Who Controls America?

Who Controls Donald Trump?

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  • Hi I’d like to thank you very much for sharing these details;- Do you have an email address I could reach out to you please?

  • Amine Kiadi says:

    We common people would like to thank you for bringing all these informations to our attention. However, being misled by many truth-tellers over the last few decades, we would like to know a little more about you.

  • bengarrison says:

    Don’t listen to these shills, they’re trying to dox you

  • joozman says:

    interesting site thanks for the info.

  • Sam Hyde says:

    Can you update the site to account for Trump’s various appointments, like Gorsuch and Sessions?

    • TheZOG says:

      You mean update the site to account for Trump’s Irish mini-cabal? Because literally almost every single non-Jewish person in the Trump Administration is Irish (including Gorsuch and Sessions). And the same thing goes for the American elite in general.

      • CryptoJewExposer says:

        They are crypto’s with Irish names, Catch up, TheZOG

        • TheZOG says:

          No they’re not. Jews hardly ever have Irish surnames. It’s extremely, extremely rare. They do, however, have English and Scottish surnames all the time.

          • DontWant jewbook etc linking my accounts says:

            Oh, my gosh, man. I’m sorry to have to say that you’re off base on this one. I suggest re-reading Henry Ford’s book of almost 100 years ago. Also, my articles on identifying crypto-jews.

            I am half Irish, by the way. Other half, German.

            I agree with CryptoJewExposer’s comment at 5:28 pm above.

            I am James Laffrey, of WhitesWillWinparty.org

          • TheZOG says:

            Henry Ford is a great historical example of the Irish sub-domination of American society. Additionally, Ford completely recanted and apologized for publishing The International Jew once the organized Jewish community exerted financial pressure on him and threatened to destroy his business empire (which just proves that the Irish elite position in American society is entirely dependent on the Jews).

            So you see, the case that you thought would refute my argument actually ends up supporting it very well.

        • TheZOG says:

          Yes. Jews and Irish are the twin mafias that control America.

          Whenever I get around to fully updating these lists, I’m going to explicitly label all the Irish individuals present on them so everyone can see just how over-represented Irish people are in the top echelons of American society. I also have a list of the Irish people in Donald Trump’s presidential administration which is almost finished.

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