Who Controls Wikimedia?

Wikimedia Foundation:

Staff and contractors:

Sue Gardner(East Asian/Northern European) – Executive Director

Erik Möller(Northern European) – Deputy Director and VP of Engineering and Product Development

Anasuya Sengupta(Indian) – Senior Director of Grantmaking

Frank Schulenburg(Northern European) – Senior Director of Programs

Zack Exley(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chief Revenue Officer

Geoff Brigham(Northern European homosexual) – General Counsel

Garfield Byrd(Sephardic Jew) – Chief of Finance and Administration

Gayle Karen Young(East Asian) – Chief Talent and Culture Officer

Board of Trustees:

Kat Walsh(Northern European) – Chairman

Jan-Bart de Vreede(Northern European) – Vice Chairman

Stu West(Northern European) – Member

Bishakha Datta(Indian) – Member

Jimmy Wales(Northern European) – Member

Ting Chen(East Asian homosexual) – Member

Samuel Klein(Ashkenazi Jew) – Member

Alice Wiegand(Ashkenazi Jew) – Member

Patricio Lorente(Sephardic Jew) – Member

Of the seventeen(17) Wikimedia senior staff and trustees, five(5) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 29%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews are over-represented among the Wikimedia senior staff and trustees by a factor of 14.5 times(1,450 percent).

* Jewish Population of the United States by State

6 thoughts on “Who Controls Wikimedia?

  • Kosher says:

    Shanghai had a jewish population of more than 100.000 in their international zone during 1930’s and 1940’s and Hong Kong (as an economical center of Asia) has had historically as well a large jewish population, so through the mixed marriges the jews of China look like chinese, being 1/2 or 1/4 of chinese genetically, but 100% jewish of their religion and culture. It is not easy to see who is jewish. Jews and ZOG-operators can be black too – just like Obama.

  • Why is it important to point out that someone is homosexual? Does that make them inferior employees or people? Also in order to be considered Jewish, one has to be a practitioner of Judaism or have a Jewish mother. Being considered Jewish by having a Jewish grandfather is grabbing for straws.

    • Rudy Vulcan says:

      Simple answer to a simple question. Common allegiance!

      As for the sexual orientation of those mentioned, I would not want them to represent me or guide my children. I am not a quote. “Homo phobic” but I would like to know, also when some one is so outed with their sexual preference, that to me suggest that they are trying to push an agenda suggesting that life style as ok for our children to accept and engage in.

      I strongly resent their use of political clout to pollute the sacred beliefs of religious Christians and other religions that Marriage is a union between a Man and a Woman.

      This is an assault on Freedom of religion and separation of Church and State!

      Homosexuals which by the way are disproportionately high among secret societies and Jews embrace the idea of rule by any means.

      Homosexuals, cry about their wanting to be included in the sacred institution of Holy Matrimony with no regard to the feelings and core values of the religious groups they offend.

      If their cry and concern is to be able to have and enjoy the recognized legal rights of accepted legal Marriages then they should have pushed for a political legal resolution to gain this legal right without polluting Religious institutions.

      Having said that, it is now clear to me that Homosexuals are an assault on our core values, on the decency of being a man who is attracted, to woman. Personally, I find the image of two men together in sexual union sickening.

      We now live in a society that is dominated and social engineered by the power of the Jewish controlled media that pushes in almost all their movies a different set of values that coincide with a well known premise that states; “Men are inherently evil and therefore it is ok to use any means to control them.”

      I believe in personal freedoms and that, “man is inherently good.” I resent the obvious programs to dumb down the masses. I resent the medias consistent message of conflict resolution with Bang Bang Shoot Ups!

      I am sickened every time I flick the channel to see what else is on the self chosen Jewish controllers movie entertainment machine only to find more movies with two men in bed or kissing. There is no question in my mind that there is an agenda to push this perversion as normal.

      Simple question: Are you a homosexual and if yes or no would you like for your son to grow up with a group of known homosexuals?

      Do you think Homosexuality is normal or a mistake of nature? I think it obviously is a mistake like many other errors of nature.

      If you put a colony of Known hard core Homosexuals together to live among themselves they would soon cease to exist, see? Nature tends to correct its mistakes.

      • Pierre de Saint Ange says:

        >We now live in a society that is dominated and social engineered by the power of the Jewish controlled media

        You know that without a clear indicator of an author’s intended sarcasm it is impossible to tell the difference between an expression of sincere extremism and a parody of extremism? Have you any idea how crazy you sound?

      • Blacks says:

        JIDF, your trolling is too obvious.

  • Shay says:

    In the past, i would have thoght this was absolute nonsense, but observation has proven otherwise; jews are the arbiters of conservatism, the worldview that condemns pleasure generally and at best tolerates it grudgingly. They’ve almost won. That’s what most people don’t realise. They’re so very close to getting their way forever, but in my view, it’s not too late at all, they CAN be successfully resisted and deposed and defeated.

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