. We can see from the excerpts directly above and below this paragraph that Christian holy water = abstracted symbol of sacrificial blood, in keeping the fucking insane ritual that is the Eucharist (circumcision, too, while we’re at it) and further reinforcing my earlier etymological thesis about YHWH and Abrahamism. In fact, the very first reference to aspergillum in Abrahamism lies in Leviticus, and the context is the healing of a leper via animal blood sacrifice.
This also explains the blood-thirsty, death-worshiping Pine Party / Pine Cvlt / Bowl Gang. The eponymous bowl is not just a reference to Dylann Storm Roof’s dumb haircut, it’s a sacrificial blood-letting bowl, hlautbolli. I had previously assumed that the pine tree was merely a spear tip / arrowhead reference, but all of this indicates a much deeper connection. Speaking of that, the same thing is true of the Amanita Muscaria mushroom, on which the Shrigma meme is based, and which already has a litany of other important associations with a wide variety of shamanic traditions. Amanita Muscaria is also a very old Christmas symbol.
And here’s the druid tie-in, holly is also an evergreen:

In heraldry, holly is used to symbolize TRUTH.

The Druids held that “leaves of holly offered protection against evil spirits” and thus “wore holly in their hair”.

Excellent observations. I think you’re exactly right.
I didn’t know that they sacrificed animals on Yule. That’s kind of sick, actually. It’s clear that blood sacrifice is THE main occult belief of the psychopaths who rule this planet.
And I too thought that pine trees were just occult SOCOM spear tip allusions, but clearly there’s something much worse going on there, as you indicated.
That’s very weird that holly symbolizes truth. I didn’t know that. Knowing that, I would say that that meaning of the term combined with the Druid element are the origin of the “Hollywood” name. They have to be. I should read about the origin of that name.


Hey, I forgot to tell you this. Go to Kevin MickDonald’s Twitter page and LOOK AT THE PICTURE.

That makes sense. That also reminds me that there must be some sort of connection between their evergreen obsession and their forest fire obsession, especially since it’s usually conifer forests on the west coast that are burning. And in the case of Australian wildfires it’s mainly Eucalyptus, which are also evergreen.

That’s very weird that holly symbolizes truth. I didn’t know that. Knowing that, I would say that that meaning of the term combined with the Druid element are the origin of the “Hollywood” name.

My thoughts exactly. A few sources also claimed holly was thought to protect from lightning, which is the tie-in to weather/storms/lightning bolt symbolism.
Also, I looked into official reason why that part of LA was given the name “Hollywood”, and the answer leaves some to be desired excepting the fact that the husband’s name was Harvey. That’s very interesting, but doesn’t yield any military connection. I’m guessing it was chosen by the the military based on the name rather than the other way around.

That reminds me of my theory that Hollywood was secretly founded by US Army Intelligence using those Eastern European Jews as its front men. If that’s the case, then there should be several articles written about it. I’ve been meaning to do a search for that topic, but I’ve been putting it off for years.

Husband ‘relieved’ after suspect is charged for killing wife in central El Paso
El Paso police arrested 38-year-old Joseph Angel Alvarez on September 8, 2021.

He was arrested in connection with the death of 50-year-old Georgette Kauffman and the assault on Daniel Kaufmann.

The shooting happened on November 14, 2020, at the 3000 block of Copper Avenue in central El Paso.

The search warrant was served to Facebook which revealed that Alvarez was employed by a company called GAT, General Aviation Terminal, Airline Ground Support. GAT serves as a contractor for United Airlines.

The search warrant also found he emailed a US Army email, the 902D Military Intelligence group, stating his extremist religious beliefs where he identified “pro-choice” people as the “Jewish Satanist Paty” and makes several references to democrats as liars and explains abortions as “Jewish child sacrifice.”
He identified Memorial Park as a “ritualistic satanic ground to conduct abortions by the manner of magic.”
He included photographs of the park in the email. Four of the photographs were near the crime scene and the driveway that lead to the Kauffmann’s residence.”
September 8 (9 + 8 = 17)
November 14, 2020 (1 + 1 + 1 + 4 + 2 + 2 = 11)
Georgette Kauffman (17 letters)
38-year- old Joesph Angel Alvarez (3 + 8 = 11)
El Paso means the PASS in English
Memorial PARK

I never saw anything about that one. How the hell would that Mestizo missing link know about the existence of Army Intelligence, much less send them an e-mail? And I see that he worked for an airline contractor. I know for a fact that the CIA places agents in airline corporations all the time. Airports are CRAWLING with spooks.
Very good occult analysis too. You did leave one out though: 902D Military Intelligence Group (9 + 2 = 11).

Damn, how did I miss that one? Anyways, his political and religious views definitely sounds like he’s been RIP’d.
Yeah, the United Airlines connection is significant for the reason you stated. For what it’s worth, I read an article a while back which said that most CIA officers flying in and out of DC fly on United Airlines. Also as I’m sure you’re aware, pretty much all major American airline corporations collaborate with the Pentagon under the ‘Civil Reserve Air Fleet’ making them de facto front organizations for US military operations.
Speaking of front companies, since you mentioned a section about the Pentagon/CIA’s control of the major American corporations on your new site, I think these two lists might fit in well on there.
CIA Front Companies
The C.I.A. 500

I didn’t know that about CIA officers and I don’t think I knew about the Civil Reserve Air Fleet either. Thanks for the tips.
Is that Wayne Madsen’s book that he wrote a few years ago? Thanks for those two links. I might put them on the corporation page of the new site.

I think the second list does appear in Madsen’s book, is that the one you’re thinking of? He’s not the original source. The original source is Julius Mader, an East-German Stasi and KGB agent. He’s the guy who published “Who’s Who in the CIA” in 1968 which exposed the names of over 3,000 US intel spooks across the globe. So the list is from the Cold War era, but nonetheless its still pretty informative.
Julius Mader
The first link is from Jewish GRU spook, John Anthony Robles II.
While I was looking for Robles’ biographical information, I actually found an updated list of the first link I sent you earlier, so here you go!

Oh, I see. I’ve never even heard of Julius Mader before. What he did sounds very similar to what Phillip Agree did in the 1970’s.
Thanks for the updated list. I wish it wasn’t on that site though. I actually ran across Robles’ website a few years ago and remember thinking what a psyop mindfuck it was. At the time I didn’t even know that he was a GRU spook.
But did you notice that the updated list uses Wayne Madsen as a source for many of the company names? So obviously Robles used Madsen’s book to help make that updated list.

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